Best Women’s Road Bike Reviews in 2021- Top Picks

best womens road bike

Do you need an entry-level bike for nearby road trips? Or are you looking for a high-end frame that’s specially designed for national championships? Well, no matter if you have recently started to ride on pavements or you want to cover road tours faster, there are many bike models available to try.

We have collected some of the best women’s road bike that can ride for thousands of miles on your daily office commute. Even if you want to enjoy the fresh wind in the evening, these are some of the high rated models you can try.

1. sixthreezero Around the Block Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle.


Today’s top recommendation is ideal for females who need an affordable, attractive, and practical two-wheeler. The US-based manufacturer brings entertainment and endless fun combined in one beautiful package, Around the Block beach cruiser. Built over a durable 17-inch steel frame, its long-lasting and might last for more than a lifetime if maintained properly.

Focused on comfort, the cruiser bicycle keeps your body upright and hence, eliminates any strain on your shoulders or back. It has a rear rack that can easily accommodate a grocery basket, pet carrier, or any other luggage. This version comes with a single speed, but the bike is available in multiple other variants wherein you can find a high number of gears.

What do we like?

The flamboyant cruiser is suitable for young girls as well as the older population who wants to remain active in the later ages. Due to its attractive appearance, Around the Block is not only a mode of transport but a style statement as well. Its affordable and hence the price tag cannot be a barrier for anyone looking to try this cruiser.

Around The Block cruiser is available in 15 different colors, including the coral we are discussing right now. The bike has 26-inch wheels with tread tires that provides optimum balance and control to the rider. It’s pedal backward coastal brakes are easy to apply and provides you with controlled stoppings at will.

What could be better?

Due to a steel frame, the cruiser bicycle is comparatively heavy than similar-sized variants.

Our Verdict: The affordable cruiser is suitable for women looking for an enjoyable way to commute, spent time with friends and other outdoor activities.

2. Giordano Libero 1.6 Womens Road Bike-700c.

Shopping for a high-quality road bike might be challenging because most of the are available for guys with a large body. Fortunately, there some of the best women’s bikes are available and one of them happens to be Libero 1.6 by Giordano. It looks attractive and is easy to assemble.

Libero 1.6 is handcrafted using a 6061 aluminum frame, which is lightweight and hence, never becomes a liability in challenging cituations. Its 16-speed Shimano Claris STI Shifters and rear derailleur offer a smooth and noiseless ride. The road bike comes with a 700c tire size, which is versatile and works well on all the terrains.

What do we like?

Libero 1.6 has a stable frame and its Shimano gears are effortless to shift. The road bike offers complete balance and control for comfortable rides. Brakes work great, but some of the users might not feel satisfied with their stopping power. No need to worry because you can easily get the replaced if required.

If you want an entry-level bike, then Libero 1.6 offers great value for the investment. Its lightweight, durable and will be at your service for many more years to come.

What could be better?

The worst thing about Libero 1.6 is that it’s available in a single color scheme of pink and white. If you are not a fan of these two colors, then you might be forced to look for other options.

Our verdict: Libero 1.6 road bike is great for beginners because of its straightforward design and simple functionality. Look for other options if you prefer long rides.

3. SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike, Warwinds3.0.

Savadeck Warwinds3.0 has a price tag that’s marginally higher than other models mentioned here. However, the bike justifies its initial cost by offering durability, safety, and comfortable rides. And why not? It’s made of carbon fiber, which has more vibration absorption abilities when compared to other materials like aluminum or steel.

Apart from the frame, Warwinds3.0 has many other components that make your rides efficient as well as enjoyable. The best among all is its SHIMANO SORA 18-Speeds derailleur system that includes a shifter lever. All its cabling is internal that gives it a more streamlined and stylish appearance.

What do we like?

Savadeck Warwinds3.0 comprises parts from world-class manufacturers, which makes it an outstanding bike for all the riders who need a reliable road bike. Due to a Toray carbon fiber built, the bike is lightweight at 21.6 pounds. Yes, you read it right. Not only the frame, but seat and fork is also carbon fiber here.

MICHELIN 25C Dynamic sport tire fitted over 6061 Alloy 40MM wheelset is another impressive factor that works well overall the riding conditions. The bike is available with six frame sizes and four different color schemes. Hence, you can easily choose one of them depending upon your height.

What could be better?

Warwinds3.0 has a high price tag when compared to other road bikes, which might work as a barrier for some buyers.

Our verdict: If you need a lightweight and robust road bike that can offer smooth rides under all the situations or terrains, then take a closer look at Warwinds 3.0. It has some of the world’s best components that you can enjoy for a long time.

4. Max4out Road Bike for Men and Women.

Today’s next recommendation is a versatile two-wheeler suitable for both men and women. Max4out road bike includes a pair of 700c tires that provides perfect balance and high-quality performance on roads as well as other trails. Plus, the road bike has an aluminum alloy frame, which never drags you down due to added weight.

To adjust the riding preferences, the road bike comes with a 21-speed shifter. Max4out road bike is suitable for users within a weight limit of 33 pounds and a height range of 5’3″-6’0″. The bike’s weight is altogether 37 pounds, which is lower than many other variants. Hence, you can easily carry it over the shoulders when the roads are blocked.

What do we like?

Max4out road bike has a durable built that’s suitable for both daily commutes and long trips. It gives you a gear shifter that helps you to reach the destination without any hassle. Even if you are not a skillful cyclist, this road bike maintains optimum comfort that allows you to reach farther than other riders can imagine.

The included 700c tires are performance-friendly and solve all the challenges that arise while you deal with unknown trails. You will like the fact that this road bike comes 80 percent assembled. So, you can configure it completely within 20 minutes.

What could be better?

Max4out advertises that this road bike has rear disc brake. However, this two-wheeler has y-brakes on the rear as well as the front.

Our verdict: Max4out road bike is perfect for riders who enjoy long trips because of its comfortable saddle and smooth gear shifter. It’s also suitable for individuals who need to commute a lot for outdoor activities.

5. Diamondback Bicycles Arden 2 Women’s Road Bike.

Arden 2 is a robust aluminum made road bike for women who are just getting into the cycling world. It’s also great for someone who wants to enjoy long road trips without investing much on a two-wheeler. Its endurance geometry frame is available in six sizes and you can select one of them according to your height.

Diamond Bicycles Arden 2 has a convenient handlebar that keeps your back relaxed, even after your ride for some extra miles. Its saddle is also comfortable, which is helpful if you are cycling in the morning to lose some calories without any pain. The most impressive component is its Shimano HG400 9-speed gearbox that offers smooth shifting.

What do we like?

Arden 2 comes with Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes that provide effective stopping in all the weathers as well as riding conditions. Its high-quality aluminum fork works against all the jerks and reduces the strains on your wrists. Shimano Sora 2×9 speed shifters are also smooth and allow you to deal with all the terrains without any trouble.

The road bike has tires worth 700x28c that gets adequate support from its 28h, double-wall wheelset. Due to such rollers, the two-wheeler is not only suitable for daily commuters, but it’s also great for riders who prefer to discover new terrains over the weekend.

What could be better?

Arden 2 is available only in green, which might not be an attraction if you don’t like this shade.

Our verdict: With such a high quality built, lightweight nature, and perky features, Arden 2 is ideal for newcomers and riders who prefer long road tours over the weekends.

6. sixthreezero Women's 7-Speed Beach Cruiser.

Any of the road bikes can take you from one point to another. But, what if you can also get a sense of comfort and classic styling while enjoying a variety of other features? It’s the reason why we present you the two-wheelers manufactured bysixthreezero, which is built to offers easy and convenient rides in any situation.

No matter whether you want to roam around the neighborhood or enjoy the shiny beach in the morning, you will like the upright riding position offered by the sixthreezero cruiser. Its chrome-plated handlebars are wide and offer a perfect riding position. As your shoulders, back and arms are relaxed all the time while riding, you can enjoy long tours without any strain.

What do we like?

Due to a meticulous frame, the beach cruiser is suitable for all the riders within the height of 6 feet 2 inches. However, the minimum height of the user should be 5 feet 2 inches. As you see, the bike is compatible with a wide range of riders.

The cruiser comes with a 3-speed gearbox for intense riding and long tours. Shimano shifters are smooth and offer world-class service without any errors. Moreover, its extra-wide saddle has two springs to absorb the jerk and provide you with comfortable rides.

What could be better?

The built quality of the bike is not satisfactory and its installation instructions are also poorly mentioned. If you are a beginner, then you might need to contact a professional for the configuration of this cruiser.

Our verdict: Sixthreezero 7-speed cruiser bike is suitable for all the women riders who want to cut through all the paths without feeling any discomfort even after pedaling for some extra miles.

7. Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle.

Schwinn Phocus 1600 is perfect for all the casual rides because it’s designed to takes you through all the terrains. With a universal frame size of 56 cm, the road bike is suitable for both men and women. Its seat post is adjustable; in case you want to want some inseam changes.

The road bicycle is built with an aluminum frame and carbon steel fork, which makes it durable as well as lightweight. Another notable feature of the two-wheeler is its Shimano Claris 16 speed derailleur with Micro shift integrated brake and lever combo. Such an arrangement provides you with optimum control and accurate as well as powerful braking.

What do we like?

The Phocus 1600 drop bar road bicycle comes fitted with alloy double-wall rims complete with paired spokes. Its 700c tires add to the durability, balance, and speed to provide you with enjoyable rides. Moreover, such rims and tires are also beneficial for riders who seek added stability over long rides.

Schwinn road bike has exceptional built quality. Still, it weighs a mere 29 pounds and never adds to weight or heft when you are covering some demanding trails. This is an entry-level bike, but it never misses either on performance or features. It’s the reason why Phocus 1600 is a reliable and versatile road bike suitable for women from any age group.

What could be better?

Phocus 1600 is available in the only frame size of 56 cm. You can adjust its seat post, but the frame could be bigger for several users.

Our verdict: If you are looking for the very first bike of your life, then keep Phocus 1600 on the top of the buying list. The bike is a perfect investment for riders looking to enjoy long tours with friends or enjoy road trips with a team of cyclists.

8. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike.

Women should consider a lightweight and durable road bike that can offer optimal comfort as well as a timeless thrill while you are pedaling over any of the terrains. It’s the primary reason why you should consider Schwinn Sanctuary 7, which is a stylish cruiser bike that offers comfortable and strain-free rides. Comprising a unique steel frame and a 7-speed drivetrain, it’s a top-notch two-wheeler crafted to offers maximum pleasure and unlimited fun on the trails.

The women-friendly cruiser comes with a seat that’s fitted at a comparatively lower level. Also, its swooping frame allows all the ladies to easily get on and off, irrelevant of their attire. As most of the parts of Sanctuary 7 are made of steel, its weight is 44.1 pounds, which is comparatively higher than other road bikes.

What do we like?

The reinforced steel frame withstands all the wear and tear. Due to its high quality built, the cruiser has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Its gear mechanism offers effortless and convenient biking time. The gear system makes your rides effortless and at the same time provides you with maximum control.

Sanctuary 7 has a lightweight set of aluminum alloy rims with multiple spokes that offer adequate strength and support. The cruisers have 26-inch tires, which offers maximum traction on all the trails and makes it one of the best bikes for cross country riding. This two-wheeler is suitable for all the riders within a height range of 5’4″-6″2″ which means it can accommodate a wide range of riders without any hassle.

What could be better?

Sanctuary 7 is comparatively heavier at 44. 1 pounds and also lacks cruiser brakes.

Our verdict: Schwinn Sanctuary 7 might be a solid purchase for ladies who are looking for a perfect cruiser bike that’s available at a budget-friendly price tag. It’s a brilliantly designed bike that matches your fashion and provides you with some memorable rides.

9. Giordano Acciao Road Bike.

The Acciao road bike is suitable for both beginners as well as strong cyclists. It has all the advanced features and an impressive price tag that’s comparatively lower than other variants with similar features. Built using a high tensile steel frame and fork, the Giordano road bike provides you with jerk-free and smooth rides.

Giordano Acciao road bike comes with a Shimano Tourney STI 14 speed drive train adds to its versatility and gives you the freedom to deal with any of the terrains. Its 700c x 25mm tires hasPresta valves. The bike uses pivot brakes that effectively offers safe and powerful stops.

What do we like?

The Acciao is a performance-oriented bike that’s lightweight and smooth. Now you know why it’s one of the best women’s road bike that you can find. Its narrow tires, drop style handlebars and smooth drivetrain helps you to go faster, achieve more, and come out as a winner after every ride.

Such a road machine deserves a trial because of its price tag as well. Even after a low cost, the bike nowhere lacks either in the durability or style. Its 700c double-wall aluminum wheels worth 700c with strong steel spokes are some other components that add to its stability as well as longevity.

What could be better?

The internal tubes of this bike are not durable.

Our verdict: If your internal cyclist is looking to enter the biking world, then Giordano Acciao is a great road bike to start with. Available at a reasonable price, the steel made bike is not only long-lasting but stylish and appealing as well.

10. Begasso 26 in 21-Speed 700c Wheel Suspension Road Bike.

If you need an affordable road bike for daily commutes, then the two-wheeler from HJ508 might be the right choice. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, the bike is suitable for both male and female riders. So, it could be the right investment for couples who don’t want to invest in separate bikes.

You will like the fact that this road bike has a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain making it perfect for all trail rides. Its disc brakes are powerful and offer superb stopping power in all the conditions. Everything included, the bike weighs 35 pounds that’s not heavy when we compare it to other models.

What do we like?

Apart from that frame, the bike’s wheels are also made of low weight aluminum. It’s Shimano derailleur includes a smooth shifter that allows you to customize your ride according to the trails or speed. Metallic built makes the bike durable and high-end features give it an appealing attitude. Hence, the bike could be a great gift on the anniversary or birthday of your partner.

The 26-inch bike is available in two different color schemes and both of them are stylish enough to gain your attention. Free pedals are included, which works great when you need to replace the existing ones. Stylish appearance, smooth gears, and powerful brakes; these are the three features you might consider the NJ508 road bike.

What could be better?

The bike is available in a single frame and wheel size, which might prevent some of the users to try it.

Our verdict: NJ508 is a suitable purchase for working couples or ladies who wants to enjoy high-end cycling features without investing a big amount.

Types of Bike Suitable for Women

You will find several types of bikes available for women and it’s crucial to understand them. So that you can purchase a suitable two-wheeler according to the terrain type and the preferred outdoor activities.

Women’s road bikes: Lightweight, full of speed and suitable for on-road thrills, road bikes work great for the daily commutes. Such a two-wheeler is also suitable for weekend trips and occasional indoor bike. A great way of transport, road bikes are generally built with low weight frames and hence, they offer comfortable handling and smooth rides. Giordano, Schwinn, and sixthreezero manufacture some of the best women’s road bikes that deserve your attention.

Women’s mountain bikes: Are you looking for some off-road action? Try a mountain bike that can go through muddy trails, and fields, but is also helpful when you want to enjoy a weekend trip with family or friends. Visiting a grocery store or the nearby market becomes joyful as well as comfortable because of its straight handlebars that keep in an upright position all the time.

Women’s hybrid bikes: If you want to enjoy the features of both road and mountain bikes, then go for a hybrid. It’s a great variant to invest, especially when you don’t know what kind of terrains you will deal with. Even if you are a beginner, hybrids can give you the required confidence and experience.

Women’s city bikes: Such bikes are suitable for daily commutes and weekend rides. If you are being too serious about biking, then it’s not the category you should browse. Generally built with a lightweight aluminum frame, a city bike is ideal when you need to roam around the local market and shop for some daily needs.

Women’s electric bikes: Due to the added power of motor and battery, electric bikes are great for all the trails. Whether you want a mode of transportation for the daily commute or you want to take on some mountain trails at the weekend, these bikes are great. Moreover, women’s electric bikes seek minimal maintenance and are also easy to ride.

Difference between man and women bike

Once upon a time, the women’s bikes used to be small and pretty, but the specifications were poor when compared to male bicycles. Fortunately, those days are passed. In the current scenario, all the female bikes offer performance and features that are comparable to men’s bicycles. Still, there are some differences that we will discuss in this section.

Frame geometry – the biggest difference: Bike manufacturers invest a lot of time to decide the frame geometry. Females are shorter in height when compared to males, so all the women’s bicycles have small stack height in general. Similarly, females have a short torso, which means the reach length of women’s bikes will also be small. Reach length is the distance between the saddle and handlebars.

Step-through frames: A standard women’s bike has a frame with a top tube that’s sloping downward. It’s useful for ladies because they can ride even after wearing skirts. You can find multiple models with the same design. Keep in mind that such a frame is designed not to look attractive, but for better performance.

Seat: General, women’s bikes comes with short and wide saddles. Bike manufacturers know that it’s one of the first things that a rider wants to change. So, if you like a model than don’t get too attached with its seat.

Handlebar: Women have narrow shoulders when compared to male riders. It’s the primary reason why female bikes come with a narrower bar that prevents sore shoulders.

Small crank arms: Women are riders with short legs, it’s why their bikes come with small crank arms. It’s the connecting part between pedals and spindle.

Buying Guide for Best Women’s Road Bike

Bike Sizing: Women’s road bikes are sold in sizes that generally varies between 44 cm to 54 cm. Some of the brands don’t mention in centimeters. Instead, they showcase the size using words like small, medium, and large. Overall, there are no standards in road bike sizes for all the brands. For instance, you might fit on a 48 cm road bike from one brand, but try any other manufacturer and you might need to go for a 50 cm model. It’s confusing, right?

Check the size chart provided by the manufacturer, wherein they generally dictate the suitable height ranges for every available frame size. For instance, Savadeck Warwinds3.0 comes is available with a size of 44, 48, 50, 52, and 54 cm. The 44 cm bike is suitable for riders with a height varying between 4’11” to 5’1”.

Budget: Women’s road bike greatly varies in terms of their price tags. An entry-level bike seeks a few hundred dollars to be in your garage, but one of the carbon made high-end road machine might come with a five-figure price tag. So, choose a bike with all the required features that should be available within your budget or decided price range. For instance, if you are a newcomer to the biking world, then try to find a suitable model within $500.

Frame material: After reading this women’s road bike reviews, you will notice that most of them come with an aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber frame. Aluminum is lightweight, affordable, and sturdy. Steel made frames are long-lasting, but they are comparatively heavy. Carbon fiber frames have the lowest weight among all, but they are expensive among all.

Adjustable seat height: A road bike should allow you to adjust its seat level so that you can enjoy flawless rides. The most comfortable sitting position on a road bike is when your knee bends a little once the pedal is at its lowest position.

Top 4 Brands for women bike

Diamondback: Commenced in 1977, Diamondback is based in Washington. The brand has a wide range of road bikes that are suitable for both women and men. Apart from the USA, their bicycles are also sold in the UK, Bangladesh, and Australia.

Sixthreezero: The USA based brand is one of the major cruisers and commuting bike manufacturers. Most of the sixthreezero bikes are available under $500, but they never ignore built quality, features, and performance.  A great appearance is another bonus that comes with these bikes.

Schwinn: Founded in 1985 but since 1992 its been under Pacific Cycles. Schwinn bikes are comparatively expensive, but made of high-quality materials and provides you the freedom to deal with all the roads and uneven trails.

Giordano: The New Jersey-based bike manufacturers take inspiration from the Italian styling and combines it with the latest cycling technology. Due to such built, Giordano bikes satisfies the needs of all the road riders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a women's road bike?

Match your height with the included size chart. Apart from that, look for an adjustable seat post. Shorter handlebars and lightweight frames are some of the other factors you should consider.

Can a woman ride a 24-inch road bike?

Yes, but that depends upon her height. Some of the female riders are not tall enough to deal with a 24-inch road bike.

What is a good bike for casual riding?

Road bikes and hybrids are great to enjoy the evening around the park or spent some time with your friends in the wild. Hybrids are better in terms of comfort because of their padded seats and comfortable handlebars that keep you in an upright position.


Once you are ready to purchase a road bike then the next step is to find some bikes you might like. It’s the reason we have already collected some of the high quality women’s road bikes from different brands and price ranges. Look for a long-lasting and lightweight built. Prefer to spent extra only if you are serious about bike riding.

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