Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

Is your child above 16 years? Does he like to make a holiday fun with the bike? Don’t wait for more. Move forward and buy a Razor MX650. The bike is a holiday’s best friend for the child.

MX650 is a famous company which has name and fame over a long time for manufacturing best bikes. These bikes are comfortable, safe and suitable for the child of all ages. This bike is designed with a 650-watt electric motor to ensure speed up to 17mph. Your child enjoys the moment with this wonderful bike.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


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The bike ensures comfortable and smooth riding experience for your youngster. It has 2 handlebars which are technically positioned well. One single charge of the batter can move up to ten miles. So there is needless to say that the life of the batter is long-lasting and durable.

The manufacturers added 16 and 14-inch pneumatic knobbing tires. This gives a nice riding experience. Buy this bike as quick as possible. Evaluate your price. Make the days of your child enjoyable. Confirm safe riding around your neighbors. Let your child benefit from the comfortable day with this MX650.


Motor – The bike has a powerful chain-driven electric motor of 650 watts. This is the core of the Razor MX650. It will help your kids to play what they like without making a racket in the relatives. The motor of the bike ensures more power for off-road conditions and uphill rides.

Speed – the MX650 comes with a safe top speed from 15 to 17 mph. One can increase or decrease speed by using the twist-grip of the handlebars.

Knobby tires – A big 16-inch front tire and a 14-inch pneumatic rear tire give the suspension to have a great ride. Though these tires are pneumatic, these are harder. It takes more abuse to maximizing the power transfer.

The tires of the bike come with a knobby surface. So it is very easy to move on the uneven surfaces. The tires can easily grip the surface of the road. The bike is very nice for the rough terrains. One can use it for uphill riding without facing any problem.

Disc Brakes – The speed of the bike is up to 17 mph. This speed is really very fast for the untrained bikers. Considering this, the manufacturers give 2 disc brakes both the rear and the front. All are hand driven and strong enough to carry the bike to a complete stop position for safety.

Additional features – There are foot pegs on the side of the bike. One can use it to keep feet at the time of cruising down the fold or neighborhood. The kickstand is retractable to put it out of the path when it isn’t essential. It gives the bike more streamlined appearance.

There are foldable foot pegs which are used as a resting place for your feet. The kickstand is retractable to put it out of the way when it is not needed. It gives a more streamlined to notice the bike.

Rechargeable – The bike can move by three 12 voltage batteries. These batteries aren’t rechargeable and ensure 40 minutes uninterrupted fun or biking. When the life of batteries comes to an end, recharge it. The bike is now ready to ride again. The full recharge time of the batteries is 12 hour. You can do it greatly by overnight.

Tough – The bike is made of high strength steel. It appears with shatterproof fenders and fairings for the long-lasting body. It is made to take a beating since it is made for kids. Toppling over is totally avoidable.

Powerful – The bike has a 650-watt electric motor which can drive the bike easily in off-road situations. The capacity of the bike is up to 220 pounds. As a result, the bike is very powerful for the kids. It is suggested for the child up to 16 years or older.

Even then, those who have more biking experience can maneuver the bike easily. Adult supervision is a must to avoid injuries at bay.

Quiet– On the other hand, the bike is a typical pit bike. The Razor MX650 is calm and an electric bike. You should not complain your neighbor as your kid is causing a tumult riding a noisy bike.


  • The adjusted electronic motor is very calm
  • The disc brakes and rear brakes give complete stopping power.
  • The highest speed of the bike is 15 to 17 miles per hours


  • The weight of theMX650 is around 100 pounds. This heavy bike is difficult to handle.
  • Some set up and assemble is needed. Don’t think more, it is not rocket science.

High Performance Electric Motocross Bike

Razor products are very popular in the US. They haven’t stopped their journey where the sidewalk comes to an end. Razor made Dirt Rocket line for those who introduced off-road rides for the fearless riders of the dirt.

High Performance Electric Motocross Bike

The MX650 is an eclectic and high performance. It has automatic dirt-bike super inspired styling frame and geometry. The bike has large and knobby tires, torque motor and dual suspension. You will be king of the road when you ride this bike.

Assembling the Razor MX650

The Razor MX650 comes with a manual book. Here you will get the complete instruction to assemble it. You will also know the way to maintain the bike. Sometimes you get a fraudulent feeling. Some of the recommendations are written by the lawyers so that it can’t face any liability case.

It is told that the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electronic Motocross bike is a nice bike for the kids up to 16 years or more. This bike is better than Razor electric motorbikes. This bike can carry more weight. There are many reviews that some 9 years old kids can handle the bike easily.

There are vivid instructions in the manual that child can handle the MX650 bike well. A nine-year-old kid will face no problem to handle the bike. But these aged kids will handle another motorbike easily such as Razor MX500. Age is a great factor in some cases. A 16 years old kid can handle a bike better than a 9 years old kid.

The capacity of the bike is up to 220 pounds. If you are light enough, the bike is more comfortable for you.

There are necessary instructions in the manual of the bike. You have just attached front fender, handlebars, the front wheels and the number plate. Be sure that the wheels are inflated well. Finally, you need to charge it for 12 hours.

All the necessary tools are added to the bike. So you shouldn’t find tools here and there in your house. It can get about half an hour to complete the set up procedures.

Riding the Razor MX650

The Razor MX650 is made to ride on the flat level ground having no debris like gravel and rocks. It is mentioned in the buying guide clearly. This seems that these words are just for all Razor vehicles.

It assumes the lawyers are speaking more and more. The Razor Dirt is very tough. You need not worry more about non-smooth terrain. It may handle bike paths facing any problem.

Riding the Razor MX650

Lots of customers have talked about the toughness of the bike. This is a constant refrain. On a smooth road, the riders can speed up to 22 mph though it is not possible on the hard surface. As he or she has to press the brake to move on this type of ride.

Using a helmet is a very wonderful idea. You can use the helmet for your kids while he is riding the bike. It is natural that the younger kids don’t know the speed of the Razor MX650. This will help the child more when he falls off the bike. A helmet is a nice protection. It will save the kids from a panic attack or serious accident.

The bike is fun even for various aged people. This bike is fit for all ages. It is a bonus no doubt. The other included features of the bike are mentioned here. Its operation is quite, the price is very low and parts are durable and long-lasting. The design of the bike is very attractive.

The only limitation of the bike is that one can make fun riding up to 40 minutes. There are many reviews that the bike can withstand up to an hour. Many kids like to enjoy riding for a long time. So this schedule isn’t enough for some boys. An hour riding means that the kids can think what he will do for the rest of the time.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review: Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

Adjusting the Brakes

  1. You need to strand the brake knob adjuster in and out ¼ to ½ turn as long as you get the desired brake adjustment. You have to complete all the adjustments at this stage. If you demand more adjustment of the brake you need to move on the second step for the rear brake.
  2. When you notice the brake is very loose, loosen the rear anchor bolt by a 5 mm L- wrench. Then pull the wire off the brake tighter. The distance of the brake wire between the anchor and the cable must be 37 mm to 44 mm.
  3. When you see the brake rotor drags the brake pads, you can use your finger to twist the caliper adjuster in either location up to the rotor. It comes to the center of the pads.


Needless to say that the MX650 is a safer alternative than the gas-powered bike. You will get it is very safe and secured. This is an electric bike so there is no possibility of fires or fumes. All the electric components are an only 36-volt rechargeable battery pack.

Don’t think more about the speed of the bike. The top speed of the bike is only 17 mph. The bike is very stable as it has pneumatic tires and dual suspensions. Subsequently, the bike is safe enough to ride on unleveled terrains. The power disc of the brakes of the bike helps more to stop on the spot quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions on mx650 rocket electric bike

Question: can you Push this at dirt Bicycle Trails and do jumps

Answer: No, the suspension isn’t similar to that of a gasoline powered dirt bike. If you’re seeking to utilize it onto a track, purchase a 50cc dirt bike. A used one will not charge that much more.

Question: what’s the weight limit?

Answer: The one issue I’d see is if a person is more than 6′ because seats will be cramped especially when the person has extra-long legs.

Question: How long can the battery at the MX650 last?

Answer: Also Depends upon weight of rider

Question: won’t a Brand-new razor mx650 maintain a fee

Answer: Be sure at the handlebar the electricity isn’t engaged and from the battery make sure that it’s turned off. Then plug it securely in the electric socket and in the battery . Let it cost for 18 hours. If it will not hold a charge subsequently telephone the producer immediately.

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You will get all types of fun from the Razor MX650 bike without any type of potential problems. This bike also gives fun like a typical gap powered motorbike.

You mustn’t think more about your kids will ride a bike quickly. Your neighbours wouldn’t feel any problem when your kid will ride this bike. Moreover, the price of the bike is under your limited budget.

The Online page has got 121 five star rating reviews against 25 on star reviews. This isn’t a very surprising matter at all. The most important words are here tough and fun. This bike may take some abuse unlike other bikes on the market.

Would you like to get the bike? This is up to your preference. Do you like to get exciting riding experience? All answers to the questions you get here. The bike is affordable, reliable and safe enough. This MX650 is a perfect bike for your kids.

You shouldn’t think more about the bike. You will get the value of your price. The bike comes with reasonable price. One can get everything fine with his limited budgets.

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