RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid’s Bikes Reviews

RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid's bikes Reviews

Kids who are learning bike should not think more. The royal baby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes is the perfect bike for the beginners. All children like to ride a bike. In their youngest age, some people desire to get a little tricycle.

Some bigger kids like to get their own bicycle. Many of them are very much eager to get BMX. So, most of the bikes are made from BMX.

As a conscious parent, you like to off the best thing for your child. But the problem is choosing a bike. Your child is growing day by day. So you must purchase another one for your kids.  The manufacturers are offering RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike with reasonable price.

RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid's bikes, unisex children's bikes

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There are lots of sizes on the market. You can choose your desired size from them. Moreover, you have the option to adjust the seat when your kid is growing day by day.

Tykesbykes Fat Tire Kids Bike is not for the weakness of heart. The cost you pay for the bike is more. But your kid will get amazing riding experience. The rubber coated wide tires of the bike are very helpful to maintain the balance of the bike.

One can easily control it. Your child feels more daring, confident and adventurous by riding this bike as he is learning to ride a bike.

The Razor 62042 High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike is a BMX bike. This bike gives more delight even on a little adventure. The price of the bike remains within your budget.

The frame is made of steel and it is very sturdy. You will get the bike made of the steel frame. But for this bike, you have to spend more dollars.


  • Frame/Fork: Uncommon square-tube frame comes in different colors. The unisex design of the bike is nice for both girls and boys.
  • Wheels/Tires: RoyalBaby patented 2.4 inches expand tires ensure more stability for riding on it
  • Drivetrain: Single speed along with 1 piece crank
  • Brakes/Cockpit: The Quando coaster and the Front handle brake give more safety, TPR soft grips, newly developed foam saddle, child-size brake lever along with short reach and non-slip with the reflectors.
  • Extras: Bell of the bike has completely enclosed chain guard that provides protection. With the tools of the bike, you can assemble up to 95%, wider, little stickers, firm and heavy-duty training wheels.


  • With the price, the bike is a nice one
  • Very simple to set up
  • Assembly is a breeze


  • Not at all

Bike Sizes

You have to know the size of the bike before you are going to buy a kid bike. Kids’ bikes are different from the adult’s bike. Adult’s bikes are measured according to the size of the frame.

But kid’s bikes are measured according to the wheels size. Kid’s bike wheel size begins from twelve inches for young cyclists and 18 inches for 12 years old child. It is mentioned earlier that a five years old kid thinks the 12-inch bike is the best suit for him.

Other important factors

Except for the size of the bike, the weight and the fitting must be taken into your consideration. You are aware that your kid is near a growth spurt, don’t buy an over weighed bike.

Other important factors

A heavier and bigger bike is uncomfortable for the kids. The kids will face difficulties to control and balance it. It would not be a safer one for her like the fitting bike.

It is true that the kid’s bike must not weight more. The weight must be light so that the child can handle it well. Moreover, a heavy bike would need much effort for the little hands. The heavier bike wouldn’t make the riding experience much fun for them.


The other important thing about the bike is that it comes with a thumb bell, water bottle, and water bottle holders. Therefore you should not move to the market to buy a water bottle and set it with the bike separately.

The thumb bell of the bike makes a long ringing sound. You can pull the moving piece up and down to create a small ding. The thumb lever may get cock-eyed if your kid presses it wrongly. You just need to reset it again.

Quality and Durability

This bike is very heavy. It isn’t as large as I believe. I have read lots of reviews about this bike. I have found the cheapest brands which are very light. It seems to me that the bikes are durable and really strong.

Quality and Durability

All the adults know it well that a lightweight bike is very easy to handle, to go fast than a heavier bike. But it seems to me that these kids have boundless energy. So they don’t mind the weight of the bike. If you have a bumpy surface, the weight of the bike is a factor there.

Our kids are very young to ride the bike. My 2 years old kid needs to be pushed around whereas my 4 years kid can do it in her own way.

Parents’ and Kids’ Thoughts

Consumer’s satisfaction is the motto of the manufacturers. You will be happy with the price, unisex design and fast shipping of the bike. We hang the bike upside down with the hooks in the garage. Kids suggest using them many times. We just grab them from the garage and carry them in the backyard.

How we chose our picks

There are some criteria by which you can choose the kids’ bike. This bike is very easy. The best kid’s bike must save enough. Safety lies in lots of factors like the width of the tires, the quality of the brakes and so on.

One should give more importance on the brakes of the bike. The brakes must be set in such a way that a kid can stop it easily without facing an accident. If the bike has wider tires, it can balance the weight of the kids.

How we chose our picks

We give more importance to the weight of the bike as it proves to be a secure alternative for the kids. When the bike is lighter, there is bigger chance to maintain it easily.

A good kid’s bike must be comfortable enough to ride on. Moreover, it should be very simple to assemble it. The price of the bike would be reasonable so that the parents can buy it effortlessly.

Finally, the ribbon streamers are very attractive things for the kids. It stated in the kid’s bike pattern clearly. But this is not an essential part of the bike. We think this is not a very important thing unless we are thinking about the specialty of the bike. Later on, you will know more about this thing.

Why RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid’s bikes Is Great

Unisex Simple Square Tube

A nice unisex bike made for the children who are not to the fancy ornaments. The bike’s single square tube frame gives Honey’s concise but wonderful appearance. The color of the bike reflects the kid’s pure mind greatly. The red colors and the bright lilac reflect the mind of the kids more.

RoyalBaby Patented Separate Brake Lever

The RoyalBaby has a separate brake lever. It doesn’t mean that the brackets and the lever aren’t 1 complete piece. The wider lever of the bike is more appropriate for the little hands. It enables them to ensure more responsive braking. Moreover, the lever is very simple to set up and keep up.

2.4’’ Wide Tires & Heavy-Duty Training Wheels

RoyalBaby’s patented 2.4 inch wide knobby air-filled tires are excellent for smooth riding. Never bending and heavy training wheels give stability to the new riders. One can remove it when the job is done completely.

Newly-Developed One Piece Foam Saddle

The saddle of the bike is designed after the human body. So this is very comfortable for the riders. It is very effortless to regulate the quick release lever of the bike.

What customer says about the bike? 

There are just a few clients who locate the bicycle a little heavy. Few clients either locate the pedals maintain falling or locate it difficult for their children to pedal. However, most the customers valued the item.

If any client received a faulty or damaged product during the warranty cycle afterward in line with this coverage, you can contact the producer directly or see their site or contact Amazon (in the event you bought from Amazon) for replacement or to receive a refund. The client support attempts to provide a trouble-free support and normally answers in 12 hours and seeking to keep 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions cubetube kids’ bike (FAQs) 

Question: The pedals are tight & my daughter can’t proceed easily. Did anybody else have this issue & will you please suggest an answer?

Answer: I didn’t get to train brakes and will need to purchase a few. It Difficult to Locate a way to get this business

Question: Why do the training wheels have rubber tires or are they plastic?

Answer: The documentation that came with the bike (for building the bike) gets the contact info for getting in contact with the business. Most components can be purchased on the world wide web upon getting into the producer’s web site. Just try googling the title of the bike and see what you produce.

Question: The pedals are tight & my daughter is not able to proceed easily. Did anybody else have this issue & will you please suggest an answer?

Answer: We didn’t have that issue with all the pedals. I’d contact the manufacturer.

Question: What dimensions could be perfect for a 4-year-old?

Answer: The wheels are made from tough plastic rim covered by soft plastic “tyre” to create the brakes have a longer period and less sound. They aren’t rubber atmosphere sidewalks.

Question: What dimensions could be excellent for 4 decades old?

Answer: My nearly 4 decades old rides on the 16 inches

Question: Is there a way to put in a kickstand?

Answer: the only bicycle of 16 inches or over includes a kickstand along with side wheels within the box. This sort of kickstand ought to be fixed on the left side of the back axle same location in which the side wheel is to be repaired.

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This is a very unisex and wonderful children’s bike. The level of the bike is very simple to set up. The bike is very sturdy. The bending training wheels ensure a smooth ride for the new learners.

RoyalBaby comes in various sizes. 12 inches is fit for a kid from 3 to 4 years, 14 inches for 3 to 5 year. 16 inches bike is fit for 4 to 5 years and lastly 18 inches for aged 5 years. This one is the best bike for the children of average ages, particularly who have more passion for dress and fashion to appeal.

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