05 Best Dirt Bike Chain Lube in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best dirt bike chain lube

What is the way to select a chain lube? Go to a near bike shop, select a can of lube. It is great to look at. The price is low; it would not make your wallet empty. Use this lube on your chain and start to go on riding.

Then you can easily see the value of the price you have spent on it. You may use the lube on the chain when you spin the wheel.

1. DuPont Teflon Chain Self-Cleaning Lubricant

DuPont’s Chain-Saver is designed for cables and chains applied in high combination and for a wet environment, penetrate coat frictional surface having a dry Teflon fluoropolymer wax film.

The film would not absorb abrasive pollutants like grit, dirt, mill powders, paper dust, grass, and lint. The chain saver is a good thing for ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, any chain driven lawn, go karts, garden equipment.

Chain Saver is used for moving parts such as drive chains, industrial roller, cables, conveyor chains, and pivots, sliding tracks, cams, threaded parts, pulleys, and cams.

Features of DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant

  • Dirt-resistant dry lubricant
  • O-Ring Safe and No fling-off
  • Non-staining and Water resistant
  • Contains Moly and Teflon for wear protection

2. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax Ultimate Chain Aerosol Combo

Maxima Clean Up emulsion type or heavy duty cleaner to clean chain without harming metal surface or O-ring. It Multi-Purpose Penetrate lube is excellent, penetrating lube which displaces water and gives corrosion or rust protection.

Maxima is formulated with anti-wear, heavy duty, extreme pressure additives which give more lubrication for cables, chains, sprockets, etc.

It paraffin formula makes a waxy film just like Cosmo line, offers long-term protection from high humidity and water of the environment. The cleaner is amazing. Spray on it and keep for ten minutes then wash it with a garden hose.

The chain seems to new. Some use MPPL lube – spray them and wait for ten minutes. I took the bike out to warm up the chain, and after that, I spray the wax.

Features of Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Aerosol Combo

  • Maxima Chain Wax 13.5 ounce.
  • Maxima Clean Up 15.5 ounce, Maxima Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube 14.5 Ounce

3. Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube

All the reviews indicate that the foaming sprays soothe everywhere if applied. But I think the review based on the incorrect use of the product. Using the straw with the bottle, you need to keep the end of the tube three inch away from the chain.

The makes a spray pattern roughly like a standard motorcycle chain; the foaming action will keep the lube to the right place.

Take some time and use on a warm chain, wait for sometimes after using, wipe the excess amount. The product will work like the advertisement.

Some reviews state that the foaming spray shooting everywhere if use, but I believe the review based on an improper way of application. Use a straw and hold the end of the tube far from the tube about 3 inches from the chain.

Features of Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube

  • Make to enter deeply into pins then bushing the chains
  • Fit for all types even for O-rings
  • Corrosion and rust inhibitor and water resistant
  • Foam penetrated into the chain deeply
  • Leaves protective film to assure the lowest wear and drag

4. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax

Maxima Chain Wax is a superb type of spray lubricant perfect to use for all chain care. Its Para film formula makes a waxy film same as Cosmo line, ensures long time protection for water or high humidity environment.

Maxima Chain Wax is made especially with extreme pressure, heavy duty and anti-wear that give superior lubrication for cables, chains, and sprockets.

It penetrated deeply, reducing chain stretch and wear, lubricating no accessible areas. Chain Wax is a great product to take care fo cable and chain.

Features of Maxima 74920 Chain Wax Aerosol

  • Maxima Chain Wax is the best kind of spray lubricant for all chain care
  • Saves the parts from water and high humidity environment. The Parafilm formula makes the waxy film like as Cosmoline.
  • Maxima Chain Wax is made with anti-wear, extreme pressure and formulated with heavy duty for the lubrication of cables, chains, and sprockets.
  • Maxima Chain Wax lubricated no accessible areas, penetrated deeply, reduces chain wear and stretch.
  • It is an excellent choice for all cable cars and chain needs

5. Pit Posse PP3229-2 2 15Oz Cans Of Chain and Cable Lube

Pit Posse Chain Lube is a good way to take care of chain. It gives more protection against corrosion and rust, does great work even all conditions especially muddy, wet or dusty conditions.

It is very messy and simple to use. You can do the job easily. It works great for mud and water.

Features of Pit Posse PP3229-2 2 15Oz Cans Of Chain and Cable Lube

  • You are purchasing two new 15oz cans of Pit Posse Chain Lube
  • Saves from 400 degrees F, reduce friction, permit you to keep the most of the power to the ground.
  • The Pit Posse Chain Lube works for pins, between plates and o-rings and leave a protective coating behind
  • Use synthetic lubricant, it reduces wear and expands the life of sprocket and chain life

Types of Bicycle Chain Lube

There are two main types of chain lube; wet and dry, and both can be optimized to work well in different conditions. Generally, a wet lube is best for the muddy/wetter material and a dry lube is better for dry conditions. It can be said that you will need to hit a balance between lube durability and just how much of a wreck the lube makes in your drivetrain!

Dry Chain Lube

Thin-bodied dry lubes attract hardly any dust and grit but will have to be implemented regularly. Given how to wash dry lubes depart your chain, I’ve discovered they’re useful for cleaning your chain too. Simply apply a coat of lube liberally, then spin the cranks backward a couple of times and wipe off the excess. Dry lube (and a regular wipe-off with a classic sock) is my preferred setup for bike touring.

Wet Chain Lube

Gluggy wet lubes attach a film that stays on your string, bringing grit and creating your drivetrain look quite nasty. I recommend having a degreaser between software to ensure that you’ve removed all dirt the moist lube has accumulated in your drivetrain.

Wax Chain Lube

Wax chain lubes dry on your string, attracting very little grime and grit, and may even discard excess dirty wax during use. This lube is often known to be the fastest too, decreasing friction across your drivetrain by a minute level. The major downsides; they must be implemented more regularly than other lubes, they’re great in wet conditions, and you are going to want to de-grease off the wax your chain every now and then also.

Basic Compounds

Even though the abundance of products on the bicycle shop shelves are varied, there are just a few standard chemicals in most of them. They Might Be blended formulations but can be broken down into smaller groups as follows:

Teflon-Based Lube

Teflon based lubes are undoubtedly the most frequent sort of bicycle chain lube used and for great reason. The title Teflon is DuPont’s brand name for what’s called “PTFE” from the chemistry globe or polytetrafluoroethylene.

For the PTFE to properly penetrate the inner workings of a bicycle chain, in addition to stick around long enough to be utilized while still having self-cleansing properties, it can be mixed with many kinds of oils and solvents depending on the conditions that it has been designed to do best in.

If you live in a moist environment like we do here in the West shore of B.C. you will be best off with a thicker lube since it is going to last much longer and not require as many reapplications.

If your home trails are dry and dusty, then you’ll be much better served to use a thinner lube that won’t collect as much dirt that would gum up your drivetrain and generate a mess like a thick lube employed in that sort conditions will.

Wax-Based Lubes

Another common option is wax based lubes. Just like Teflon chain lubes, the wax lubricant may come in many different sorts of mixtures based on the conditions that it is intended to be used in. Wax based lubes are generally thought of as a cleaner choice to Teflon, however they have some drawbacks of their own.

While they certainly accumulate less dust and grime, you must be very aware of how much wax lube you are using because it does tend to build up and create a mess. Picture large globs of wax caught up between your pulley wheels and derailleur cage and you’ll find the idea.

Wax lubes also require the chain to be quite clean before you employ them for best results, and even then, they will not last if their Teflon established competition.

There are a variety of lubes and concoctions you shouldn’t utilize in your chain, most of them are either too thin or too thick. One example would be the popular Phil’s Tenacious Oil. It is the perfect lube for the interior of freehub bodies, but far too thick and stringy to be used on a chain.

When it would last much more than regular chain lube, the jumble and build up that it generates can be rather nasty. On the opposite end of this spectrum is the popular WD40 this is not a lubricant for bike chains! WD40 is much too thin and acts as a solvent, which strips the chain of any lube that might be present.

Use WD40 to free old and rusty components, but never to lube your chain. You’re better off heading down to your local shop to find some proper lube created for where you ride. If you are not sure what to buy, it’s worthwhile to ask.

How Does Chain Lube Work?

Chain lube is applied externally but is only necessary internally on the chain hooks, rollers, and surfaces involving the inner/outer chain plates. As it ought to penetrate the string, the lube ought to be thin enough to get the little chain parts but thick enough to last a decent amount of time. That is why many thicker automotive lubricants aren’t the most acceptable option for your bicycle.

The most significant thing about lube is just ensuring you’ve got an adequate amount on your own chain in any way times. This will permit your drivetrain to last longer and be more efficient. It is well worth noting that string lube isn’t necessary on any other drivetrain parts (cassette, chainrings, derailleur etc). I guess it’s called string lube for a reason!

It seems that the job is not done well. The reality is that all lubes are not equal. Selecting the product is just like splitting hairs. Therefore, this is my take.

I have not used all lube available in the market. But I have tried many over my thirty years of motocross racing or dirt biking. The product mentioned here, I have used many times and extensively.

I have never got any scientific evidence to use the lubes. Definitely can say well that I suggest the best lube for motocross.

I admit new products are coming and formulas are improving to make upgraded lube. My opinion here mentioned based on my many year’s experiences of riding. The observation I found is based on:

Chain roll

The wheel spins as the bike on the stand with freshly applied lube a clean chain


How often it is essential to use lube.

Consumption volume

The stage of oil consumed per application

Spray quality

How greatly the product douses from the can that includes the aim of the lube to leak out round the nozzle base.

Propellant longevity

The propellant is stopped from the can prior the lube is used up.

Inhibits wear

The frequency of the chain drive alternation as an indicator of the lube standard

When to Lube

There’s not any regular maintenance schedule for implementing lube. It depends upon your style of riding, the weather and what type you’re using. Some manufacturers indicate re-applying lube predicated on string appearance, riding conditions, space wrapped, time since last application and after the series was cleaned.

But a lot of riders simple rely upon the noise of the series. The sound is a good indicator of whether or not a chain lube is doing its job. A clean, quiet, smoothly shifting chain, is well lubricated. Listen to your own chain. It should not be making much sound. If it’s making noise, it likely needs lubed.

Final Words

Any product will take place in this article if it is chain lube. What is my advice here? Use the best lube.

For doing so, you can use Bel-Ray Blue Tac or Silken Chain Lub. There are lots of lubes in the market, but these two lubes are the best to choose

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