Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light Review

Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light

You are going to read bike lights reviews. The Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Like Front 600 Lumens, Bike Headlight, Bicycle Light Set with Rear Bike Light Included, Waterproof Front Bike Light are included in the reviews.

We have searched lots of lights on the web. Finally found Black is the cheapest amongst them.

Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light Front 600 Lumens, Bicycle Light Set with Rear Bike Light Included

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There are lots of features with this product. This is the best product in the market for this reason. This is perhaps the most sold product in the market. You shouldn’t miss the chance as the product is price length application.


  • Dependable Bike Light Rechargeable Feature
  • Strong sidelight
  • Realistic 600 Lumen Output light
  • Smart temperature controlling system
  • IP X 6 Waterproof
  • Sensible battery status indicator
  • Innovative Quick Release Mount


  • Battery indicator: It comes with a battery measuring indicator. It will help you to change the battery timely. If the indicator turns into a red color, the power of it is less than 20%.
  • Temperature control: It has a very wonderful elegant temperature control system. It makes the battery cool if battery reaches over 145 degrees F.
  • Brightness: Both the rear lights and the front are visible and bright from a long distance. The front light has 3 brightness intensities and 600 Lumen output.
  • Easy to mount: The lights are made to detach and mount within a short time. You may adjust them without any tool.


  • The rear light has batteries with it but no instruction to situate them on.

Reason to Choose Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Reason to Choose Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Long Lasting USB Bike Light

You would face no problem to repair the battery. The battery would take 3.5 hours to be fully charged from a wall charger or by a computer. The life of the front light is up to five hours endlessly. There are 4 high capacity button cells with the bike. All start working from a.

Real 600 Lumens Cree Light For Bike

You can light up to 650 feet through the condition is very dark. It has ultra bright 600 lumens output with the low and high beam. There are five lighting modes with the bikes.

These are Low (150 lumen – 5hr) Medium (300 lumen – 2:30hr), High (600 lumen – 1:30hr), Strobe, and stable Flash (600 lumen – 9hr). Every light meets all lighting necessities to ride smoothly.

360-Degree Swivel And Ipx6 Rainproof

The headlight is constructed of the military score aluminum alloy. It may be rotated from all directions.

The body of the light is paced IPX6 waterproof. It is hundred percent covered though you obtain caught in the heavy rain. It is reliable, sturdy and practical.

Mount & Detach In Seconds, More Than A Bike Light

The setting up system is very simple. You need no tool to set up the light on your bike. It has high flexibility mount straps. If you lock the bike outside, you can very easily remove it.

The headlight is rapid-releasable. You can use the light for jogging, running, cycling, walking with the dog. Moreover, it is great for camping, replacing a tire, power outage, nighttime family/ kids activities etc.

See And Be Seen With Strong Side Lights

The special bright-side light is most vivid. It ensures your presence particularly when you are crossing intersections.

There are 3 setting with the rear bike lights likely quick flash, constant on and slow blaze. Both increase your riding by ensuring your visibility. This gives a secured riding experience.

What Others Say About Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light

The light is extremely bright. It works well. The product is great no doubt. I prefer 3 intensity setting. You may adjust your desired brightness. I feel only one problem.

What Others Say About Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light

The beam of the light is not wide enough for effectual off-road use. You can see what is in front of you but you fail to see widely enough swath. It seems to me that I should use 2 for such kind of riding.

The mode

My routine flashlight is the brightest flashlight I have ever used for the night job. I tested it on it is brightest settings, along with the bicycle light is quite bright and will toss a good deal of lighting down the street when riding my bicycle. In reality, you need to be cautious to not tip up the light too large because possible temporarily blind oncoming drivers. It is that bright!

The light has 4 modes:

  • SOS flashy pattern
  • Low
  • Moderate
  • High

The minimal mode is fine if you’re riding for hours and will need to conserve electricity, but I favor the moderate or higher mode. You may easily tilt the light down and up in the mounting strap. Plus, it’s simple to remove in the mounting strap to choose indoors for charging.

I have not analyzed it in the rain yet, however, the electricity port has a fantastic rubber stopper which should keep out wetness.

The machine also has a non-rechargeable, wafer battery powered, reddish tail light that mounts simple and looks plenty bright.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on use rechargeable bike light

Question: How long can the fee last?

Answer: Is your bracket robust enough for road streets, downhill?

Question: Is your wired remote optional or required?

Answer: I didn’t buy this product. An account has been set up with my name and contact info.

Question: Is your bracket robust enough for road streets, downhill?

Answer: Yes. It tightens down excellent into the pedals as well as the light has a rather wonderful spread.

Question: Is your light watertight?

Answer: Yup, this light is truly compact and nicely manufactured.

Question: Is your light watertight?

Answer: Yup, this light is truly compact and nicely manufactured.

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The Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light Front 600 Lumens is a bike light set. It is also a bike light with added rear lights. Advertisements go in different ways. We should not bother about the advertisement.

The light is very powerful and USB rechargeable. The intensity of the light is 600 lumens. You can clearly see the road in before you up to 650 feet.

You can set it to the lowest level up to 150-lumen output. The light has runtime up to five hours. If you use it to the maximum level, you can use it 1 hour and a half.

The conventional button cells are included with the package. The rear light works with this traditional setting. All lights are visible enough from a remoteness.

The front light mounts easily and doubles as a flashlight. It is very versatile. It is also camping and jogging light. There are five modes, 3 brightness concentration modes, strobe and sturdy flashlight.

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