Best Schwinn Bikes Review in 2021 – Brand and Products Analysis

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Have you ever tried to purchase a road bike? If yes, then do you know which is the best brand that manufacturers high-quality bicycles? 

Schwinn is active in the manufacturing business for more than a decade. Why? Because Schwinn bikes are reliable, robust, and fast. The two-wheelers coming from this brand tackles all the terrains and gives you a better riding experience. It’s the reason why we are here with Schwinn bikes reviews. Today, we will discuss some of the top-rated Schwinn two-wheelers so that you can consider one of them for your rides.

Best overall: Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600

Whether you need a mode of transport for a daily commute or cycling workout, Phocus bikes are suitable for the purpose. Drop bar 1400 and 1600 are the best contenders because of their durable built and versatile nature. Lightweight aluminum frame, robust fiber road fork, and Shimano drivetrain are some of the components that add to their value as well as performance. 

Best Value: Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Men’s and Women’s Retro-Styled Cruiser

Great for short rides or leisure workout time, the Wayfarer bikes are suitable for both male and female users. Equipped with steel frame, patent twist shifter and rear derailleur, it’s a vintage-style bbicycle that suits any of your purposes. Lifetime warranty is another factor that gives you some extra peace of mind. 

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle.

Perfect for beginners, Schwinn Phocus bikes are great for daily commutes and morning exercises. These bikes have a sturdy frame, comfortable saddle and effective braking system. So, they are also great if you are learning how to ride and want to cruise around the neighborhood.

Schwinn Phocus has an aluminum frame built with a carbon fork. Both 1400 and 1600 models have a drop bar frame so that any of your family members can ride it; irrelevant to the gender. Phocus 1400 features a Shimano 14-Speed drivetrain and 1600 comes with a Shimano 16-Speed drivetrain. Their gear shift and brakes are integrated into a single lever for ease of use. 

What do we like?

Phocus bikes are easy to set up because they come pre-assembled. If you are an expert, then it will not be a trouble to put them together. You will love their appearance because both the two-wheelers look better than their pay grade.

Made of high-quality materials, the bikes are sturdy and lightweight. So, you can expect any of the bicycles to be at your services for long that also without any repairs.Phocus bikes come with dual pivot caliper brakes that provide excellent braking power and hence keep you safe. The bikes are also available at a pocket-friendly price.

What could be better?

The assembly might take some extra time because any of the Phocus bikes comes only half assembled. Their configuration could be tough for beginners.

Our Verdict: Schwinn Phocusroad bicycles are great for beginners who want to get an idea of the cycling world. Also great for fitness enthusiasts and daily commutes wherein you don’t have to cover a long distance. 

2. Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Men’s and Women’s Retro-Styled Cruiser.

If you want to pick one of the best road bikes for your beloved wife or sister, then Schwinn Wayfarer is an attraction option. The hybrid cruiser has the right quality, longevity, and ease of use to be the partner of any woman. Assemble it in front of your lady and she might hug for this pretty gift.

Schwinn Wayfarer women’s cruiser has a retro-styled 18-inch steel frame and fork. Due to metal built, both of these primary components are durable and strong. Moreover, its frame gives you a comfortable riding posture and reduces the strain on your neck as well as back.

What do we like?

The drivetrain is an important part of road bikes. This women’s cruiser has a rear derailleur and twist shifter with 7 gears, which is great for girls. Most of the girls don’t want to ride faster, until and unless she is an expert. So, the two-wheeler will suit any of the girls or women, whether she is a beginner or an expert.

We all know how finicky women are about cleanliness. The brand understands the same and ships the Wayfarer with fenders. If she needs to ride in a rainy morning, there will not be any cleaning troubles. Then, there is a rear rack that’s very helpful for carrying groceries and other small purchases. And t is the feature all the ladies would love. 

What could be better?

Warfare has the fender facility, but it’s not sturdy. Apart from that, it does not have a comfortable saddle, which makes the cruiser a bad choice for long routes. 

Our verdict: Suitable for any woman who needs a comfortable and long-lasting short commute bike. Also great for an individual who is looking for a great gift for his wife or any other female family member. 

3. Schwinn Vantage Mens/Womens Hybrid Road Bike.

Schwinn Vantage hybrid road bike promises maximum comfort and maintains its efficiency throughout the ride. All the credit goes to its Smooth Ride Technology which allows the seat to remain idle but its tube moves up and down up to 15 mm. Such a mechanism reduces the vibrations and takes the jerks out of your way. 

Analuminum frame and carbon fork maintain its sturdy nature and also dampens some of the vibrations. Vantage is a versatile road bike that’s useful for daily commute, fitness training, and even for tours. 

What do we like?

Shimano Sora 18-speed drivetrain provides you with a wide range of gear selections. Its responsive shifting ensures that you can ride through any of the terrains without any trouble. Schwinn knows that tubeless wheels are the future and. It’s the reason why this hybrid bicycle comes with Alex DP21 alloy rims that’s compatible with tubeless tires. 

Vantage has Continental sport contact tires, which is suitable for city conditions. Their Kevlar protection is durable and makes your tires never go flat. TRP Spyre C disc brakes are responsible for braking and they do the job very well. 

What could be better?

The included tire is great for city roads, but for long-distance rides, you might need all-terrain tires. Vantage is comparatively expensive, but there are no shock absorbers in its front or rear. At least we can expect a front suspension. 

Our verdict: Vantage could be the right choice if you are looking for a bike for long rides and touring. It tries to fill the gap between entry-level and high-end bikes. So, it’s also recommended for serious cyclists. 


4. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women.

If you need a high-quality bike look awesome and has multiple useful features, then take a closer look at the Discover Hybrid bike. It has a high-quality aluminum city frame that provides extra space as well as comfort. All thanks to its step over frame, getting on and off is very easy for women or men. Whether you need a bike for daily commutes, cycling sessions to maintain fitness or simply to get a taste of riding, the Discover might be the right choice.

Schwinn Discover offers you smooth and fast rides because of its Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM grip with 21-speed shifts. So, it’s not only an expert in mesmerizing riding experience but also keeps you on top to overcome any of the terrains. 

What do we like?

The hybrid bike excels in terms of appearance, features, and performance. No matter what’s your age, you will fall in love with Discover within a few rides. All thank its alloy crank and front suspension fork; this two-wheeler offers an awesome riding experience. Its linear-pull brakes are effective and keep you safe. The rear carrier and comfortable saddles are the two other components that deserve your attention as well as appreciation. 

Once you take the riding seat, you will notice that its handles are comfortable to hold. Also, its front suspension protects you from rough roads. Due to its multiple speed variations, you can use the hybrid bike on metropolitan roads, rough tracks, and uneven surfaces.

What could be better?

The hybrid bike is comparatively expensive. Moreover, it’s not suitable for the purchase of girls under 5 feet and 3 inches. And the only available color is white. If you don’t like its shade, you have to check other options.

Our verdict: Schwinn Discover is suitable for any confirdentwoman who wants to commute every day to the school, college, or office. Even if you are a professional who needs to visit the working site every day, you can try it. 

5. Schwinn Vantage FXe 650b Electric Road Bike.

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Vantage FXe 650b is an electric hybrid bike that covers a distance of 50 miles after a full recharge. Its maximum speed is 20 mph, so you can go anywhere without getting tired. This road bike performs well using a 250W motor that draws power from a Bosch battery, which is rechargeable in five hours.

Vantage FXe 650b features an SRAM Apex 11 speed drivetrain that you can control with your fingers. Its mustache style handlebar is helpful when you need to ride uphill. The rims are built with alloy, which is a long-lasting compound and withstands all the ear without complaints. Both the rims are double-walled and hence adds little weight to the two-wheeler. 

What do we like?

FXe 650b utilizes Kenda tires worth 650c x 47mm with 160mm rotor to provide you excellent riding sessions. It comes with Tekno mechanical disc brakes, which offers sufficient stopping power under any of the road conditions.

Riding the FXe 650b is enjoyable, primarily because of the LCD window. Its Smooth Ride Technology decoupler maintains your comfort level. Moreover, it never allows any of the hills or rough terrains to spoil your cycling session. Moreover, its carbon built fork works great with multiple riding positions. The warranty on its battery is one year, but has lifetime assistance over fork, frame, and all other Electric parts

What could be better?

The recommended user’s height is 5’ 7 inches – 5 ‘10 inches. So, anyone above or below the given heights might not feel comfortable over Vantage FXe650b. Apart from that, this two-wheeler is very expensive. So, it’s only suitable for serious cyclists or fitness enthusiasts. 

Our verdict: It could be a great purchase for daily commuters’ users who loves to explore on the weekends. Also, a great product for users who wants to include cycling into their daily workout schedule. 

6. Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Men’s Bike.

The Predator Team 24 is a reliable bike, which is based on the Classic 1983 design. The BMX bicycle frame is built of long-lasting steel and rims are constructed with aluminum alloy. Then, a neon green, black, and yellow paint makes it trendy. Now, we know that out Predator is durable and stylish. Let’s see what else it has got?

Schwinn Predator has a unique appearance that separates it from other hybrid and mountain bikes. It has a couple of levers to apply brakes. It’s the only functional feature of this model. Apart from that, there are no attractive ornaments like high-end bicycles. 

 What do we like?

The latest Predator edition is equipped with rattrap pedals for a steady grip ad pedaling. A 24-inch gum wall tires add to its style and class. You can stop the ride using its intuitive caliper brakes, which is effective on the tires irrelevant of the terrains. 

The high tensile steel frame is durable and maintains your safety. This chrome finished frame has a length of 15 inches. Then it has a pair of decent-sized wheels. So, the bike easily races over dirt and pavement alike. Also, its braking system is reliable and effective.

What could be better?

The Predator BMX bike comes unassembled. So, you have to invest a lot of time to read the given instructions. If you are a beginner than the process might be very tough. 

Our verdict: Schwinn Predator is great for kids above 8 years of age. Due to its durability, style, and low price tag, you can easily bring it home without disturbing your budget. 

7. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike.

Perfect for trail riding, the Timber mountain bikes comes with  27.5 inches wheels. It’s comfortable to ride, durable, stable, and comes with smooth gear shifting as well as effective braking systems. Everything is available at an affordable price tag. 

Schwinn High Timber has a solid steel frame, which is comparatively heavier than an aluminum frame. Due to strong metal construction, its frame is sturdy, long-lasting, and easily withstands daily wear. The two-wheeler is available in six different colors so that you can choose any one of them depending upon your style and preferences. 

What do we like?

A mountain bike is successful only if it has a high-quality suspension fork. High Timber excels in this department because it features a responsive front fork for a comfortable ride, even on bumpy tracks. There is no rear suspension, but we were not expecting one at this price tag. 

This bike comes with super responsive linear pull breaks that have excellent stopping power. Potent brakes are required in mountains and forests so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. It utilizes Shimano rear derailleur and twist shifters to provide you with 7 gear shifts for a super smooth ride on any terrain.

What could be better?

Schwinn High Timber has an uncomfortable saddle, which might not be suitable for long routes. There is no water bottle holder, which makes extended riding sessions uneasy. Apart from that, its pedals are plastic made and are fragile. Also, it’s not a great option for users under 5 feet of height. 

Our verdict: If you need an affordable bike that can ride over mountains and pavement without much effort, then try the High Timber. It’s stylish, durable and comes with 7 gear shifts, so that you can easily ride it uphill or rough terrains. 

8. Schwinn Jasmine Girl's Bicycle.

Are you looking for the first bike for your daughter? Try Schwinn Jasmine that comes with a long-lasting built comprising durable steel frame, aluminum, and high-quality rubber. Due to the metal frame, this bicycle is sturdy and withstands the weight of heavy kids. Its rims are also stainless steel and hence they are rust proof. The 16-inch wheels run smooth and last for long because of its strong rubber built. 

Schwinn Jasmine easily deals with different types of road conditions, including rough terrains. Its stand over frame makes getting on and off easily while coaster foot-style brakes ensure secure stops. Such built and features make this two-wheeler comfortable, easy, and safe to ride. 

What do we like?

Your kid might love the vintage-inspired design of Jasmine bike, which comes with fenders to provide complete protection from dirt and rainwater. Its quick-release banana seat is adjustable and is suitable for fast-growing girls. The bike has a high rise handlebar with colorful streamers that flies and looks attractive. 

The brakes are very responsive and keep your girl safe. To increase road visibility, the bike has front, side, and rear reflectors. It also has training wheels that add to the stability. These side wheels are removable and hence great for beginners. Moreover, the product is easy to assemble and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. 

What could be better?

Jasmine might be a heavy ride for young kids. Then, it doesn’t have a side kickstand once you remove the training wheels. The assembly also takes time, especially if you are a beginner. 

Our verdict: Schwinn is a great option for your little angle. If you are planning a surprise party for her birthday, then it could be an ideal gift. 

9. Schwinn Elm Girls Bike

Schwinn Elm featuresSmartStart Technology, which allows your girls to start and handle it easily. Its lightweight frame, forward-positioned cranks, narrow pedal positions, and small seat/grips ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The next unique feature its adjustable saddle along with the seat tube, which means it’s a suitable purchase for growing kids. 

The girls bike comes with a full-size chain guard, training wheels, saddle handle for transportation and storage, front basket, and number plate. Its 18-inch wheels are suitable for kids between 3 to 7 years or height of 42 to 52 inches.  

What do we like?

Elm is a great kid’s bike for riding on the sidewalk, parks, and other tracks in the park. It has an excellent braking system that ensures complete comfort and safety of your child. The rear coaster braking works when pedals are reversed and there is also a front caliper brake. The latter prepares your girl to be ready for the adult bikes and is also responsive for secure stops. 

The two wheeler comes with a side stand, which will be helpful when you take out the training wheels. Apart from teal, the product is available in pink and purple as well. So, you can try one of them depending upon her choice. 

What could be better?

Elm girl’s bike might be difficult for users who don’t have many mechanical ideas. On the other hand, it’s very easy to configure for experts. Some of the users also report that its pedals are not up to the mark and breaks easily.

Our verdict: If you have a lovely angel who enjoys riding into the park and around the neighborhood, then try this Elm bicycle that has all the features to give her a joyful ride. 

10. Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike.

Schwinn Skip bikes are available in six different colors with different price tags and features. All the models come with 12-inch wheels. In this review, we are talking about the pink shade Skip 1 that has a wide footrest, which is comfortable for young riders.

Skip 1 feature a step-through steel frame, so that your child can easily get on-off. Its seat and handlebar height are somewhat aggressive, which looks stylish and lovely on your kid. Due to such positioning, kids will easily learn how to balance the bike. 

What do we like?

Elm Skip 1 features a magnesium rim and air-filled tires for easy rolling as well as smooth movement. There is no cushioning on the front or rear, but its seat is adjustable. Due to quick release collar, Skip 1 grows with your kid while they learn to balance. Hence, provides them with an easy transition into adult bikes. Moreover, its handlebars are also adjustable to cooperate with your kid. 

Skip 1 balance bike has a foot-to-floor design, which is great for new kids. This structure helps your boy or girl to learn the coordination between the bike, ground, and pedals. 

What could be better?

Skip 1 has a fragile seat and multiple users reports the same. Apart from that, there are no caps on the axle bolts that might scratch your kid if he or she is wearing shorts. 

Our verdict: Comfortable frame, wide tires, adjustable seat, and handlebars; Elm Skip 1 has all the features to be suitable for any of your kids with an age group of 2 to 4 years. 

Aanalysis of Schwinn Bike

Ignaz Schwinn started the brand in 1865. One of the oldest bike manufacturers, Schwinn is based in Chicago. Ignaz was a mechanical engineer in Germany, but he moved to America with an intent to access US customers directly. In 1992, the company was declared bankrupt. Since then the brand is a part of Pacific Cycles owned by Dorel Industries. 

Schwinn deals in a wide range of road, mountain, hybrid, and cruiser bikes. They also have multiple options for kids. Brand’s electric bikes are one of the most innovative two-wheelers you might encounter in the market. The company has separate collections comprising all the bike variants that are divided by the features but united with one mission to give you the most out of an investment. 

Overall Analysis of Schwinn Bikes Products

Schwinn is one of the leaders in cycling products. The company has a chain of outlets in almost every US state, which gets ample support from its strong distribution network. So, their products are easily available to all the customers without taking much time. The establishment offers all the products at reasonable prices so that all the users can comfortably invest in any of their models. 

The Chicago based bike manufacturer has a long-range of products including bikes for road, mountain, commuters, and kids. All these two-wheelers utilize German technology and hence comes backed by a lifetime of the warranty. Means, if your bike seeks any repair, you can simply contact the manufactures for help. Well, it’s a great deal because most of Schwinn bikes are affordable or reasonable cost. For any kind of support, you can call them at 1 (800) 626-2811 between 9 AM to 5 PM (CST). The brand is available on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, you can also reach them via e-mail at

How good are Schwinn bike?

Schwinn offer durable bikes that are smooth to ride. It’s the first two reasons why there are millions of die-hard Schwinn fans. Most of their bikes are suitable for beginners because these two-wheelers maintain proper grip and easily tackles any of the grounds. 

The ergonomic and comfortable structure is another factor that attracts multiple users towards Schwinn bikes. Due to an aggressive design of handlebar, frame, and saddle, most of their bikes are convenient to ride. If you are riding in a natural position, then there are fewer chances you will feel much strain on your shoulders or neck. Means, Schwinn bikes are also great if you like to cover long roads. 

Should you buy a Schwinn bike?

Schwinn bikes are trendy, comfortable to ride, and durable. So, any of the users looking for a longtime solution for rides, fitness, or daily commute can invest in one of the brand’s products. However, there are few options for experts or professional cyclists. So, you might look for other brand bicycles, if you are training hard for a single track or mountain race. 

Alternative of Schwinn bike brand

Tommaso and Giordano are the two alternative brands that can offer you the best value bike. The former is famous for its lifetime warranty, 14 days’ test drive, and fully assembled products. Giordano is reputable to produce some adventurous bikes available within an impressive price range. Raleigh is another bicycle manufacturer that designs all the two-wheelers with a single mission; to make your ride fun, safe, stable, and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Schwinn bike located?

The brand is German-born but headquartered in Chicago (USA). 

How much does a Schwinn bike cost?

The price range differs according to the category and style. For instance, Schwinn road bikes are available between $470 to $4900. Brand’s mountain bikes are affordable and are available within $510. Similar, cruiser, hybrid, and other versions have different price ranges. 

How to assemble a Schwinn bike?

Most of the Schwinn bikes come with installation instructions that you can follow and complete the configuration. If you need better assistance, then you can follow the assembly instructions given here. Simply select the right category and follow the given instructions.


Schwinn is one of the oldest bike brands in the USA. Multiple new and advanced bicycle manufacturers came into existence after this brand, but Schwinn is still an excellent choice. It’s because their bikes are long-lasting, reliable, and easy to use even for the beginners. Their products also great for kids, teenagers, and users who prefer mountain cycling and short commutes.

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