07 Best Razor Dirt Bikes Reviews in 2021 – In-depth Analysis

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Do you love dirt biking? Then, you might know about Razor because the brand manufactures a wide range of dirt bikes suitable for beginners as well as expert cyclists.

If you want to enjoy this popular outdoor sports, its crucial to choose the best dirt bikes available in the market. And its possible after reading about some of the best Razor dirt bikes reviews that we have collected today.

1. Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike.

The ability to hit a maximum speed of 14mph brings the MX400 to the top. At such a speed, the bike ensures that other riders taste the dust while you cut through the trails. And why not? It comes with 12-inch fast-rolling pneumatic knobby tires that are crafted to provide optimum grip and maximum power transfer.

MX400 has a robust and long-lasting steel frame, which combines with its high-quality suspension to withstand a maximum user weight of 140 pounds (64 kg). It takes power from a mighty 350-watt chain-driven motor that never seeks mercy even at high speeds. The bike is suitable for young riders aged 13 and above.

What do we like?

MX400 comes with a couple of 12 V sealed lead-acid batteries that offer a maximum runtime of 30 minutes, which could be 10 miles at the maximum. The give duration and distance fairly for daily commutes or weekend dirt rides. Recharging time is 12 hours, so you need to leave it plugged in for the whole night.

Some of the additional features that add to your comfort and convenience are its twist acceleration, which makes the rides smooth and comfortable. Rear brake with a manual hand-pull lever works well and keeps you safe as well as balanced. You will like the fact that this bike has also a retractable stand and shatter roof plastic fairings.

What could be better?

The battery life might not be suitable for riders traveling far away from their residence.

Our Verdict: Razor MX400 is perfect for both beginners and experts because of its easy assembly, robust build, and useful features. If you are looking for a stylish dirt bike, then MX400 deserves your trial.

2. Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross.

Today’s next recommendation is one of the coolest road machines by Razor. Inspired by Jeremy McGrath, SX350 is built for young riders. If you are not able to find any suitable for your kid, then make sure you take a closer look at this electric motocross.

Suitable for riders 13 years and above, the McGrath Dirt Rocket withstands a maximum weight of 140 pounds. The bike has an angle-adjustable riser handlebar, which makes it comfortable for a wide range of users. Moreover, its spoked wheels come covered with 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires so that you can enjoy all the terrains without any trouble.

What do we like?

The product comes in a frustration-free packaging and is available with expert assembly at a reasonable cost on Amazon. It’s a useful attribute for beginners or young riders who are transitioning from a regular pedaled bike to an electric variant. Once ready, the bike reaches a maximum speed of 14 mph.

The runtime of 30 minutes at full speed is also decent for daily commuters and weekend adventurers. A rear brake with a manual lever makes your rides safe and balanced. Plus, an inbuilt retractable kickstand is helpful in its parking.

What could be better?

SX350 does not come with a suspension, which can make your rides stiffer than expected. There is no front brake as well, which might not be a problem, just be aware of the same.

Our verdict: SX350 could be a solid purchase for new riders who wants to taste electric dirt biking. Due to a decent runtime, the bike might be perfect for weekend wanderers as well.

3. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike.

Symbolizing Jeremy McGrath, the Dirt Rocket SX500 gives you better and comfortable rides. Due to its genuine dirt bike frame design, the motocross bike handles rough terrains without creating many jerks. All thanks to a variable speed function, it also offers a customized biking experience that adds to your comfort.

SX500 works on a rechargeable battery system comprising three 12 V cells. Such power juices the bike to offer 40 minutes of runtime at a maximum speed of 15 mph. Dual suspension ensures that you don’t have to feel much impacts during the given time.

What do we like?

Dirt Rocket SX500 has a sturdy frame that withstands users with a weight of up to 175 pounds. So, the outdoor bike is suitable for riders that are equal to or older than 14 years. Moreover, its wide pneumatic knobby tires are sturdy enough to deal with all the terrains without asking for replacements.

This Razor dirt bike has comfortable riser handlebars and manual disc brakes on both the tires. Its disc brakes are powerful and make your rides safe as well as balanced. A retractable kickstand completes the bike and ensures that you don’t have to find a support.


What could be better?

Some of the users state that SX500 batteries are not durable enough. However, such complaints are only a handful and hence should not break the deal.

Our verdict: If you want to enjoy an exciting variable speed throttle, then Dirt Rocket SX500 could be the right road machine to try. It’s comfortable as well as incredibly safe due to its front suspension and dual disc brakes.

4. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike.

MX350 is a perfect motocross bike for riders who prefers to deal with off-road trails. If you are more than 13 years of age, then it’s one of the best Razor dirt bikes you can try. All thanks to a high-quality steel construction and adjustable riser handlebars, the bike is great for beginners as well as intermediate users.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket has a sealed lead acid rechargeable system consisting of two 12 V batteries. These cells power its chain-driven motor to offer smooth, quiet, and powerful rides. With such an arrangement, the off-road bike runs at a maximum speed of 14 mph for 30 minutes.

What do we like?

MX350 comes with 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires that keep the rides comfortable, smooth and jerk-free. It has a single-speed twist-grip throttle for easy control. The bike comes with a rear brake, which is effective and keeps you safe as well as balanced.

Due to adjustable riser handlebars, the bike easily accommodates a wide range of users. Its retractable kickstand makes the parking easy and folding leg pegs are useful while storage.

What could be better?

MX350 does not have front suspensions, which results in rough rides. So, the bike can behave smoothly only if the surface is flat.

Our verdict: Razor MX350 offers enjoyable rides for young dirt bikers, wherein they can fulfill all the imaginations and live off-road fantasies. With a powerful motor, knobby tires, and a maximum speed of 14 mph, the bike doesn’t lack anything that you need to deal with the dirt trails.

5. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike.

Available with a mighty 650-watt electric motor, the MX650 is a perfect motocross bike for young and adult riders. Its high quality built can withstand a maximum user weight of up to 220 pounds. The bike also has dual suspension so that you can enjoy the rides in optimum comfort.

MX650 has pneumatic knobby tires that offer excellent traction, maximum power transfer, and adequate bounce for jerk-free rides. It has an efficient ignition system that provides you with a fast start-up and a maximum speed of 17 mph. Even after operating at high speeds, the bike makes minimal noise and keeps you irritation-free.

What do we like?

Whether you are heading for off trails or challenging an uphill terrain, MX650 co-operates due to its powerful motor. The motocross bike is made to hit the road with full capacity that also without making any impacts on our environment. It’s right because the bike does not utilize petrol to emit harmful gasses.

MX650 has adjustable riser handlebars, which helps you customize the rides. Its twist grip control makes you the in charge of speed and dual disc brakes take care of the safety. Above all, the bike has a runtime of 40 minutes at a maximum speed, which is higher than its counterparts.

What could be better?

Some of the users state that MX650 does not have a durable chain and the replacement also takes some time to arrive.

Our verdict: If you need a powerful dirt bike that can deal with almost anything that comes to your way, then try the MX650. It’s powerful among all and also has a high-speed limit.

6. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Dirt Bike.

MX500 is suitable for beginners and intermediate level riders because of its all-steel frame, which easily tolerates vibrations as well as jerks. It comes with a powerful 500-watt motor that’s chain driven and offers a maximum speed of 15 mph. The bike can deal with a maximum weight of 175 pounds, which makes it suitable for riders above or equal to 14 years.

The motocross dirt bike has pneumatic tires that keep your rides responsive and balanced even at high speeds. However, the width of its tire at the front is 16-inches and 14-inches at the rear. Its front dual-suspension adds to the comfort so that you can enjoy smooth rides.

What do we like?

Razor MX500 has an authentic dirt bike frame, which offers the thrill and excitement you expect from a dirt bike. Due to wide tires and strong engine, the bike has all the power you need to tackle dirt terrains. It has adjustable riser handlebars and a retractable kickstand for convenient parking. Manual disc brakes offer solid stopping power as well.

The bike has a powerful 36V rechargeable lead-acid mechanism containing three 12 V batteries that take 12 hours for a full charge. Its battery charger is included, which is a benefit if you don’t own any other Razor dirt bike.

What could be better?

Some of the users complain that the battery dies after a few months of usage and then you need to contact the manufacturers for replacement.

Our verdict: Razor MX500 deserves the attention of those riders who don’t want to stop where the road ends. If you have no fear from dirt and hilly terrains, try this motocross dirt bike because of its robust motor, dual suspension, and authentic dirt bike frame geometry.

7. Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Dirt Bike.

If you have a young rider aged 16 or above, then Razor MX650 electric dirt bike might be a suitable choice. All thanks to a sturdy steel frame, it withstands a weight up to 220 pounds. Due to a powerful 650-watt, the motocross bike easily deals with inclines, declines, and rough terrains to offer smooth rides.

MX650 comes with dual disc brakes, which deserve special mention because they promise safe braking on all the trails. The dirt bike has a maximum speed of 17 mph, which makes it one of the fastest electric road machines. Moreover, it has twist grip control for convenient acceleration management.

What do we like?

The dirt bike has a 36V rechargeable lead-acid battery system that comprises 3 x 12v cells. It takes only 8 hours for a complete recharge and lasts for 40 minutes. Variable speed acceleration control is an impressive feature, especially for experts.

Style, confidence, and comfort; these are three factors why Razor MX650 one of the favorites among dirt bikers. Its soft rubber grips keep you trouble-free and concentrated. An angle-adjustable riser handlebar makes the bike even more enjoyable.

What could be better?

Once again, the Razor bike here is under scan for its battery. Some of the users state that its battery was unable to hold a charge after a few months of regular usage.

Our verdict: Young riders who enjoy weekend dirt biking might like the Razor MX650 motocross bike. It has all the features you need to tackle steep dirt trails.

Razor Dirt Bike Analysis

Razor USA LLC manufactures several means of personal transportation. The California based brand was started in 2000 when a team thought to create a modern version of scooters so that they can smarter and more attractive. Since then, all the kids love Razor electric bikes, their scooters, dirt bikes, and hoover boards.

Even after 20 years of existence, the brand maintains its quality and introduces innovative products that match the imagination of kids as well as young riders. They have sold 34 million scooters till now. So, you can understand how much love the brand is getting across the globe.

Analysis of Razor bike?

Razor started as a scooter manufacturer, but now the brand deals in a wide range of products that can help you to reach nearby places. Starting from hoverboards, skateboards, electric bikes, Razor also deals in multiple riding toys for kids. The brand believes that there should be added fun in your life and it’s the reason most of their products are available in multiple colors and trendy designs.

Whether we talk about juniors, kids, teens, or adults, Razor has one or the other means of transport available. No matter you need a kick scooter for a little one between 2 to 4 years or a Cart Shiftfor kids aged between 5 to 7 years, the brand has it. Even if you are an adult aged more than years, Razor has adult electric scooters, skateboard, caster board, and turbojetsavailable.

Most of the brand’s products are manufactured using steel, shatter-free plastic, and bamboo wood. These are durable materials. Hence, Razor products are long-lasting and never seeks early replacements. If you face any trouble with a Razor product, you can contact them at (866) 467-2967 between8am to 5pm PT. You can also fill this form here to contact the Razor support. For basic support queries and find nearby service centres, you can check their knowledge base here.

Talk about Razor dirt bikes, hoverboards, or skates, all of them are available at reasonable price tags. Some of the electric bikes are expensive, but it’s only because of their powerful motor, high quality built, and better speed.


How good are Razor dirt bike?

Razor manufactures some of the best dirt bikes for kids, teens, and adults. It’s simply because any of the brand’s bikes can reach up to a maximum speed of 14 mph and even more. You can ride these machines over paved surfaces as well as rough terrains.

Battery and its runtime should be the primary concern when you are looking for an electric dirt bike. Razor motocross dirt bikes offer a decent battery varying between 30 to 40 minutes. So, whether you need some thrill on the forest trails or added adventures over mountain terrain, Razor bikes are suitable.

Should you buy a Razor dirt bike?

Razor dirt bikes are durable, powerful, quiet, and comfortable. If you select the right model depending upon the age and weight, then one of them could be a suitable choice to enjoy thrilling rides. It’s crucial to choose a dirt bike according to your experience level, and skillset because these are the factors that will determine your biking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric dirt bike?

Electric dirt bikes are a scaled-down version of the original version, so that young riders can enjoy their off-road imaginations. A maximum speed varying between 14 to 17 mph is another attraction for a battery-powered road machine.

How fast does razor dirt bike go?

Razor dirt bikes offer a maximum speed of 17 mph. Razor MX650 is one of those bikes that’s not only powerful but also offers a speed limit of 17 mph.

How to charge a razor bike?

Razor bikes are available with either a 24 or 36-voltage charger; depending upon the variant. You simply need to connect its charger with a nearby electrical outlet. Once connected the bike’s battery indicator should show green status.


If you want your kid to enjoy more outdoors, then investing in a Razor dirt bike is a positive idea. Apart from being enjoyable and exciting, these road machines also set a great foundation for their racing skills. Razor bikes are robust, durable and hence, young riders can take benefits for many more years to come.

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