7 Best V Brakes Reviews in 2021 – Ultimate Buying Guide

best v brakes

Are you looking to improve the braking system on your mountain bike, tourer or a commuter? The V brakes might fit the scene because they still top the merit list when we talk about braking power. You only have to pull a lever and a couple of brake pads instantly stops your ride, even in muddy conditions.

Whether you are a cyclocross rider or you want to participate in the next mountain race, a V brake can help you develop the best stopping skills. These are the reasons that pushed us to collect some of the best V Brakes that can sync with the rim and revolutionize your performance. 

1. Shimano Mountain Bicycle V-Brake - BR-T4000

Our top recommendation comes from Shimano and according to our experts, BR-T4000 is made of high-quality materials that work well and improves the braking ability. It’s a robust bike accessory that has strong screws and decent brake pads. It requires a low operating force, so you can easily stop the bike at your will.

The Shimano V-Brake is easy to install, but you would need a plier to tighten the brake pads screws. Once in sync with the rim, it adds to the style and class of your bike. Built for smooth as well as noiseless stopping, BR-T400 compliments any of the mountain and cross bikes. It’s sharp and sleek appearance displays your intent to win the game.


  • X -Type V-Brake
  • Arch size is 107 mm
  • w/S65T Shoe, 16mm Fix bolt


  • Simple installation
  • Durable and looks stylish
  • Prevents mud accumulation
  • Simple and quiet operation


  • Noodles are not included

2. Wake Bike Brakes

V-Brakes might not be the most preferred bike accessories in today’s scenario. However, the veterans and old school cyclists still likes the same because it’s the only braking system they know. It’s the reason Wake presents a simple and easy to install bike brakes that come included with the pads.

Wake bike brakes are made of alloy and plastic and still, they are not as lightweight as we expected. Its durable built and tough appearance might be the reason for this added heft.


  • Arch Size: 110mm
  • Fits almost any V bikes
  • Includes the brake pads worth 55 mm


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install


  • Some of them might not like the small pads

3. RUJOI Bike V Brake

If you are a mountain cyclist and need a pair of V-Brakes that can add to your safety as well as performance, then our third recommendation from Rujoi might be a suitable choice. The kit comes with two sets and four brake pads that you need for your next cycling activity.

Made of aluminum alloy, the Rujoi V-Brakes is EN14766 compliant and is durable as well as reliable. Suitable for all the mountain type tires, these brakes drastically reduce the stopping time to ensure your safety. If you are looking for replacement brakes for any of your bikes, then you could try this cost-effective option from Rujoi.


  • Arch Size: 110mm
  • Dual linear spring design
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • EN14766 compliant


  • Allows easy adjustment of the spring tension
  • Suitable for most of the mountain bikes
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable


  • None

4. Shimano Deore T610 Front V-brake

Are you looking for a braking upgrade on one of the trekking bike? Try the newly designed Deore T610 V-brake that is specially designed to work for the front rims. Easy to set up and maintain, the brakes are equipped with an internal bumper stop for silent lever return.

Deore T610comes with S70C cartridge shoe that maintains the balance between power and noise. Then, it has an M70CT4 compound the minimizes wear on the aluminum rims and also maintains the proper braking in wet conditions. It’s color combination of black and silver suits any of your rides or outfits.


  • 107mm arch
  • S70C cartridge shoe
  • Built with M70CT4 compound
  • I-spec compatible


  • Stops the bike instantly
  • Never makes harm to bike rims in the long run
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install


  • Some of the users find is unsuitable for off-road biking

5. Caiyuangg Mountain Bicycle V-Brake

The lightweight aluminum alloy brake set is suitable for mountain bicycles and road bikes because it gives you perfect stoppings on all the surfaces. Due to alloy built, it’s a strong bicycle accessory that remains strong and lives a long life. This single set of brakes comprises two brake pads, two pieces of aluminum clamps, two brake pads and two screws.

Whether you are looking for a braking upgrade on a BMX, MTB, V-brake bike or any other bicycles, you can try the Caiyuangg V-brake because of its durable built and excellent performance. Due to standard measurements, it fits all the tires and boosts your performance as well as safety in any of the riding conditions.


  • Arch Size: 110mm
  • Brake Pads Size: 55mm


  • Longlasting
  • All the accessories included
  • Suitable for almost all the bikes


  • Might be tough to install for some of the users

6. Corki Linear Mountain Bike V-Brake

Another simple to install V brakes made of aluminum alloy, but this time it’s from corki. The kit comprises both front and rear sets, so it’s a onetime investment to improve the braking system of your bike. The brakes never add to the weight but maintain your safety by providing improved stopping power.

The kit contains all the hardware required for its installation, including the noodles, screws and leather boots. All the components have a warranty of 12 months, except the brake pads that carries a backup of 6 months.


  • Arch size:110mm
  • Brake Pads Size:55mm.
  • Adjustable spring to set the tension


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Includes both the break sets and required hardware
  • Excellent stopping power


  • Arch size is comparatively small, so it might not fit some flat tires

7. Shimano Deore XT M780 V-Brakes - BR-T780-L

Do you want to fulfill your desire to ride on all the rough roads? Then, the first thing you need is a bike with tough braking system. It’s where Shimano tries to fulfill your wishes via the Deore XT, because this brake makes your bike perfect to ride on highways and long trips.

If you are a regular commuter who also prefers cycle tours, then you might try the Dore XT. No matter what is riding style, it maintains the grip on the rim and lets you control your ride.


  • Extremely lightweight at 194.2g
  • M70CT4 compound brake pads
  • Aluminum arms with an arch of 107 mm


  • Lightweight
  • Provides excellent braking
  • Causes no wear on the rims


  • Expensive

What are V-brakes?

Side-pull variety of cantilever brakes that mounts on your bike frame using a couple of arms and uses pads to stop the rims. Well, that’s what a V-Brake is. Its arms are long and one of them connects directly with the cable housing, while another one only gets the cable. The control of this cable goes into your hand. So, when you pull the lever, it pull the brake pads and your bike stops. This design is also called direct-pull because there is no interference between the cable and your arms. The braking cable moves the same distance as your fingers, so they are also sold as linear-pull brakes. Shimano trademarks the word V-Brake and this category of blades goes with the same name.

Benefits of Using V-brakes

  • Inexpensive: V-Brakes comes at a price that will not expand your cycling budget; unlike expensive disc brakes.
  • Easy replacement. You can easily maintain and replace one of the V-Brakes, even on the go.
  • No wheel strain: V-Brakes works in sync with the rim and hence causes no strain to the spokes.
  • Easy for rear side stand: Disc brakes could be a problem for the side stands, but not the V-Brakes.
  • Readily available: Break shoe pads and other components are easily available in the market.

Buying Guide

Almost all the V-Brakes have a similar design and they follow the same working principle. However, build quality differs. Expensive variants are durable and they also use high-quality brake pads that last longer. They are lightweight and mechanically simpler, hence you can easily maintain and replace them in between a ride. Some of the riders might incline towards the style or appearance of V-Brakes. So, you can try any of the above mentioned V-Brakes according to your budget, because the price is the only factor that varies among them apart from the build quality.

Which V-brake should I buy?

A V-Brake that can provide you safe and reliable stopping is the suitable option for your bicycle. Shimano BR-T4000 and Rujoi brakes are the best bet if you are looking to upgrade the braking components on your bike.

Final Words

Always make sure that the brakes at in good shape before you start a race of cycling mission. We hope that this list of best V-Brakes proves to be useful while you upgrade the braking system. Choose an option that is compatible with your bike and install it following the included instructions.

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