KaZAM v2e No-Pedal Balance Bike Review

KaZAM v2e No-Pedal Balance Bike

Parents who have no love for skinned knees can choose KaZAM v3e Balance Bike for their child. These parents also have no desire to use training wheel at all. This bike is made in such a way that it enhances the riding skills of the kids. It helps the kids to maintain balance well prior using pedal bikes.

KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

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KaZAM v2e Balance Bike is the only bike that has footrest design. Your child will surely like this bike very much.

Your child may easily get center of gravity of the bike. Parents don’t like to change the bike frequently. They think the transition of using the conventional bike is faultless.


  • This is the only bike which has footrest design.
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat. The bike can accommodate up to five years.
  • Maintenance free EVA tires and puncture resistant- does not demand air.
  • As visible on Shark Tank.
  • Children can easily get the gravity center on the bike. KaZAM’s footrest remains in natural place. Feet will go to the place naturally.


  • KaZAM bike has proper air inflated tires. This ensures safety and security for the child. If you have a desire to buy a bike to teach your child riding technique; you can buy this bike. This bike is safe for your kid. With your budget buy this one just now.
  • This bike will encourage your child to play. At present kids like to enjoy video games more by remaining at home. When you have this bike, your child is bound to do exercise for the day. She or he will experience something fulfilling.
  • KaZAM Classic has a compact footrest and added chrome handlebars. For the cause, the bike ensures comfortable riding experience. The bikes are featured with comfortable handle grip. So children enjoy long time riding experience without least injury. They can save their hands and body easily.
  • The bike can carry up to 75 pounds of weight. This is a plus point for you. You need not change the bike frequently for your growing up child. The price of the bike is not much. You can buy a nice bike for your child within your limited budget, One can say it is a budget-friendly option as it ensures great value for the price.
  • The easy footrest of the bike is perfect to support the child. The child feels much comfort while they ride on it. Kids may adjust themselves with the bike very easily according to their will. Besides the seat is possible to set without and equipment. The handlebar is also a great addition to the bike.


  • At first, the bike is not truly self-balancing. The bike is big enough. It has a high weight. So this is tough for the child to balance themselves initially. Within the passage of time, it would be a better option for them.
  • The seat of the bike is slope downwards. So the beginners will face problem riding on it. But the bigger children would not face any problem. It becomes very easier to maintain steadiness.
  • The speed of the bike is slow. So parents should not be more worried about the children’s’ safety. Rather children can easily handle it. Slow speed ensures life safety in all cases. This isn’t an exceptional regarding riding a bike.


Why KaZAM? 

Perhaps not All equilibrium bikes are made equally

KaZAM’s Award-winning design was praised by leading specialists, NBC’s Today Show and parents.

KaZAM Is the only balance bicycle with a Patented Footrest layout? It’s the Secret to success

  1. KaZAM’s footrest is in the natural location where feet would be if coasting on a pedaled bike.
  2. This position helps new riders find their center of gravity and create their normal balance position by easing the transition onto a pedaled bike.
  3. More fun and comfortable than holding their legs off to the side.

Having A footrest that is both functional and comfortable is vital, as the kid Must experience lifting their feet from the floor in order to truly Develop the balance required to be able to ride a pedaled bike.


The assembly of the bike is very simple. You need no tool to adjust the handlebar height and seat of the bike. KaZAM bike is very sturdy. It comes with an installed clamp to adjust seat and handlebar easily.

Amazing public recognition

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award: KaZAM is the most innovative and top, upgraded products on the market today. This is a new product of the year. The purpose of the bikes is to aid maintain the coordination and balance of the bike.

At first, the award was introduced in Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia before the start in the US. This bike teaches the child how to balance their own.

It prepares them to ride a large bike later on. KaZAM is indeed a safe bike for the child needless to say.

Construction of KaZAM v2e No-Pedal Balance Bike

The construction of the bike is excellent. It has patented frame design along with footrest. There is more space to keep feet. It has nylon bushing for non- friction simple steering.

KaZAM has puncture free twelve inch EVA tires. The weight of the bike is 11.2 pounds. Actually, it is a bit heavier. So the bike is fit for the child over 3 years or more.

Construction of KaZAM v2e No-Pedal Balance Bike

The wheel of the bike is made from 12 inches rubber tire but has a smooth tread. This tire is nice to move on smoothly paved terrains. It is long lasting. This type of tire may be difficult while riding on other surfaces since it has little grip.

The bolts of the bikes are covered up. So it is safe enough. Parents have lots of claims about the safety of the bike. So KaZAM comes with or without brakes.

One can buy the bike with brake or without a brake. Moreover, it comes with some safety features for the children.


The patented footrest with the frame is a nice addition to this bike. The footrest is nicely added to the center of the bike. Subsequently rides keep his or her feet in usual position.

There is no extra running room for the kids. It doesn’t interfere with the extra room that is the typical drawback of some bikes.

Some people argued that the setting of footrest may be a demerit for the riders. It hinders the rider’s developing balance as well as coordination. Moreover, it can slow down the progress of the beginners.

The footrest gives more comfort for the children. So they think they are using scooter instead of balancing. But the experienced riders consider the footrests are a nice addition to the bike.

Tires and Wheels

The bike applies standard 12 inches pneumatic rubber tires. The tires have a smooth tread pattern. It gives a comfortable riding experience on the paved surfaces. It may slip on more difficult roads.

Tires and Wheels

But you shouldn’t take it as a toddler learning in such types of roads. The bolts of the rear wheel and front wheels are completely covered to ensure more safety.


The handlebars and seat of the bike are adjustable. The maximum height of the seat is 17.5 inches whereas the minimum height is 14 inches.

You can lower the handlebar up to 19.75 inches and as high as 22.50 inches. One can move it little backward and forward also. The quick release clamp of the bike is very simple to adjust with the handles and seat. It requires no tool.


At first, the model was sold in the market without any brake. But people demand the break with the bike. Consumers’ satisfaction is the motto of the manufacturers. So they add or don’t add brake to the model that isn’t a matter at all for them.


They almost evaluate the demand of the customers. You have to pay more 20 dollars for the brakes with the bike.

Some people like the footrests of the bike most while some people don’t like footrest. The same case happens for the brakes also.

Some views found this is a must whereas other doesn’t. Most of the manufacturers don’t like to add brake to the design. Some companies like to give brake kits as an additional part.

What Others Say About KaZAM v2e No-Pedal Balance Bike

The handlebar of the bike is really wide. Its tires are very sturdy. When kids get on it, they find it is fit for them. My new 2 years old is 37 inches and fits perfectly. We love this balance bike very much.

Again my five years child likes this bike more. The handlebars and seats are very simple to adjust with the bike.

We always keep a wrench in the car and make it usable for both children for the same outing. All the pieces are almost assembled. There is no procedure you may mess it up.

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Final Verdict

It is very much vivid that the bike is a nice balance bike indeed. The bike really gives pleasure for your child. They feel more comfortable while they ride on it.

There is no way of falling into injury by riding on it. It has patented footrest which is a wonder for the child to make a seamless transition to bicycles.

Additionally, the bike uses 12 inches pneumatic rubber tire. The tire ensures more comfort. The metal spokes of the bike ensure smooth riding irrespective of the terrain.

There is no compromise with the quality of the bike. The KaZAM classic is a lightweight bike for the kids. Finally, we can say that this bike is the right bike for your children.

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