Fisher Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle Review

The smart cycle is designed with Bluetooth system. Therefore kids may enjoy cook games on a TV screen or a tablet for a completely immersive experience.

Games emphasize on the skill of the preschoolers since they are moving into kindergarten. This is the way to start how they may learn.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

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Letters & Phonics: Games (such as Alphaballons) help the kids to discover the word very easily looking on the screen.

Since your child is gaining an achievement, the words are getting trickier. This helps them to grow more.

Spelling & Vocabulary: Kids may fly a buzz in Drone zoom to gather syllables.

They can spell words. Sometimes they hit an aimed letter carrying a beach ball in Balloon POP to utter a word in Seaside Village. The technique establishes the foundation of reading skills for the kids.

Reading & Rhyming: Kids are categorizing and sorting rhyming words in the factory. They are able to complete sentences in the ‘Match-A-Word’ game. They like to be readers through playing, steering and pedaling.


  • Oppenheim Best Toy Platinum Award –Very upgraded and innovative product in the year 2017.
  • 3 ways to play: gaming, driving, and racing! When the kids pedal more, they can learn more.
  • Bluetooth system helps to play on TV screen or tablet. It develops playing experience.
  • Download the free Smart Cycle Mission to educate City app for thrilling, learning and racing games.
  • KID hard-hitting steel construction—very hard to get what preschoolers dish out!
  • Adjustable seat makes playing experience more contented.
  • Has usefully adjustable table holder to adjust with various sizes
  • Smart cycle adjusts with Apple TV, Apple iPad, Android TV, most Android tablets, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire tablets perfectly.


  • Very simple to store in a place. This is not very big. You can store it if you don’t use it.
  • Strong.
  • Adaptable to set just about
  • It works well with my husband’s iPad. I would like to work with my smart TV, but I don’t like to face problem to set it up.
  • Comparatively very simple to set up.


  • None

How Do Today’s Kids Learn?

Playing is Learning

Preschoolers have a desire to understand and explore the world surrounding them. They have very inquisitive nature.

These kids want to know more and more. They mostly learn by experimenting, playing and search the way things work.

Kids develop their natural curiosity when they play with Think and Learn line spark. Here they begin to play by using all new ways.

Since kids are engaged in playing, they are developing learning by preschool learning. It helps them to be great thinkers.

A New Generation of Learners

Think & learn toys are great for new generation learners. Kids enjoy making things, playing and shaping things out.

Therefore manufacturers have tried more and more and spend endless energy.

A New Generation of Learners

They also channel them to active learning. This technique helps them to understand the ideas more clearly.

Think & Learn toys develop the skills. It figures out by the entrepreneurship of 21-century learning (P21) – the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity), moreover the 3Rs (reading, ‘writing and ‘arithmetic).

Kids Pedal their Way Through Learning Adventures

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle from Fisher-Price helps the child more to learn many important things.

The cause is that they are moving toward kindergarten. They have got the opportunity to see exciting games on a television or a tablet. This immersive playing practice creates learning environment active and funny.

3 Ways to Play

If kids like to make fun by riding on a Smart Cycle, there are 3 fun ways by a thrilling learning adventure.

Download free Tech City app, desire your kids are pedaling. If they pedal faster, the screen action will also be faster.

Driving: Kids guide their path through seaside villages, tech city, or mountain forests. They try their best to collect more letters as they are able.

Gaming: Little gamers like to choose different types of games. These games teach the kids spelling, phonics, simple rhyming, early reading skills, etc.

Racing: Child likes to pedal very quickly as they move against various opponents for winning bid races.

What User Says About Fisher Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle?

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is a wonderful toy for the preschoolers. The bike comes with an adjustable seat which is good for kiddos about 2 1/2-4 or so. The little one can easily pedal on it.

What User Says About Fisher Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle

Though you hook it with a TV set, it works normally. All the games added here are educational.

This bike is a nice thing for the kids when you can’t go outside. It is very sturdy, so there is no possibility of getting down from it.

A child can easily get on it without any risk. The required space is very little. Therefore you can set it up in your playroom or basement rather than you living area.

Finally, there are tons of funs in it. My little kid keeps me asking many questions as if he possessed everything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Fisher Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle

Question: Do I get any good toy for my 15-month-old?

Answer: We suggest the helmet for ages from 3 to 6.

Question: Is there a way to know how tall the child would be to reach the pedals?

Answer: Preschoolers can reach the pedals when they are 4 or 5 years old. Even the tallest and the smallest can reach there. The problem is maintaining the link between the tablet and the bike. The connector is added to the wheel. A kid pedals for few and connector becomes unconnected. So the avatar on the tablet freezes and kids are away from pedaling.

Question: My granddaughter is tall than her age. Would she able to use this bike?

Answer: I have found it for my tall granddaughter on her fifth birthday. She liked the bike very much. I thought she would be able to use it after a while.


Playing with toys enhance the creativity of the kids. It contains learning body coordination.

Most of the videos are not enough to lead the little bodies moving. Therefore some rush to the controllers who desire total body interaction.

Here bike gives lots of funs and develops leg/hand/ eye coordination. This is better than Wii, XBOX game, and PS4.

The design of the bike is very wonderful. One can set up the bike easily with 1 Philips head screwdriver. There are detailed instructions to set up with images in the manual.

Setting up is easier than I expected. It takes only ten minutes after unpacking all the bits of the bike. I was worried about the handlebar as it got knocked many times.

I thought it might damage. But all remain in good condition. All pieces are adjusted altogether.

These are made vigorous. All have deep pockets where they are assembled all together.

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