Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Reviews in 2021

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review

Have you ever thought of buying an exercise bike? Lack of open space is the primary problem when you want to execute the plan. But, a folding stationary bike might solve the space trouble, so that you can practice your aerobics and achieve the fitness plans on time.

The US market is full of many folding bikes that might be confusing while choosing the right option according to your requirements. We will help you by sharing some of the best foldable Exercise Bike by Marcy. After reading the Marcy foldable exercise bike Reviews, you will be able to make a suitable choice.

1. Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike - NS-652.

Marcy is a reputed name among fitness enthusiasts and experts. The brand is offering high-quality exercise bikes for the last 50 years and still going strong with a wide range of other fitness products. Marcy NS-652 foldable upright exercise bike is our top recommendation because it comes with eight presets of magnetic resistance that you can choose according to your fitness level.

The best thing about the foldable upright is its quiet nature. It makes minimal or no noise, which is perfect if you need a workout machine in the office. The stationary bike is also perfect for small flats where your workout sessions might disturb other family members.

What do we like?

Manufactured with 14-gauge steel, the Marcy NS-652 is a long-lasting and reliable stationary bike. Its adjustable seat is suitable for a wide range of users with variable heights. The upright bike gives you complete control due to a pair of gripped pedals. Completed with basket cages these pedals prevent any slipping as well.

You can track your progress with its inbuilt LCD, which showcases your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. It gives you 8 challenging resistance levels to mimic outdoor cycling. Once you are done with a work out session, fold the machine for convenient storage.

What could be better?

Marcy NS-652 has a high seat that not suitable even for average-sized individuals. So, even if you are 5 feet and 7 inches, this stationary bike will not fit your body.

Our Verdict: If you need an exercise bike that can offer all the cardio workouts without occupying much storage space, then NS-652 might be a perfect choice.

2. Marcy Folding Upright Exercise Bike - NS-654.

Today’s next recommendation is a high-quality foldable exercise bike, which is helpful to maintain overall body fitness. With the help of Marcy NS-654, you can lose weight at the comfort of your residence. As it comes with an adjustable seat that easily accommodates all the users, you can try the bike without thinking about the body size.

The upright exercise bikes come with 8 magnetic resistance levels that help you to customize the workout sessions according to your preferences and fitness standard. It has a high-density foam added saddle, which keeps you comfortable and prevents any back pain. To track the cycling process, the bike gives you a large LCD that shows you the distance covered, calories burned, speed, and time.

What do we like?

Marcy NS-654 comes with a strong built that withstands up to 250 pounds. Its counterbalanced pedals are weighted to offer optimum support to your feet. The pedals are equipped with adjustable straps to secure your feet and prevent any slips.

Adjusting the resistance levels is easy in this Marcy folding machine. It has a knob that you need to rotate whenever you want some resistance adjustment. Once you complete the cycling session, take the benefits of its folding design and transportation wheels for convenient storage.

What could be better?

The exercise bike has compact dimensions, which might be a problem for tall users. If your height is more than 5 feet 10 inches, then get ready to use the bike’s seat at maximum extension.

Our verdict: Marcy – NS-654 is a suitable folding upright for users with any skill or fitness level because it has 8 magnetic resistance levels. The exercise bike compact and foldable, which makes it a solid choice for individuals residing in small flats.

3. Marcy Foldable Recumbent Exercise Bike - NS-653.

Marcy NS-653 has the power to turn any of your living room into a home gym. It’s because the machine possesses all the features to provide you with high-quality workouts. First, it has a padded seat that keeps you comfortable.

Second, the bike seat also has a backrest that reduces strain on your back and makes your workout sessions convenient. Third, its seat is height adjustable, which helps you to customize the ride. Then, there is a large LCD that allows you to track the workout progress as you move towards a fitness goal.

What do we like?

NS-653 comes with continuous resistance that’s adjustable and hence offers powerful workout sessions. You have to turn the knob to change the resistance level, which is easy for all the users. Its counterbalanced pedals are impressive because they offer maximum support.

The pedals are also equipped with straps that make you work out sessions safe and convenient. Enjoy the innovative built of NS-653 to fold it once you are done with workout sessions. Moreover, it has transport wheels to make the movement easy.

What could be better?

The recumbent bike might not be suitable for senior citizens because of its added seat height.

Our verdict: NS-653 recumbent exercise bike is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want to enjoy efficient, safe, and productive workout sessions in the comfort of their home.

Marcy Bike Brand Overview

Marcy is owned by IMPEX, which has a global presence across the world since 1982. Apart from creating and selling their fitness machines, IMPEX also manufactures work out products for multiple other distributors including Marcy, Hers, Apex, and Competitor. Each establishment has a particular audience to cater.

Marcy is successful because the brand offers high-quality fitness solutions at reasonable price tags. Their customer service is excellent, which helps you to get any assistance if required. Besides folding exercise bikes, Marcy (IMPEX) is also involved in the production of treadmills, steppers, rowing machines, elliptical, and multiple other fitness devices and their accessories.

Analysis of Marcy bike?

Marcy manufactures a wide range of gym products, which helps you to achieve any of the fitness goals without leaving the comfort of your residence. The wide range of fitness equipment offered by the brand is helpful in a variety of exercises. So, whether you need to develop your core strength, lose some extra weight or build muscles, Marcy has one or the other solution.

Apart from cardio machines likes treadmill and exercise bikes, Marcy also manufactures Smith machines and stack home gym for a complete body workout. The brand also produces barbells, weights, gym racks, power towers, and multiple other accessories that are helpful for your home gym. No matter you have a large home gym or a small space in the garage, Marcy has one or the other fitness product that you can utilize.

Marcy fitness products are durable and some of the treadmills as well as exercise bikes are foldable, which is helpful when you are residing in a small flat or apartment. You can trust their products because they are durable and also available at a reasonable cost. You can find a high quality folding upright or recumbent bike within $ 200.

The brand has quick and efficient customer support that can be contacted at 1-800-999-8899. You can reach their Facebook page to get a response within 24 hours. Their e-mail address is If you need a replacement part, then fill the form here with all the required documents.

How good are Marcy exercise bikes?

Marcy exercise bikes are available with a sturdy built and useful features Their price tags are also reasonable and a couple of them also comes with adjustable seats, which is helpful for tall users. These are entry levels bikes and hence the maximum weight capacity is within 250 pounds.

One of the most impressive features of Marcy bikes is their magnetic resistance levels that allow you to work out according to your fitness levels and work out goals. The LCD is a common feature with all of them. Foldable versions are great if you are living in a small flat and do not have much open space for a home gym.

Should you buy a Marcy exercise bike?

You cannot doubt the quality and features of a Marcy exercise bike. These bikes offer comfortable work out sessions with multiple resistance levels and it’s the primary reason why one of them deserves your trial. Also, the price tags are reasonable and features are user friendly. So, if you need a safe, comfortable, and effective workout without leaving your living place, then you might invest in a Marcy exercise bike.

The alternative of Marcy bike?

Sunny Health & Fitness is a high-quality fitness products manufacturer apart from Marcy. Headquartered in Los Angeles(California), the brand has more than 100 employees worldwide to give you the best of health and fitness. The next brand that deserves your attention is Ancheer. The brand tries to maintain world-class standards and offers exercising bikes and other products at reasonable price tags.


Pleny is another reputable manufacturer of exercise bikes and also deals in multiple other fitness machines. Located in XiaMen, China, the brand is one of the best Chinese manufacturers that you can browse on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Marcy upright bikes good for weight loss?

Bike riding is one of the most efficient ways to burn extra calories and lead a healthy life. Moreover, it strengthens your muscles, lungs, and heart so that your body properly for your entire life. So, you can try a Marcy upright bike at your residence for weight management and a toned physique.

Do Marcy exercise bikes burn belly fat?

Your stomach or abdomen is not actively working while you are riding a bike. However, you don’t have to worry because you are losing the belly fat while your glutes or quads are working the pedals.


Available at reasonable price tags, Marcy foldable exercise bikes are excellent for users who want to maintain their fitness standards without leaving their residence. You will not miss any of the primary features in Marcy folding bikes and the most important ones are adjustment ability, comfort, and safety.

Keep in mind that these bikes are meant for home gym only. If you expose these models to regular workout sessions by multiple users, then these machines might not last for long.

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