10 Best Road Bike Brake Pads Reviews in 2021 – Limit Your Speed

best road bike brake pads

Are you pulling the brake levers harder on your road bike? And when you do so, there is an irritating noise from its rims. Then, it’s time to replace the brake pads. Here comes the real challenge, because purchasing brake pads is not an easy task.

Some of the brake pads are only compatible with certain bikes. You need to check the wheel type and built materials of the pads because it varies according to the requirements. No need to worry because today we will discuss some of the best road bike brake pads for both rim and disc braking systems.

1. Pangda Road Brake Pads.

Our first recommendation from Pangda is a showcase of durability, compatibility, and functionality. Designed to be compatible for most of the road bikes, the set of brake pads offer optimum performance and keeps you safe. The pairs of c-brakes are built with high quality hard wearing rubber material, which remains effective in both wet and dry riding conditions.


Both the pairs of Pangda road brake pads have a nut and space so that you can easily install and remove them. So, the brake pads are not only durable and performance-oriented, but also easy to configure. Due to their V-shaped Tank Design, the brake pads boost the braking ability and also protect bike rims from mud, stones, and sand. Moreover, they are lightweight and never adds much heft to your road races.


  • Comes with 2 pairs of brake pads
  • Includes the installation tools
  • 50 mm length
  • V-shaped Tank Design


  • High quality built for long-lasting assistance
  • Prevents the damage to the wheel rims
  • Suitable for most of the road bikes
  • Easy to install


    • No return policy

Our Verdict: The incredibly strong Pangda road brake pads allow you to re-configure your bike’s braking system within minutes. So, it’s a great product for beginners or individuals going for long road trips.

2. Shimano Brake Pads R55C4 for Dura-Ace/Ultegra/105.

If you own old or current versions of Dura-Ace or Ultegra and looking for replacement brakes, then the Shimano R55C4 is one of the best options to consider. Shimano is a reputable manufacturer of cycling accessories because their products are durable and effective. This brake pad standing as today’s second contender follows the same grounds and performs excellently for a long time.


Shimano RC554 protects the braking track for long and never makes noises even after regular usage. Due to their lightweight nature, the brake pads never becomes an extra load. However, it’s only suitable for aluminum rims, so if you have modified any of the compatible road bikes then it might not work.



  • Two pairs of brake pads
  • Hard rubber built
  • Includes 4 x retaining bolts
  • Lightweight


  • Excellent performance on dry conditions
  • Long-lasting built
  • Applies the pressure without making much noise


    • Brake shoes are not included

Our verdict: Shimano R55C4 brake pads are super strong and provide you with excellent braking abilities for long. So, it could be a great choice for road racers and other individuals who prefer long rides.

3. Swiss Stop FlashPro Original Black Brake Pads.

Today’s third recommendation comes from Swiss Stop, which is one of the leaders in biking products and accessories. The brand manufactures high quality components for your road bike’s braking mechanism. The FlashPro is built with the same reliability and hence it promises excellent braking results in all the seasons or conditions.


Made of the Original Black compound, the brake pads are highly resistant to wear and tear. These are suitable for aluminum rims and are compatible with SRAM or Shimano calipers. Due to excellent modulation, the pads provide you with excellent braking performance. Moreover, their asymmetrical grooves work as grip enhancers to provide desired grips in case of a sudden downpour.


  • Arrives as a set of 2 pairs
  • Bolt-on attachment
  • Noise-less vibration


  • Provides maximum output without applying much pressure
  • Long-lasting performance


    • Comparatively expensive

Our verdict: Flash Pro is suitable for riders who need all-weather brake pads that provide long-lasting performance. As it provides maximum braking power without any comprises on safety, it could be equally great for beginners.

4. Alritz Bike Brake Pads.

Do you own a road bike with v-brakes? Then, you should take a close look at the Altritx brake pads because they are some of the best options that you might prefer to buy. A single investment returns you with three pairs of high-quality brake pads that are compatible with almost any road or mountain bike. You simply have to follow the included installation instructions and everything else will fall in place.


Made of hard-wearing rubber in the combination of aluminum alloy, all the pieces are sturdy, long-lasting, and suits any of the riding conditions. Each brake pad includes one hex nut, 5 piece spacers, and a hex wrench for easy installation and removal. Alritz brake pads are available in blue and red, so you can choose one of them depending upon your bike’s appearance.


  • Three sets of brake pads included
  • Length of 70 mm
  • Hex nut and wrench are also provided
  • Produces minimal noise under operation


  • Marked brake pads for easy installation
  • Suitable for most of the road and mountain bikes
  • Long-lasting and temperature resistant
  • Make no harms to the bike rims


    • Might get exhausted early, especially when you are using the brake pads regularly

Our verdict: If you are confused among the various brake pads available for road bikes, then try the option from Alritz. Their high quality built offers excellent performance to maintain maximum braking power and safety.

5. SHIMANO 2 Pairs Disc Brake Pads.

The next recommendation comes from the house of Shimano, who has already given us multiple fantastic brake pads. This 2 pair disc brake pads are made of resin and are compatible with most of the road bikes. All the pieces are free from radiator fin, which is common in road bike brake pads.


Shimano brake pads are one of the best options for your road bike because of their reliable built quality. Due to resin construction, the brake pads provide you with optimum performance, but without making any noise. Moreover, the materials offer better modulation and work as a safety booster. Take a ride on a sunny day to feel the power of the Shimano brake pads and you will never regret your investment.


  • Comes as a pair of 2 brake pads
  • Suitable for disc brakes
  • Resin construction
  • Provides better modulation


  • Resin built to create minimal noise
  • Durable and performance-oriented
  • No radiator fin


    • No return policies, so check the compatibility before you order

Our verdict: The brake pads are suitable for all the users who are enjoying a road or mountain bike equipped with Shimano disc braking system. It has a high quality built for long-lasting assistance, so no need to think about replacement anytime soon.

6. Kool Stop Bicycle Brake Pads with X Pad (Dura-Ace/Ultegra).

Kool Stop Bicycle Brake Pads are affordable replacements if you own Dura-Ace or Ultegra integrated road bikes. Their built quality is acceptable and it’s the primary reason why you can try these brake units without any doubt. Then comes their weatherproof salmon compound built, which allows them to comfortably squeeze the brake levers in any weather.


Due to a salmon compound construction, the brake pads provide you with immense braking power. You only have to make sure they are compatible. Rest assured, the brake units will never you any chance to complain. There is another benefit of using a reliable bike accessory; it boosts your confidence about the bike and its braking power, which ultimately results in improved riding experience.


  • Two pairs of brake pads provided
  • Also includes a pair of replacement brake pads
  • Aluminum made pad holders
  • Allen head screw


  • Salmon compound body to easily deal with wet conditions
  • Great for dry conditions due to the threaded surface
  • Never creates any irritating sound
  • Temperature proof, so don’t expect it to get softened due to extra heat


    • Comparatively expensive

Our verdict: If you want to enhance the Dura-Ace or Ultegra braking mechanism of your road bike, then the Kool Stop brake pad might be a suitable investment. These braking units are reliable, durable, and weatherproof to keep your trip interrupted and safe.

7. SHIMANO BR-6700 Ultegra Caliper Pad Set.

Can you expect a high-quality road bike brake pad set without even spending $20? Well, sort of. Our next recommendation again comes from the same brand that tries all its experience to give you the best for your precious two-wheeler. SHIMANO BR-6700 offers you solid braking when you work on the braking levers. If installed correctly, the set will not plagiarize your road trip with unwanted noises.


BR-6700 caliper brake pad set comes with a strong but lightweight alloy holder, which performs well under wet conditions. Due to their easy to understand built and instructions, you can easily install the pads. It could be trouble if you are a newcomer in the cycling industry.


  • Rests in a lightweight aluminum holder
  • Compatible with Shimano brake calipers
  • Lightweight


  • Affordable
  • Effective on all the roads
  • Lightweight and makes minimal noise



    • A couple of users states that the braking set is not responsive enough

Our verdict: Shimano gives you a high-quality set of brake pads for an Ultegra equipped road bike. It’s effective under any of the riding conditions and is available at a price tag that gives you a chance to gain more instead of losing.

8. Pioneeryao Road Bike Brake Pads.

You can choose the Pioneeryao bike brake pads in any of the color combinations that suit your two-wheeler. Available in 6 different shades, these brakes pads measure 55 mm in length. The product is available as a pair of 2, wherein each piece is built with a removable screw. So, you can take their pads apart whenever required.


Due to built-in grooves, these brake pads disperse all the water and make sure there are no-slip offs in wet conditions. All thanks to their weatherproof construction, the pads are also suitable for summers. Pioneeryao brake pads are compatible with most of the road bikes using rim brakes, so you can try them without any risk.


  • 2 pairs of rim brake pads
  • Length of 55 mm
  • Made of an all-weather compound
  • Built with a removable screw


  • Easy to configure with your bike
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Grooved surface to disperse extra water


    • Some packets are mislabeled as disc brakes

Our verdict: Pioneeryao brake pads are great for individuals who own a trendy road bike because it’s one of the rare bike accessories that’s available in a wide range of colors.

9. BASEEING Bike Brake Pads.

Today’s next contender is a very affordable and pretty set of brake pads by Baseeing. It comes as a 2 set of brake pads that are compatible with all the v-braking systems. Made of wear-resistant rubber, the pads are great for aluminum rims and provides great stopping power, but minimal noise. Moreover, their arc design improves the braking power, but never comes into the way of your wheels.


You will like the fact that the Baseeing bike brake pads are easy to install, but it does not include a hex wrench. Even after such a reasonable price tag, the manufacturers never compromise with the built quality. It’s the reason these brake pads can be used for more than 3600 kilometers of road riding.


  • Designed and manufactured in Taiwan
  • Compatible with v-brakes
  • 70 mm in length
  • Available in three different colors



  • Reasonable price tag
  • Compatible with Shimano, SRAM and all other major v-brake systems
  • Long-lasting construction using aluminum and high-quality rubber


    • A hex wrench is not included

Our verdict: It might be suitable for riders who need a reasonably priced v-brake pads that are stylish and durable.

10. Avid 20R brake pads and insert.

Do you want to stop your ride under any road conditions? Try the 20R that comes from a reputable and famous bike accessory manufacturer. Compatible with all the linear brakes, the brake pads generate a powerful braking system that stops a two-wheeler at your will. Its stopping power never fades over time, so you will never notice poor performances.

The brake pads are available as a pack of 1 or 2 pair packs. You can try them for any of the rim sizes. Moreover, these pads are easy to install and takes a couple of minutes to be ready with your bike. So, try the impressive, reliable, and amazing braking units at a very reasonable price.


  • Compatible for linear brakes
  • Offers better modulation


  • Threaded surface for more braking power
  • Works great in warm weather
  • Easy to install


    • Newcomers might not be able to install it properly

Our verdict: If you want an affordable set brake pads for the road bike that you use for aerobics or daily commute, then 20R could be the best replacement.

What are Brake Pads?

A brake pad translates a rider’s or driver’s commands into physical energy that stops the wheels. In other words, a brake pad comes into contact with the wheel’s rim or brake rotors of a vehicle. The friction and pressure applied by the brake pads is the energy that stops the wheels and hence your vehicle or bike. Generally composed of steel or aluminum backplates holding a friction material that faces the rims or brake rotors.

Imagine a spinning rim while you are riding it. Will you able to hold it with your bare hands? But, the brake pads do the same for hundreds and thousands of times. Thank them by checking for their wear and tear after a few weeks.

Brake Pads Buying Guide

Most of the bikes employ v-brake or cantilever braking systems to stop their wheels. Modern two-wheelers also employ a disk braking system for better performance. Various brake pads are suitable for such a mechanism, but choosing the best among them could be mind-boggling. To make the search enjoyable as well as accessible, there are some of the factors that you should consider. Let’s make sure that your investment suits the riding requirements.

Installation and adjustment: How easy to install and adjustable the bike brake pads are? It should be the first consideration. There are multiple options available in the market, but you need to choose something that offers easy configuration as well as adjustment. The removal should also be easy so that you can easily replace the brake pads.

Build material: Rubber is the most common material to manufacture road bike brake pads. It’s because rubber is resistant to corrosion, rust and remains sturdy for a long time, especially if installed correctly. Rubber made brake pads are great for v-brakes and cantilever mechanism. However, there are ceramic and metal pads that are suitable for a disc braking system.

Apart from the pad, you should also check its backbone and make sure it’s durable. Opt for an option that has an anti-rust and strong backbone that can easily deal with the pressure applied. A durable backbone makes sure you can enjoy uninterrupted road trips.

Weatherproof nature: Don’t you want to ride your road bike irrelevant to the weather? Then, look for a set of brake pads that can withstand temperature variations or changes in the climate and still perform without any compromise. So, we recommend that you check the description and choose a brake pad that’s meant to perform all year round.

Noise: No one wants to draw everyone’s attraction while riding a bike. So, try to find a set of brake pads that makes minimal noise even after you use them regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of road bike brake pads?

You will find three types of brake pads in the current cycling industry.

Rim brakes: Using a couple of cantilever arms that pivots and works against the rotating rims are sold as rim brake pads. These two arms are supposed to hold the brake pads in such a way that whenever you try to squeeze the handlebar lever, the brake pads go against the spinning rims to stop them using friction as well as pressure.


Disc brake pads: All the bike wheels have an inbuilt circular disc that becomes the operating base for the disc brake pads. A set of disc brake pads applies pressure to this disc instead of the wheel’s rim. So, once you apply the brakes, the two-wheeler comes to halt.


Combination: The third category of brake pads gives you the best of both worlds. In other words, it

combines both rim and disk brake pads to work as a single unit. Combination brake pads or braking mechanism provides you with the best stopping performance and are also more resistant to weather.

Will new brake pads make noise?

New brake pads might cause some noise, especially ceramic ones. However, the noise will be very little in the initial hours and it should be gone after that.


Make sure you check the compatibility before you invest any of the road bike brake pads. You cannot choose the wrong ones. Otherwise, the set up will be incomplete and you might not be able to utilize the product. If you are a newcomer, then take the help of a local repair shop. However, setting up the brake pads should not be difficult for the experienced riders.

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