A Complete Tutorial On How To Train For a 50 Mile Bike Ride

how to train for a 50 mile bike ride

50 miles is a long distance. To cover it up an enormous challenge. If you can cover it, you have great satisfaction in your mind.

You are happy that you have completed the distance with endurance. It is a great achievement if you can finish it.

If you desire to finish it, you need multitudes of advice and tips to reach your destination.

The realbuzz.com is made to ensure cycle fit training plans to the right levels to complete the challenges.

Every training plan would base on specific cardiovascular training. The also must include flexibility and dedicated resistance exercise to make the body fit. It gives body strength to face the race. Confidence is must to complete the race.

What gear do I need?

Choosing a bike

It is very essential to choose the right bike for your need before starting your training program. Road bike depends on the quality kit and quality technique. Here is the way to choose the bike first:

How To Train For a 50 Mile Bike Ride

Buying a bicycle is just like the purchase of a computer. There are lots of choices, and it seems to be bewildering.

Road bikes tires are thin and very fast, has rigid frame along with drop down handlebars.

Over 15 years, they have not changed the mountain bikes. Still, there are lots of things to consider before buying a road bike.

Bicycle cost

Price is the great factor for a bicycle. You must buy the less expensive it is real. But the more dollars you spend, the better cycle you will get.

Users are tired of using the heavier cycles. You must buy the lighter version for your convenience with affordable price.

At the end of the day, you will get for what you paid. Quality bikes are expensive. Sometimes cheap bikes can perform well.

See lots of bikes and compare the weight of it. This will give you more comfort instead of the heavier one.

Bikes under $$

How To Train For a 50 Mile Bike Ride

There are lots of bikes in the market with this range of price. They indicate the good value as you may use the bike for a long time to cover a short distance. If you like to use the bike for any form of training, they would be best avoided.

Bikes between $$ and $$$

You have to buy the better specification and may be lighter than the cheap bikes. But do not buy the extremely lightweight. You are spending plenty for the bikes if you desire to get the best model. Buy a bike within the range of your capability.

Bikes of $$$ upwards

There are lots of high priced bikes in the market. You may think that this type of bike may be fit for your race. But this is not true. You have to choose a bike that is strong having specified components and lightweight.


The necessary things are repair kit, a small toolkit, a pump, a trip computer, lip slave, sunscreen, a small first aid kit and personal toiletries. Everything is very good.

How To Train For a 50 Mile Bike Ride

Turbos -There are many gadgets found all where. Some are very high, and some are cheap.

But you have to choose a turbo trainer. It is a running machine permit you to perform well before a TV set. You may use it in such uncomfortable weather like icy or wet. Turbo is great if you can use it correctly.

At the time of cycling, you may listen to a song or watch TV. Turbos are best in this regard, and they will cost about seventy dollars. You should be ready to pay at least 100 dollars to get the best type of bike.

Panniers, horns, and radios – Do not think more about horns, radios, and panniers for the bikes. If you are sightseeing, you can want this.

Think more about the weight of the bike. As you like to carry some extra weight gels and drinks, then you have to choose the cheap pair.


If you like to cover the distance at night, you need strong and powerful light. There are lots of light sets around you. Some are brighter as car headlights.

To see well at night, buy the best type of light for your rear. Use NiCad rechargeable batteries. The reason is forceful lights eat more battery quickly.

Endurance Rides

After finishing tempo and interval workouts, you need to make your body fit to overcome the distance.

I would like to suggest both types of things like time and volume prepare the athletes for the competition.

How To Train For a 50 Mile Bike Ride

Taking exercise from five to six hours make a man face the race mentally and physically. I would like to do more practice over two to three days to make the body fit for the races.

The riders should also give more emphasis on stimulating and climbing the race. Make a plan how you would like to cover up the distance. You must give importance to three things like good nutritious, saddle, and good form.

Strength Training

From my viewpoint, physical strength is the great factor for the mountain bikers. Both bikes and terrain involve the combination of strong legs and upper body.

At the time of riding arms, strong shoulders and back aid correctly. Hips, a strong core, and low back help to maintain proper form as you like to give more pressure on the pedals. I suggest at least one day strength work out for the preparation of your race.

Dial in Your Nutrition

Dial your nutrition is a great thing for the racers. You may get various types of nutrition. Do lots of experiment to get the best-suited one for your need.

How To Train For a 50 Mile Bike Ride

You have to finish the race. It is a great challenge. The foremost duty for you is to find the best nutrition for your own.

Different people have different types of nutrition. You have to test it with the various environment. You are taking the advantages of using nutrition. This is your duty to find the best station for your race course.

Pre-Ride the Course

Many races take many times to give a chance to the riders to be familiar with the course.

I would highly suggest this advantages for you. It gives you physically prepared for the race. Besides, it is a mental advantage. Knowing the way is the best tools for the athlete’s arsenal.

After taking all the preparations, you have to be prepared mentally to cover up the whole distance.

You have to be patient to tackle the situation. To cover up 50 miles, you need the combination of particular workout to gain the necessary strength, endurance, and power.

People who have more endurance 50 miles is a safe distance. The seasoned XC racers desire to cover up more distance.

If you have these workouts and think more about the matter, you can cover up 50 miles distance more easily.

Training tips

A 50-mile journey is an excellent biking target along with a training program makes it less daunting and much more achievable. Typically, you’d train throughout 10 to 12 months, but it may be completed in as little as eight weeks.

We advise that you train 3-4 times per week either by bicycle or a different kind of game. At the minimum, you need to try and journey three times a week while building towards the aim. A local riding team helps with coaching motivation. Attempt to avoid raising your space a lot of per week since this may cause injuries and tiredness.

You do not have to have ridden the complete space in training. The key is consistency within every week and gradually building to your objective.

Here’s a demanding training guide that Can Help You reach that elusive 50-mile ride landmark: e each brake

Week         Monday         Wednesday       Weekend      Weekly total

Week 1      6 miles           9 miles             12 miles         27 miles

Week 2      9 miles          12 miles            20 miles        41 miles

Week 3      12 miles        12 miles            25 miles        49 miles

Week 4      12 miles        20 miles           28 miles         60 miles

Week 5      13 miles        25 miles           30 miles         68 miles

Week 6      13 miles        25 miles           35 miles         73 miles

Week 7      15 miles        30 miles           40 miles         85 miles

Week 8      20 miles        30 miles           50 miles         100 miles

This strategy ramps up quickly concerning space. In the first phases, we recommend attempting to cover the area comfortably rather than immediately. You always have the option to bring speed/time into the drama to your next 50 mph ride.

What you must do during rides

Put in the training miles

The key to doing well on a 50-mile trip, or possibly a century ride, boils down to a training program. The more bottom miles you get, the better you will feel throughout your trip, even though your foundation miles are finished slowly. Attempt to acquire in 3 20 shuttle rides a week a couple of weeks ahead of your ride using a 30 to 40 miles ride also. Countless training programs are available for free on the internet, and the higher your training program is, the higher your journey will be.

Drink every 10 minutes eat every 10 miles

Staying hydrated and fueled through a lengthier ride is essential. Common error novice riders make is not to bring enough water and food in their rides a vague guideline for feeding while riding would be to consume every 10 minutes and then consume every 10 miles. In a pace of about 16 to 20 mph, you are going to burn 600 to 800 calories an hour (that is more than just one major mac an hour). Replenishing your energy shops while riding won’t just prevent you from bonking, it is also going to produce the day following your trip more enjoyable.


Before handling a great ride, be sure that you stretch. This can allow you to avoid injury and make you quicker. Possessing a fantastic pre-ride stretching pattern is vital, try out a couple of distinct ones and decide on the one that works the right for you.

Gear check

The evening before your ride performs a gear check. Ensure that your bicycle is in excellent working condition and you have the ideal clothing. In colder riding states, be sure to layer. Make sure you check that you have enough water and food.

Get enough sleep the night before

Plan on getting a minimum of 8 hours, it is usually difficult to sleep due to the excitement or anxiety in front of a ride but becoming in the hours is crucial to doing nicely.

Don’t give up – it’s just a mental game

This tip is among the most essential. When you’ve given up emotionally, it is almost impossible to complete your ride. Go on the trip with the mindset you will end no matter what. You’re capable of much more than you might imagine. Scientists have discovered that the brain will give up until the body. If things get hard to keep in mind that.

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