10 Best Kids Mountain Bikes Reviews in 2021 – Parent’s Choice

best kids mountain bike

Do you want your kid to take some interest in mountain biking? It’s obvious because there is nothing great than following a newly discovered trail with your little one. It’s also great seeing the kids smiling when they reach on top.

If you want the kids to enjoy mountain biking, then choose a perfect two-wheeler for them. The bike doesn’t need to be very expensive, but it should be lightweight with all the features to perform well in the mountains. What follows now is a list of best kids mountain bikes wherein you will find models from different brands, sizes, and price ranges.

1. Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike.

The manufacturing team at Mongoose is fantastic and it’s the reason why their full-suspension mountain bike is today’s first recommendation. Available in bright pink, the Exlipse might disappoint a lot of boys. But, it’s one of the best mountain bikes for girls that you can purchase within $500. The two-wheeler comes with a size of 24 inches, which is great for kids age between 8 to 12 years.

Mongoose Exlipse has dual suspension. Means, your little ones could easily roam around the neighborhood and also enjoy adventures of mountain trails. Also, its tire has knobby treads that prevent any slipping and keeps him or her safe.

What do we like?

Amazingly, the Exlipse has all the features that you can expect from a kid’s mountain bike. Its Shimano rear derailleur with 21 speeds and full suspension are the primary attractions. Due to such an efficient gearbox, your kid can easily deal with hills and slopes. The gear changing process is smooth, swift, and precise, which creates absolutely no trouble while he or she enjoys a mountain ride.

The mountain bike has front and rear linear-pull brakes that stop the ride without wasting a fraction of second. Its frame is robust and long-lasting, but is comparatively heavy at 38 pounds. However, once your little master gets used to it, the weight will not be a problem at all.

What could be better?

We are disappointed to see that the Exlipse is only available in pink. This color is mostly preferred by girls. So, it will be better if the two-wheeler had other shades as well.

Our Verdict: Mongoose Exlipse is suitable for youngsters who enjoy riding a full-suspension mountain bike. So, you can try the 24-inch bike if your kids like to ride while going to school or cruise around the neighborhood in the evening.

2. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike.

Most of the kids start with small bikes or tricycles when they are learning to ride. However, you should try and offer them a real bike that might not be as complicated as it appears. Enter the RoyalBaby Freestyle, which has great balance, attractive design, and some very trendy features that complement its high quality built. Its training wheels make every ride easy so that the little one can easily experience new things of life.

What do we like?

We like everything about the RoyalBaby Freestyle bike. It’s designed to deal with aggression and jumps. But, the bike also offers smooth and trouble-free rides for a young kid who is still learning how to pedal.

The next impressive factor is it’s long-lasting built. The bike has a robust and lightweight frame. So, a 12-year-old kid might try and lift it off the ground and put back on the wheels as per the requirements.

The bike has thick tires with a suitable amount of tread that can easily tackle pavements, grass, and dusty surfaces. Its brakes are powerful and efficient. Plus, the seat is comfortable as well.

What could be better?

The Freestyle kids bike is available at a price tag that’s slightly higher than other similar models. Its pedals might be an issue as well because they tend to crack. Luckily, you can easily replace them with any other standard size pedals.

Our verdict: If you need an ideal bike for your young adventure seeker, then take a closer look at the Freestyle version of two-wheeler by RoyalBaby. Your child will love it and will be excited to go on rides even after years of usage.

3. Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike.

Powered by 6-speed Shimano derailleur, the Huffy Kids Hardtail mountain bike is suitable for kids between the age of 5 to 9 years. The two-wheeler has a sturdy steel frame worth 13 inches and comes with a slight-rise handlebar that reduces any strain on the shoulder or back. Keep in mind that the minimum height of its users should be at least 44 inches and a maximum of 56 inches.

The Hardtail mountain bike has Kilo 1200 suspension fork that easily deals with all the jerks and dips to offer a smooth ride. Its 24 inches’ tires are made to tackle all the riding grounds including pavement, dirt, or gravel. Linear pull brakes are also effective and possess great stopping power.

What do we like?

We like that the Hardtail bike transfer pedal power very efficiently, which boosts the acceleration in both straight as well as uphill riding surfaces. Its wide tires co-operate and perform well on both dry and wet grounds. Then comes the Kraton grips that are soft and make your ride even more enjoyable.

Resin-based ATB pedals need a special mention because they are responsive and long-lasting as well. Everything comes under a limited lifetime warranty, which is an added peace of mind for you.

What could be better?

The saddle might be uncomfortable for some of the users. Also, its manual has instructions for multiple bikes by Huffy, which becomes confusing for newcomers.

Our verdict: Huffy Kids Hardtail mountain bike is suitable for boys who want a strain-free ride over almost all the surfaces. Consistent and smooth gear changes make sure that he or she can deal with all the challenges.

4. Diamondback Bicycles Cobra 20 Youth mountain bike.

Equipped with a robust steel frame, the Diamondback Cobra mountain bike is suitable for young and new riders. It gives you the power of Shimano 6-speed drivetrain to tackle hills and slopes. The bike is perfect for aged approximately between 4 to 9 years. It grows old with your little one and adjusts according to his or her riding style.

Hl Zoom 40mm travel fork absorbs all the jerks and offers complete control as well as comfort. Its 20 inch tires are wide enough to perform well on all the riding conditions. These are the reason why the mountain bike is compatible with all the users between the height of 44 to 55 inches.

What do we like?

Diamondback Cobra is easy to assemble, so you can make it ready for the little one within a few minutes. Its metal frame is sturdy and withstands abuses from an inexperienced rider. The bike has powerful brakes hat keeps your kid safe. Due to such balance and control, Cobra 20 is one of the best mountain bikes to explore nearby areas.

The inbuilt Shimano drivetrain is smooth and makes the gear change an easy process. Its linear-pull brakes come with reach adjust, which is very useful when multiple kids are using the same bike. In case you want to gift your kid a reliable partner for the upcoming adventures, then you might like to try the Diamondback Cobra 20.

What could be better?

Cobra’s frame is marginally smaller than its tires, which simply means that tall users might not feel comfortable riding the bike. Also, its tires tend to wear early.

Our verdict: If the young one in your house loves to explore new trails away from the neighborhood, then you might try gifting him or her the Cobra Youth mountain bike.

5. Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

Mongoose Kong is a decent mountain bike that your kid can take out while it’s snowing. Due to wide tires, it’salso effective in the dirt, forest trails, and other off-road grounds. The bike has a robust stainless steel frame and 4.25 inches wide tires that allow you to conquer any of the terrains. Its tire has many knobs that maintain a proper grip over all the riding conditions.

The mountain bike comes with a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur that allows easy change of gears. Your kid can take benefits of the seven gear selections to climb the hills and ride over slopes. Its threadless headset adjusts according to the user’s height, which is beneficial if you have a growing kid.

What do we like?

The mountain bike has a twist shifter, which is easy to use and allows smooth gear changes. Front and rear disc brakes ensure complete safety of your bike because of excellent stopping power. Its rims are balanced, stable, and lightweight. Hence, the bike provides you complete control to your kid for comfortable biking experience.

Mongoose Kong is suitable for all the kids between the height range of 48 to 60 inches. It means that the bike perfect if you have a child within an age of 7 to 13 years. As you can see, it is a one-time investment that keeps your kid engaged for a long time.

What could be better?

Some of the buyers are not satisfied with the build quality of Mongoose Kong. Well, it’s the reason why the mountain bike available with a price tag that’s marginally lower than many other variants.

Our verdict: Mongoose Kong is suitable for kids who don’t want to leave any of the nearby off-road trials unexplored. It’s also perfect for the boys who want to show off some wide tires to his friends.

6. Diamondback Bicycles Tess Youth Girls Mountain Bike.

Do you have a daughter who is transiting from a tricycle to road bike? Then you should take a closer look at the Diamondback Bicycles Tess. Great for mountains and streets, Tess Youth offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride to your girl so that she can be confident in everyday bicycling activities. Whether she wants to explore the neighborhood or one of the local forests, it’s one of the best mountain bikes you can gift her this birthday.

Diamondback is a reputed bike manufacturer and its products are loved by explorers and discoverers. Tess follows the grounds and comes with all the ingredients to accompany your girl in unearthing multiple trails. Its robust and comes with a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain that’s helpful while climbing hills and riding over slopes.

What do we like?

Tess comes with a robust steel frame that makes it durable. Another impressive feature is its 20-inch wheel size, which allows the user to easily balance and control the bike. Linear pull brakes are reliable and their levers are well in reach of your daughter’s small and soft hands.

The mountain bike has Hl Zoom 40mm suspension that absorbs all the jerks and works as a cushion to keep your daughter relaxed. Due to a slow-lung, the bike suits all the girls with a height range of 44 to 54 inches. In other words, it’s perfect for all the girls between 4 to 9 years of age. These are the reasons why Tess is suitable for girls who want to feel the adrenaline rush while bike riding.

What could be better?

Tess lacks a kickstand, which means it’s difficult to park it without any support. Plus, its installation might need some added experience.

Our verdict: If you have a lovely daughter who is ready to use a mountain bike, then she might like Diamondback Tess. Its durable, looks beautiful and has all other features that she might desire in her early ages.

7. Mongoose Tyax Kids Mountain Bike.

The efficiency and performance of an entry-level mountain bike depend upon its fork. Mongoose Tyax excels in this department and brings the overall ratings to a whole new level because of its SR Suntour XCT-JR fork. The compression and jerk absorption of such a high-quality fork promise balance as well as comfort.

Mongoose Tyax has a beefy Tectonic T2 aluminum hardtail frame that withstands the daily wear and tear. It has chunky tires worth 24 inches that have knobs for extra grips and hence, they perform well under severe riding conditions. The mountain bike has powerful Tektro HD-M282 hydraulic brakes that are effective and works without any flinching.

What do we like?

Mongoose Tyax has a comfortable fork, which is a great bonus in any kid’s mountain bike. It’s Shimano Altus RD-M2000 rear derailleur is smooth, sturdy and makes all the rides comfortable. The derailleur works effectively with the inbuilt Shimano Acera SL-M3000 trigger shifter and makes your ride even more enjoyable.

The mountain bike comes with KendaKadre tires that are durable and perform very well in dry conditions. Xposure XV-23 rims with dual walls are also lightweight. The bike is suitable for kids between the height of 4’5” to 5’0”, which means it will be perfect for any of the kids between 9 to 12 years.

What could be better?

The mountain bike tires stick in muddy conditions. Its braking system is also great, but we were expecting something better at this price tag.

Our verdict: Mongoose Tyax comes with a performance-oriented fork and fast-rolling wheels, which is suitable for any of the kids and youngsters who are new to the mountain riding experience.

8. Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys' Mountain Bike.

Roadmaster Granite is specially designed for boys who eagerly wait for the day or time when they can explore the nearby trails. It’s an all-rounder that keeps the rider comfortable on rugged surfaces and gives him the freedom to explore the neighborhood as well. And why not? It boasts a steel frame and high-quality front suspension that takes care of all the jerks. The mountain bike is not only long-lasting but also easy to navigate.

The next impressive feature of the Granite Peak is its alloy rims that add to the durability and balance but never contribute to the weight. Its tires have plenty of knobs to provide incredible balance and security over pavements as well as dirty surfaces. Moreover, the bike has an 18 shift gearbox in combination with a twist shifter that works well on all kinds of terrains.

What do we like?

Attractive, comfortable, and smooth, the Granite Peak mountain has an appealing black and grey color scheme. The bike is robust and sturdy just like its name. Its included assembly instructions are easy to follow and hence you don’t have to waste time in the configuration.

Granite Peak is affordable and you cannot find a bike with these features at such a pocket-friendly price tag. The front suspension deserves a special mention because it makes your ride smooth and comfortable.

What could be better?

The gears are somewhat tough to adjust. Some of the kids are not able to adjust the gears because of its stiff twist shifter.

Our verdict: If you need a cross between road and mountain bike for your boy, then the Granite Peak could be the right investment.

9. Diamondback Bicycles Octane Youth Mountain Bike.

All the kids nowadays prefer to spend time in front of PlayStations, watching YouTube videos, internet browsing, and playing mobile games. However, these activities cannot keep them physically fit. If you want your kid to grow string and intelligent, then outdoor activities, sports, and adventures are very important. It’s the reason why we have included the Diamondback Bicycles Octane Youth mountain bike, which is durable and is perfect for kids who love to spend time outdoors.

With an aluminum alloy frame and Hl Zoom 40mm travel fork, Octane easily deals with local trails as well as hilly terrains. It includes a Shimano Tourney 6-speed drivetrain that is great for kids who want to learn gear shifting. With such construction and features, the Diamondback mountain bike is suitable for users between the ages group of 4 to 9 years.

What do we like?

The mountain bike is efficient and moves faster. If you need complete safety for your kids with a promise of comfort and balance, then Octane deserves a try. It’s because the bike is specially designed to withstand a lot of gear shifts and squishing. Due to a versatile fork, the bike absorbs all the jerks and rides smooth even on rough grounds.

Diamondback Octane comes with all the necessary installation instructions, which makes its assembly easy and quick. If you are a newcomer than the configuration might take up to 80 minutes. In case you are an expert, then you might not invest more than 15 minutes in its settings. 

What could be better?

The mountain bike does not have a kickstand, which means you cannot park it without looking for a wall or any other support.

Our verdict: Octane is a solid purchase for kids who loves you to be outdoors and explore new trails every weekend. Its high-end fork keeps your kid durable, while the Shimano 6-speed gearbox trains them for the future.

10. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike.

Northwoods mountain bike is lightweight and has a full suspension to offer comfortable and luxurious trips to your kids. It has a wheel size of 26 inches, which is suitable for kids. Moreover, the bike comes with a 21-speed twist shifter that helps your kid to deal with slopes and hilly terrains. Even after such specifications, the bike costs less than its counterparts with similar built and features.

The manufacturers have a good reputation for building high quality and durable bikes. This model follows the same grounds and hence its perfect for mountain and forest trails.

What do we like?

The bike comes with an excellent suspension system that absorbs all the jerks and offers better control to the users. It has broader tires that provide adequate balance and stability. The tires also provide the rider with improved traction in comparison to other models.

Its twist shifters are smooth and allow better control and a unique riding experience. Moreover, the bike never discriminates between the genders. Means, if you have a son and daughter, both of them can share the same two-wheeler for nearby trips.

What could be better?

Some of the users are not satisfied with the quality of its wheels as well as brakes.

Our verdict: Northwoods full suspension bike is great for young riders who want to experience real mountain bikes at an early age. It’s an affordable option, but comes with a high-end gear shifter and has full suspension to provide your kids a comfortable as well as safe ride.

Mountain Bikes Suggestion for Different Ages

You need to purchase a mountain bike according to the age of your kid. It should fit your boy or girl, so do not look for large models. An appropriately sized bike will be easy to handle, safer, and a lot more enjoyable for the young ones.

  • 0-5

If your kid has an age anywhere between 2 to 4 years, then try a mountain bike with a wheel size of 12 inches. For kids between the age group for 3 to 5 years, you can go for a model worth 14 or 16 inches. RoyalBaby Kids Bike is a great option if you have a girl or boy within the age limit of 5 years.

  • 5-8

For kids between the age of 5 to 8 years, you should invest on an 18 or 20-inch bike like Diamondback Bicycles Cobra 20. Choose a lightweight and easy to balance two-wheelers for kids within these age groups.

  • 8-10

Kids between the age of 8 to 10 years should drive any bike with a wheel size of 24 inches. Mongoose Exlipseis one of the best options that you can try.

  • 10 Plus

Once your kid surpasses the age limit of 10 years, he or she should ride a bike worth 24 or 26 inches. Models like Northwoods aluminum Full suspension mountain bikebe a suitable purchase.

Mountain Bikes Suggestions for Boys and Girls

  • Boys

Mongoose Exlipse is the first recommendation for your son if he belongs to the age group of 8 to 10 years. This dual suspension bike is available with a 21-speed gearbox, which is unique and offers smooth and error-free rides. Huffy Kids Hardtail is another top-rated model for kids between the age of 5 to 9 years. Roadmaster Granite might be your preference if your son wants to discover new trails without worrying about safety, comfort, or balance.

  • Girls

If you have a lovely daughter, then consider the Diamondback Bicycles Tess that comes with 6-speed Shimano Drivetrain and an efficient fork that keeps her comfortable. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike is another great option that has everything to keep your loved one engaged for long.

Buying Guide for Kids Mountain Bikes

Today we discussed some of the best kid’s mountain bikes that are suitable for both trail riding and aggressive mountain trips. However, choosing a mountain bike for your child might be easier if you consider the following factors.

Size: As we were discussing above, you should purchase a bike according to your kid’s age and height. Measure the length of your child and look for a bike that is suitable for his or her age. For instance, a 12-inch mountain bike is suitable for kids up to 5 years. However, an 18-inch bike is perfect for young riders between 5 to 8 years.

Frame: One of the primary components and the largest part of a mountain bike, the frame considerably adds to the overall weight. A heavy frame means the bike will be tough to handle or ride. Most of the mountain bikes utilize aluminum frame to hit the right spot between durability and weight.

Aluminum or alloy made frames are lightweight, flexible to absorbs jerks, comparatively affordable, and corrosion-resistant. Steel frames are comparatively long-lasting but heavy. Moreover, you might not find many kid’s mountain bikes that are available with a steel frame.

Fork: Kid’s mountain bikes are available with fixed or suspension forks. Rigid or fixed forks are suitable for cross-country rides while a suspension fork works great when the rider needs to deal with rough patches. So, suspension fork makes the ride smoother, but it’s required only when your kids need to tackle technical trails. Keep in mind that a fixed fork is better for kids because it trains them to find the smoothest path available on the riding grounds.

Braking system: Choose a mountain bike once you check its brakes. According to most of the experts, linear-pull brakes are better than disc brakes for kids. Disc brakes are also efficient, but it should be introduced to your kids in the later stages of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know the right mountain bike size for your kid?

Match the wheel size of a mountain bike with the height of your kid. The best step is to measure his or her inseam, add one inch, and compare the length to the available models. You can check the following table for reference.

  • 2 to 3 years: 12-inch wheels
  • 3 to 4 years: 14-inch wheels
  • 4 to 5 years: 16-inch wheels
  • 6 to 7 years: 20-inch wheels
  • 8 to 10 years: 24-inch wheels
  • 12+ years: 26-inch wheels
Are gears necessary for mountain bikes?

Pedaling uphill and riding for long are the two tough factors while enjoying mountain biking. Gears make both the activities easy. Moreover, it lets your kids learn gear shifting and understand the versatility a mountain bike gear has to offer.


With today’s list of best kid’s mountain bikes, we discussed some of the top-rated choices suitable for different age groups and riding styles. After checking the recommendations and related buying guide, it will be easier for you to narrow down the results and choose one of the best models for your boy or girl. Always remember to purchase a two-wheeler according to the height and age of your kid.

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