7 Best Triathlon Saddle Reviews in 2021 – Expert’s Analysis

best triathlon saddle

What is the most important thing that can make you perfect to win triathlon races? Practice, off course. But, a productive practicing session needs high-quality gears, including helmet, safety gear, and a bike with a comfortable saddle. Some of the players ignore it, but the seat is one of the most important parts that you should consider.

Triathlon is a game where you have to face three separate challenges and cycling is one of them. So, you need have to be energetic, comfortable and quick all the time. It’s the reason we are here with some of the best triathlon saddles. You need high quality and comfortable sitting position to be a winner. It’s where one of these options excels and pushes you to give 100 percent of your focus and energy.

1. ISM PR 3.0 Saddle Black

One of the widest ISMs available to purchase, the PR 3.0 also happens to be our top recommendation because of its soft and comfortable nature. All thanks to its 60-series foam and gel padding, you will not find a softer seat then the PR 3.0. It’s the reason why it’s great for upright bikes or individuals looking for maximum support.

Professional triathletes love it already, but its home even if you own a hybrid bike, or you ride mostly on the roads and city conditions. You might call it a jack of all trade, but you can’t call it master of none. Not only because it’s comfortable, but also due to its design that enhances your flow and avoids any genital numbness. Overall, it gives you a healthy and strain-free ride that keeps you stable throughout the race.


  • 60-series foam-and-gel padding for optimum comfort
  • The rear section is wide to maintain the comfort
  • Suitable for hybrid mountain, city, and road bikes


  • Thick padding and wide rear
  • Rear transition hook
  • The nose-less design removes pressure from the soft tissues
  • Ensures proper blood flow


  • Might be too wide for some users


ISM PR 3.0 works great with almost all the bikes, so it’s suitable for any of the riders looking for some extra comfort and support; especially if you have an upright bicycle.

2. Bikeroo Men’s Padded Bicycle Saddle

If PR 3.0 is our top recommendation, then consider the Bikeroo padded saddle as an expert’s choice. Its only motive is to keep you comfortable and energetic so that you can focus on the race instead of your numb muscles. Its structure supports your anatomy, distributes your body weight overall the surface and eliminates any bone or muscle pain.

Now you know how you can perform like a race winner. Try this narrow saddle with soft padding and a deep cutout in the center that relieves all the pressure from your sensitive areas. Due to its soft memory foam, the saddle gives you a plush feel. No matter how long you will ride the bike, you will never feel soreness and chafing. Not to forget its steel rails keeps you stable and also withstands the test of time. Overall, one of the most important gears that can help you to practice for the triathlon race. 


  • Built with high-quality memory foam
  • Universal compatibility with any of the bikes
  • Perineal center cutout for ventilation


  • Relief pressure points
  • Prevents soreness and chaffing
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Mounting tools are included with the saddle


  • Slippery surface


Bikeroo padded bicycle saddles are suitable for any of the cyclists who want to give more than a hundred percent to the game. As it keeps you comfortable and pain-free, you don’t feel any diversion from the race.

3. Pioneeryao bike seat for men and women

The Pioneeryao unisexual seat has a breathable design that keeps moisture and heat at bay, even when you ride for long distances. To allow better airflow, it comes with a hollow in the middle. If you are cycling at night, its reflective patches in the front and rear will be helpful.

Made of artificial fatty gel, this bike seat reduces up to 40 percent pressure towards ossa pubis, sciatic area, and prostate. On top, it has a cover of artificial leather that’s durable and lasts for a lifetime. It might take some time to get you accustomed, but once you like its comfort, you will never lag in any of the races.

This bike seat has an interesting shape overall. Wide base and short nose, so it gives you great sitting positions to tackle all paths. No matter you are riding on the city conditions or you are heading for a mountain race, the Pioneeryao saddle keeps you fresh and comfortable.


  • Constructed with Artificial fatty gel and artificial leather
  • Reflective patches for protection from other vehicles
  • Lightweight at only one pound


  • Suitable saddle for long rides or races
  • Excellent customer services
  • Durable as well as comfortable


  • Not ideal for overweight users, especially more than 250 pounds


A great option for riders who prefer long trips or regularly take part in tough races. If you want to take part in the next triathlon and do better from the last time, then this is the saddle you might try.

4. Sunlite MX Juvenile Saddle

Built for tough kids who want to explore on their own. Also, suitable for youngsters preparing for triathlon and similar bikes races, the Sunlite MX foam padding keeps your child comfortable. Suitable for both boys and girls, the MX saddles come with steel rails that keeps it stable as well as durable.

The makers are worried about your satisfaction. It’s the reason why they have made this high quality and comfortable saddle, which is available at a cost-friendly price. Even after being inexpensive, the saddle never compromises with the performance and gives you a slip-free as well as stable riding seat.


  • Thick steel rails to manage the jerks
  • Soft and comfortable padding
  • Specially designed for young riders


  • Wide and supportive
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for both your daughter or son


  • Might not fit all the bicycles


Sunlite MX is a suitable purchase for all the kids that weigh less than 150 pounds. Whether you have a girl or boy who dreams to be a successful bikes racer, you can try the Juvenile bike for better practice.

5. Cloud-9 Comfort Men's Saddle

Made of multiple memory foam layers, the Cloud-9 men’s saddle distributes your body weight evenly on its surface to ensure maximum comfort. Due to its ergonomic built, the saddle gives you a unique racing experience. Tough bumpers make it durable so that you can enjoy quality rides for a long time.

Bumpy terrains and rough roads often result in soreness. The Cloud-p saddle utilizes elastomer suspension and steel rails to absorb all the vibration. Due to such a jerk absorbing feature, the saddle is great for long races. Cloud-9 saddle takes you the clouds due to its extra comfort and stable nature. Moreover, the saddle remains intact even under harsh conditions because of its water-resistant structure.


  • Memory foam construction
  • Built with water-resistant materials
  • Integrated elastomer suspension
  • Steel rails for stability
  • Coil spring suspension


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Provides anatomical relief
  • Prevent soreness and pain in genitals


  • Some of the users don’t find it comfortable and it might be due to the ridges on the top


If you are looking for a comfortable and durable saddle available at a pocket-friendly price, then the Cloud-9 comfort can be a suitable option.

6. Fabric Tri Flat Elite Bicycle Saddle - FP3076U

High quality built and impressive performance are the two features that bring Fabric Tri Flat Elite saddle to this list. It provides you an amazing cycling experience and it’s the reason why most of the experts and professionals recommend the Elite saddle for triathlon races.

Elite is somewhat smaller than other saddles, which makes it comfortable. It depends upon your personal preferences, but you can try a smaller seat for races. Due to its design, the Fabric saddles give you an appropriate riding angle and optimum comfort.

The construction materials of the saddle are durable. Well, most of the credit goes to its titanium rails that work according to your expectations for a long time. Then comes its high-quality fabric that is also very gentle as well as long-lasting. In other words, you don’t have to invest in a racing saddle, if you have the Fabric Elite.



  • Available in three different colors
  • Extra-wide nose for better protection of your genitals
  • Platinum rails


  • Comfortable and long-lasting
  • Best value for money


The small size might not suit all the riders


We recommend the Fabric Elite if you are planning for a triathlon race or any other cycling activity that involves long rides.

7. ISM PN 1.1 Saddle

They say the first impression is the last. It’s the reason why looks are important. No matter how well a product can perform, if it’s not attractive then no one will be interested. PN 1.1 makes its place here because it is one of the most stylish saddles we have reviewed.

ISM builds the PN 1.1 without compromising on the build quality. Whether we talk about design or features, it excels in both the departments and gives you the best that you can expect from a triathlon saddle. The length of the saddle is 270 mm, which is ideal because it’s not too short, not very long. Its width stands at 110 mm that’s again a standard measurement. Looking at the dimensions, we are sure that the saddle will keep you comfortable and you will enjoy a quality cycling session.

Black is the base color here, wherein the branding is blue and the model has a white impression. The color combination looks attractive and you might instantly like this saddle due to the same. These three colors would look standard with the triathlon outfit as well.


  • Durable satin steel rails
  • Available in black and white


  • Comfortable dimensions
  • Unique styling and attractive appearance


  • Might be uncomfortable for some users due to extra width


Suitable for triathlon racers who need a unique and stylish saddle that can bring out the internal match-winner. It looks different but keeps you comfortable throughout the race or a mountain cycling session.

Triathlon Saddle?

Triathlon saddles differ from regular ones in terms of their shape and construction. Most of these saddles come tear-shaped with a narrow nose and wide front. Some of the variants are completely nose less. Due to such design, such a saddle keeps the rider comfortable for a long time.

Benefits of Using Triathlon Saddle

Keeps you comfortable: Regular road saddles are not built to handle your triathlon positions that involve more interaction with the nose (front part). A triathlon saddles relieve the pressure and keep you comfortable.

Enhances the aerodynamics: Due to low hip movement and your body, such a saddle enhances the aerodynamics and hence you automatically do better in the triathlon or other races.

Maintains the freshness: Most of the triathlon saddles are made of soft padding, gel or memory foam that manages the airflow and keeps the moisture or heat at bay.

Reduces soreness: Due to comfortably built, such a saddle improves blood flow and prevents soreness. Hence, you will save yourself from any hip or back pain by using one of the best triathlon saddles we discussed today.

How to choose a triathlon saddle?

Know your requirements. Before you attempt to browse or purchase a triathlon saddle, you should know what are you up to. Are you a professional that needs to be in competitive positions most of the time? Then, prefer a saddle that provides you with some pressure relief. On the other hand, if you need to move a lot on the saddle, then you need something that has a wide nose.

Think about your comfort: Look for a forgiving built like gel or memory foam that can eliminate any firmness struggle between your body and the saddle. A comfortable saddle will also keep yours ahead in the race.

Look for some added airflow. Some of the saddles we discussed today come with a cutout in the middle that not only promotes airflow but also allows you to find a “sweet spot”. It helps you in long races including the cycling competition from triathlon.

Find something slip-free. Most of the riders dislike the “slipping” feel on the saddles. That happens due to poor covering. So, look for a saddle that keeps you stable without any unwanted position changes.

Look for return policies: Some of the brands offer you 30 days of free return warranty. So, look for such an option that can provide you a free trial.

Build quality is another important factor: Always try to find a robust saddle because changing the sitting area on your ride is not a wise idea. It’s the question of all your hard work, all the time and energy you used to make your body use to be in a reputable race like a triathlon. So, you should choose a long-lasting option that can be your partner in the practices as well as the race.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why triathlon saddles are different?

A triathlon bike pushes your hips to sit downwards and only a compatible saddle can accommodate that. It’s where a triathlon saddle comes into the picture and gives you the appropriate sitting place while you race.

Do I need a triathlon saddle for Ironman?

A triathlon saddle will keep you more comfortable and help you with the performance, but you can also do well without one of those.

Should I buy a triathlon saddle or a regular one?

Triathlon saddles are useful if you are involved in racings, mountain cycling, and similar activities. If you are a regular commuter under city conditions, then you don’t need a triathlon saddle.

Final Verdict

Pick the right saddle when you need to participate in a triathlon or any other cycling competitions. You can get one of the best triathlon saddles from the options that we discussed above. They are professionally fit and are suitable for an of the mountain or hybrid bikes you own.

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