Best Kids Mountain Bike Reviews – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best kids mountain bike

People have the memory of the first bike in mind for a long time. The first one has given them full freedom to move from one place to another.

People enjoy happy feelings and riding experience with the wind in the hair. Our roundup leads you to select the best bikes in the present day for children.

The bike lasts throughout childhood so that it helps your offspring a real love for exciting and stimulating and fun sport means from them.

To buy the best size bike is a very important thing. You need to choose the right bike for your child. There are lots of sizes on the market.

The right size for the kids is 12 to 24 inches. You have to choose the exact one for your kids.

If you fail to choose the right bike, your kid will feel uncomfortable even riding may be challenging for him.

You have to go through the buying guides more and more to know the sizes of the bikes. Never be tempted to think that the bigger size will last for longer time.

Secondly, Weight of the bike is another important factor to consider. Heavyweight is very uncomfortable for the kids.

Best Kids Mountain Bike

A 3 years child can use 16 kg cycle. Then you have to consider the brake of the bike especially the handbrake. It must have a lever that your child can easily pull.

Steering is another important thing to give more emphasis. A headset with good ball and bearing will aid to move easily and freely, unlike the plane bearing.

The saddle must be little concave and comfortable so that the child does not forget to adjust nicely. The last thing to consider is the tire.

Pneumatic tires are great to move on the road. Along with the wheels must spin freely and easily.   Important Factors of Kids Bikes

The Fit

All 20-inch bikes are not the same. My seven years old is bigger than his age and my five years old is small.

One is fit for Propane, and other is fit for Commencal. You have to keep our kids on the bikes to see the matching before taking the decision to buy it.

Choosing the wrong bike is nothing but spending money uselessly. If the bike is not fit, it does not work well for the kids.

You may think about the price of the bike. You must consider the benefit of the bike simultaneously.

Wheel size

The benefit of big wheel is that it can roll smoothly on any bump. If your bike is fit for small kids, then you have to buy it. Since they do not, buy a smaller wheel bike.

My elder son may ride on 24 inch DH bike… he can ride on 20inch DH bike easily. Before buying, think more which one is fit for your child the small one or the big one.

Which one is more comfortable you have to buy it. You must not be more excited to get back on. There are many sizes of the bike. You have to buy from 26/27 or 5/29 inch bike.


It is natural that little muscles and hands get tired very quickly for long descents. If the brakes are better, the kids are happier.

They have no idea as they are tired until they are very late. I desire to have disc brake for any high-quality bike. Some may be mechanical, or some may be hydraulic.Best Kids Mountain Bike

Hydraulic bikes are actuated by the fluid while mechanicals uses a cable. Though both do work well, the hydraulic are better.

You have no issue with frequent re-adjustment or cable stretch. For a super- strong brakes there are merits and demerits.

It has a learning curve for transitioning from V-brakes or crappy cantilever to super strong discs.

My five years older grabbed the front brake on a grave trail, sails right over the bars and lands on the face. My kids like to wear a helmet at bike parks or testing new spots or jumping.

Therefore he remains fit for all the times. But he was shocked to see the brake engage very quickly. Disc brakes are a good option, but kids need a lot of practice to use it well.

Kids only like to drive the bike. Their tendency is to drive the bike at any cost. So it is very hard to teach them the way to modulate the brakes…if the brakes are very powerful.


The suspensions of the cheap bikes are crap. As it is very heavy, you cannot tune it. The chance of our test bikes is no suspension, full suspension, and front suspension.

No suspension

You like to let your child know the bike fundamentals as they may not cheat or suspensions do all the work.

Best Kids Mountain Bike

As we are testing the high-end trail bikes, we select suspensions. My child has rigid BMX bike for dirt jumps, pump tracks, trips, and city ride to go anywhere.

They may destroy the bike or leave them in the rain. I will not freak out… that is not the case of high-end bikes.

Front suspension

Though the front suspension is heavier rather than a rigid fork, it helps to take the sting out of the bumps and aids the front wheel.

It makes the track well. It also brakes more efficiently as the wheel remains in contact with the ground more.

If the forks are better, it will be lighter and more tunable for rebound and preload.

Since the front wheel of the bike is stable, the child may experience less fatigue and stay control.

Full suspension

The shock and linkages may add some weight to the bike. Therefore it makes sense to obtain a good suspension.

The junk of Aldi or Walmart cannot function, let not consider it. The quality bike makes sense when there are lots of downhill and parks.

Best Kids Mountain Bike

As the bike is heavy, climbers face difficulties in riding on it. A significant advantage of the suspension bike is that the shock and the fork must be added so that they can work together.

A fork is very stiff with the shock that is very soft is rubbish. If they are adjusted well, the kids will feel more comfortable.

As the kids always grow and get heavier, the suspension set up may be adjusted accordingly.

The bike we tested here is very easier and fine tune that the bike of the coil shocks.


Best Kids Mountain Bike Reviews – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

RoyalBaby bikes are made by keeping some style in mind. The custom RoyalBaby tire tread, the stars on the grips and the functional, unique training wheels are the main features of the cool bike.

The various colors of the bike attract the child more. RoyalBaby preserves safety in mind.

There is the system of dampening noise in the training wheels which increases the healing power of the riders.

The total enclosed chain guard keeps the body safe along with the flanged grips aid hands from sliding off the bars.

Features of RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

  • A good type of sports bike for the girls and the boys. Appears with tools, bells, training wheels, and water bottles. Simple to add the seat height and rapid release seat pot.
  • Wheels/Tires: Steel 16 hole rims with rubber wide 2.4-inch knobby tires with custom Royal Baby tread
  • Sturdy steel frame, wide knobby 2.4″ aired tires, one piece crank, fully enclosed chain guard, ball bearing drive shaft
  • Rear coaster brake, Front caliper brake, The combination of brakes gives many options to learn for stopping
  • Training wheels last for longer time, RoyalBaby patented size lessen the noise for having extra rubber.
  • simple assembly
  • Sturdy bike
  • Secured safety features (Incased chain, Front Brake, Pedal break, Fat Tires)* see con’s too
  • Comes with a bell
  • Paint job appears to of good quality (Blue at least)
  • relaxed seat
  • Fine training wheels
  • Appear with kickstand (after training wheels come off)
  • The missing section indicating above
  • Has no reflection.

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Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy’s Bike

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy's Bike

Assembly takes only ten minutes, so the tool is very handy, primarily 12, 13, 14 and 15 cm wrenches. It may take only five minutes.

I saw the tightness on pre-assembled parts and use lube to the chain. The height of my son is not much.

So I tweak the handlebars and seat to accommodate the little hands and feet. I have no idea of the instruction before I have one.

You are putting the front wheel, training wheel, installing the handlebars and seats.

If you have no idea of mechanical stuff, the instruction may seem incomprehensible.

Addressing other things, I would like to say something about the bike in this review: I ordered one bike for me.

Everything is much protected with cardboard. The frame of the bike is less robust than many other comparable 16 inch boys’ bike just now.

All things seem more fragile that I have ordered for mine. Most of the bike I have seen there are incredibly overbuilt frames, so heavier than comfortable for three to five years to learn on.

Features of Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy’s Bike

  • Handlebar Pad
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Coaster Brake
  • Lifetime Warranty on the fork as well as the frame
  • Recommended Age: 4 to 8 years
  • Adjustable Training Wheels
  • The bike is a right piece, adjustable training wheels, solid and stickers may be take off with little attempt.
  • The stickers are not well put, not aligned and air bubbles. Some people need tools to assemble though some do not need it. I have them, and I use them.

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Dynacraft 8109-34ZTJ Boys Throttle Magna Bike

Dynacraft 8109-34ZTJ Boys Throttle Magna Bike

Assembly of the bike is very simple. I have never assembled any bike in my previous day.

I only have read the reviews of the bike on online. I found that assembly was very simple. I was able to set it very quickly after giving delivery it to me.

There is a manual and instruction with the box. I have read the instruction twice the time with great attention. I have done everything properly. All the parts are inside the box.

I found they are well arranged. Nothing damaged at the time of shipping or delivery. After all, all experiences are great.

Features of Dynacraft 8109-34ZTJ Boys Throttle Magna Bike

  • Boys BMX frame
  • Deluxe paint
  • Coaster brakes are active as you push it back to the crank or pedal arm to apply
  • Handlebar pad
  • Sturdy and feeling strong
  • Bike is very wonderful to look at
  • Every step wrap various types of bikes
  • The assembly is not very hard, but they have no tools to set it up

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Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Kids Mountain Bike

24" Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys' Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Kids mountain bike is a funding choice that nonetheless contains technical elements including front and rear shocks.

All the extras make this kind of thicker, rugged model along with the aluminum framework can accommodate riders with a broad assortment of heights. Using a total of 21 gears, children can quickly pedal uphill or to get pace. Shifting is smooth thanks to grip shifters as well as the side pull brakes provide lots of stopping power.

The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 comes about 90% constructed yet requires a couple of alterations for individual cyclists. Riding is quite smooth with the double suspension and a great deal of equipment. The durable design is paired with secure components like a string guard on the folding wheel. Downsides are the excess weight and a marginally inferior chain. Remember, at this budget price. You need to understand that parts like the suspension will also be of lesser quality.


  • Frame & Fork: Aluminum suspension frame, aluminum suspension fork
  • Tires: 20″ knobby
  • Gears: 21 speed (3×7), Shimano tape
  • Durable
  • Children can use this bicycle after 12 years old
  • Easy care
  • None

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Mongoose Girls Exlipse Kids Mountain Bike


Mongoose Girls Exlipse Mountain Bike, 24"/One Size, Pink

The Mongoose Exlipse woman's mountain bike is a funding version, but even in its low price point, it sports a complete suspension front and rear shock absorbers on the steel framework. Recommended for ages eight to eleven decades, this mountain bike is ideal for first off-road adventures, overall cruising and light paths.

The durable steel frame makes for a somewhat thicker bicycle and contains a lower stand over height. Having a total of 21 gears, there is equipment for any circumstance. Front crankset is secured by an outer chain guard, along with a Shimano cassette from the trunk provides smooth shifting. The SRAM grip shifters are simple and user-friendly for children while the in lines side pull brakes provide lots of stopping power.

The Mongoose Exlipse woman's mountain bike is an excellent regular ride for a minimal price. Disadvantages for your bicycle are the excess weight because of the steel framework and that the double suspension requires more maintenance than a rigid framework version. In general, it might be the top 24 inches mountain bicycle in its budget.


  • The steel frame is lightweight and strong
  • Alloy wheels
  • 21 rates with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Three-piece cranks
  • Front & rear linear pull brakes
  • The Mongoose Exlipse 24" woman's full suspension mountain bike Is the Best bike for the kid to cruise around
  • The Exlipse Has a solid but lightweight steel frame with rear and front suspension


  • None

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Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Kids Mountain Bike (B07532YK99)


Diamondback Bicycles Cobra 20 Youth 20" Wheel Mountain Bike

Regardless of the wheel dimensions, the suggested age is 4 to 9 years using a rider's height from 44" to 54". This is a result of the framework layout: that the standover height is 19.5", whereas the upper tube is just 16" long. This enables shorter riders to reach the handlebars.

Diamondback Bicycles employs a steel framework, which may take a good deal of misuse, but also makes for a heavier bike. At two" widths, the wheels are somewhat thicker and comprise a terrific knobby profile, ideal for all kinds of terrain and decent grip.

Changing is straightforward since there's just one fold wheel using a double chain protector. The machine employs all Shimano parts, as well as the total amount of 7 gears, have been a lot for many hills and rate. The Cobra provides good value to get a minimal cost with durable components and also makes mountain biking readily accessible for daring riders and off-roaders. Little drawbacks are that it is less appropriate for taller children and the handlebars appear to demand maintenance in the tightening now and then. Overall it is among the highest mountain bicycles for children for quite a reasonable price.


  • Hl Zoom 40mm travel fork soaks up stones and roots just like on a bicycle for Large kids
  • Linear pull brakes possess adjustable-reach levers to keep them secure and in control
  • Shimano 6-speed drivetrain with trigger shifter
  • HL Zoom 40mm travel division
  • Linear pull brakes with reach adjust


  • None

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Beyond B24 MTB 24-inch Mountain Bike (B00MIIYX6E)


Head Beyond Mountain Bike, 24 inch wheels

If you're searching for beginner mountain bicycles, then you might choose to take into account that the Beyond 24-inch bicycle. Even though this isn't the largest bike around, it's been made for kids, so your children can come with you once you would like to enjoy a day out biking a mountain or two. The larger the tires would be, the easier it'll be to have over whatever's on your children' path. Smaller children may struggle to use the bicycle, so it is well worth checking to see whether your kids can sit on a bike with 24-inch tires.

The lightweight frame makes the bike much easier to manage, which will encourage your child to keep moving. Bikes which are hefty can be slightly awkward to use, so picking a milder one will go well. Incredibly, not all mountain bikes include a kickstand, but this version does, so when it is time to have a rest, the bicycle can be encouraged easily. Again, this attribute makes it simpler to use, making this version one of the perfect mountain bike for novices.


  • Frame/Fork: Aluminum 12″ framework for both boys and women and Zoom 425 Aluminum Suspension Fork
  • Wheels/Tires: 24-inch alloy rims with Innova 24 x 2.125 MTB Tires
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Trigger Shifters 3 x 7 (21 Rate ) with Shimano TX35 Rear Derailleur
  • Brakes/Cockpit: Promax Aluminum V-Brakes, Aluminum stem, and seat post and aluminum handlebar with a WTB Rocket V saddle
  • Contains: Quick Release Seat post clamp, Speedy release wheels, and aluminum kickstand
  • Lightweight
  • Kickstand
  • 24-inch tires


  • White color, which shows dirt easily
  • Costlier than bicycles

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Ages four to six

Bikes are having 16-inch wheels come with stabilizer: all wheel bikes have single speed gear. The chainstays are very short for the derailleur gears; they would be confused.

Best Kids Mountain Bike

A 3-speed hub gear is very nice but they are pricey, so you cannot see them. Children of having such age cannot ride; the single gear is fit for them.

If the weight of the bike is low, it is very simple to handle or manoeuvred the bike. Escape fat steel frame and suspension; cycle made of thin steel tubes is great.

A lowish bottom bracket helps your child to get the food down from the saddle. The kids can ride it properly, you may be gradually raising.

The cranks of the bike should be 100 to 120 mm. If it is shorter it will do work better.

A chain guard of few sorts may keep inquisitive fingers or clothing of the drivetrain.

Children may hurtle along very easily operable brakes that are a must. A light action side pull or V brake is fine up front, less fruitful at the rear.

If the bike has longer cable it means excess friction. The levers of the bike are difficult for the kids to pull. To solve the problem a back-pedal coaster brake is a great option.

Ages six to nine

Gears are extra things with 20 in Wheel bikes. A 3-speed hub is considered ideal: it is hard to break and easy to comprehend. It is very fit.

Best Kids Mountain Bike

It has 5 to 6-speed derailleur that you like to have. At the time of going on the road do not discount the single speeds. They are simpler, lighter and scarcely develop problems.

Some 20in wheel bikes have suspension forks. It has two merits: less money and extra weight to find elsewhere.

As the price of the bike is 120 dollars or more, the front suspension will be enough. The rear suspension is fragile if you do not spend more time on it.

As the bike keeps a rear derailleur, you need to buy a derailleur guard to save from dropping. A kickstand is essential, as a child of this age are not expert at prepping the bikes up.

Try to get the easy to use shifter. The cranks will be very long again. You desire 120 to 140 mm can do.

Ages nine to 12

Spend in the area of and try to get a lightweight aluminum mini mountain bike which may be passed on to siblings.

We desire to have a 24 in wheel bike with the single chainring as well as a decently wide range eight-speed cassette hub.

Best Kids Mountain Bike

You may get the screw on freewheel hub, a seven speed, a triple chain-set up front. As this is double, get a smaller inner right instead of a bigger outer.

Bike spec might be compared with adult’s bike with the same price. So desire to get a micro adjust alloy seat post, an alloy flat or riser bar, brand name V brake, a cartridge bottom bracket and a decent set of wheels.

They have all road tires- kids like these but a set of semi slicks may be better for all rounds utilize.

Take disc brakes instead of disc mounts for next upgrading. Try to get a nice suspension fork, not full suspension.

Besides, the cranks may be very long, you desire 140mm, 150 mm at a push. You can get 160 mm.

Best youth bikes

They have hit their 3 top brands to aid you to compare kids’ bikes for various ages. The normal reason is a lot of choices meaning you may cover each option and these three brands well respected.

Surely there are some other options as well. Canyon at present unveils different types of kids’ mountain bikes, and HOY Children’s bikes like road and track bikes are -all respected also.

The range of ages are almost similar- the super way to confirm the bike fits is to notice your child’s inside measurement and apply size guide to give my manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Kids Mountain Bike

Question: If I buy a slightly bigger model to permit for a developing room?

Answer: Much like clothes and shoes, it may be a nuisance to observe that a child outgrows something fast, mainly when it's a marginally pricier item like a children mountain bike.

However same as with clothing, your child will be uneasy with something too large. Do not compromise their security and assurance - the dimensions and weight of a mountain bicycle ought to be enough for a kid so that they could manage and ride it nicely.

That is doubly important when you go riding together, and they will be paired with your ability and more significant dimensions.

Question: Does kids needs gears in mountain bike?

Answer: It is an excellent practice to learn how to change ancient, and strategy riding with the flexibility mountain bicycle gears provide you.

Kids commonly have small difficulties learning how to manage, and many shifters on child mountain bicycles are designed so that the rider does not need to take their hands off the bars.

Question: Is a suspension or stiff fork better for kids?

Answer: With regards to security, the two variations are acceptable for children. A suspension fork or a suspension system may take the bumps and shocks from more rugged terrain, but it does not mean that you cannot go off-road using a stiff fork.

What's that kids learn how to approach trails as well as their components bit by little and gradually build their abilities. When riding you can assist through uphill or via muddy terrain by merely lowering their seat or saddle marginally ahead, which makes it much easier to pedal.

A stiff fork is perfect for the student as it provides you with immediate responses.

Question: If I put training wheels on a child's mountain bike?

Answer: Everybody has an opinion regarding training wheels. The training wheels aren't inherently bad. Correctly mounted training brakes on any bicycle allow a child to concentrate more on peddling rather than having to drive an equilibrium at precisely the same moment.

But every kid differs, and now many kids learn how to balance on wheels from equilibrium scooters and bikes extended before they sit their very first bicycle saddle.

Learning how to ride a bicycle without training wheels appears much simpler that way: a toddler running around having an equilibrium bicycle at one and half a year may be peddling at times 2 and a half or 3.

Just like anything, it is about learning process through which you ought to encourage them but not stress the child and permit them to build up their skills naturally.

Final Verdict

Mountain bicycle or a mountain bike is a type of bicycle made for off road cycling.

The mountain bikes are similar to the other bikes but incorporate features made to increase performance and durability in the rough terrain. It has suspension with the fork and the frame.

Moreover, it has more durable serious duty wheels, large knobby, lower gear ratios and more powerful brakes for steep grades along with poor traction.

You May Also Choose The Video On How To Pick The Best Kids Mountain Bike

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