Best Men’s Hybrid Bike Under 500 – Reviews and Buying Guide

best hybrid bike

A hybrid bike is the best thing in this cycling world. We are yet to find any commuter or sports rider who doesn’t like it. Why would someone not prefer a two-wheeler that has a wonderful balance and ability to tackle all the terrains?

Mountains, city roads, or trails, what attracts you? Be it anything, a hybrid will tackle that. However, all the models are not made to be equal. So, we researched and collected some of the best men’s hybrid bikes under 500. We will discuss eight top-rated hybrid bikes available below $500, discussing the features that make them suitable for your consideration. 

1. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Today’s first recommendation from sixthreezero is for cyclists who enjoy a comfortable cruising ride. One of the best bikes under 500, the EVRYjourney hybrid combines the smoothness of road bikes with the comfort of cruise bikes. The result is an excellent two-wheeler for daily commutes, workouts, and leisure rides. 

If we talk about the looks, there is nothing special in this cruiser bike. But, once you get the feel of its low profile frame, you will be amazed to feel the comfort. Due to its design, the bike keeps you upright wherein your back and shoulders remain straight. Moreover, your legs remain forward for convenient extension and pedaling. 

What do we like?

sixthreezero EVRYjourney has a matte black appearance, which makes it aggressive. The matching saddle, fenders, and rear rack make it even more stylish. Fender is useful in the rainy season and its rear rack is great to bring small items from the store. 

The hybrid cruiser features a Shimano derailleur that offers 7 speeds, which is sufficient for all the roads. This bike has powerful brakes, which stops the ride at your will. As its frame has a forward pedaling geometry, you can place your foot flat on the ground while stopping. 

What could be better?

If the hybrid cruiser needs tuning, you need to consult a professional. It has a 7-speed derailleur, but you cannot see at which speed you are riding. You need to lean on the sides, which is not so safe on the move.


EVRYjourney is suitable for long and short distance commuters. It’s also great if you need a bike for fitness cycling or leisure rides. 

2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

What do want from a hybrid bike? It should be simple to set up, easy to ride, and affordable. Isn’t it right? Well, Schwinn Discover checks all these boxes and appears as a perfect bike for beach rides, trips around the park, and daily commutes. 

Despite its pocket-friendly price tag, the hybrid bike impresses us with a lightweight aluminum frame, alloy crank, suspension fork, and an integrated rear rack. Its Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM grip shifter with 21 speeds are helpful when you need to deal with different terrains. 

What do we like?

Discover has an effective drivetrain and the gear shifts work great when serviced properly at regular intervals. Its front suspension softens the bumps. Front and rear fenders work great to stop the dirt, especially in the rainy season. The rear rack is very useful to carry groceries and similar items. 

The hybrid bike offers a comfortable upright riding position, which gives you an elegant feel. Its apparent cruise like feel allows you to drive for long without any fatigue. Discover has a padded saddle and adjustable handlebars that lets you to customize your ride. 

What could be better?

The suspension fork is great to reduce jerk, but cannot handle off-road adventurous. Also, its handlebar is adjustable but doesn’t keep you comfortable while riding downhills.  


Discover is great for casual riders who need a bike that can handle all the city roads and weekend mountain rides as well. 

3. Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX 1.0 is suitable for daily commutes, casual cycling, and fitness. The comfort bike is constructed using an aluminum frame, which provides fast acceleration and convenient handling. Its frame measuring 7 inches is great for all the users with average height. 

The hybrid bike offers you an upright pedalling posture, which is comfortable for long rides. Due to its low frame design, you can easily get on and off. Moreover, this bike has a front suspension fork that reduces jerks and gives you a bump-free ride on all the terrains. 

What do we like?

GTX comfort bike has MicroSHIFT twist shifters that allow precise gear adjustments. The bike has a 21-speed gears system, which is helpful when you have to deal with a variety of surface including hills, greenways, dirt roads, city streets, and flat roads. Its V-brakes are powerful and offer complete control when you are riding downhill. 

This bike has aluminum alloy rims fitted with 700 x 38c tires that are great for roads and light trails. It’s available in three trendy color combinations so that you can choose one according to your preferences. The brakes and cables are arranged properly and never spoils your style. 

What could be better?

Schwinn GTX is great for a variety of terrains, but it’s not suitable for mountain biking and terrains that are rough. Some of the users also state that its brakes and gear system is not impressive enough, but the performance is fine. It also lacks a rear rack, bell as well as fenders.


Suitable for users with a height of at least 5’5” to 5’9”, who needs to ride at least 5 to 8 miles every day. It’s affordable and also performs well according to its price tag.

4. Sixthreezero Reach Your Destination Men's Hybrid Bike

Reach your destination hybrid is a lean and agile bike, which gives you a smooth ride to all the destinations. It’s fast but keeps you comfortable. So, whether you are crossing through busy city roads or chasing new paths on weekends, it easily navigates and gives you complete control. 

Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, the hybrid bike features Shimano external derailleur that gives you 7 adaptive gears. This gearbox keeps you unstoppable on all the terrains while the 700 x 35c tires with dual walled rims maintain a complete grip over all the surfaces. 

What do we like?

sixthreezero Reach Your Destination hybrid has a tapered saddle that provides adequate hip and back support while maximizing your pedaling power. Due to its low profile frame, you can easily enter and exit. Its handlebar has a structure or geometry that keeps you an upright riding position. Means, you will not feel much strain on your shoulders or arms. On the contrary, the frame, handlebar, and saddle altogether keep you comfortable and relaxed. No matter you are riding for fun or going to the library, its handlebar covered with synthetic leather gives you a slip-free grip. 

What could be better?

The bike is great but gives you a hard time understanding the installation instructions. So, it will take time to get ready, especially if you are a newcomer. 


Reach your destination hybrid is suitable for daily commuters under urban or suburban conditions. It’s not designed to deal with off-road usage, so mountain riders should check other options on this list

5. Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

Whether you need a bike for daily commutes or fitness improvement, the road hybrid bike by Hiland is an excellent option. It has a lightweight and durable aluminum frame that provides you with a unique biking experience for many more years to come. The hybrid two-wheeler offers unparalleled comfort and performance that you cannot expect from a bike available at such an affordable price tag.

Hiland road hybrid bike has powerful mechanical disc brakes that ensure precise stops and allows complete control over any of the terrains. This braking system is powerful enough to work in rough conditions and keeps you safe.

What do we like?

The hybrid bike features a SHIMANO gear change system that has 24-speed settings. Such a speed change mechanism is helpful when you are riding over hills and mountains. All thanks to its Shimano thumb switch; you can easily change the gears to enjoy a smooth ride. 

Hiland B08131LG3T comes with high quality and performance-oriented tires worth 700 x 40C. The pair of wheels add to the comfort and gives you great cycling sessions. Above all, the product comes with a lifetime warranty, which simply means that you don’t have to replace it shortly. 

What could be better?

The installation and tuning are not for beginners. So, you need professional help while configuring the bike that will add to its initial cost. 

Our verdict

Hiland road bike is a great investment for daily commuters and fitness enthusiast. Whether you need to travel through city roads, rough terrains, or you simply want a bicycle for a morning workout, the B08131LG3T fits the bill and gives you a comfortable and safe ride. 

6. Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

The GTX comfort hybrid bike comes with dual mechanical disc brakes, 21 speed rear derailleur, 700C wheels, and front suspension fork. Its swift gear shifting allows an easy ride on dusty terrains as well as city roads. The disc brakes are powerful and immediately stops its movement irrelevant to the riding conditions.

You will like the fact that this comfort bike comes 90 percent pre-assembled. The configuration is easy if you own an Allen wrench. Its double-wall rims ate sturdy and lightweight. Moreover, the tires maintain a great grip on all the terrains. 

What do we like?

Schwinn GTX has a sporty riding posture, which instantly kicks your racing DNA. Its rear cassette works well and gear shifting is also very smooth. Gear changers are smartly placed on both the handlebars so that you can use either left or right thumb to manage the gears while maintaining a steady grip. Unlike other models, GTX never creates much noise while gearing changes. 

Amazon offers this model with Expert Assembly, wherein you can get it configured by one of the experts. This additional feature is useful for newcomers, who don’t have many ideas about the bike components and installation. 

What could be better?

GTX hybrid comes with a small saddle, which is fine. But, the seat is comparatively uncomfortable and it’s the reason some of the users might not like the hybrid for long routes. Then the handlebar adjustment is also limited. Most of the hybrid bike lovers prefer Shimano derailleur, but this one comes with Schwinn patent gear shifters. 


If you like a lightweight and fast bike that can deal with almost all the terrains, then GTX hybrid bike might be a suitable choice. It’s sleek and durable but needs frequent maintenance to constant performance.

7. Sixthreezero Pave n' Trail Men's 21 Hybrid Road Bicycle

Shoot for the stars. Well, that’s what Dynacraft tries to say with this Vertical Dreamweaver 20-inch bike. It has multiple vibrant star logos on the front fork, chain cover as well as on the seat. Dreamweaver is built with a long-lasting steel frame that makes it reliable.

The Vertical Dreamweaver has both front caliper brake as well as a rear foot brake. Due to the dual braking system, it offers better control to the rider and keeps her safe. It has single gear movement and plastic pedals that instantly transfers the physical energy so that your child can easily move over small hills and bumps.

What do we like?

The padded seat is not only designed with stars but also keeps your kid comfortable and stable to provide her a relaxing ride. Apart from the frame, its wheels are also made of steel that ensures durable and uninterrupted ride for a long time. It’s suitable for girls between six to ten years, so it’s a one-time investment for four years. Moreover, the price tag is also comparatively less.

As you see; Dreamweaver is high on style and functionality, but never asks much out of your wallet. It ships with expert assembly at a reasonable price, if you purchase the product from Amazon. If you hate assembling a product or you are a newbie, you can choose the feature.

What could be better?

There is nothing so bad about the bike that we can mention here.

Our verdict:

Perfect for your daughters, especially if she seems inclined towards stars and other space elements. Durable design and dual brakes are the features that add to its value and makes it an attractive deal at this price tag.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

A mix of mountain and road bike that can tackle almost all the terrains is sold as hybrid bikes. Such two-wheelers are great for everyday riding and daily commute because they provide a great level of comfort as well as efficiency. A hybrid bike comes with flat handles instead of dropped ones. Its brakes and gear shifter mimics mountain bikes, and the frame keeps you upright like cruise bicycles. 

Most of the hybrid bikes are available with large tires that make them shock-free and comfortable to ride. Multiple speed shifts and maintenance-free hubs are the other features that make them an exceptional purchase. Several models also come with rear racks and mudguards/fenders that are useful according to the riding conditions. 

Uses for Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes provide you the best of both the worlds. Whether you want to enjoy the adventurous nature of mountain bikes or you simply want to ride to the park, hybrid bicycles do it all with panache and never gives you chance to complain about any of the terrains. Due to a comfortable riding position, hybrid bikes are suitable for casual riding, small rides, market tours, or simply a fitness session. Some of them are also useful over dusty mountains or rough forest trails.

Advantages of Hybrid Bikes

We will talk about some of the benefits of a hybrid bike. You would like to know these interesting advantages so that you can make up your mind easily.

Promotes healthy life: Health should the foremost priority for all individuals. It’s the reason why hybrid bikes are famous among fitness experts. Riding a hybrid two-wheeler puts your entire body to work and enhances blood circulation. The pedaling motion strengthens your lower body part and helps in weight management.

Easy to handle: Most of the hybrid bikes come with a lightweight frame and thin tires, which makes them easy to ride. Due to a lightweight design, such a bike is suitable for long routes as well. Moreover, a hybrid bike easily deals with all the terrains.

High comfort level: As you can notice after reading the above-mentioned hybrid bike reviews, most of them come with a front suspension fork and suspension seats. In simple words, the seat can absorb all the jerks. Similarly, the front suspension protects against speed breakers and other rough surfaces. 

Effective on all the terrains: All the hybrid bikes use tires that are compatible with a wide range of terrains. So, you can take along such a bike to roads, dusty trails, rocks grounds, gravels, and wet regions. It’s the reason why hybrid bikes overshadow single terrain bike and hence preferred by riders across the globe.

Maintains natural posture: Most of the hybrids allow you to ride in an upright position. In case you are not sitting in a comfortable position, you might have to deal with back or shoulder pain later. However, this is not the case with hybrid bikes because their seat and handlebar are designed to keep you upright all the time.

How to Choose the Best Hybrid Bike?

When you need to select the best hybrid bike under 500, some points need your consideration. We have listed some of the factors that will help you to purchase the right model.

Frame construction: Hybrid bikes are generally available with aluminum or steel made frames. Some of them also come with a carbon built. Aluminum frames are lightweight and cost-effective. The carbon frame is comparatively lighter and even stronger than steel. Due to such sturdy features, the carbon frame is expensive. It’s the reason you might not find any model with a carbon frame under $500. 

Steel is long-lasting than aluminum, but the former is heavy. So, choose a bike that you can handle easily. Look for a low profile frame if you are a female. 

Gears: Hybrid bikes are available with gear shifts between 1 to 27; depending upon the make and model. The required number of gears depends upon the surfaces you need to deal with. If you like to ride in the forests or mountains, then look for a maximum number of gear shifts. On the other hand, if you are going to commute under city conditions, then there is no need to look for a wide range of speeds.

Brakes: Hybrid bikes are available with two brake types: rim brakes and disc braking systems. The former is affordable and easy to use, but cannot provide you with sufficient stopping power for complete control over the bike. On the other hand, disc brakes are better because of their quick response and great power to stop your ride. So, choose a bike with a disc brake if you are interested in mountain riding. Otherwise, rim brakes are great for roads. 

Suspension: Choose a hybrid bike with a front suspension fork, especially if you are going to deal with rough terrains including mountains, forests, and other bumpy surfaces. Keep in mind that a hybrid cruiser without suspension is lightweight and hence easy to ride. But, you can only ride such a bike under city conditions. So, choose an option according to your requirements. 

FAQS about Hybrid Bike

Which hybrid bike should I buy?

Choose a hybrid two-wheeler that comes with a durable and lightweight frame, because it’s the primary component that decides your comfort as well as efficiency. Look for maximum gears and front suspension, especially if you will target rough terrains. A disc brake is another factor to check. sixthreezero EVRYjourney is one of the best hybrid bikes available under 500. You can try that for roads and pavements.

How fast you can ride on a hybrid bike?

The average speed of hybrid bikes is 13.5 mph. However, some of the models can go up to 30 mph.

Can a hybrid bike be used for a triathlon?

Yes, you can try one of the high-quality hybrid bikes for triathlon and even Olympics. There is no “right” cycle for any particular race. 

Final Words

A hybrid bike is one of the convenient, thrilling, and cost-effective ways of transport. As it’s a cross between mountain, cruise, and road bikes, you can consider it for any of the terrains you want to explore. The above-mentioned models are the best men’s hybrid bikes under 500. Be it EVRYjourney or Discover, all of them are reliable, classy, and comfortable to be used for road and mountain riding. Try any one of them for awesome riding experience. 

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