Best Dog Basket for Bike that You can Purchase in 2021.

Best Dog Basket For Bike

Enjoyingyour dog outdoors could be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. But, what if you are traveling by bike? Would you carry the pet in a backpack? Well, not always. The next best solution is a dog basket attached to your bike.

Designed to keep your loved one safe while you are busy pedaling, these innovative bike accessories easily attach to the frame of your two-wheeler. Enjoying fun rides with your little one way never this easy. It’s the reason why we will look at the top ten best dog basket for bike so that you can choose one of them for your four-legged baby.

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Bicycle Basket.

The Happy Ride dog basket is durable, stylish, and extremely safe for your pets. Its resin wicker built looks elegant and there is a removable sunshade that keeps the hot rays away from your loved one to keep it fresh. The basket is completed by a removable sheepskin liner that adds to its comfort level.

Utilizing brackets and safety straps, the dog basket attaches to your bike’s handlebar. Configuring the basket with your bike or taking it out is easy and you can do it within seconds. Moreover, you can complete this task single-handedly, which is great if you are holding your dog in one hand.

What do we like?

The sheepskin liner is removable and washable, which means this Happy Ride dog basket is easy maintain. Its wicker construction is also breathable, which keeps a dog moisture-free. The sheepskin liner is super comfortable and your furball will love the comfort level while riding outdoors.

PetSafe Happy Ride is compatible with all the two-wheelers. All the credit goes to its three-way adjustable bracket that never disturbs the brake cables. An inbuilt leash is also provided that keeps your pet safe.

What could be better?

Some of the users are not satisfied with the assembly process of PetSafe dog basket. Its installation is easy but takes some time to get the habit.

Our Verdict: PetSafe Happy Ride dog basket is great for users who needs a long-lasting and easy to maintain dog basket that can keep their pets safe.

2. Snoozer Pet Bicycle Basket.

Any of the parents who want their baby to ride in comfort can prefer the Snoozer bicycle basket. Its inner pad is removable, which becomes useful when you need to clean the interiors. There is a comfortable chin rest for your loved one, wherein it can watch the things around and enjoy. The basket is flat foldable, which is helpful when you want to store or transport it.

To be more safe for your kid, the bicycle basket comes with an inner leash clip that’s somewhat helpful to keep your dog safe. There are multiple pockets that you can use to store some of the pet-related items. It also includes a rain cover that is useful when you two are dealing with some sudden showers.

What do we like?

Snoozer bicycle basket has a long-lasting microfiber built that you can easily wipe out. This means you don’t have to spend much time in its maintenance. The product is available in two different colors, so you can choose one of them according to the colors he or she likes. It comes with a warranty of 1 year wherein you can get the replacement in case of manufacturing defects.

What could be better?

Snoozer pet basket moves a lot because its straps are not effective enough. So, you might need to adjust its position now and then.

Our verdict: The pet basket by Snoozer is suitable for users who don’t want to waste time in the installation of a dog carrier. It’s suitable for pets up to 14 pounds, so the product is great for users who own a small-sized dog.

3. Lixada Bike Basket, Small Pet Carrier.

Do you need a compact pet carrier for your bicycle? Try the Lixada bike basket that’s suitable for dogs that belong to small breeds. This dog carrier is built with an aluminum frame and high-quality Oxford cloth that’s durable and tear-proof as well. The maximum weight capacity of this basket is 22 pounds, but its recommended that you don’t cross the limit of 15 pounds.

Lixada bike basket has a universal design that’s compatible with all the handlebars ranging between 22 to 31.8mm (7 to 12.5 inches). All thanks to its quick-release handlebar mounting system, you only need a simple push to remove the basket from a bike. The basket also has a hand strap that’s useful when you have to carry your beloved.

What do we like?

The bike accessory has an easy installation process. It has an adjustable closure system, which increases the internal capacity. You can also use this bike basket to carry groceries because it keeps the internal items dry. Moreover, the pet carrier is available in 7 different colors and designs that you can choose according to your preferences.

What could be better?

Some of the users are not satisfied with its built quality.

Our verdict: Lixada bike basket might be a solid purchase for users who want to enjoy camping, biking, trekking, or any other outdoor activity with their pets. Made of high-quality materials, the product is durable and does not take much out of your credit card.

4. Beach & Dog Co Cape May Large Rear Mount Willow Bicycle Basket.

Today’s next recommendation from Beach & Dog Co is a classy rear mountable bicycle basket. Cape May wire cage design looks stylish, but at the same time makes it unsuitable for escape artists like a squirrel. So, you can only try the basket for well-mannered dogs. Its half-inch wide bottom is made of wood and can withstand weight up to 25 pounds.

Straps made of faux leather looks lovely with the wooden bottom, but cannot last for long if your dog tends to chew. The basket is compatible with all the bikes with a rear rack of maximum width of up to 6 inches. A big dog basket on the handlebar might be a little inconvenient, but not with Cape May because it mounts to the rear rack of your bike.

What do we like?

We like the fact that Cape May is a durable dog basket. Moreover, it has a resin coating over the hand-woven wooden bottom that offers protection from sun rays and salt air. It is a spacious bicycle basket that you can use for 1 large dog or 2 little pups. Due to a solid wood base, the basket possesses great strength and makes sure that your lovely companion is safe outdoors.

For the additional safety of your kid, this basket has a basket cage with a height of 18 inches. With such a built and arrangement, the basket is a perfect solution when you two want to enjoy some time outdoors. A perfect gift for dog lovers who also happen to be a rider. 

What could be better?

The basket is not fit for any of the dogs who are more than 17 inches while sitting. Some of the users found its installation tough due to unclear instructions.

Our verdict: Beach & Dog Co Cape May is an outstanding bicycle basket if you own a small or medium-sized dog who loves to ride along.

5. GLE2016 Bike Basket.

Try the GLE2016 bike basket If you own a small dog, cat, or rabbit. You can also use it as a handbag when your pet is indoors. Due to a quick-release handlebar mounting system, the dog basket is easy to configure with your bike. There are two plastic straps to unfurl the internal space of this basket. An adjustable closure system increases its storage capacity.

Constructed using an aluminum frame and water-resistant Oxford cloth, the bike basket is safe under sudden rainfall. Its aluminum frame is damage resistant as well. For added convenience, the basket comes with an inbuilt zip pocket that you use to store valuable items.

What do we like?

The bike basket has a top zipper that keeps your pet safe. This bike accessory is constructed in a way that you can take out its bag from the frame. Once out of the frame, you can also use the bag for shopping. As the bag has a top closing mechanism and robust nylon handles, you will never face any trouble while carrying it.

Maximum weight capacity of 11 pounds is fine for small dogs or cats. Looking at the price, it’s what we were expecting and the bag delivers the same without any hassle. Moreover, the basket is easily foldable and hence it does not take much storage space. Due to its durable built comprising tear-proof fabric and sturdy frame, the basket offers the full worth of your investment.

What could be better?

GLE2016 Bike Basket is not compatible with T-type handlebars.

Our verdict: GLE2016 Bike Basket might be a perfect choice for riders looking for a durable, stylish, and multipurpose dog carrier for their bike. Whether it’s a visit to the market or daily commute, the basket is an affordable option for you two.

6. ANZOME Dogs Carrier Bike Basket.

Anzome dog carrier is a versatile pet basket that you can install in a bike or carry over on shoulders. It fits most of the bike handlebars and can be easily installed or taken out without any tools. Moreover, the dog basket is foldable, so that you can easily store it when not in use.

The incredible and stylish carrier comes with a reflective stripe that is visible in any condition. It is available at an affordable price tag. So, you can experience the added convenience outdoors without spending much.

What do we like?

With the help of a quick-release handlebar mount, you can remove the bag within seconds. When you need to carry some groceries or any other item, the carrier can also work as a shopping bag. As you can use the dog basket in multiple ways, it’s also suitable when you are traveling in a car, bus or any other vehicle.

The dog basket is made of a sturdy metal frame and solid oxford fabric. It’s waterproof and can protect your loved one in drizzly conditions. Moreover, the basket has an inbuilt 15.5-inch leash that keeps your furball safe. Its safety straps work as a protective feature in the dark.

What could be better?

Users are not satisfied with the built quality and some of them escribe it as a flimsy dog basket.

Our verdict: If you need a dog carrier that’s useful for multiple other purposes, then the Anzome bike basket is one of the best options to consider. Not only with a bike, but you can also use it while walking and traveling in other vehicles.

7. Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket.

Petsfit designs this dog basket with functionality in mind and offers maximum comfort to your pet. Made of durable Oxford fabric, the dog basket is lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, its solid bottom prevents any sliding and drawstring mesh maintains complete air circulation.

This dog basket has a safety leash for added safety. It also features side pockets that are useful when you need to store pet-related items. The basket disconnects from the handlebar very easily, so that you can also use it as a carry bag.


What do we like?

The Petsfit dog basket comes with a mesh top, which keeps your furball comfortable and moisture-free in summers. It also has a reflective strip that’s highly visible under all the conditions and keeps both of you safe. When not in use, the dog basket folds flat for convenient storage.

This dog basket is compatible with all the bikes. It comes with an included double-sided mat. You can use its plush side in the winters while the nylon side is beneficial for the summers. The mat is removable so that you can easily clean and reuse it.

What could be better?

There is no metal frame in this bike basket, which could be a problem if your dog try to jump out of it. Moreover, the internal leash needs improvement because it’s non-adjustable.

Our verdict: Petsfit safety dog basket is suitable for users who don’t want to leave for anywhere without their pet. The carrier is long-lasting and comfortable due to its mesh panel

8. Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat.

If you prefer a rear-mounted basket for dogs, then the Snoozer pet rider deserves your attention. The basket attaches to your bike rear rack using some strong straps and hence, it remains stable while you drive. Its cover is removable as well as machine washable, but you need to invest some time to take out all the related straps.

The pet rider has a three-point safety strap that keeps your dog secure. For added safety, there are reflective straps that are highly visible and makes sure that the fellow pillions maintain a safe distance from you two. Comfortable as well as safe for your dog, the dog basket is easy to maintain and hence offers a great worth of its price tag.

What do we like?

Snoozer pet rider withstands a weight of up to 24 pounds, so it can easily accommodate a couple of small dogs or one medium-sized pet. Its plywood reinforced base with foam maintains adequate stability and comfort. It easily installs on the rear rack of your bike, so you will find the added weight on your handlebar. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year, which add some peace to your mind.

What could be better?

The included harness is not secure enough. Plus, the sidewalls of this basket dumps if your furball puts his or her paws on the rails.

Our verdict: If you want maximum comfort and safety for your pet, then the Snoozer pet rider rear bicycle is a suitable choice. It’s easy to assemble and clean, so great for users who don’t want to spend much time maintaining bike accessories.

9. BARKBAY Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket.

Barkbay dog basket is easy to install pet carrier that allows easy assembling and disassembling. Its drawstring mesh cover maintains optimum comfort and safety so that you don’t have to worry about your baby while riding. The bag is designed to accommodate small or medium-sized dogs and its maximum weight capacity is 16 pounds.

Once you detach the Barkbay dog basket from your bike, it converts into a standard carrier that you can use as a pet backpack, or shoulder bag. Its design serves well if you want to take your four-legged babies wherever you go outside.

What do we like?

Getting some fresh air with your dog is incredibly convenient with the Barkbay pet carrier. Whether you are biking, traveling, or hiking, it has the features to stick with your body. The bag keeps your pet secure using its inbuilt leash that you can attach to its harness or collar. It never allows the pet to jump around.

The drawstring closure gives you an option to keep the dog inside. Its mesh construction allows fresh air and maintains the flow to keep your baby comfortable as well as fresh. The basket uses a strap system to attach with your bike. Hence, you don’t have to waste time in its assembly.

What could be better?

The inbuilt leash is not durable enough and might break if your dog tries to jump hard or gets excited at something.

Our verdict: Barkbay pet carrier is an all-in-one dog basket that has an innovative built as well as features that might be a suitable choice if you want to take along your dog to each and every outdoor adventures.

Types of Bicycle Baskets

Bike cargo accessories are useful for any of the users who needs some more storage space. Such products or baskets can be used to transport business goods, home use items, stationery, pets, and many other related objects. Here is a list of some of the common bicycle baskets available in the US market.

Front bicycle basket: Generally made of plastic, wood, metal, or composite materials, these bicycle baskets mount on the handlebars. Keep in mind that front bicycle carriers are not suitable for drop handlebars Overloading such a basket might create problems while handling the bike, especially if it’s not adjusted in the middle. Moreover, too many storage items in the front can obstruct your vision.

Rear mountable bicycle basket: Such baskets mounts on the rear rack of a bike behind the rider. These baskets are comparatively longer than front mount carriers. Hence, rear-mounted baskets have higher weight withstanding capacity. Overloading such a carrier will not disturb your balance to a large extent.

Panniers: Comprises a pair of bags, containers, or boxes that mount on both sides of a two-wheeler. Panniers were originally designed for horses and other livestock, but from the last 100 years, these baskets are enhancing the carrying abilities of bicycles as well as motorcycles. You will find such accessories on touring bikes and sometimes on the road bicycles.

Saddlebags: Similar to panniers, saddlebags were also used for horses. Then it moved on to bicycles and motorcycles. Most of the times, saddlebags are attached in the behind or below the seats of modern bikes. Due to compact dimensions, you can primarily use these baskets for repair tools, rain protection, and first-aid kit. Try a suitable saddlebag if you own a mountain or tour bike. 


Why you need a dog basket?

Is there anything better than taking your dog for a walk down the street? The traditional way of holding a leash is easy, but is it safe? Let’s discuss the same in this section.

  • Taking your dog while holding its leash is very dangerous, especially if you own a small breed. On the other hand, a dog basket allows you and the pet to enjoy a safe ride together.
  • Have you noticed a dog sticking its head out of the car window? It’s because they love doing such an activity. Similarly, your furball will enjoy the ride in a dog basket.
  • A dog basket time gives you some great bonding time without any worries or stress about surrounding animals or other pets around.
  • Apart from taking your dog to a relaxing and adventurous bike ride, a pet basket also gives you several side pockets to carry small items.

Buying Guide for best dog basket for bike

After reading the best dog basket for bike reviews, it’s easy to understand that these products have a certain set of features that you need to consider before investing in any of them. Here’s are the factors that you should check.

Mounting style: Dog baskets for a bike are available in two primary mounting styles: If you want to keep an eye on your dog, try a front-mounted model. Such an option is beneficial if your furball is a little racy. However, front mountable baskets are only suitable for small dogs with a maximum weight of 12 pounds. Dogs surpassing the weight limit of 12 pounds should take the rides in a rear mountable bike basket

Dimensions and weight capacity: It’s crucial to select a bike basket with size and weight capacity to carry your dog. It should have enough space wherein your furball can lie down, sit, turn, and stand comfortably to enjoy the view. So, check the description for the weight capacity and size of a dog basket.

Built material: Look for a durable dog basket made of high-quality materials, so that it can easily withstand the claws of your furball. Daily wear and tear are inevitable, so a bike accessory has to be long-lasting. Wicker and Oxford fabric could be the right choice because these two are excellent in terms of longevity. It’s better if you choose a water-resistant material.

Comfort level: Some of the dog baskets comes with a removable cushion so that you can easily clean it. Such a component maintains an adequate comfort level for your dog. Air circulation is another factor that needs attention. A water-resistant dog basket is important if you are living in an area where sudden rain is common. An attached sunshade is helpful to protect your baby from sun rays and is especially useful in summers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to ride with a dog basket attached to your bike?

Yes, it’s safe to ride a bike when a dog bag is attached. However, you need to make sure its properly configured with your handlebar or rear rack. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble. Apart from that, you need to make sure that all the safety straps and leashes are in place. Train your dog to stay inside the bag while you ride. Let your furball know that it’s not the right time to jump as well.

How do I get my pet to stay in a dog basket?

You can simply let the dog explore the new accessory. Leave it nearby or you can simply put the dog inside it. So that your furball can know it better. If the basket is comfortable, your little hunter will spend some time inside. Apart from that, most of the dog baskets come with inbuilt leash and closures that keep your baby safe inside.


We hope that the best dog basket for bike reviews will help you to choose the right pet carrier for your loved one. If you have any other recommendations or if we missed one of your favorite models, then let us know in the comments section below. Keep in mind that you do not have to cross the maximum weight capacity.

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