The Best Mountain Bike Hubs Reviews and Guide in 2020

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Rear hubs are the part of mountain bikes where you hear the constant noise. Melody serves a purpose. Modern mountain bikes apply rear hubs decorated with a freewheel on which the cassette is set up.

The wheels spin on bearing inside the hub around the axle. Hubs are found in various design, sizes, and colors to set up in any mountain bike application.

1. Novatec Mountain Bike Hubs

Take hubs today and decide to weight them today and take them aside to see what kind of bearing is added. Weight is just as the advertisement given and bearings are made in China, desire to have the best quality, the price is not high.

The bearing is from NBK, and front hubs are HCH bearing. I am not well acquainted with the brands, and then I quick search on Google and found they are good. I decide to use it in the summer to see what may happen.

Meanwhile, I like to find the source to know the price of it. It may be few weeks before the wheels made.

I would like to follow up if I have to issue anything.


  • Sound great, light weight and works fine
  • Quality metal
  • Strong than the others


  • Cassette Body and Alloy Axle
  • For High Comfort Adjust Strength of Bearing with side caps


  • Nothing to mention

2. Park Tool Dummy Hub

Park tool is considered the world largest bicycle tool manufacturer. Much dedication of its innovation, quality, customer service, etc. made the tool first choice of the professionals as well as home bicycle mechanics all over the world.

It should have derailleur cleaning and chain cleaning. The hub ensures you to retract and extend the derailleur without removing the chain. It is made very well. Made of aluminum powder or anodize coated.


  • Sleeping Hub
  • The DH-1 slides into replaces and rear dropouts the rear wheels for chain transport and cleaning.
  • The DH-1 is fit for all derailleur and 1/8″ chain
  • The design gives the bike to be shifted as well as with the dropout and thru-axle frames up to twelve mm.


  • Super construction
  • It should have derailleur cleaning and chain cleaning
  • It may be aluminum which anodizes and powders coated
  • As you give the power to extend and retract the derailleur except moving the chain.


  • Cleaning may be problematic sometimes

3. Shimano Front Mountain Bicycle Hub

Original Shimano parts ensure that the components are perfect for maximum safety and optimum performance and longevity. The trick is applied to convert a bike to the disc brakes.

Spoke length requires for the hub according to the bike shop which threaded is not acceptable length. You need to store them, or otherwise, you have to give the special order.


  • Strong
  • This is the thing that you are trying to get with a reasonable price


  • A supertype of hub may be made with a 26-inch tire along with a Mavic 719 and XT 86 rotor. They are fitting well


  • Require to apply various length spokes as you like to change from 515

Types of Hub

Front hubs

Front hubs are made of a tubular body having a set of bearings to the end. Maybe loose ball bearing stored into a bearing race and secured through locknuts.

This may be cartridge-type bearings that press in as a single unit. The axle remains with the frame or fork to use quick release clamps or bolts. It depends on hub type and the bike.

The hub keeps a raised lip to the end. It drills with the holes for the spokes. Once again the number of spokes and holes depend on the types of wheel. Some road hubs and many MTB come with disc mounts for disc brake rotors.

Rear hubs

BMX, MTB, and most road rear hubs have features of freewheel with the drive side of the hub. It is a nice splinted metal (Steel or Aluminum) tube onto which slide the sprocket or the cassette.

It contains spring-loaded pawls which make clicking sound. You may hear this sound while coasting on the bike.

NOTE: The ratchet-and-pawl mechanism enables the wheel to spin freely as you are coasting. You need to turn the pedals to engage the transmission.

The ratchet has toothed gear wheel within the hub body. It participates with spring-loaded pawls in one direction in freewheel to permit rotation. The pawls click previous the teeth if you’re freewheeling.

Some riders think the number of teeth or pawls when they upgrade rear hubs. Bigger teeth may deal with more torque. Smaller teeth indicated better engagement rate and more instant power transfer.

What should you have to remember?


The specs are compiled by us t Ron and Fair Wheel at White Mountain Wheels as we are careful as there are awful numbers as well as calculations thrown around at present.

I would like to declare that it is impossible which we have transcribed, recorded or written a number incorrectly.

Please forgive me for the mistake. We have upgraded the design, and most things are corrected, with the help of scale one can find the mistake.

Considerations when choosing a hub set

This is very necessary to know that there is no absolute hub. Each hub has its weakness and strengths. So a good custom wheel comes to help you to select the best hub fit for your need.

A hub may be fit for one person, but may not be fit for another person. There is no ideal hub to consider. We finally found one hub that is fit for all.

With the combination of those reviews, we have made 20000 pairs of wheels. So it is good to say that we have a good experience. Some hubs may use any rider, but this is not ideal for everyone.

best mountain bike hubs

I think all the hubs of this review are good hubs. Meaning that they have good design, reliability, quality control, service, etc. Each can be a top choice for particular application.

Each design is a collection of compromises and optimizations, and every rider has individual priorities. Things like weight, price, durability, resistance, branding, ease of service, looks all considerations, the spokes and rim, and wheelset.

The aim is to balance the features that are most important for the balance of spoke or rim selection. We hope the review will take you to the point where the hub will do work best for your use.

1. Durability

Sustainability is also an essential factor to think. A hub set may be lighter for its design and materials, but there are some things like weaker and thinner parts and smaller bearings.

Long-term experience is the best indicator, but this would not help you much when a new design comes to the market. The QC may be variable and old design has a random issue.

best mountain bike hubs

Detect the kind of force a rider might give on the wheels. Some 240-pound riders have no issue, but the 120-pound rider may destroy it.

The weight of the writer is also an important factor, besides style. The riders experience needs to be considered well. A rider can ride well on the 12-pound climbing bike, need a different set of requirements to a regular bike on which you can ride all sorts of weather.

2. Bearing material

This is the thing found in the base model.  Some hubs have upgraded found from the factory.

3. Bearing size

Alter from the left to the right of the hub shell after that to the hub body.

Static load: For the hub shell and the freehub body it has combined static load. Static load rating is the topmost amount of load that may take without deformation which degrades the performance of the bearing.

Final Words

Before taking the decision to buy the product, read the reviews again and again. Reviews will help you to know the details of the product, user impressions.

best mountain bike hubs

Our foremost intention is to give you the total impression of a product so that people can do more research.

After buying the product, you also have more options to test it thoroughly. But the review will help you to know better about the product.

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