Best V-Brakes Reviews and Buying Guide

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Obtained an older mountain bike, tourer, a commuter, a cyclotrons bike and desire improved braking power. As V- brakes appear to the scene they revolutionized rim braking performance, the merit is that it still works well. If brake cable pulls, the two arms long lever gives leverage. The V-brakes perform well in all mucky condition.

V-Brakes are simple to install, be sure the brake levers are compatible- the road lever and longer cantilever brake levers may lead to poor performance. Avid’s Sigle Digit V-brakes is a classic, and Shimano V-brake is reliable. Cyclocross riders like to develop power go forward towards TRP’s offerings, which are made to do work seamlessly with the drop bar brake levers.

1. Shimano Mountain Bicycle V-Brake

The brake is very good no doubt. The screws are of high quality, and brake pads are decent. Simple to install. They ship quickly. They work well and improve the braking quality.

You may hear some annoyance some from the nut which holds the brake pad so you can use pilers as well as significant pressure for tightening them.

The brakes are very simple to complete. They are classy or very sharp looking, sleek, operate flawlessly and very simple to install.


  • V-Brake X-type
  • X-type, w/S65T Shoe, 16mm Fix bolt
  • Arch Size: 107mm

2. Shimano Deore XT Mountain Bike V-Brake – BR-M780

New Shimano Deore XT fulfills the desire of the riders. The newly designed rear derailleur “SHIMANO SHADOW RD” is perfect for all mountain riding.

It has double servo mechanism derailleurs for the right choice on several roads riding style.

A new level of performance, new XT disc brake, and controllability ensure high power breaking. The new DEORE comes to the market with the concept of XTR.


  • Proven performance of Shimano’s Super Linear response system
  • Super light-weight design
  • M70CT4 cartridge brake pads
  • Anodized aluminum arms with 107mm arch

3. AVID Assiduousic Bike Cycling Brake Pads

The quality and the construction of the brake are better than the Deore group brake. Considering the price difference, the weight saving is not worth spending more. I do not run the reserve brake pads.

After, I upgraded to the Kool Stop Dual Compound brake pads. It takes little effort to lock the wheel. The combination of kool stops performs better than the XTR with stock pads.

Both of them are same. Simple to install, fit well and seems to make from high-quality materials.


  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Avid Single Digit 5 Rim Brake compatible with mountain-style levers
  • Oversized linear spring
  • Two years limited warranty
  • Weighs 185 grams

4. Origin8 Sports Comp V-Brake

You should not worry about the parts or compatibility if you have one stop shop Origin 8, ATB V-break Kit. It includes all the things that you need like cables, levers, calipers, housing.

The forged alloy made brake set features the dual spring adjustment, and the color is silver and black.

The Clippers are a good quality replacement but do not require much money. I was a bicycle mechanic. The ends are woven out and woven in hold ring together.

If you manage to unwind the housing, it has lots of kinks in the housing. The housing can be used, and the kinks are not sharp.

As the cables are wound into a big diameter ring, it has no kinks at all. The irony is that all components are put in a big bag and winding the housing to a large rim would not seem to alter the packaging and the cost.


  • Front dual spring tension adjustment
  • Forged alloy construction
  • Kit includes calipers, cables, levers and housing


If the question is V-brakes on the scene, it revolutionized rim braking performance for tourers, off-road bikes, and hybrid bikes.

Many new models come at present for the various tastes of the people. These models are fitted with disc brakes.

Still, V brakes offer wonderful braking. It has 2 long arms to give leverage if the brake cable pulls.

There are lots of powers to offer. The performance of V-brakes performs well in all but the muckiest conditions.

How do I set up V-brakes?

V-brakes are very simple to set up or install. But at first, you must be sure that the brake levers are compatible.

Road levers and longer cantilever brake levers have poor performance. Most of the V-brakes come with cartridge style brake pads. For this feature, replacing is very simple no doubt.

Take out little retaining pin or bolt, slide the old pad out. Then alter with a new one. You can squeeze the cable smoothly.

Shimano V-brakes are trustworthy while Avid’s Single Digit V-brake is a classic. Cyclocross riders hope the improvement of power. So they are looking forward to TRP’s offerings. All TRPs are made to work flawlessly with drop bar brake levers.

Which V-brake should I buy?

The price of the V-brakes is almost same of different models. All models share the same principles and designs.

In expensive models, there are stronger materials. These offer better pads for the improvement of the braking performance.

Now the question arises which V-brakes are better? Disc V-brakes are better and perform well than the others. All V-brakes have the same advantages.

These are lighter than the disc brakes and mechanically simpler. So adjustment, repair, and maintenance may be less daunting.

Lots of riders prefer the direct and sharp feel of a standard set of V-brakes. Other may have an old bike except the mounts needed to run the disc.

The problem is using the rim on the braking surface. These are deteriorating lifespan and performance of riding on muddy and wet conditions. Disc brakes can overcome these problems.

But the people always drive the bike to enjoy dry trail most of the time. The reality is that rim brakes give more stopping power.

How to buy best V breaks?

There are lots of components with the bike. Among them, the brake is the most important component no need to say. The brake pads refer to as brake shoes, or brake blocks are important parts no doubt. They play a great role how efficiently your system work, particularly in the wet condition.

All brake pads are consumable component meaning that they will remain for a long time and require replacement. Over worn or old pad would not work well.  Compromising safety may damage your bike. So be conscious about the brake pads and check them now and then to wear.

In the market, you will get two types of brake pads. The two categories of cycle brake systems are Rim brakes and Disc brakes.

Rim brake pads

Rim brake applies the rotating rim of the wheel as on the braking surface. The brake pads are added to the top ends of the brake’s two pivoted cantilever arms, drawing the brake lever or cable squeezes them pads against the both sides of the rim, slowing down the bike.

Rim brakes are greatly used in BMX, city bikes and road are favored mechanical and lightweight. There are various types, the two main ones are being caliper and cantilever brakes, and you should choose pads accordingly.

Disc brake pads

Instead of using the rim as a braking surface, disc brakes, use a round metal disc mounted on the hub of the wheels. The disc rotates by a caliper that contains the brake pads.

Squeezing the brake lever added the pads with the rotor, with resulting friction gradually down the bike. You will get disc brakes on some road bikes or some MTB bikes.

As the brake pads are worn for certain points- you need to wear grooves or some indicators on the pad to express the time is up.

This is the time to invest new set. As you like to replace the pads, you should take into account the kind of brakes you like to use or traditional factors like rim type, riding conditions, and brake manufacturer.

It is said that the users of the rid brake need to inspect the rim periodically as the road grit or brake pad affect the metal surface to the point where the wheels and new rims may be required.

Final Words

Most of the V brakes have cartridge type of brake pads, so the replacing pad is simple. Remove the small retaining bolt or pin, slide the old pad out and set a new one- you have to tweak the cord slightly, though. Therefore, you have to buy the best one and appropriate.

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