How To Hang A Bike Perfectly And Easily? -Step By Step Guide

how to hang a bike

Hanging the bike on the wall is the best way to de-clutter living space or your garage. This is the best way to manage multiple bikes and preserve them from being damaged.

How To Hang A Bike

Motorcycle storage is also an inevitable necessity when you purchase a bicycle. You need to place the bike someplace. But keeping it out, leaned up against the walls or secured to a fence is not a solution; do this, and you also expose your trip to weather which can damage the elements and impact the bicycle’s longevity to say nothing of which makes it a tempting thing for thieving.

Interior storage in your residence, garage, apartment, or equipment shed is more preferable. From that point, variations abound, from trendy wall mounts that allow you to show your bicycle as art into an easy kickstand.

Beyond finding a location for your bicycle to break, you are also able to explore storage choices such as bicycle covers that protect your bike through long-term storage and transportation in addition to your car or truck.

Bike Storage Considerations

Storage Space

The perfect storage solution will be dependent on your available area: garage, home, flat or storage shed.

Other wall mounts allow you to keep the bicycle to the wall, so the wheels run parallel to the wall. If your bracket is large enough and your ceiling is high, it may not interfere with other elements of your living area. These solutions are best for apartment dwellers.

The taller vertical racks which lean against a wall or are freestanding will also be a fantastic solution for over one bicycle since most versions allow you to stack up to 2 bikes on the bracket.

Cyclists with garages, bigger homes, or equipment sheds may gain from slightly more intricate alternatives using the ceilings through pliers or hooks racks.

Do not neglect to consider the clearance area you want to browse round the bicycle (e.g., handlebars) or to open doorways.

Bike Weight

If you’re storing a bicycle on your flat or home and wish to mount a stand to the wall, then take into consideration the bicycle wall and weight caliber you do not need the bike to come crashing down.

If you are a renter, you might want to seek consent from the landlord if you would like to repair gear to the ceilings or walls.


Can your bicycle be kept in a place that other individuals have access to? Some wall mounts include a lock for extra security in a setting which might be possibly more vulnerable to theft.

Wall and Floor Protection

If you are keeping your bicycle in your living space, think about models that protect your wall and flooring from bicycle dirt and dirt, particularly in wet weather. This includes racks which come equipped with little plastic housings to accommodate the two wheels so that the tires do not touch the ground or walls, in addition to the ones with thick plates beneath the wheel touch factors. Racks that stretch out from the walls may even help prevent you from getting dirt, dust, or sand on the ground or wall.

Wheel Size

Guarantee that the intended rack will accommodate your bicycle; if you are trying to keep a mountain bike in a ground rack, double check that the wheel wells from the stand can help your bicycle width. The identical principle applies if you’ve got 29er wheels.

Types of Bike Storage Racks

The objective is the same: maintain your bicycle off the floor to prevent getting it scratched or dirty and place it so it cannot be knocked over, possibly damaging the derailleur, spokes or fork (or injuring a child or creature).


Kickstands are among the most accessible storage choices and are a fantastic way to maintain your recreational street bicycle upright on your garage. Intense road cyclists usually forgo the kickstand to conserve weight. But bicycle tourers may find them handy for parking a fully loaded bicycle.

Floor stands

They are perfect when you’ve got the floor space since they are straightforward. They’re excellent for garages or front hallways. You pop into your front or rear wheel and you are done.

Freestanding racks

Freestanding racks are like coat racks for bicycles and are perfect for garages or areas where you cannot mount a stand on the walls. These are usually designed to hold two bikes, occasionally more, and are simple to relocate for cleanup, rearranging your garage or altering apartments or homes.

Gravity stands

Gravity stands are intended to lean against a set part of the wall and apply the weight of the bicycle to stabilize the installation. They do not require drilling the wall socket. Usually, they could hold two bikes.

Wall mount bicycle racks

Wall mounts are perfect for those that have limited space and need to receive their bicycles off the ground. These adjustable racks offer you the most variety on the industry. Mountain bikes are somewhat tricky to shop through the top tube because it’s aggressively angled, but a few wall-mount stands have arms that go up and down to accommodate your bicycle’s specific geometry.

There are tons of designer alternatives for your in-apartment artwork appearance. These may store your bicycles vertically by a wheel so that you can line them up at a row or by the upper tube and a few even have incorporated lights to help light up your trip, like track lighting to get a painting.

Should you hang your bicycle flat against the wall just like a bit of artwork, it will take up more wall area, but it is a considerably lower profile than getting the wheels sticking out to space.

Ceiling mount bicycle rack

Ceiling mounts are an excellent alternative for garage or equipment rooms in case you’ve got several bicycles. All these easy-to-set-up storage racks occupy unused space on the peak of a garage and get bicycles out of the way. If you’re utilizing the ceiling rack to get off-season storage, then these aren’t insurmountable issues: request a friend or relative to assist.

For regular usage, ensure the bike melts far enough you could safely catch it from the framework to take down it. In case you’ve got several bicycles and so are hanging them from the wheels, then you can alternate rear and front wheel hanging so that the handlebars do not get in the way of one another.

Hoist bicycle storage

Hoist bicycle storage Hoist bicycle storage is a great alternative to the typical ceiling rack and perfect for large ceilings when you cannot easily reach your bicycle on a standard hook or bracket. They involve efficient pedal systems which help you in raising and lowering your bikes. Before you begin shopping, quantify your ceiling height; a few adapt peaks up to 12 feet.

Think about the time you like to expand for the mounting hardware:

  • No cost: Cope a rope or hanger from nails you must have to lay around. The system is not suggested here though it would not last for a long time.
  • Figure titled Hang a Bike with the Wall Step 1Bullet1
  • About a dollar: Have a utility hook and envelop it with a piece of rubber to save your bike. If you purchase screw in hooks or plastic coated, you will get at least two if you have the desire to hang the bike from the ceiling.
  • A few dollars: Purchase a normal bicycle hanger from the local store or hardware shops.

Consider how tall you desire to hang your bike.

  • On or near the floor: It is the best way to take down or hang your bike. It will not free up since more floor space as the other preference. As lifting bike is a strain, it is the best height for you.
  • Any place between the ceiling and the floor: Hanging your bike higher on the wall permit you sweep the bike under it without moving. But you have to walk around it. It may not be hard to hang or retrieve because this is from the ceiling but may be harder than hanging it close to the floor.
  • Think titled hang a bike with the wall step 2Bullets2
  • From the eaves or ceiling: This system frees up the most places and needs great attempt of retrieving or hanging the bike. As the ceiling is tall more, you can walk the bike if the bike is hanging from the ceiling. You are tall more to reach the bike frame, or you can not pull it down.

Decide how the bike will dangle in relative to the wall.

Decide how the bike will dangle in relative to the wall

  • Think how you apply the space and where you like to stand to hang and salvage your bike.
  • Frame analogous to the wall: This system aid you to keep the bike close to the wall, help to use the wall space. The option is great if you like to hang only one or 2 bikes. If you like to hang bike parallel to the wall earth level, the wheel may countenance downwards as there is no cause to spin the bike over time.
  • Figure titled Hang a Bike on the Wall Step 3Bullet2
  • Frame upright to the wall: It will take little space on the wall but more place in the room. It also needs more clearance out of the wall. If you have the desire to hang the bike in the corner near to the water refrigerator or heater, it is your great choice. This is a good option to hang more bikes at times.
  • Note: As you hang the bike well on the wall, the wheel will face the wall and frame remain vertical. It will aid you to roll the bike up and hook the front wheels by altering the handlebar if you keep the mounting hook accurately.
  • From the ceiling: Though you hang the bike from the ceiling, you have to keep the wheel face forward otherwise it must be very difficult for you to catch the wheel rims to get the frame off from its hooks.

Decide what material is used to make the wall.

  • When the wall is drywall or plaster: It means that you have to use a stud finder to determine where to hang your bike.
  • Since the wall is wooden: It means that you may drill the bike hook straight to the wall.
  • If the wall is of stone: You have to take a special drill attachment to create a hole in the stone for your clasp.

The way to hang the bike inside your garage:

The way to hang the bike inside your garage

  • Buy a heavy duty plastic coated hook from home center to maintain weight and resist scratches for your bike.
  • Keep the ceiling joist in the place above the garage where you desire to hang the bike by getting them in an attic and alter these measurements to the garage wall, or applying a stud finder to the ceiling of the garage.
  • Indicate the place of the joist in the garage ceiling.
  • Make a pilot hole bit smaller than the thread with the screw hooks and set up one of the hooks.
  • Measure the distance between the drill and the wheel centers and set up a second hook which distance from the first one support both wheels of the bike for an inverted position.
  • Do the same thing if you like to hang more bikes.
  • You may add hooks of the ceiling added to the chain and horizontal pipe for above plant storage.

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