Best RoyalBaby Bikes Reviews in 2021 – Brand and products Analysis

Do you remember your first bicycle? Then you will remember the fun as well as painful moments while you learned cycling. Allow the same fun and excitement to your kids, so that they can enjoy these memories in the future. Not only enjoyment, but a good kid’s bike will also keep them active and healthy.

Getting the right kid’s bike for your little rider is not an easy task. It’s the reason we bring you the top RoyalBaby Bikes Reviews. We will discuss seven best kid’s bikes manufactured by RoyalBaby, so that you can purchase the most suitable model for your loved one.

1. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle.

Built with a steel frame, today’s top recommendation can offer one of the longest services to your kid. RoyalBaby kid’s freestyle bicycles come with an adjustable seat post, which allows you to adjust its sitting height according to the rider. It means that the bike can grow with your kid until and unless he or she can ride adult bicycles.

The bicycles arrive 95 percent assembled. So, simply attach its handlebars, saddle, pedal, and training wheels to get the fun started for your little one. Your child will never feel added strain even after riding this bicycle for some extra miles because of its comfortable seat that maintains optimum comfort.

What do we like?

The RoyalBaby Freestyle bicycle comes with all the features that make the bike learning process easy for your child. Its 2.4-inch wide pneumatic tires keep your kid balanced and comfortable over most of the terrains. Moreover, the bike has training wheels that offer added stability.

This Freestyle bike gives complete control to a user due to its user-friendly frame and soft grips. Still, it has a hand bar at the saddle that allows you to push start and help your kid whenever required. Talking about safety, the bicycle has front caliper and rear coaster brakes that work well during emergency stops.

What could be better?

The bike is heavy to ride, especially for juniors. So, some of the kids might not be able to ride it in the initial ages.

Our Verdict: RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle is your best bet if you want the little rider to enjoy the neighborhood in style, comfort, and safety. Its training wheels are the primary reason why you can also try it for beginners.

2. RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike Stargirl.

The Stargirl works with all efforts to offer long-lasting services to your lovely lady. Due to a steel constructed frame and fork, this kid’s bike deals with everything that your little one throws at it. One of the most impressive features of the bicycle is its fully enclosed chain guard that keeps your kid safe from dirt and mud.

Then comes a height-adjustable seat post, which makes the bike suitable for growing kids. Its knobby tires are performance-oriented and maintain smoothness even over rough terrains. The bike has a resin pedal that offers a strong grip to your child’s feet so that she can ride with complete control.

What do we like?

Stargirl offers a soft and steady grip to keep your girl comfortable. This kid’s bike comes with front caliper brakes and rear coaster brakes to maintain optimum safety of your kid. It also has training wheels that add to the stability and helps your girl to learn pedaling in a better way.

You will like a handle that’s smartly placed on the bike’s saddle, which is helpful when you are helping one of the kids to learn balancing and cycling. It has a useful front basket that can be used to carry some of the essentials. Also, the bike is available in two attractive colors, which is perfect for parents.

What could be better?

Some of the kids might feel difficult to ride Stargirl due to its added weight.

Our verdict: If you are looking for a lovely bike for your little princess, then RoyalBabyStargirl might be an excellent choice. Available in blue and pink, the bike comes with ribbon streamers that your girl will like for sure.

3. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Space Shuttle.

RoyalBaby Space Shuttle is built with a magnesium frame, which makes it ductile and lightweight. This kid’s bike has a steel constructed front fork, which adds to its durability. It also has training wheels for enhanced stability.

Space Shuttle comes with 2.4-inch wide knobby tires to offer comfortable and balanced rides over all the terrains. Its chainguard keeps your kid safe from mud and also protects him or her from minor accidents. The bicycle comes with an adjustable handlebar, which maintains a slip-free grip.

What do we like?

The bike has a lightweight construction, which makes it easy to handle and control. It’s also durable and never seeks early replacements. The wide tires maintain optimum comfort and smooth rides wherever your child wants to go. Its handlebar comes with a slip-free grip to offer convenient steering.

Space Shuttle bike comes with dual disc brakes that are powerful and keeps your kid safe. Its single-speed functionality can be easily handled by any of the kids. The bike also comes with a kickstand, reflectors, and required tools for its assembly.

What could be better?

RoyalBaby Space Shuttle comes with a single-speed drivetrain, which might not be successful over hilly trails. So, the bike will perform better on paved roads.

Our verdict: If you have a boy or girl between the age of 4 to 6 years, then Space Shuttle might be a solid choice. Its lightweight and steady built gives easy times to your kid while he or she is learning the pedaling on rough roads.

4. RoyalBaby Boys Girls Kids BMX Freestyle Bike.

Whether we talk about the style or your kid’s comfort, RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle bike excels in both the departments. Its custom tread tires and training wheels keep the child safe as well as balanced. The bike comes with a front caliper brake and band brakes at its rear.

RoyalBaby Freestyle bike has an ergonomic seat with quick release. This seat is height adjustable as well, which is useful for growing kids. Moreover, its ball bearing is entirely sealed to provide maintenance-free, efficient, and low resistance rides.

What do we like?

Safety is the primary concern when you leave your kid with a bicycle. It’s why this Freestyle BMX bike has child-oriented brake levers that are specially built for small hands. Due to the dual braking system, the bike stops instantly. Hence, it’s a suitable choice for beginners as well.

The bike has a 2.4-inch wide tire that offers stable and comfortable rides. Its training wheels are robust and have a wide distance to offer safe as well as stable rides to your kids. To add some more thrill to your choices, the bike is also available in red.

What could be better?

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle bike has a steel frame, which makes it heavy and difficult to ride for some of the users.

Our verdict: Amazingly stylish and one of the coolest bikes, RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle bicycle is suitable for kids who want to get outdoors and enjoy with friends with complete comfort and safety.

5. RoyalBaby Girl's Bike Little Swan.

RoyalBaby Little Swan has an attractive appearance that might easily engage all the girls who love pink. If you are planning a surprise birthday for your daughter, then gift her this ravishing bicycle. We are pretty sure you will win her heart because the bike has features that can impress any little girl.

Designed for growing ladies, Little Swan is built with a durable steel frame. It arrives 95 percent assembled and includes all the required tools to complete the configuration. You will also find an easy to follow instructional guide, which is helpful for new parents.

What do we like?

Style and safety are the primary reasons why Little Sawn is getting positive reviews from our experts. The bike comes with non-bent training wheels that keep your girl stable and allows her to learn the pedaling process. It also has flanged grips that prevent hand sliding from the handlebar.

A fully enclosed chain guard keeps your girl safe and clean. To carry some flowers, doll, lunchbox, and related items, the bike comes with a front basket. Its rear carrier is useful if she wants to take another kid for a spin.

What could be better?

You might find its front basket difficult to assemble. So, be ready to spend an extra ten minutes.

Our verdict: The gracefully pink Little Sawn satisfies the demands of your little girl in adorable ways. It has the elegance and cuteness to match her lovable personality. So, this one might the choice of parents who wants to pamper their little angles in the best possible way.

6. Royalbaby Boys Girls Kids Bike Explorer.

RoyalBaby bike Explorer is a great way for the kids who want to enjoy the weather independently. The bike’s primary motive Is to offer a comfortable and high-quality riding experience to your child. It’s the reason why the Explorer comes with attractive low frame design so that the user can easily get on and off.

Then comes its 2.125-inch wide tires that offer complete stability and maintain optimum comfort. The explorer is available in two sizes (16 and 20 inches) and three different color combinations. So, not only the preferred size but you also choose suitable colors for your young rider.

What do we like?

The Explorer comes with a lightweight aluminum frame. This bike arrives 95 percent assembled. So, you only have to follow 4 steps to complete its configuration. Its 16-inch version is available with a full chainguard that prevents any cloth soiling and also stops any chain entrapment.

The 16-inch Explorer also has training wheels that are helpful for young riders. Both the versions have adjustable seat, which is helpful if your son or daughter wishes to learn biking at an early age. Overall, one of the best gifts that can make your child happy.

What could be better?

The bike explorer 20-inch version does not have a chain guard, which could be a problem if a child is still in the learning process.

Our verdict: If you need a lightweight, stylish and comfortable bike for your kid, then the Explorer might be a solid choice. Its dual suspension ensures less vibration and disk brakes add to the safety.

7. RoyalBaby Boys Girls Kids Bike Honey Buttons Bicycle.

RoyalBaby Honey Buttons Bicycle is popular among the kids, parents, and experts for multiple reasons. First, it’s a unisexual bike that has one of the best braking mechanism. Second, the bike has an attractive design and is available in a variety of color combinations.

You will like the fact that the Honey Button bicycle is easy to assemble. It comes 95 percent configured and hence you can get it ready for the first ride within a few minutes. The bikes never seek early replacement due to a high quality built and hence, it’s easy to maintain as well.

What do we like?

The Honey Button bike comes with a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake that offers excellent stopping. Its brake lever has the shortest grip length that easily fits your kid’s hand so that he or she can stop the ride whenever required. Such an efficient braking mechanism guarantees the user’s safety over any of the terrains.

Its 2.4-inch wide tires and training wheels are another impressive set of features. The air-filled tires maintain comfortable and smooth rides for your kid. Its training wheels are robust and are helpful for new riders.

What could be better?

Some of the users’ complaints that the bike is heavy and hence tough to ride for beginners. So, it could be a burden for kids who are not yet comfortable with pedals.

Our verdict: The Honey Button bicycle might be a solid purchase if your little one wishes to be an awesome rider in the future. Its wide tires, bent free training wheels and excellent braking system are the three factors, why you can try the unisex bike.

In-depth Analysis of RoyalBaby Bike

RoyalBaby manufactures all the bicycles according to the particular needs of children. Almost all their bikes come with a child-oriented brake and short lever distance that easily fits within small hands. The China-based brand also focuses on building bikes with wide tires, so that the kids can ride with complete stability and comfort.

Headquartered in Beijing, RoyalBaby primarily manufactures unisex bicycles, boys/girls bikes, and balance bikes. Apart from kid’s bikes, the brand is also involved in the production of scooters and all the accessories related to their bikes. Apart from following high-quality building techniques, RoyalBaby adds some of the exciting features like bells, basket, bottle carrier, and a rear rack which generally doesn’t exist on other bikes. These are the reasons why it’s one of the reputable bike makers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Kore, Russia, and other major regions.

Analysis of RoyalBaby bike?

RoyalBaby primarily deals with kids bikes and scooters. The brand’s unisex bicycles are available with sizes between 12 to 20 inches. These bikes come with either aluminum, steel, or magnesium alloy frames, which makes them durable as well as robust. RoyalBaby unisex bicycle is available between a price range of $124 to $240, which is budget-friendly.

Girls and boys are also available with the same sizes and price ranges. The brand also manufactures balance bikes that are available in multiple attractive colors. These bicycles also utilize steel, aluminum, and magnesium alloy for frame construction. You will notice that some of the RoyalBaby balance bikes are available with carbon fiber frame because of its lightweight nature. You can find their balance bikes within $40 to $240.

Apart from bikes, kids also prefer scooters to enjoy the nearby streets. It’s the reason RoalBaby manufactures some of the best scooters that are available for kids between 3 to 13 years old. The models are available in multiple colors and the price range varies between $37 to $55.

The Chinese brand has warehouses in more than 60 countries across the globe. Their factory warehouse is located in Tianjin, China. If you receive a damaged item, you can return the same by filling up the form here. You can contact the brand at +86 18710107760 and their e-mail address is The brand can revert if you will up their contact form.

As you see, RoyalBaby is one of the biggest manufacturers of kid’s bikes. The brand built such a reputable name because if their quick repose to the consumer needs and excellent after sales support.

How good are RoyalBaby bike?

RoyalBaby bikes offer safe, comfortable, and enjoyable rides for your child. The brand’s bikes are successful on all the fronts because of high quality built, strong core strength, and useful features. Some of their bikes are also available with training wheels that makes the learning process easy.

Smooth grips, convenient handlebars, and excellent braking system are some other features that make RoyalBaby bikes favorite among parents and kid’s experts. Apart from that, these small road machines are available at budget-friendly price tags. So that any of the kids can fulfill their imagination to rule the road independently.

Should you buy a RoyalBaby bike?

If you have a kid within an age group of 4 to 12 years than you can try a RoyalBaby bike. Such a bike will help your child learn to pedal and to balance. Moreover, bike riding is a healthy activity that will keep your kid active, energetic, and physically strong.

Alternatives of RoyalBaby bike

JoyStar is an inspiring brand that offers high quality and innovative kids bike just like RoyalBaby. Huffy is another brand that offers mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and dirt bikes for kids. Apart from these two, you can also try Schwinn kid’s bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are RoyalBaby bikes made?

RoyalBaby has its manufacturing unit in Tianjin, China. The brand also has warehouses in more than 60 countries.

What is the right size bike for a 3-year old?

You need to purchase a 12-inch bike for a 3-years old child. Check the age and matching bike’s size below.

  • 3–4 years old – 14 inches
  • 4–5 years old – 16 inches
  • 5–8 years old – 20 inches
  • 8–11 years old – 24 inches
  • 12 + years old – 26 inches
How do I teach my 4-year old to ride a bike?

Well, children need to learn balance before they can ride a bike. So, the first step should be a push to start. Run with the bicycle while tightly holding his or her shoulders, instead of gripping the bike. Push starts even works better if you two are on a declined driveway.


Purchase a bike according to the child’s height and age, so that he or she can ride it comfortably. If your kid is unable to balance or pedal, then you should try a balance bike.


RoyalBaby manufactures some of the best kid’s bikes. The brand’s bicycles are built with high-quality materials and come with efficient braking systems. So, you can be assured that the little rider is comfortable and safe. Once your child crosses the age of 3, he or she can try any of the bikes we were discussing today.

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