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Do you often need to find your path along dark roads? Or you simply want to stand out when a vehicle approaches from behind. In any of the situations, you need a set of bike lights that can work well in all the conditions. It’s the reason why we have collected some of the best USB rechargeable bike lights. Check them and find the one the suits your commute.

1. Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set.

Today’s first recommendation comes with four light modes and offers up to 10.5 hours of runtime. Let us tell you the best thing about the Ascher USB rechargeable bike light set here; its Lithium battery is long-lasting and seeks replacement after many trips. Its charging port has a rubber cover that prevents any damage due to rainfall.

The set includes a front headlight and rear LED light that provides you complete on-road protection. No matter you are riding over a crowded pavement or enjoying nature in the wild, the lights prove to be useful. All thanks to silicone mount straps on both the lights, you can easily install them without using additional tools.

What do we like?

Ascher light set uses a 650mAh Lithium battery that’s replaceable. Full/half brightness and fast/slow flashing are the four modes that you can enjoy with these lights. The silicone straps are designed with a couple of openings that grips a wide range of seat posts, seat risers, handlebars, helmets, and backpacks.

The light set is a versatile bike accessory that you can use while camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity where visibility could be a concern. You can also use also the lights as emergency signs or a way to communicate with your team. The manufacturers have excellent customer service, which is another attraction with this product.

What could be better?

Some of the users complain about the strap, which is not long-lasting and breaks.

Our Verdict: If you are planning for a day and night bike tour or a weekend hiking trip that might involve night riding, then Asher USB rechargeable bike set might be a solid consideration.

2. Cincred USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set.

High quality built, lightweight, and easy to assemble; these are the three primary factors why you are seeing the Cincred USB rechargeable bike light set standing as of today’s second contender. It includes a bright headlight and rear LED. These lights fit all the bikes and works in four different modes.

The front light has an ultra-brightness of 400 lumens that works for all the riding conditions or weather. Its USB rechargeable battery takes only 2 hours for a full recharge and provides you with a runtime of up to 8 hours.  However, the battery backup depends upon the light mode you have set.

What do we like?

The headlight has one-touch control for its four light modes, which include full or half brightness and fast or slow flashing. The same goes for the tail light that alerts all the vehicles approaching you from behind. Due to such lightning features, the bike accessory is suitable for multiple outdoor activities including walking dogs, camping, road trips, and much more.

Cincred USB Rechargeable bike light is waterproof and hence they are adjustable to any weather conditions. And the best feature of this set is its price tag, which is one the lowest you will find when compared to similar products. Still, the battery lasts up to 1000 charges and performs without any hassle.

What could be better?

A handful of the buyers’ states that the USB rechargeable light set takes a long time to recharge. Sometimes, it never performs for long even after charging for more than a few hours.

Our verdict: Cincred USB rechargeable bike light set is suitable for riders who never want to comprise on safety. The bike lights are affordable and offer up to 8 hours of runtime. Hence, it’s a great option for newcomers as well.

3. victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light.

Small, but the victagen USB rechargeable bike light is bright enough to protect you and your family under low light conditions. Whether you are riding on an urban roadway or following a rugged trail, the white headlight and rear tail LED works in combination to provide you the right amount of visibility as well as safety. Moreover, you can take out the headlight in seconds and use it as a flashlight whenever required.

What do we like?

Victagen rechargeable light is compatible with all the bikes. The front headlight is very lightweight at 0.3 pounds and hence, never becomes a liability even under demanding conditions. It comes with a strong 2200 mAh battery, which is long-lasting and provides fade-free power for up to 12 hours depending upon the modes.

The bike light set comes with five light mode options including high, mid, low, strobe, and SOS. Its front light has a military-grade aluminum alloy built and rubber paint finish, which is durable, rust-free as well as corrosion-resistant. The product also comes with 30 days’ money-back guarantee, which makes it a risk-free purchase.

What could be better?

The included USB cable doesn’t have a long-lasting built. So, the product might seek any early replacement as a charging cable.

Our verdict: If you need a multipurpose, affordable, and long-lasting USB rechargeable light for your road bike, then victagen gives you a considerable option.

4. Vont 'Pyro' Bike Light Set.

The bike light set by Vont announces your arrival early because of its bright nature. The front white light illuminates the entire road while the rear one makes sure that all the vehicles are aware of your position. The set comes with four light modes that you can change with a click of a button.

Your bike and its accessories should be tough and strong like you. It’s the reason why the Pyro light set is built with aircraft-grade materials. Crafted to withstand rough handling, the lights can withstand a 10 feet drop and are waterproof.

What do we like?

Do you know that 90 percent of bike accidents happen because of bad vision? To void such unfortunate accidents, you need a bright bike light like Pyro. The product comes with a lifetime warranty, which an additional peace of mind.

Due to its tough built, the light set is not only robust and long-lasting but is helpful in unfavorable conditions like snow, rainfall, and even the doomsday. Both the lights come with a high-quality long-lasting battery that remains active for up to 2 hours. The set is easy to install within seconds and it also includes a couple of added straps for replacement.

What could be better?

The primary complaint about the set is its headlight does not point straight sometimes.

Our verdict: Whether you are an individual or a team of riders, the Pyro is suitable for anyone who wants to cover the distance with full vision.

5. Cycle Torch Night Owl USB Rechargeable Bike light set.

The Night Owl USB rechargeable set comes with a front light, which is useful at night as well as day time. It’s compatible with most of the bikes and is very easy to install. The set is very lightweight at 80 grams and is IPX5 rated. Means, there are no problems whatsoever if you face immediate rainfall while riding.

Night Owl’s light set comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for the first year. In case of any trouble, you can get a full refund. In other words, it’s an affordable as well as risk-free purchase for your bike that works well for many more years to come.

What do we like?

The bike light set has Smart Charging Technology that revives the light set fast. Once fully charged, its front light works for 2 hours on high power. The front light has a brightness of 200 lumens, which is effective in all the weather and light conditions. Included LED taillight works well and keeps you safe from the vehicles coming from behind.

The light set is compatible with all the bike, scooters, and strollers. Whether you are out on road trips, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activities, it offers required visibility and keeps everyone safe. Moreover, it attaches in seconds and hence you can start the adventure without wasting a moment.

What could be better?

The light does not allow screw mount and hence, there is only one possibility when you park the bike; take out the lights and carry them with you. The process might be easy, but taking the lights along is only comfortable if you have a backpack.

Our verdict: Night Owl is suitable for riders who are looking for a lightweight, durable, and water-resistant lightning solution for a road or mountain bike. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so there is no problem trying the affordable light set.

6. POWLAKEN AMAGARM USB Rechargeable Bike headlight set.

Give yourself 360-degree visibility with this powerful USB rechargeable bike set and keep everyone safe under bad lights. You can charge the AMAGARM USB headlight using any of the USB enabled devices including a computer or television. It takes 2 hours for a full recharge and provides a runtime of up to 10 hours.

Made of solid aluminum and finished with rugged ABS plastic, the headlight is durable and never rusts or corrode. Apart from the rechargeable front light, the set also includes a free tail light. In other words, the set gives you clear visibility on the front and creates a protective line of defense from behind.

What do we like?

AMAGARM USB Rechargeable bike headlight does not only keep you safe by providing better visibility but also remains at your service for long. The headlight has four modes that you can change with its one-touch switch. As per your preferences, you can choose any of the light modes including full/small brightness, big light brightness, and flashing.

The included rear light has two modes to alert vehicles and the following riders. These lights are compatible with all the bikes due to their universal design. No matter what kind of bike you own, you can try the stylish piece of the headlight by Powalaken.

What could be better?

The plastic part connecting the headlight to your handlebar tends to break earlier than expected.

Our verdict: If you want a fast charging bike headlight that can offer 360-degree visibility, then try the Amagram set by Powalaken. High quality built, waterproof nature, and four light modes are some of its other attractions.

7. CECO-USA: 1,000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Bike Light.

The super bright USB rechargeable bike light from CECO-USA comes with a 1000 lumen to ensure true vision and complete safety. It has Electronically Regulated Circuitry that keeps the brightness constantly high until its battery has some charge left. So, you will never notice any drop in its brightness while riding.

This USB light has a compact pocket-sized shape that you can also use as a torch during night time adventures. It comes with 5-night modes that assist in the dark. There are 3 daylight modes to make you stand out in the open country roads and high urban traffic. It also has a 1 walking mode, which is helpful when the light is in your hands.

What do we like?

CECO-USA USB bike light has multiple night modes that offer clear brightness. You can use full blast when riding at high speeds or choose the lower settings while enjoying the wilderness. The third mode combines a steady flow of light and flashes in one, which helps you to watch the road in dark and also alerts the other road users.

Daytime flash modes are helpful to grab other’s attention in the open daylight. There is another lock mode in this light, which prevents unwanted powering on when you are transporting it inside a backpack. This mode is also useful when the light is stored.

What could be better?

The mounting clip and its elastic band are not durable.

Our verdict: CECO-USA USB rechargeable bike light offers the maximum brightness of 1000 lumens as well as a battery life of up to 45 hours. So, it’s a great product for riders who enjoy long rides in the dark. The light is also a great investment for riders who wants long-lasting battery backup.

8. Cycle Torch Shark 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Light.

Cycle Torch’s latest Shark 500 bike light comes with a flat beam shape that never distracts other riders. It has a simple straightforward built comprising an LED and circular optics resting inside a plastic body. The USB rechargeable light’s appearance is incredibly stylish, wherein a plastic extension on the front reduces the glare on the top and lower side of your view. This plastic extension resembling Sharks gets it the name.

Shark 500 comes with a Samsung, 3.7V 2400 mAh Li-ion that works for up to 30 hours depending upon the light mode. The light has four modes, including high, medium, low, and flashing. It works with a brightness of 500 lumens at all the patterns.

What do we like?

Shark 500 has decent battery life. Its mounting is easy and you can quickly attach the light with one of your bikes. When the light is strapped properly, it remains sturdy even under the toughest of terrains.

You will like the fact that Shark 500 comes with an included USB chargeable tail light with a brightness of 10 lumens. It has a power button and three light modes including high, flashing, and pulse. All thanks to a lithium-polymer rechargeable, 100 mAh battery, its maximum runtime under pulse mode is 10 hours and 5 hours at high.

What could be better?

The battery charging port is t its rear, which gives a possible entry to moisture. It has a cover included, but that’s temporary. Once you take out the protector, it might not plug back.

Our verdict: With smart beam style, robust battery, and long runtime, Shark 500 might be a suitable choice if you don’t want to disturb other on-road riders while enjoying decent visibility at 500 lumens.

9. BLITZU Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light.

Blitzu Gator 320 is a lightweight, reliable, and affordable USB rechargeable bike light that performs well under demanding conditions. It’s small but has a sturdy built of military Grade anodized finish. Moreover, the bike light is impact resistant and has an IPX5 water-resistant standard. So, it’s safe from incoming water splashes from any angle.

Gator 320 comes with a USB rechargeable cell, which means you don’t have to replace its battery after every week. It includes a USB cable that you can use with a computer or tablet. The light takes 2 hours for a full recharge and performs for 1.5 hours at maximum setting.

What do we like?

Blitzu Gator 320 comes with easy to understand instructions, which helps you to mount and remove it within seconds. Its versatile product that you can use for multiple other outdoor activities including running, walking your dog, camping, night outing with family or friends, and sudden power outage. Even if you have to change a tire in the middle of nowhere, it can give you the required visibility.

The bike light works with an effective 320 lumens in high mode. There are three other modes including medium, low, and flashing that you can use according to the requirements. It comes with a one-year warranty wherein you can enjoy quickly and friendly support whenever needed.

What could be better?

The charging port and switch of Gator 320 need some improvement because some of the users’ state that these two components are not long-lasting and might break after using the light for a few months.

Our verdict: Blitzu Gator 320 is a solid choice if you need a high-quality headlight that can offer excellent visibility and lets you see all the signboards, pedestrians, and other riders.

10. Vont 'Scope' Bike Light.

Riding in the dark could be unsafe if you don’t have high-quality light. Today’s next recommendation from Vont is an excellent option because its lightweight, compact, and has an exceptional built. You can attach the Scope bike light without using any tools. Moreover, you can also change it light beam because of an inbuilt adjustment knob.

One of the best features of Vont Scope bike light is its CREE LED technology, which promises up to ten times of brightness when compared to other models. It means the light can produce a steady beam to focus on any object 1000 feet far. You can choose a beam with various widths by adjusting its ring.

What do we like?

Vont Scope comes with three light modes: high, low, and strobe. At high light, the bike headlight works for up to 6 hours. The product includes a tail light that also has three modes: constant, and slow/fast strobe.

You will be impressed by the military-grade built of this Vont bike light. It can withstand a 10-foot drop and can come out alive after being ran over by heavy vehicles, even by a truck. The bike light is waterproof and hence you can use under rainfall, snow, or any other emergencies.

What could be better?

The included tail light does not have a long-lasting built.

Our verdict: If you need an affordable and high-quality bike light that you can use under any of the situations, then you can try Vont Scope.

Types of Bike Lights

Now we know how important bike lights are for your evening rides. However, searching for a bike light is not an easy task because there are thousands of models available that belong to different categories. It’s the reason why we will know all the available types of bike lights.

See lights:  When you want visibility of the road you are following, go for the see lights. Such a bike accessory is crucial when you are riding out of the town or cruising in an area where the roads are poorly lit. These lights also let other road users know about your existence. All the models that we discussed above are see lights.

Be seen: The primary motive of be seen lights is to let other riders know about you. If you are traveling over city roads, then such a bike accessory makes sure that all the other riders, drivers and pedestrians see you. White at the front and red at the rear is a common combination of being seen lights.

Side: These lights are important in urban areas where vehicles are approaching you in different directions. If you want other vehicles to notice you at junctions or when you are crossing the road, then try a sidelight. You can attach one of these items to the frame or wheels of your bike. However, a high-quality front and rear light are also visible from the sides. Monkey Light M204 is one of the high-rated options you can try.

Helmet lights: If you need a lightweight and small visibility solution, then try a helmet light like Topside helmet light. Such a bike accessory adds a secondary source of light to your eye level and also helps you to distinguish your head movements. Its recommended that you use a helmet in combination with the main headlight attached to the bike’s handlebar.

Daytime light: We all know that lights are required for night riding, but do you know that such a bike accessory also improves your safety in the daytime? Daytime lights use a bright flash mode to gain a driver’s attention who might have ignored you. Multiple lights that we discussed today can be used as a daytime visibility solution.

What to look in a bike light?

You should choose a white headlight with multiple modes and a red tail light that can remain steady or flash. Apart from that, the front lights should be visible from 200 meters while the tail lights should be able to aware of other road users at 50 meters. These are the basic factors that you should consider. There are some more points that we will discuss later.

The benefit of using rechargeable bike lights

Money saver: Rechargeable bike lights are durable and offer a long-lasting backup. You have to simply recharge and use them according to their charge cycles. In other words, you don’t make repeated investments in battery replacements.

Environment friendly: Rechargeable bike lights are also less harmful to the environment as compared to other variants. The batteries used in non-rechargeable LED lights contain mercury and hence, you need to dispose of them properly. If not recycled or disposed of properly, these cells can be very harmful to our eco-system.

Perfect for long tours: Non- rechargeable batteries can disobey you at any point in time, especially if you don’t have a spare set of batteries. On the other hand, you simply have to supply some juice to a rechargeable battery and it will start working within a couple of hours. Such a feature is useful when you are on enjoying a long trip.

USB Rechargeable bike lights buying guide

Taking a look at what your friends or relatives have purchased for their bikes is not sufficient in case of a USB rechargeable bike light. There are some of the factors that you should keep an eye on while browsing for these bike accessories.

Wide beam: What is the primary reason for buying a USB rechargeable bike light? To get a complete vision in at your front without disturbing ongoing traffic. You can check the beam images in the manufacturer’s description of all the models that we were discussing above. Look for a light that offers an extra-wide beam, so that you can be safe under any of the riding conditions.

Daytime visibility: An active bike light on your bike during the day time can prevent many accidents. However, some of the lights give others an arresting effect. Any of the USB rechargeable lights with 200 lumens brightness is easily noticeable during daylight. So, try to choose something equal to more than the given brightness. Apart from that, flashing mode is more conspicuous than pulse or solid lights. 

Waterproofing: Most of the bike lights we discussed today are water-resistant with IPX5 standard. We see little reason why you should not choose a light that resists water splashes and rainfall.

Light modes: As we stated earlier; flashing mode is more clear in the day time. A solid beam provides you with clear visibility so that you can easily find your way ahead. It’s the reason you should choose a bike light with multiple modes. A bike light with several patterns is not only useful while letting others know about your position, but also extends the battery runtime.

Easy to mount: Choosing a bike light with a quick-release mount is recommended so that you can easily attach and take it off your bike. Rubber strap and hooks are also suitable to offer a convenient mounting. Make sure you find a bike light that mounts and dismounts without any hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when you can use the bike lights?

You can use a bike light in daylight as well as when the visibility is low. If you commute to work, then a regular set of a front headlight and rear blinker will be suitable. In case you have to ride in the night, then look for a powerful front light and a tail light that has flashing mode.

Apart from commuting to work, you can also use a bike light for camping, hiking, walking a dog, and many other outdoor activities. Such a bike accessory is even more useful when you are on a road trip.

Do I need only a front light or a complete set?

A headlight could be a nice start if you ride under low lights. However, keep in mind that being seen from the rear is also necessary to maintain complete safety. So, we will recommend you to try a complete set.


Adding a USB rechargeable light to your bike will not only enlighten your path, but will also decrease the chances of any collisions. It might sound very obvious to you, but finding a suitable option is the key here. A bike light providing you with a wide and bright beam should be your choice.

The USB lights offered by Ascher and Cincred are the best and it’s the reason why we have recommended them in the top two positions. We hope this USB rechargeable bike lights reviews and related buying guide were helpful. If you want to recommend a model that we missed, suggest its name in our comments section.

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