How To Wash Bike Shorts A Very Useful Step By Step Guide

how to wash bike shorts

Wash the bike shorts, as usual, to make it free from bacteria and odor. Dirty shorts may create saddle sores as well as other uncomfortable conditions.

What is bike shorts

Cycling shorts are manufactured from knit black wool. It conceals wear marks for sitting on an oiled leather saddle for an extended period.

You keep a chamois leather padding that remains inside the shorts in the crotch area.

What is bike shorts

It reduces chafing from the saddle of the bike. Cycling shorts are made of spandex (Lycra) of a synthetic chamois.

Chamois acts as a flexible interface between the leather and cyclist’s body. This produces varieties of styles and shapes to fit the needs of various riders.

Sometimes different materials are kept on various parts of the shorts for some cycling shorts. It takes the merits of materials and gives an efficient cycling short.

Suppose the design for the chamois on women’s cycling is different from those of men’s. The hem is lined with elastic or silicone which clings to the skin. It keeps all in a particular position.

The shorts are made of various panels. They fit better. The hems are also more useful for racers though the cost is more.

Short-legged elastic tights are generally used for street wear and under girls’ skirts and dresses and gymnastics.

Under athletic are referred for ‘bike shorts’. But these garments are lighter and simpler than those worn by cyclists. They are generally lack of the chamois or faux-chamois lining.

Categories of Men’s Bike Shorts

There are different types of shorts found on the market for a pair of cycle shorts.

Each has a personal choice of what makes up a good pad and bike short. Though there are lots of differences, you will get a type of short made for all riders.

  • Panels – Bike shorts are mainly found in 6 groups or 8-panel shorts. Lots of road racing shorts have ads and logos printed on the garment to support events.
  • Inseam-The length of Inseam differs from persons to persons. It is up to the preference of the people. The short remains a few inches above knees for most of the people. Some like to get shorter short to escape tan lines. Bike shorts are found Regular Inseams (about 8-9 inches), short (about 5 to 7) and Tall (about 11 inches). Experts usually have thick thighs. They like to have bit longer inseam around ten inches.
  • Elastics – Waist elastic works best to keep the short in its place. Wider elastic can roll easily. Some bike shorts come with a drawstring. These are particularly using for different purposes for examples fitness and triathlon. A drawstring isn’t a must for road bike shorts but may be helpful for running, yoga and swimming.


Clean it shorts usually will perform as designed, keep you dryer and cooler. Closely wash the shorts after each riding.

Step 1

You have to read the instruction of the shorts very closely to know more about it. The guideline will work best on the polyester mountain biking shorts and for the Lycra cycling shorts. It would be better to follow the instruction well for particular garments.

Step 2

With cold water, setting switch the washing machine. Keep it on a soft cycle to resist any stretching or undue wear of the shorts. Use additive free and mild detergent. The additives may leave behind residue which resists the breathability and wicking of the bike shorts.

Step 3

Start your washing machine and keep it to run for 1-2 minutes. Wait to see the water and the soap mix well before adding the bike shorts as well as other cycling garments. Again start the machine and permit it by the remainder of the wash cycle.

Step 4

Line dry the bike shorts if you can. Some brands may tolerate low tumble –dry setting but do not use other dryer cycles since they may hasten the wear of the shorts.

Few tips

Don’t Run Your Bike Clothes Through the Dryer

Once you wash the clothes, take out it from the machine and hang them out to dry it. Various kinds of cycling specific fabrics, from wool to the synthetics, do not do well as they get run through the dryer.

How To Wash Bike Shorts

It may cause wool to shrink and destroy elastic found in the waist and legs of the bike shorts.

Moreover many kinds of synthetics are rapid drying and merit from keeping the heat of the dryer.

Since you rinse the synthetics within a mesh bag as told in the past steps, it may aid you to indicate what requires to be pulled out from the load prior it goes to the dryer.

Don’t Re-Wear Your Bike Clothes

It is clear did not wear the bike clothes many times among washes. They desire to put the shorts as well as jerseys back and utilize again for another day. If you ride on it for an hour or 2, it may not fret them up very bad.

The odor is reasoned by bacteria; it is not a good notion that is still going on, even when the perspiration you keep out was likely evaporated you rode.

Washing does not permit the pong to adjust and get layered with the material when you ruined the wear and clothes them again. It gives old stench new life.

Using the same type of shorts pair of days in a row, the dirty chamois may lead to chafing, or rashes gratitude to the bacteria build up there.

Use the Delicate Cycle

Using a washing machine versus hand washing comes down for dividable preference.

I like to wash my bib short with hands, socks, and jerseys in the washing machine.

There is no distinct difference between these two things as long as you utilize the good cycle.

The heavy or regular setting of the washing machine may leave damage on the fabrics.

Can you put bike shorts in the dryer

The dryer may be a dangerous place for high-performance fabrics. If you like to get a longer life of your clothing, you will choose to hang dry.

Hang dry is better than the dryer to use. If you want to wash clothes with hands, attempt it.

Spread out a big towel and keep one garment in the middle of it. Fold the border of the sheet to cover the clothing. Ring the towel out since it is full of water.

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