Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review

Maybe, you have tested many exercise bikes. You have read lots of reviews about it. But you can’t deny that the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike isn’t a good choice. This is a very wonderful exercise bike. Its folding action system is very convenient, so people like it very much.

Check out the significant features of the bike. Then you can determine if the bike is the right choice for you or not. Exercise bikes draw the attention of senior people or people with joint issues or restricted mobility.

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike with Adjustable Resistance

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Years of researchers have given life to the new bike. This is a very favorite piece of equipment for home gyms or professionals.

The bike is very simple to use. Moreover, its design is very simple. Along with these features, the bike gives an immense cardiovascular workout. It also aids to strengthen muscles. It is safer than great impact activities such as aerobics or running.

People who like to exercise frequently exercise bike is the best option for them. The bike is also great for the people who have joint issues. After that, entire bike is adjustable and comfortable for using it as a home bike.

One can adjust contour seat into 5 positions. This bike may accommodate users having various heights. The weight of the bike is 250 pounds. For this reason, the bike is a versatile piece of home gym equipment.

The accurate seat height helps you to manage the bike properly. The basket cages of the bike prevent your leg from slipping. After all, these features ensure a good riding experience.

If you feel more comfortable, you would like to stay on the bike for a longer period. The more time you remain on the bike, the more you may create fitness goals and achieve them. You may ensure more comfort by buying a padded seat cover for the saddle for the bike.

Features of Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

  • Simple screen interface
  • Foldable
  • Constructed with great care
  • Modifiable resistance
  • Super cardio workout


  • Meeting is quick and simple
  • It Includes a simple console for monitoring your workout
  • Offers low impact exercise that Individuals can use for overall action and knee therapy (on physicians’ advice), Eliminate weight etc
  • Includes a Simple console Which Can Be used to Supply you with comments while you exercise
  • Folds up to conserve space and make it easier to keep from this way in a cupboard
  • It’s secure and there Is Not Any rocking or worrying about falling off
  • Easy and fast to correct for a Selection of heights
  • Resistance levels are indicated, Which Makes It Simple to adjust the bicycle to the degree you need


  • Upper degrees of immunity are not tough enough to provide individuals That Are in great shape the work out there following
  • Doesn’t Have brakes move it it Has to Be hauled or lifted to maneuver it in and from storage
  • You cannot stand on the pedals and use just like you would a twist bike
  • It does not have levelers to balance up the bicycle on an irregular floor

Ease of Use and Comfort

This particular bike is very comfortable. Therefore people would not feel any problem to ride on it. All things are common to the exercise bike. Its seat is tough and unyielding. You will never face such type of problem for having this model.

Ease of Use and Comfort

The bike’s padded seat adapts it well with the shape of your body within space of few days. You will get similar comfort for having ergonomically and wraparound shaped handlebars. Moreover, there is no possibility of slipping at the time of vigorous workouts.

The handlebars are set up with the best angle to blast away tummy fat. It is wonderfully padded to have a firmer grip.

The bike comes with a magnetic resistance system. It gives an extraordinarily smooth workout that is very quiet. One can enjoy a movie or a nice chat on the phone; listen to some music at the time of working out. Important thing is that there is no irritating mechanical noise of the bike.

Storage is very simple as the name implies. The bike is very lightweight. So, one can store it very easily. Users may carry it to any room as they wish.

One can fold it by using a simple pull as well as release knob. Its folded-up apparatus takes small space and may be stowed beneath the bed up to the time you come to use it.

Display console design

You may hope this from an entry level cycle. If you enjoy these features at the time of your workouts, it would be better to search something from Schwinn.

Before you, there is an LCD screen. This will record some important metrics like speed, time, calories burned and distance.

In spite of having this limited feedback, you can use it to adjust your own workout plan.

You can adjust target based on various resistance levels. You can easily cover some distances to keep your workout challenging and feeling fresh.

Assembly and Parts

For having an ergonomic shape and lightweight frame, the bike is very simple to set up. Even the new users can set the bike up within very short time. They would face no difficulties to do so.

Assembly and Parts

The bike comes with a detailed instruction manual. There you get step by step instructions to facilitate this procedure.

You will get screws, necessary tools, wrenches and other accessories to set up the bike. I have no better experience to do it. Still, it takes about half an hour to do all the process to add the various parts of the bike.

Seat and handlebars

This Marcy foldable exercise bike comes with a standard and simple seat 10.5″L x 10″W (26.6 x 25.4 cm). Though the bike is not cushioned well it integrates some padding. As the seat is wider than other spin bike seats, it surely gives more comfort.

You can add a gel cover or sheepskin over on the top of the seat to get more comfortable. You can also replace it with another model.

The seat of the bike is 2 way adjustable. Its post gives more adjustment length to accommodate users from 5 to 6.1″ comfortably. You may see 7 holes on the seat’s post to adjust the seat.

The distance of the holes is slightly more than an inch. You may lock the seat to the expected position via a pin by a turn-knob.

The handlebars of the bike are non-adjustable but they have a multi-grip design. It doesn’t integrate elbow rests such as the ProForm 8.0 i.e. they are wrapped with thick foam padding. You may put elbow easily on them without facing the problem.


It’s quite quiet so that you can easily watch TV. It will not disturb others viewing TV – in actuality, they may even forget you’re there until you get started breathing heavily from the effort. Or in case you’ve got young kids, it is possible to exercise whenever they take a rest (for those who have energy or time after running after them).

If you reside in an apartment, then it’s not likely to disturb your neighbors. If you’re worried about folks below you a rubber exercise mat will prevent any small vibration hauling through the ground. When they don’t listen to the TV they won’t listen to the bicycle.


They match athletic shoes, but you can use pretty much any shoe if you would like. In case you’ve got big feet, then you might discover the straps are too little to go across them. You can eliminate them and pedal using the straps. The pedals do hold to the sneakers and ought to keep them in place.

The pedals are at the front of the chair, not straight below as you locate on a vertical bike. It will make it quite awkward, to say the very least, to resist pedal. It could be done but it is not recommended. It is not designed for this kind of workout.

In addition, it does not possess a weighted flywheel therefore that the Freestyle feel differs to that of a twist bicycle or an outside bicycle as the pedals are not pulled through.


It folds down to 18.5 from 20 by 45 inches that makes it compact enough to fit in a cupboard or from the way from a wall.

Folding up is fast to perform. You eliminate the safety pin in the middle of the bicycle, push the legs together then re-insert the security pin and you’re all set. It will not have transportation wheels so that you have to drag or lift it to where you need it. The weight of this bicycle is 35 pounds. Regardless of that, the majority of men and women find it relatively simple to maneuver, though some do battle with it.


Home gym equipment is lacking the construction strength. Frame twisting, creaks and eventual collapses are the common happenings of the gym equipment.

However, the Marcy Foldable Exercise bike is not made equally. It has compact construction and foldability. This feature stands out as a beefier piece of home equipment.

The stability of the bike gives you more confidence. It helps you to obtain a better workout. This Marcy exercise bike is composed of 14 gauge steel.

It is very stronger instead of many of the competitors with the similar price. This gives a higher weight limit rather than many house exercise bikes.

Why Should the Resistance Be Adjustable?

Adding intervals and circuits to cardio workouts may be a nice tool. It keeps the workout fresh but to make the best use of the Marcy exercise bike. Intervals and circuits are used by fitness professional trainers to pack more fruitfully workouts.

They obtain results rapidly. You can immediately switch back and forth between various resistances. As the bike has adjustable resistance.

Why Should the Resistance Be Adjustable

When your legs do not get the push, they demand your bodyweight and free-weights workout. The bike has 8 levels of adjustable resistance.

As a result, you may press on your muscles to the desired limits. The reason is that the exercise bikes are very effective for employing every individual leg muscle.

Finally, improving gait and strengthening joints are significant features of exercise bikes. It is the main cause for which this bike is widely used in physical therapy centers.

The smooth motion, low impact of the counterweighted pedals, and adjustable resistance help more to exercise. It helps people to improve few skeletal and muscular aspects of their legs while working their way up to the resistance scale.

What Can Be Improved?

The Marcy foldable bike is great to deal and has solid features it is not free from faults. There are few things on which manufacturers should give importance. The mentioned parts I have noticed of this model:

  • Soft seats ensure more comfort for longer rides.
  • The big display helps you to watch all the metrics at the same time rather than one by one
  • These are inconsistent developments. However, they have developed the product to take it near to the perfection.

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You like to buy Marcy fitness equipment. So you have to get something that is innovation. It should have high quality with reasonable price. The company has been doing its business from the 1950s.

The customers are happy with the products’ rate and price. This one is not the exception in such case.

There are hundreds of reviews on online regarding this product. Many positive comments added with high-end exercise equipment which demands more cost.

The bike is functional and solid. It is fit for all sized people having ergonomically design though he or she is tall or short. You can operate it smoothly and easily. It provides enough challenge for most of the people as it has multiple resistance levels.

The only demerit of this chair is its seat that feels uncomfortable at the time of workouts. Keeping folded towels or a cushion may solve this problem. It would be better if you buy a seat cover. Really this is an inexpensive fix which creates a massive difference.

Setting up is very simple. The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike is the most compact exercises bike, possibly you have ever bought. If you have limited space in your room, you can fold it to preserve after your use of it.

I aspire the reviews of the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike will give the answer to your questions regarding this model.

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