7 Best Cyclocross Tires Reviews in 2021 – Ultimate Buying Guide

best cyclocross tires

Cyclocross tires can take you through lots of harsh terrains without asking for mercy. With such a tire, you can access almost all the areas you cannot cover with other disks. To get the most out of your investment, you should choose one of the best cyclocross tires that can suit your bike as well as the surface you are going to ride. There are many other factors that you need to consider while choosing such a tire for your future trips that we will discuss later. First, you should know the best cyclocross tires that you can purchase in this year.

1. Schwalbe CX Comp HS 369 Cyclocross Bicycle Tire

Schwalbe CX Comp HS 369 is our top recommendation because it’s a perfect bicycle tire that moves smoothly over city streets as well as off-road terrains. If you are an experienced rider, then you can take it anywhere you need to roll. Be it gravel, sand or any other loose stuff wherein other tires might surrender, HS 369 goes on without any problem. However, it’s not the best option to ride over muddy conditions.

Most of the riders look for versatile tires that are flat resistant and offers great handling on regular roads as well as pavements. It’s the reason HS369 is great for urban riders because it makes no excuses while moving on any of the surfaces. It’s also great for short touring, but we will not recommend it for long road trips because of low mileage. You need to carry replacement tires if you want to ride on the Schwalbe bicycle tire, which is near to impossible on a bicycle.


  • Appropriate width for comfortable bicycling
  • Ends per inch or density of 24
  • Polymer construction to adapt according to the riding path
  • Lightweight at 660 grams


  • A robust hybrid tire that tackles all the terrains
  • Fast and stable; even on the corners
  • Rides well on city roads
  • Runs smoothly on dirt or sand
  • Pulls the bike through loose gravel and thin mud


  • Short lifespan

2. CST Cultivator Cycle Cross Tire

If you need high-quality tires at an affordable price, then you should take a close look at the Cultivator from CSTAD. It’s the disks you need when you need to tackle a lot of challenging paths in your next race. Be it mud, snow, dirt, sand or rocks, the Cultivator keeps you satisfied with its performance and leaves no space for any complaints.

The CST cycle tire is perfect for climbing situations. Include it in your next race and you will notice that it can easily ride over rough conditions, wherein other riders are getting off the bike to carry it. The tire can withstand a maximum air pressure of 85 psi, which is another plus because you will not use it at more than 30 or 35. Moreover, it sheds the mud very quickly in comparison to other tires and hence keeps your ride lightweight.


  • Lightweight at 440 grams
  • Can work with up to 85 psi
  • Ability to shed soil and mud quickly


  • Long-lasting tires with excellent on-road grip
  • Works on snow, gravel, and mud


  • There are no negative aspects of the tire according to our experts and lab tests

3. Clement MXP Cyclocross Tire

The MXP is a super tire. We are serious and you will believe the same after knowing its features. The brand makes it with a Kevlar bead casing that has 120 thread per inch (TPI). Due to such robust material, the tire is suitable for any terrain that comes in front of you. All thanks to its tread design, which is an improved version of classic Grifo patter that was initially created by Clement decades ago. It rolls faster, but at the same time gives optimum grip for the brakes and remains stable on the road.

You can try this Clement cyclocross gear and there is no doubt that you will feel satisfied with your investment. One of the features you like the most is its width of 33 cm. And the only factor you will not like is that the tire is not tubeless-ready.


  • Innovative tread design that makes it suitable for all the terrains
  • Fast-rolling built
  • There are cuts in the central chevrons that allows it to flex and move smoothly
  • Revolutionary side knobs for better grip and improved control over a variety of surfaces
  • Named after an airport code of Milan


  • Excellent handles and stability
  • Suitable for all the conditions


  • Not a tubeless tire

4. Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire

The tour ride bicycle tire keeps it real, makes sure you enjoy an ultimate ride and stop only where you want. Be carefree once you are riding on the Continental bicycle tire because it comes with a Butyl breaker layer, which integrates with its rubber layer to provide added protection from regular wear and tear as well as punctures.

Continental urban bicycle tire has a tread the can handle almost any of the surfaces you want to follow. No matter where you are riding, it promises to reach the destination and bring you back. All thanks to its double casing, the cyclocross disk is robust and never allows any of the debris to disturb your ride. Due to its reinforced sidewalls, the tire never feels fragile due to any of the environmental factors. As it has high mileage, you can use the urban bicycle tires for long tours and you will never look for replacements. 


  • Maximum PSI is 65
  • Built to handle any of the surfaces
  • Provides high mileage irrelevant to the terrains
  • Puncture resistant
  • Durable casing
  • Excellent traction


  • Maintains excellent grip over roads as well as rough terrains
  • Long-lasting built
  • Better mileage than other variants available in the same price range
  • Rolls fast and smooth
  • Super strong sidewalls prevent any adverse effect due to bad weather and other environmental elements


  • Puncture resistant technology is not consistent

5. Continental Cyclo X-King Fold Bike Tire

The Cyclo X-King is one of the best cross tires because of its excellent rolling features and safe cornering grip. If you want to compete with professional cyclists, then this Continental fold bike tire is the right choice for bike racings.

The continental bike tire is versatile and easily adapts to any of the surfaces. All the credit goes to Black Chili, which is a patent compound that reduces rolling resistant up to 26 percent. It also improves the road grip by 30 percent and adds to mileage by 5 percent. To improve its grip even further, the tire comes with a Pure grip compound that works with Black chili for excellent stability, improved traction, and durable life.

Made in Germany, the tire provides you with a quality cycling experience. No matter you are competing in a cycle race or simply roaming around to explore, the fold bike tire co-operates well on all the paths and makes sure you reach the endpoint without much delay.


  • Continental uses the most advanced technology for this tire
  • Build with a revolutionary Black Chili compound that improves the grip, mileage as well as life
  • Features 180 TPI Nylon Carcass, which is perfect for practice and racings
  • Pure grip compound made of active silica technology adds to the on-road grip
  • Nylon Fabric makes it puncture resistant and lightweight
  • 32 mm width compatible on all the surfaces


  • Excellent built for a lifetime service
  • Provides you with a strong grip and mileage
  • Suitable for all the roads as well as cycling activities


  • Expensive

6. SCHWALBE CX Pro HS 269 Cyclocross Bicycle Tire

Schwalbe CX Pro HS 269 is more than capable to handle roads, slopes, hilly areas, and mud. If you are forced to a rigid terrain during every cycling race, then next time you should utilize a dedicated cyclocross tire like HS 269. It has a width of 30 mm, which is fine for regular mountains and cross races.

Large and expressive treads of HS 269 give you the confidence that it can tackle any of the surfaces. When you take it on the road, the cyclocross tires do the same with the help of central chevrons that drives it forward and also help the brakes to complete their duties.

The tire grips well on all the terrains and hence you can easily take in and out of the corners without losing balance. Moreover, it has a lightweight that becomes helpful when you have to ride for long or carry a bike on the shoulders for a while.


  • Very lightweight at 405 grams
  • Maximum PSI of 95
  • Excellent traction and cornering
  • Rolls at high speed


  • Works with a variety of air pressure according to the requirements
  • Suitable for all the surfaces
  • Effortless and quick movement due to large treads


  • Loses traction in thick mud

7. Vittoria Terreno Zero G2.0 TNT Cyclocross Bicycle Tire

Terreno Zero is an innovative bicycle tire in the cyclocross gear market and it has been a center of attraction since the launch. All the credit goes to its grippy compound, which rolls smooth, quick and is suitable for on and off-road expeditions. Moreover, it provides you with optimum puncture resistance. The Terreno Zero G2.0 TNT lacks knobbles and hence its only good for dry and stony terrains. When the path gets muddy, all its smoothness goes away and you might start hating the Vittoria tire.

The tweaked tread design of the Terreno Zero never sacrifices the performance either on gravels or hard-pack roads. Its center section is Corsa inspired and hence offers negligible rolling resistance on harsh surfaces. Apart from road and usage in hilly areas, you can also use the tires to commute in the winters. All thanks to its width and extra rubber on the road, it maintains proper balance on snow and keeps your ride stable.


  • Side scales to remains reliable over the corners
  • Corsa inspired design for minimal rolling resistance
  • Integrated Graphene 2.0 compound for optimum durability and performance
  • Two other compounds that make it durable and also enhances the road grip
  • Excellent support for the brakes


  • Puncture proof
  • Effortless rolling without much resistance
  • Stable on the corners


  • The tread pattern is useless over mud and wet gravel

What is a cyclocross tire?

Similar to regular bike tires, but cyclocross tires are comparatively wider. Such disks are almost flat and also comes with small studs that provide extra grip on rocks, gravels, and muddy surfaces. The majority of cyclocross tires are available with a width ranging between 30 to 35 mm.

Due to their texture and added knobbles, cyclocross tires roll with improved traction and better grip. Like other road tires, these tires are also available two versions: clincher and tubeless.

Benefits of Using Cyclocross Tires

  • Cyclocross tires move well without much resistance and keep your ride continuous even if you are trapped under some unpredictable terrains.
  • Such tires support extreme braking. So, when you use the disc brake on your mountain bike, it will co-operate; even in wet conditions.
  • Most of these tires are puncture resistant. Hence, there are minimal chances that you are not finishing the race or your cycling session on time.
  • Due to lightweight built, a cyclocross tire adds less heft to your bike. So, none of your energy goes wasted in carrying unnecessary weight; whether you are riding the bike or carrying it on your shoulders.

Things to consider for buying the best cyclocross tires

There are several aspects that you need to consider while purchasing a cyclocross tire. We will discuss them in the following points.

Tire design: More studs or knobbles on the tire will make it efficient on dusty terrains. A rough tire will evacuate water in a better way and make the ride easy on mud, rocks, gravel and all other harsh surfaces. However, a studded tire will inefficiently grab plane roads. So, choose a cyclocross tire depending upon the roads you will tackle during a cycle race.

Clincher or Tubeless: Clincher cyclocross tires are cost-effective, but you need to change their tube in case of a puncture. One the other hand, tubeless or tubular tires are lightweight and hard to get flat. However, they are difficult to repair. Also, tubeless tires are lightweight when compared to clinchers. 

Width: As we already stated that cyclocross tires are available between width that ranges between 30 to 35 mm. You get some advantages as well as a few disadvantages according to the chosen width. A wide tire will keep more comfortable and stable, but you will feel braked due to extra rubber touching the ground. With the thin tire, you can ride on high speeds, but you have to compromise on stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I glue tubular cyclocross tires?

Follow the right steps to glue a cyclocross tire and you can use it on road. Use glue as well as tubular gluing tape for a long-lasting effect. We will not recommend to use it for cross races though.

How wide are cyclocross tires?

As we know that cyclocross tired are wider than usual and goes up to 40 mm. However, the average range available in the market is between 30 to 35 mm.

What psi should cyclocross tires be?

40 to 70 PSI

Can I put cyclocross tires on a road bike?

No, you should not do that because cyclocross tires will only fit properly on a cross rim/wheels. Such tires might fit a road wheel, but you will not be able to put it back on the cross bike again. Moreover, a cross tire will not be stable and balanced on roads due to extra knobbles. 

Final Words

Choosing the perfect tire for your bike is not easy and it’s the reason why professional cyclists keep a set of disks for their races. If you are a beginner, then we recommend you select an all-round bike tire that can work on all the terrains. If you are experienced, then we have already discussed some of the best cyclocross tires that you can include in your garage.

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