How To Clean A Bicycle Easily, Quickly And Perfectly

how to clean a bicycle

There are lots of benefits of using cleaning bicycles. It makes the cycle look more beautiful, works better and goes faster. Regular washing may make your bike free from any damage for corrosion or rust. It takes only ten to fifteen minutes to do it completely.

Basic Bike-Cleaning Supplies

The following steps are most addressed lubing tasks and cleaning:

Clean rags

Put more of these on hands of oil, grease, and wax linked tasks for normal drying and cleaning.


Have various shapes and sizes to have hard to reach places for removing the grime which rinsing alone may not get. Ancient toothbrushes do work well.


Water is a very helpful tool but is careful to use it. It may cause damage to sensitive bearing systems for your bike if the question is coming from the high-pressure hose.

Soap / general cleaner

If you like to clean the frame of the bike use pre-formulated bike wash or diluted dishwashing soaps.


A bike-specific degreaser may rinse gummy parts such as bike chain. Take up a solvent which is simple for the environment. Arrange all solvents well.

Chain lubricant

Well lubricating of the chain aid to extend the life of our drivetrain. Use bicycle specific lube oil for cleaning the chain.

In the market, there are two kinds of lube like dry and wet. Wet lube is great to apply when you like to ride in the wet conditions. It forcefully adheres to the drivetrain and is less likely wash off in the rain. Grit and dirt may stick to it, therefore wipe off more lube.

Keep lube excels in a dry environment. Grit and dirt stick less to dry lube. The dry lube washes off easily if you ride on the bike in the rain.

Bike stand

It will aid you to keep the bike in a good position at a comfortable height at the time of working with it. It permits you to turn the pedals or move the wheels so that you may rinse all the moving and hard to reach parts.

Clean the chain

Utilize a chain clean method and degreaser to eliminate build up grime, oil, and mud from the chain. As you have no chain cleaning tool, aerosol degreaser along with a brush will do the job by using an extra effort.

Clean the chain

As there is storage of oily grime on the jockey wheels or cassette, apply degreaser and rinse it aforementioned continuing.

Clean the discs (if you have them)

As you have disc brakes, it is better for you to spray some degreaser onto the paper towel and simply wipe down to eliminate driver train grease.

Rear sprockets and mech

Brush the rear sprockets with a brush or hot water

Apply a bit of degreaser as it is stubborn

To have the sludge wedged cavernous within the sprockets apply a straight screwdriver or thin stick to poke it out. Keep in mind dirt invites dirt, therefore, better you are at this stage the less apparently you have to clean it once again shortly.

At last use a dry cloth with the flossing motion to eliminate anything left. The stage is very important as there remains no degreaser. Then attempt you are keeping in now aids the gears to shift more efficiently.

Cleaning Your Frame and Wheels

Keep the bike on a stand against a tree or a rock or upside down. Lay an old sheet or mat down the ground to save the seat and bars from scuff marks and dirt if you like to turn it upside down.

Cleaning bike Frame and Wheels

Be sure you are in a well ventilated or an open area which may get wet except ruining anything.

Spray down your bike with a low-pressure hose. You do not like to blast any dirt away from it. You normally like to moist the bike, loose and remove the grime or dirt prior you begin scrubbing.

Do not use a nozzle setting or a high-pressure hose. It may force water to your components, creates interior rusting or de-lubricating important junctions.

Fill your bucket with water. If you like, you can add bike specific cleaner. Do not use ordinary dish soap as it has salt which can damage corrode part of the bike particularly the frame.

You can use different sponge or bucket instead of the drivetrain. Grease from the chain and cassette may get to the frame if you do not like to use fresh supplies, running your cleaning up job.

Take out the wheels. You should now move forward as much as you can with the sponge to wash it. The wheels make it tuff to clean the parts of the bike near to the tire and ground that are the dirtiest spaces.

You can apply a sponge to clean the soft side of the frame. Scrub down and up the total frame that is the metal body of the bike with the sponge or warm water.

Cleaning bike Frame

Do not use a rough brush or a rough brush on the frame though with persistent stains. It may scratch your paint off and lead the bike prone to rusting.

  • Though there is a tricky bit of grime, use few drops of degreaser or soap on the spot with some water. Soak it for several minutes. Methodically scrub as long as you remove it in a circular motion.
  • As you have caliper breaks, apply the rough side of the sponge to eliminate crud build up from them.
  • Since you have disc brakes, rinse both sides with the soft sponge.

Wipe down the rim of the wheels. The tires that become dirty once again the 2nd touch the road need not clean it. But the things of the rim of the wheel can select gunk which obtains the way of your breaks. Apply abrasive side of the sponge to wipe the edges and slightly wipe down every spoke as your bike seems clean as well as new.

  • Apply a toothbrush to rinse the hub- the little cylinder at the core of the wheel—and the bolts and nuts on the both sides.
  • If you like to wash the tires or you look big chunks of mud in the treads, take a heavy and big bristled brush to clean them painlessly and quickly.

Apply a clean rag to plunge it in the rear cassette. The rear cassette is the combination of gears on the back of the bike. When you clean it briefly, you clean the drive train; you must take the time to be sure it is spotless as you are doing a total bike cleaning.

Drip some soapy water in the cassette, apply a clean rap to floss in between the gears and take out extra gunk built up inside the cassette.

Slightly pat everything and keep the bike under the sun and open it. You do not like to keep water from the bike and pooling in your components. Use a dry and clean rag or towel to wipe excess water.

Give light on components and joints- where water may sit for a long time. If you do it, keep the bike back together and make it dry by keeping the bike under the sun.

  • As you keep the bike on a bars or saddle, rinse these down as you toss the bike back over you like to dry all things.
  • As you have the desire to clean the bike in a cloudy or damp day, take some more times drying everything off.

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How often should you clean your bike

Base your bicycle cleaning program on how (and how frequently) your journey. Not many cyclists wash their bicycles after each trip, but a routine schedule of regular, easy cleaning is vital.


  • Chip big mud clumps from your bicycle before wash.
  • It might drip and destroy your components.
  • Instead of wash, it is possible to wash it immediately with a moist towel. This works great if the bicycle is not too dirty to start with and may provide you more time before significant cleanings.
  • While washing machine, give your bike a complete review for any issues which might have developed. Repair or replace them when you’ve finished cleaning the bicycle.
  • It might drip and destroy your components.
  • Instead of wash, it is possible to wash it immediately with a moist towel. This works great if the bicycle is not too cluttered, to start with, and may provide you more time before significant cleanings.
  • While washing machine, give your bike a complete review for any issues which might have developed. Repair or replace them when you’ve finished cleaning the bicycle.


  • Use bike lube on a bicycle, not electrical or WD-40.
  • Don’t spray on the bicycle with high pressured water, so it is going to wash off dirt and lubricants your bike requirements. It might also intrude into areas in which you don’t want water intrusions such as the hubs and pedal home.

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