How To Rechain A Bike? A Very Useful Step By Step Guide

how to rechain a bike

Besides changing the flat tire, one cyclist has to possess a special skill, is the way to fix dropped chain or slipped. A bicycle normally drops off a gear or chain ring as the teeth have worn and become narrow.The chain has a bad link and stretched. To increase complexity, you have lots of options to ensure the dropped chain.

Bike chain

A bike chain is a roller coaster chain that transfers power from the pedals into the drive-wheel of a bike, thus hammering it. Most bike chains are created from plain carbon or alloy steel, but a few are nickel-plated to reduce rust or for aesthetics.

A bike chain can be quite energy efficient: a study reported efficiencies as large as 98.6 percent. The analysis, conducted in a clean lab environment, discovered that efficacy wasn’t greatly influenced by the condition of lubrication.

A bigger sprocket provides a more efficient push since it moves the stage of strain further away in the axle, putting less strain on the bearings, thus reducing friction at the wheel. Greater chain strain has been found to be efficient: “This is really not at all the direction you would expect, based only on friction”.

Methods 1

Step 1

Flip Bike Over

Preserve the bike on the handlebars and seat of the bike formulate it easier to enter and keep the chain reverse on the gear.

Step 2

Putting Chain Back On

Start by keeping the chain about the little gear on the back axle of the bike. Then, keep some of the chains to the ground by pedals to the side facing the seat. Put one hand near the chain to maintain it, softly begin pedal the bike. It must place the chain back on the both gears.

Step 3

Preventing the Problem

Resisting the Problem

  • Loosen bolts on rear axle
  • drag back wheel as long as the chain becomes trained.


  • Be sure the wheel is instantly, or bike will wobble at the time of riding.
  • Tighten bolts on the stern axle.
If you do the step well, you become successful in placing your chain rear on your bike. The job is very good and ensures happy riding.

Replacing a Slipped Chain Method 2

Get the slippage. The chain may slip off at the time of riding to its desired path, but not stops. The chain is routed through both rear derailleur and the front. To do so, no special maintenance is required- you only need slip the chain back to its sprocket.How To Rechain A BikeIf you come across slippage, get off the bike and search for the slippage. Normally the chain falls off to the front sprocket, remains threaded by both derailleurs.

  • See the place where the chain has become jammed with the frame- the jam should be addressed before you like to ride it again.

If you get the chain is jammed, you can use the quick release. For the event of a slippage, the chain may get jammed between the frame and the rear sprocket.For such situation, it is better to loosen the quick release of the rear wheel and undo the nut of the wheel to loosen the rear wheel from the chain. If loosening is done, pull out the chain.How To Rechain A BikePull the small lever and open the rapid release to the center of the rear wheel. After that, loosen the wheel nut to the opposite to catch the rear wheels with the frame. If losses well for once, the chain will come automatically.

  • Do not forget to re-tighten your quick release prior riding away. You need to select them totally. It must be tight but not much tighter to push all the way down. When you feel they are over tight, loosen the wheel and attempt again. If it is very lost, tighten wheel nuts.

If your bike has a rear derailleur, loosen the chain of it. For having a rear derailleur, normally slacken the chain and thread it round the front sprocket. For most bikes, the rear derailleur has spring load so that it keeps the chain tight at the time of riding.Press the arms of the rear derailleur and take the merits of the fact. After that, apply this slack to thread the opposite end of the chain around the smallest of front sprockets. Loosen the arm of the rear derailleur and be sure the chain is very tight.How To Rechain A BikeFrom this place, you have the chance to ride away. If the chain shifts into the gear, your bike can shift randomly with the gear at the time of happening slippage.Move the bike without a derailleur. Except for derailleur, hold the chain to the sprocket by pedaling. It may be there are no derailleurs here. The normal way to lose the chain is to hook the chain to the rear sprocket.The chain must catch and start to turn around the front sprocket. If we get a portion to the top of the front sprocket, the chain starts running through the gears of the bike as normal.

  • Altering the pedals is simpler when you elevate the rear wheel of the bike. Doing this, you can stand or prop up the rear of the frame with materials on hand. You may get help from the helper to hold the rear wheel off the earth as you keep the chain back on or move the bike upside down.

Pedal well as long as the bike has the right gear. Ride your bike and pedal forward with slow speed. As the bike has gears the chain may jump back to the gear it is when the slippage happened. Instead constantly change the gear as long as the chain pedals evenly.

  • Note – For a fixed gear bike, chain slippage may be problematic or dangerous and is the symptom of the chain which is very loose. Think of your chain before you desire to ride again.

Finally check the all things well. Prior you start normal riding, be sure you have a comfortable gear. If you have them, change gears on the both rears and front derailleurs since your chains alter smoothly without making any noise.User Tips

  • The chain is a very crucial thing for a bicycle. So it is very important to know the basic skill of repairing chain. It will save your money and saves your bike from simple faults. Besides, there is no risk to go nearest service shop by taking the bike with you.
  • At first, you have to buy a tool called, a Chain-tensioner to repair the chain. Buy it and read the instruction very carefully on the package. Normally you need a Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench of a particular size. These things are very useful for setting up the chain to the correct position.
  • When you see the chain is very loose you may not get a bike mechanic; it is essential to remove the link from chain to shorten it. You have to do it as you like to do it thoroughly.
  • If chain setting is perfect, there is no wrong of your bike. Since it keeps falling off, it means that you have to check by a bicycle mechanic.

How to put a chain on a bike without a chain tool

  • The first task is to wrap the chain around the chain wheel that is on if you take it off.
  • Which gear it is as it breaks or you take it off. Then feed the chain by the front derailleur, take it to the rear cassette. Then again set it with the chain ring it is before so it is the exact gear.
  • It has a small pin and the chain goes over the small pin and set well there, then come back around and after that wraps round the second small cog. Then the chain is to the right place. Be sure it has not slipped off the chain ring on the front.
  • It may be difficult for one person as you may see, the chain would not reach
  • A simple and smart trick of it is the apply one foot where mine is to the position the derailleur in a normal place to read the chain link.
  • When it is clicked to the place, I may pull the chain to be sure the chain link is added. At present, the chain is to the right place.
  • If it happens, you may reposition and reattach it by applying the similar method mentioned above. You can also rotate the pedals backward to be sure the chain is moving correctly, efficiently and smoothly.
  • This is the way to read the chain with the chain line for touring or mountain bike. If you possess any comment, suggestion or word of wisdom you like to exchange, post it on the comment box below.


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