Best Bikes For College Students – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

best bikes for college students

College over any other period in your daily life seems like time once you continuously need to be somewhere without having enough opportunity to get there. It is not only about needing to get to courses, but to different meetings then, parties, and even much more crises than you thought may develop.

This is when an automobile could be a God’s delivered, however, let’s face it, not many people can manage both a vehicle and a college diploma. But a town bicycle, or even a crossover, may be better than a car in heavy traffic, it may be a relatively cheap first investment, and you may surely drink and drive when it comes to pushing the bicycle.

We wanted to see whether you were able to get a bike that will suit a student’s restricted budget, but also one that could meet all the requirements of a pupil’s lifestyle. And we were amazed to discover there were quite lots of them, of which we picked the best six best bikes for faculty.

Every of them has something somewhat different and addresses a slightly different requirement, so be sure that you scroll beyond the next table into the comprehensive reviews we’ve made for each bicycle. There you may see why we believed each bike deserved to be on our record but also in how every bike differs from another.

In our busy lives, the bike is a great source of saving time that is more important than money.

So companies come forward for the college students to fulfill the demand of the exciting days.

Here we are performing to enlist some of the best quality bikes for the college going students.

What are you riding on?

Think about the road on which you like to drive the bike. You must know it that the terrains also affect the speed of the bike. Therefore you must know what type of bike is fit for your terrain.

All purpose bikes are made for use on the college campus or to go with the best speed.

The bike you used must not be heavy and should be maneuverable. This must have simple construction and durable which is very simple to maintain.

Best Bikes For College Students

For rocky terrains in the Rural Areas, Mountain bikes are a good solution.

But keep in mind that these types of bikes are very heavier and come with many features that are needed for going around the college campus.

Road bikes are great for long distance and ride on the road with speed. The price of the bike is not a lot.

Moreover, Road bikes are difficult to maneuver. There are some models that are fit for the college campus. Some bikes are suitable for covering more distance on the road.

How much do you need to spend?

You do not need to spend more money to have a durable and reliable bike to commute to and around the campus.

Do not think that buying a bike with cheap money may not put you in a bad position; lead you to buy another bike very quickly. It is better to purchase a quality bike by spending 200 to 400 dollars.

Best Bikes For College Students – Buyer’s Guide


Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

There are some merits of using a single speed road bike. But one thing you must keep in mind is that you must have this bike if you like to stay or to obtain in shape.

By doing away with shifts, derailleur no need to mention has more chainrings and the back cogs.

The bike is somewhat lighter. On the contrary, to give more speed on a downhill, the manufacturer must prefer a chainring as well as a cog which are not uphill friendly.

The bike has very few things which may seem wrong. It implies that there is no one who would like to steal it.

Features of Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

  • Single speed commuter road bike
  • For Fixed Gear or Freewheel read flip flop hub
  • Fork and tig welded steel frame; alloy side pull brake and alloy rims with alloy hub,
  • The package of the bike is secure and well. Everything inside the box is very fine. The excitement is very high.
  • It is very beautiful to look at. If you are a vain person and someone asks where you have got the bike. The bike is only for you.
  • Seat is relaxed able after our butts get used to
  • Simple assembly
  • The foot hostlers are not important but simply be taken off

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Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

With the urban bike, you can deal any of your problems very quickly and easily. For this case, it means the flat tire.

The bike comes with horizontal dropouts. You can remove the wheels of the bike without any tool.

At the time of taking the back wheel off, you need not touch the chain. The reality is that you should not spend much money to buy the Shimano gear system components.

Meaning that the guys from Critical Cycles can spend more money to buy the highest quality Wanda tires, comfortable Well-Go pedals, and Pro-Max Brakes.

The bikes come with the necessary tools to make the bike apart and put it back together that come in handy.

Features of Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

  • Flat Top Tube, Premium Hand-Built Steel Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Frame with Bar-Spin Clearance and No Toe Overlap along with Horizontal Drop Outs
  • Comes with necessary tools to maintain or set up your bicycle
  • Super Deep-V Double Wall Rims along with freewheel, flip flop hub and fixed gear cogs on the wheelset.
  • The names of the famous brands are Bottom Bracket, Neco Headset, Pro-Max Brakes, Well Go Pedals, KMC chain, Wanda Tires, Protek 3-Piece Crank along with Lightweight Alloy Chainwheel
  • Found in medium (53cm), small (49cm), large (57cm) and more than ten colors combination.
  • Strong frame
  • Good brakes
  • Lightweight (Easy to carry up stairs)
  • Minimal design with only one sticker you can peel off
  • Very uncomfortable seat
  • The pedals are made of cheap plastic

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Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Black

Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Black

We begin to talk about the top ten bikes for the college list. We have to talk about the most comfortable bikes of the list.

The Stowabike 26-inch Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike. The bike has double suspension, and it is very heavy no doubt.

The bike is quite slow no need to say. It has an alloy frame. The bumps of the bike are great.

There are six-speed shifters with the bike. You will feel comfortable at the time of riding on it. It also has three-speed grip shifters.

Features of Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Mountain Bike Black

  • Right Shifter: run six-speed grip shifter
  • Left Shifter: 3-speed grip shifter
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano 6 speed
  • Front Derailleur: Sunrun FD-QD-35
  • Rims: Single wall alloy
  • Freewheel: 6 speed
  • Nice sexy frame
  • Folding Easily
  • Good components and accessories
  • Quite comfortable
  • It is not fit for anyone whose height is 6.4 inch with size 13’s for the sneakers
  • This is not a big one- seat must be wider as well as soft

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Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

Schwinn is a popular brand of bike in the USA for many years. The products are reliable, solid and are given with customer service guarantee.

The weight limit of the bike is 230 pounds. The bike is fit for six feet tall man. When folded, the weight of the bike is 31.5 pound.

The bike is somewhat heavier at the Dahon. The product is lighter than the Best Choice bikes and Stowabike.

The bike is unique. There are more positive reviews of the bike. Users feel comfort when they ride on it. It has come with seven speeds.

The bike is the first choice for college going students. The twenty-inch folding system of the bike attracts the users more.

It can stand on a low frame. The bike has a very rigid fork to ride on and ride down easily.

Features of Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

  • Low stand on the frame and hard work for simply off and on.
  • The twenty-inch bike is made for well commuting.
  • Comes with a bag made of nylon.
  • Sure stopping alloy linear pull brakes
  • Has 7-speed drive train to rise on the hills
  • Already assembled (besides popping in 1 pedal)
  • takes ten seconds for folding
  • Surprisingly nice parts
  • Rides smoothly
  • The built in rack is fantastic
  • If folded difficult to move
  • There is no way to lock the bike in a place if you fold it.

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Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike, Brushed

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike, Brushed

It is made for the boaters especially the Mariner D7 creates inshore tour more funny and convenient.

This stashes simply to the tiniest of the boat holds. This is the real tools for your boat.

To lessen corrosion, the proper maintenance is a must. You can do a jaunt to the nearest café, convenient, fast and well for rapid errands around the town and a leisurely ride in the park.

Emphasis must be given to convenience and comfort. You may fold the Dahon Urban Utility bike very quickly and fold it correctly since you are living in a commute or an apartment.

Features of Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike, Brushed

  • # folding takes less than 15 minutes. You may take it anywhere you like. The bike is very simple to bring or carry on public transport.
  • The bike is great to carry in bus or train on your stashing or commutes in your home.
  • 7005 aluminum frame is having a custom-drawn Sonus tube and six patented technologies.
  • Designed with a Dahon Neos rear derailleur which has fast shifted, a low-profile design and features crisp that is saved from any damage.
  • Rapid folding system
  • Riding comfortable
  • work perfect for a portable seat at the time of folding up
  • Well fitting under a standard desk
  • Has more gears, ideal for going up and down hill.
  • Wonderful conversation starter. If you ride on every day, people come up just up, and you ask about it
  • Well designed bike. Great to look at
  • Chicks dig it.
  • Bit heavier but cheaper than the Titanium models. You can hope it.
  • Well balanced at the time of rolling while folded

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Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Road Bike

The bike is fast, durable, stylish having high graded aluminum wheels, paddles, handles, paddle post, and stem.

After buying you can assemble it well by yourself. You must be careful while tightening the pedals by the wrench or screwdrivers as it makes loose fitting or detaches.

The fork of the bike is made of 700c steel without outer frame. It needs 180 degrees assembling for the front side wheel.

The most important feature of the bikes is that you can assemble it without any pre-experience.

Features of Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Road Bike

  • Super Deep-V Double Wall Rims as well as Stainless Steel Spokes ease
  • Premium Hand-Built Steel Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Frame with Bar-Spin Clearance
  • 180 degree rotate fork prior assemble front wheel
  • If you assemble it, the disc brake may be to the left side of the bike
  • Rear wheel hub and aluminum Flip-flop permit change from single speed to adjust gear simply.
  • Front Mechanical Disc Brakes System is for well braking when adding All the Tools You Need to make and Maintain Your Bicycle
  • All things are included in the price
  • At the time of raining it works well. The price of the bike is excellent
  • Cold all back design.
  • There is nothing mentionable
  • Bike Tips for College Students

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GMC Denali Road Bike

This is just another great-quality bicycle that’s perfect for campus use. It sports an ergonomic design, big tires, and a lightweight aluminum frame, all which combine to provide you with a feeling while riding. Additionally, also, it includes metal brake levers, alloy calipers, and higher profile metal Vitesse racing rims that guarantee you a fantastic riding experience. Moreover, its Shimano Revo changes and Shimano derailleur ensure simpler, smoother and faster changing of equipment. Regardless of all these excellent features, this bicycle can be found in a budget-friendly cost.


  • 21-speed Street Bicycle features a aluminum lightweight frame
  • Cable side pulls brake calipers and levers. High-profile metal Vitesse racing rims
  • The suggestions size of small 5.1-5.8 inches stand over-29 inches, medium- 5.8-6.0 inches, stand over-31 inches, large- 6.0-6.5 inches, stand over-34 inches. The 36 Spoke metal nutted wheels.21 rate shimano twist shifting
  • Shimano Revo shift, Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shift, make it Simple to change gears quickly and easily
  • High-performance 700c tires are up to this challenge of demanding road racing
  • CHEAP to get a street bicycle!
  • Simple to Assemble.
  • Lightweight
  • Very Good shifter
  • Trying to get the breaks.

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Dylan ensures the mentioned tips to buy and manage a bike for college:

  • Fitting a bike is very important. If it does not fit with the body, it is bad for the health and morale. Unfit biking makes the body tired and worn out riding a POS bike sometimes breaks down. A good type of bike is a great thing to develop the body and mind all together. There are more possibilities of an accident if you ride on an unfit bike. Fitting is a great thing to consider before buying a bike.
  • Buying a bike from online is a bad idea if you can not put it together as it is your duty. It would not work well as you think.
  • You must ensure that the bike has panniers or rack. It makes the life easy. You may go to a grocery shop and will schlep everything you like on your bike with more efficiency and may look cold doing it.
  • The light of the bike is also an important thing. Get a bike that has effective lights. You have to consider greatly the safety of the bike. Gear, helmet and hi-vis rain or cold weather gear and light save your life.
  • Safety is a great thing for the bike. So you have to buy a helmet. You would not like to fall in danger. Why do you not like to get up quickly from the accident? It will save your face and head. You have made an oath instead of treating it as the matter is casual.
  • The lock is a type of security for the bike. It keeps the bike safe and secured. If you have it, you have no tension at all. The lock is an essential part of a bike. You must buy a good type of lock for your bike. Besides, the lock must be good enough. Kryptonite suggests you buy at least 20% of the money for the lock. If you have a good lock, you can leave it anywhere on the campus. Meaning that the bike will remain in a place for a long time without any risk. Security like anti-theft skewers and hardware are suggested, like saddle leashes and move your lights off the bike every time you keep the bike unwanted.
  • At the time of riding, you have to bring some important things with you to feel comfortable. The important things are an extra tube, a multifunctional tool, a patch kit, a pump which matches the kind of tire you are going to ride. If the pumper is bigger, it will take less time to fill it. You may get stuck without a tube, or a patch by the riders own preference. One can get himself out of a pickle such as a piece of staple or glass. If the bike has some carrying system, you can freely carry your necessary thing.

The Different Types of Bikes and Whether they make Sense on Campus

When deciding upon the perfect bicycle, you need to attempt to get accustomed to the various kinds of bikes available, so it is possible to make an educated choice for a customer.

Road Bicycles

Designed to reach high rates and to ride well on horizontal surfaces, these bicycles usually arrive with narrow tires and drop handlebars, which can enable you to receive as small wind resistance as possible. Road bicycles have a tendency to be lacking from the comfort section and are not the very best form of bikes for transporting things around, so if your commute is long or you expect to have a hefty backpack full of paths alongside you personally, you may need to be sure the particular bicycle you wind up with does not possess these flaws.

Cyclo-cross Bicycles

A version of this street bike, this kind of bicycle still sports the fall handlebar but utilizes wider wheels that allow for off-road traction. Cyclo-cross bicycles allow more for riding on irregular terrain. They are intended explicitly for involvement in Cyclo-cross races, but in the past several decades, cyclocross bicycles have gained fame as commuting bikes. They are flexible and lightweight – this usually means that cyclo-cross bicycles might make sense for school campuses or everyday commutes.

Touring Bicycles

This is another version of this street bike. They are essentially riding bikes but with less emphasis on speed and much more emphasis on having the ability to resist wear and tear, so that they do better concerning overall durability and viability. Additionally, since they’re intended for extended riding, they tend to be reasonably comfortable.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bicycles are made to operate well on rough off-road paths, dirt trails, and on surfaces such as snow or other sorts of difficult terrain. The most significant difference between mountain bicycles and different kinds of bicycles usually is the existence of shock absorbers, making bumpy surfaces easier to take care of.

Mountain bikes generally have upright or flat handlebars and multiple equipment options that facilitate smoother rides when confronted with uphill climbs. A mountain bike may make sense if you are attending a school in a city/town that sees snow often, or if your campus has a lot of dirt trails and strange places and can be less of a modern atmosphere.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes are inclined to be a fantastic catchall solution if you are not sure what you may need to deal with – that they cope with demanding terrains decently and cope with horizontal surfaces. Additionally, though a hybrid bicycle will serve you well on tricky terrain when it has to do with conditions which are difficult you might have difficulty.

How to Choose a Bike for College

Many of the students like to go to campus easily and quickly. Some live near to the campus. Other lives far away from the campus.

But all must need a type of bike to do the job. The bike is a very useful thing for the students. If you have a good type of bike, you can save your time and money. Distance is not mattered at all. A bike is a very useful thing no doubt.

Best Bikes For College Students

The bike is a very good means of transportation and is perfect to go to campus for them.

Some keep drivers to go to campus. But here I am talking about the bike. It is a very simple thing as it gives more comfort to the students.

They can go to campus quickly and come back rapidly. They feel it is comfortable and good mode thing to go from one place to another.

There are various types of bikes on the market. You have to buy the best type of bike for your need.

The important thing you have to confirm is that what type of bike would you like to buy.

For people going to college, a road or mountain bike is the best choice no doubt. Try to get a durable and light frame.

You have no need to buy a fancy carbon fiber frame by spending more money. They are lighter but may not handle potholes and spend more to repair the bike.

An important thing is to get a bike having fenders and compatible. You like to carry some important things in your school.

So be sure your bike has the ability to carry all the important things in school.

You must ensure that the bike has a backpack. Some commuter bikes come with panniers or racks to make life easier.

Quality component parts

The drive train is a collection of components which aids to operate gear mechanism. It is considered the critical part of the bike.

This bike is made in Japan. It is very beautiful to look at. Both mid range bikes and the budget apply the Shimano parts.

Best Bikes For College Students

The buyers can buy a good type of bike with the various budgets. Riders can change the gear smoothly for having better derailleurs along with integrated shifters.

Alloy wheel rims along with attractive spoke design are necessary things to evaluate.

Sometimes rear wheels and front wheels may rapidly release for replacement of bucket wheel rim or tire changing.

Quality road bikes are really important things. Alloy brake levers, as well as alloy caliper brakes, are essential components to consider for any road bike.

Before buying you have to consider all these things otherwise, you will not get a right type of bike.


In a rainy day, you normally do not like to miss the class. For such day a little addition is a must. Suppose a basket will help you to carry some things with you. There are some options if the question is accessorizing.

From thick tires to fenders, from extra- comfortable seats to rugged keep your entire things dryer for the rainy day.

Additionally, a basket will allow you to keep some sorts of things that you may fit into your backpack. Moreover, lights and reflectors will keep you safe and on drivers’ radars if you like to drive bike at night.

Bike purpose

Companies are offering various types of bikes. We here mention few of them like mountain, road, racing, and hybrid and so on.

All bikes have their pros and cons. In this article, we are giving importance on the road bike which is fit to ride on the street or road or between home and campus, around the campus and beyond.

Easy assembly

Each of the college bikes comes with the wonderful pack and necessary to assemble well.

The setting of the bike may take one to two hours. You may ask your friend who has necessary tools.

Or you may take help from the professional assembly services. For most of the cases, the buyers can assemble the bike without any assistance.

Help me to help you finally

Thanks for having the right bike. I have read many reviews of the college bikes and finally, have taken the decision to buy a bike something less difficult.

Buying bike may sometimes seem very funny activity and nostalgic nod for the child.

You need something that can change your life when you are little. Wearing a helmet is a very important thing with the new bike.

Best Bikes For College Students

At the time of riding a bike on the campus, you have to ensure safety and security. The statistics of US is that the percentage of injury is 2.3 percent.

Wearing a helmet, traffic facilities will help to lessen the accident. It is important to think about the safety. Therefore, be careful at the time of riding a bike.

It is very easy to say but very difficult to follow. Helmet is a very important thing, and one can ensure safety by wearing a helmet. There is no alternative to using a helmet at the time of riding a bike.

Though heading off to colleges involve more changes. The bike is one of the best choices for the people.

The bike ensures you free exercise anywhere that is a must for starting down the Freshman 15!

The bike saves time and money at the same time. Besides, athletic deeds may lead you a long way as it comes to anxiety and managing stress which is not facing the prospect of college.

You may luckily have to deal with the bike as it comes time for exams or midterms.

Finally, we can say that bike is a crucial thing for going to school. You may balance or manage your new life away at school.

Outside class student craves for a bike. They think it is an essential part of life.

You must memorize one thing that you have to wear a helmet before you like to ride a bike. You have to remember that cycling is also a good type of exercise.

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