Best Hybrid Bike Under 300 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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You are looking for a good type of road bike this year, and then you are in the right position. On this page, we will explain you the best hybrid bikes found on the market in 2018.

We have made this type of bike for both male and female who like to save cost for buying bikes. I have seen the reviews and found most of the bikes are less than 300 dollars.

There are lots of bikes on the market, and we have listed the top five for the task to make it easy. We have incorporated all the features of the bikes especially the cost, the rate of the product, the breakdown of the features and some other things.

1. Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

The bike is made of aluminum frame, has a Schwinn suspension fork to hold shock, a padded saddle having suspension seat post. It is great for cruising down, commuting.

The bike has 21 speed SRAM grip shifters for easy and fast gear change, a Schwinn alloy crank, a Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur, a swept back upright handlebar with adjustable stem prom ax alloy linear draw brakes, a rear gear carrier and fenders.

SR Sun tour Alloy crank gives wide choice of gearing padded saddle having well suspension seat post Swept-back upright handlebar along with added stem Fenders & rear holder for convenience Bike Type Adult Gender Men Color Black Bike Style Cross or Hybridity Frame gives an upright riding position Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur for rapid Shifts Shipping Method FedEx Assembly Required Weight 40.5 pound, length 70 in. Wheel size 700c and height 43 in.


  • Frame is made of aluminum and gives comfort to the users
  • Schwinn alloy crank; Schwinn suspension fork
  • Rear gear carrier, prom ax alloy linear pull brakes
  • Shimano rear derailleur; twenty-one-speed SRAM grips shifter;
  • Swept-back upright handlebar as well as padded saddle

2. Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle, 700c

The design is made for around town commuting or recreational use; the Northwoods Crosstown Hybrid Bicycle has a lightweight frame, handcrafted 700c tires for a wonderful ride.

It is decorated with Shimano Components having Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. The bicycle offer 21 speeds to go over and down the hills and included linear pull brakes for confirm stopping power.

The additional features are alloy rapid release seat clamp, alloy rims, fenders and a rear rack. The women’s bike comes with upright comfort rise handlebars for the comfortable riding position.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame, 700c wheels
  • 21 speeds for Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
  • Alloy instant release seat, alloy rims, and linear pull brakes
  • fenders and rear racks
  • commuter or recreational bike with upright and comfortable riding position

3. Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike

The get up of the bike is really good, more than my hope. It goes or moves quietly and smoothly without grinding noise or rattling.

Thanks to Shimano drivetrain. The shifting of the bike is good. The setting of the seat is ok but need to upgrade it. The wheels are painted white to look more.

The braking area is not machined, so causing more breaks squeaking. Try to find on online for your choice.


  • Aluminum Frame and Steel Fork
  • 700c Wheels
  • 21 Speed Shimano Shifting
  • Flat Bar Handlebar

4. Northwoods Pomona Women’s Cruiser Bike

The bike is good to look at. The instructions are not sufficient, but you are familiar with the basic assembly, you will find all our best.

Most of the bike is assembled, must mount the front tire, seat post, handlebars, tighten and pedals, adjust some things here are there.

The bike would be great if the instruction is given enough to tune or tweak the brakes. Instructions are vague or difficult to follow when coming to brake adjustment.


  • Aluminum Frame
  • 26″ Aluminum 36 Spoke Wheels with Custom-Design Cruiser Tires
  • Comfortable Cruiser Seat
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Ergo Fit Steel Handlebar with Twist Shifters

5. Kent Avondale Men’s Hybrid Bicycle

The Kent Avondale hybrid bike is made with advanced features having the sure halt braking system.

The braking system is one lever breaking that removes the handle bar may cause accidents for sudden braking. The frame of the bike is aluminum and lightweight.

It has Shimano 21 speed shifters and Derailleur, for theft deterrence it has aluminum rims along with a bolt on hubs. The bike is excellent on campus, around town and commuting. Fits riders 5’6″ to 6’2″.


  • Brakes: Linear Pull Aluminum (V-brakes) with Sure Stop One lever Anti-lock Braking System equipped
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Shifters: Shimano RevoShift SL-RS25
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tourney (7speed) RD-TX35

6. Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike

We have now manufactured many bikes for the city dwellers to use in any urban terrain.

You will be happy to know that the step thru style has a lower standover height that makes getting on and off very easier for people of all statures, ages, and wardrobe choices.

Mixed with rear alloy brakes and front, the Shimano 7 speed drivetrain and RevoShift grip shifter confirm the super precision and control.

The Beaumont-7 gives you 85% built. Therefore you can hit the biking on the earth faster than you desired to do so.

Besides we made the bike with great care. It is equipped with some funs extras such as a sturdier steel rack and a charming mid century bell on the rear in which you can carry some important things with you.


  • Lightweight hand built step-thru steel frame design having upright position particularly made for leisurely riding, urban commuting, and exercise.
  • Rear alloy brakes and front keep you secured and help to maintain control
  • Designed with Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain along with RevoShift grip shifters for super speed, precision, and control.
  • Comes 85% built and has assembly tools as well as instructions, therefore it is easy to set up the bike
  • Wanda 700X35C tires grip the earth for a dependable ride each time.

7. Vilano Women’s Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter

Think a super thing for you to use it in city riding, daily commute, and the campus. Take a chance to use a bike in the upright position with cruiser handlebars and look hybrid. It has comfortable grips and stylish matching suspension saddle.


  • Seven speed Twist Grip Shifters
  • Retro Urban Style Steel Frame
  • Locking Kickstand and Free pedals
  • Rear Spring Loaded Rack and Chrome Look Fenders
  • Linear Pull Brakes and 700 c wheel for Great Stopping Power.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

This is called hybrid bike as it has the features of the mountain bikes and the road bikes. This is a combination of the two, which elaborate the name. Sometimes it is called the city bike.

The best kind of hybrid bikes is made for speed and comfort. They are made to handle the rough terrain, for speed and to ride in the city. You may get the components are determined by the manufacturer’s intention to use it.

Uses for Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bicycle can go a lot of different areas. This makes them perfect for commuters in both urban and rural locales. It will not matter what route you choose to work since this bike will have the ability to make it through it. It is also possible to use them for moving leisurely riding light trails or throughout your neighborhood.

If you’re trying to find a bike to carry out with your children to the local bicycle paths, these bicycles are fantastic for that. They will be all set for a comfortable ride without a lot of strain on you. You won’t need to earn a lot of alterations to allow them to be prepared to strike the road.

Hybrid bicycles are best for just about any place. You will want to prevent biking in the rain since it is a lot easier to slide and fall; however, many bicycles have confronted that problem.

Advantages of Hybrid Bikes

If you have been considering bikes for some time, you may be unsure of everything you require for the day to day usage. There are lots of specialized bicycles out there which may appear more suitable for your circumstances. But a hybrid bike will supply far more than you might imagine.

1. A mix of Mountain and Road

This ends in a bicycle with a flat handlebar like a mountain bicycle and with a much more upright sitting posture for more great riding. Although this stance is not conducive to moving quickly, it is a safer way to ride once you are going traffic.

2. Lower Costs

Among the most significant advantages of obtaining a hybrid bicycle over a technical bicycle is they’re considerably less expensive. These bikes are made for all-around usage, so they are likely to be able to perform marginally less in any specialized field. However, the cost can make this trade-off worthwhile. You do not need to lose a bunch of money on a bicycle that you are likely to use mainly for driving back and forth to work.

How to Choose the Best Hybrid Bike?

A hybrid bicycle is a mixture of road, mountain biking, and touring bicycles with a blend of qualities to make a flexible bike for many applications. Your pick of hybrid will mostly depend on how you would like to utilize it. As an example, you might be considering a bicycle for commuting on city roads and paved trails for leisure or workout or a difficult bicycle for riding within a mixture of sand and concrete surfaces. As soon as you determine how you’re going to use the bike, you will know which attributes to search for in the bicycle. Let us look at a few of the chief characteristics of the very best hybrid bicycles under 300 USD.

1. Wheel Size

The 26-inch wheels are somewhat smaller compared to 700c wheels. You should not worry much about wheel size while looking for the ideal hybrid bicycle but concentrate on the sort of bike that suits your riding style.

2. Number of gears

The most significant aspect to take into consideration when it has to do with gears is the physical fitness level and the kind of surfaces you frequently ride on. As an example, if you journey hilly terrains, you might go on a bicycle with more gears to create scaling less of a struggle. If you usually ride flat grounds, you’re going to require a bike with a couple of speeds which produce the bicycle lightweight. Mot hybrid bicycles are single-speed so that they have one rate only.

3. Brakes

Rim brakes have pads that are designed to grip the wheel rims while disc brakes have pads that hold a rotor brake mounted onto the wheel hub. But, their abrasive activity wears out that the wheel rim slowly, is somewhat less powerful in moist conditions, have relatively less stopping power, and require more finger attempt on levers to block the bike.

There are two forms of disk brakes namely mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disk brakes provide more powerful and innovative braking power that doesn’t require more finger attempt.

In comparison to rim brakes, disk brakes have a lot of benefits including more constant braking in wet or dry conditions, needless finger strain, and provide far better performance in extreme terrain. But, their pads are somewhat more challenging to replace as opposed to rim brake pads and usually are more costly to keep and assistance. The sort of steering you choose will largely depend upon your riding style.

The shape of the handlebar

It’s crucial to look closely at the degree of the bicycle’s seat in connection to the handlebars. A comfortable bike has the chair situated below the handlebars. If you merely need a comfy leisurely ride, then choose a hybrid bicycle with the seat set lower compared to the handlebars.

Five styles come on bike handlebars:

  • The fall bar that’s lightweight and aerodynamic along with also a fantastic option for fast riders.
  • The horizontal bar that is thicker compared to the fall bar but lets you ride at a more comfortable place.
  • The riser bar that extends upward and lets you sit comfortably. The riser bar permits you to sit upright and lean back to get a much better vision of the road and more straightforward control of the bicycle.
  • The mustache pub that’s much like the fall pub but with a slightly lower fall. The mustache bar can be located on any standard road bicycles.


Additional variables to think about in a fantastic hybrid bicycle include its freight rack and fenders.

What Makes a Hybrid Bike Different?

The city bike or the hybrid bikes are different from the road or mountain bikes as they are taken from the both of the two.

Like other types of bikes, it has a standard fit which they follow. You may use the hybrid one for riding on the city street, pavement or for rough terrain.

best hybrid bike under 300

The main difference of the bike is the purpose. Mountain bikes are made to go over the rough terrains, while gives comfort.

But the road bikes are made to go pavement or giving more speed. Hybrid bikes are made to give both speed and comfort simultaneously.

What’s the best Entry Level Hybrid Bike?

There are lots of bikes on the market. We are going to offer the best bikes as much as possible. If you scroll through the lists, you will get a decent bike that is fit for you. We are assured that you will like it very much. In this review, you will also get a carbon bike.

There are many bikes on the market. You will get lots of enthusiastic in the world who are ready to pay any amount for a good bike. They are paying for the getup and the brand and the components.

Famous manufacturers are taking these benefits. The reality is that the price of the best bike should not be so high like that. Here you will get some bikes that have not been manufactured by keeping this idea in mind.

Key Components of a Hybrid Bike

Most of the V brakes have cartridge type of brake pads, so the replacing pad is simple. Remove the small retaining bolt or pin, slide the old pad out and set a new one- you have to tweak the cord slightly, though. Therefore, you have to buy the best one and appropriate.You should know the details about the components of the bikes. Here are some of the names of the components of the bike:

  • Suspension
  • Frame
  • Seat
  • Tires
  • Tires
  • Handlebars
  • Shifters
  • Brakes
  • Pedals
  • Crankset
  • Sizing and Bike Fit
  • Bottom Bracket

The beginner hybrid bikes are made for the comfort- gives it fit for your body. For the comfort of your body, you must know the size of the bike and how tall you are.

best hybrid bike under 300

There are many sizes of beginner hybrid bicycles bikes like small, medium, extra small, extra large and large.

If you sit on your bike, you must have one to two inches between the top of the inner part of the leg and the pick tube on the frame of the bike.

You just need to bend your leg as you like to stand on your foot on the pedal in the position nearest to the ground.


The wonderful bike has 26 inches tires which you get on mountain bikes. The wider tires give a cushion of air for simple rolling over obstacles or bumps.

29er bikes have 29-inch knobby tires just like the mountain bike.

Hybrid bike has the tire like 700c of road bikes. It ensures a faster ride on the paved road and for climbing. You will get different width and trends for simple rolling on all surfaces of 700c.


A lot of materials are being used to make the hybrid bikes. But the most common materials are carbon and aluminum.

Aluminum is strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant and rust proof. It ensures great ride and mostly affordable. It is bit heavier than carbon.

Carbon is also the top choice material. It is lightweight and ensures a smooth ride. It is the most expensive material.


Suspension forks absorb the impact of shocks from the potholes or the other obstacles on the road. It ensures a smooth ride on the road and keeps control on the rough or even terrains.

Try to get suspension seat post as it can absorb vibration over the rough terrains as well as pothole covered roads.


best hybrid bike under 300

The selection of gear depends on the road where you like to ride on. If you like to ride on hilly terrain, you need multiple gears. Or when you like to ride on the flat area, single gear or less gear will serve the purpose.


There are different sizes of seats such as flexible frames, anatomical shapes, cushioning springs, cutouts. The best way to select the seat is just chosen one from among and sit on it.

Sizing Guidelines

Here is a table for your consideration. In the table, you will get different sizes of bikes. You can choose your desired size amongst them.

But remember that the bigger and smaller people need bigger and smaller than the average size. Average people need normal size.

Is The Hybrid Bike For Me?

Do you like to ride a bike regularly? It will aid you to bring where you like to go. There are lots of bikes of different manufacturers in the market. From them, you can buy your best-suited bike. I normally like to suggest buying a 700 c tire.

The tire is great for easy pedaling anywhere. The users said that they feel comfortable for riding with it on fine gravel paths and pavements.

If you choose any one of the bikes from them, you will feel that you are at your home. How long it has been being not mattered at all as the last time you have ridden on any bike.

What type of bike would you like to buy? Here is a video if you are not sure which bike would you like to buy a road or a hybrid bike.

If you are going down the road by pedaling or in the forest keeping, your hair will fly in the air. I think you will agree with me. Statistics show that an average ride burns about 600 calories per hour! Moreover, a cheap hybrid bike makes a super step into the bike riding world.

You may enjoy the game with your friends, yourself and even complete- whatever you think perfect.

Final Verdict

From the review, we can say that you will get lots of bikes on the market. The price of the bike is less than 300 dollars. The bikes are good enough for starting out.

All do not feature laden. With the range of price, you will get your desired size. Some bikes have more of the cruiser bike features whereas some have more of a mountain bike.

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