A Very Best Guide On How To Measure Bike Frame

how to measure bike frame

Bicycles are likely to measure by its frame size. Bike frame size is defined according to the length of the seat tubes.

The vertical part supports the seat post assembly or seat itself. Liking a proper fit ensures comfort for the riders and gives more control to keep the cycle.

If your size is five feet eight inch to six feet and the 18-inch bike is perfect for your size.

If you are taller, you can buy a 20-inch bike. For shorter one, 16 inch is the best fit size.

Bike Measurement Tool

To get detailed diagrams and instruction, use our online bike measuring tool. It will show you different sizes of the bike.

From the chart, you can choose your desired one size bike. The information is very useful for selling the bike.

There are some casual riders who like to know whether the bike is fit for them or not.

You can click here to get more information for any of the bikes to measure the bikes.

Common Bike Measurements

Common Bike Measurements

There are some ways by which you can measure the frame of the bikes. We are now going to discuss the most common ways of measuring the frames.

Center to Top (C-T)

This indicates the length of the seat tube from the base to the top. The foundation may be round section at the zenith holding the axle. The top may be from where the seat post enters the seat tube.

Center to Center (C-C)

This is the CT measurement otherwise the top of the seat tube is confined by the junction of the center of the seat tube or the center of the top tube. This is very common in European measurement.

how to measure bike frame

Top Tube (TT)

It may be the main length of the top tube. This is also the connecting tube between the head tube and seat tube. It is detected from the centers to the intersecting tubes.

Wheel Diameter (D)

The calculation is based on the wheel or maybe on the size of the tire. Frame designs are made with the size of the tire. If the tires are large, you need to use the large frame for the cycle.

Overall Bike

Some bikes apply normal overall measure like medium, small, X-large or medium or 1 one size fit for all.

This may happen as I have casual upright cycling position and simply adjustable to keep a large range of riders up to the size of the bike. The size of the bike is normally on a sticker on the frame.

How to calculate a mountain bike casing

Take inseam measurement to fix frame size. Stand keeping your feet six inch apart and measure your foot to the position where the leg meets waist, between inner thigh and your crotch in inches. Multiply the number by .67, after that subtract four to five inch from the answer to obtain to measure the length of the top tube.

This is the section of the frame running from handlebar to below your seat. If possible, you may use the top tube to measure it since seat tube measurement can determine and transform from manufacturer to manufacturers.

As you possess a 33-inch inseam, you have to use a 17.5 top tube as

  • 33″ x .67 = 21.75″
  • 21.75″ – 4″ = 17.75

Particularly bike makers Lapierre & Neil Pryde have different geometry. Multiply your inseam by .62 rather than of .67 as you like to have one bike from them.

When you see the bike shop offers frame dimension by seat tube extent, increase your inseam by 185. Its number must be the distance between the middle of the crankshaft and the top of your seat tube, the circular piece added with the pedal of the bike.

How to measure a road bike frame

Measuring Instructions

  • Detect the top of the seat tube in a place where seat clamp grasps the seat post.
  • Discover the heart of the bottom bracket.
  • Calculate the distance between the 2 points (C-T). It is the length of the seat tube.
  • Measure in inches and centimeters as well.

•    Choose your bike size from the drop-down on the right to ensure a rider height chart.

How to Measure a Kids Bike

Measuring directions

  • Measure the diameter of the remaining tire as stated above (D), or see the tire to get the proper size
  • When you get the tire size, the first dimension is the tire diameter; the next dimension is the tire thickness.
  • Take a document of tire diameter since it indicates the size of the frame of the bike
  • Take the bike size from the drop-down on the right to notice a rider chart

How to measure a specialized bike frame

Measure Your Height

At first, you have to measure your height very carefully. Then compare your size with the given chart by use. In our chart, there are lots of sizes. From them, you must be sure of your accurate sizes. Therefore it is a must to measure your height first accurately.

  • Take off shoes from the leg and stand against a wall straight
  • Be sure legs are together and your shoulders are back
  • Keep a pencil on the top of your head and mark the wall
  • Measure from the floor to the mark of the pencil by a tape measure

Range of Reach

Most people like to get the right frame size according to the height of the person. If you get your size to the borderline of the range, we will suggest you choose a particular frame. As it happens, you have to measure the range of reach or Ape Index. It can confirm a comfortable distance between your saddle and the handlebars.

  • Stand up straight by keeping your back against the wall
  • Keep your arms horizontally from either side of you
  • Measure the distance from one fingertip to another fingertip. It will give you the span of your arms
  • Measure the height from the figure to obtain Ape Index
  • If it is exact, you have to select the larger size of bike
  • If the result is negative, it is better to buy a smaller one.

Stand Over Height

You have to consider your inside leg measurement at the time of picking a bike to sure enough stand on height. The standover height is the clearance between the bottom of your crotch and the top tube. We suggest 2 to 4 inch for the mountain bike as well as hybrid or road bikes 1 to 2 inches of clearance is needed. It can give comfort as standing or stopped spanning the bike.

We are giving bike sizing chart before you to consider which one is best for you. If you have short or long inside leg measurements adding with your height, you have to think your height at the time of selecting a bike.

Riding Style

The type of bike you use or the way your ride has a great impact on the frame size. Suppose, a trail supporter is searching for a hostile ride will choose a smaller, more maneuverable bike size. All is up to the personal choice of a rider or how you feel the bike.

We give a chart of different bike’s size, and from them, you can choose your desired size or model you are just looking for. Keep in mind that the chart we have given is just suggestions and must be taken as general advice only.

To have the best possible fit, we suggest popping in your local Leisure Lakes Bikes Stores or you can call 0800 083 0888 to get more information about the bike you like to get.


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