The Best Bike Rack For Prius – Quality Guide

best bike rack for prius

You are now visiting the researched high-quality Toyota Prius bike rack here. Surely you can use it to transport your bike very easily. You can load the bikes from the ground level without any car-bike contact.

Most of our prius bike carriers are a swing away or fold down to enter the back of your vehicle. It is tough to live the bike over the head. So it is an ideal carrier. The Toyota Prius accessories will help you much to carry the two-wheeled gear.

1. Hollywood Racks Traveler Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

My wife’s bike is women’s model bike. The rack fits well with her frame type, and no adapter required. It is not a difficult task to adjust four bikes simultaneously.

The rack seated snugly to two-inch hitch receiver, the arms fold down simply to lessen the profile as bikes are not added.

Sturdy and powder coated. I was happy to see the construction. The rack is sturdy and with a thumb screw for micro adjusting to save against sway or rattle.

We have tested it with for bikes over rock, dirt or trail. Regular hilly roads are not challenging to it. Thick and solid pins help for easy installation.

Features of Hollywood Racks Traveler Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

  • Simple to adjust
  • Pre-assembled
  • Do not harm your vehicle
  • Heavy duty rack mount 1.25 inch or two-inch hitch, may hold three bikes
  • Anti-sway stabilizers and double rubber
  • Has short time warranty
  • “No-wobble” threaded hitch pin prevents rack sway
  • arms fold down when not in use Tilts down for cargo-area access


  • The negative issue is that the pin hole is configured, but it may be overcome
  • The rack aids to solve all these 3 of the above problems
  • The rack is very secured to the hitch along with a bolt to lessen movement, but it is not secure from theft


  • There is no problem to buy it but must be advertised which you require right up front

2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

No problem of the 102DB Deluxe Two Bike Carrier from Allen Racks. The sturdy and simple bike carrying system is fit hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and minivans via individual configuration design has no setup problem or a headache at the time of installation.

The rack is assembled well and mounts on your vehicle within a second. 12-inch arms simply accommodate up to 2 bikes.

A patented single tie down system protector secures your bicycle. It has the lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Features of Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

  • Sturdy, Simple, bike carrying system
  • Fits most sedans, minivans, hatchbacks, and SUVs
  • 12- inch long carry arms accommodate a wide range of bicycle styles
  • Single configuration design eliminates setup hassles and headaches during installation
  • 5- inch wide carry arms for greater bike compatibility
  • The patented individual tie-down system secures and protects Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging


  • The capacity is to hold two bikes well
  • The rack and the bikes remain in the same place
  • Price friendly
  • Excellent for short or city distance travel
  • Simple to remove and attach


  • Having three points fastening the strap

3. Hollywood Racks F6 Expedition 3-Bike Trunk/Bumper Mount Rack

The Hollywood Expedition trunk/bumper mount rack secured complete facelift in the year 2009. It has quick release lever so easy to use the adjustment hubs for 180 rears brace rotation as well as multi-position leveling of the support of the bike.

The rack has six attachment straps and very easy to install on any vehicle, along with the Toyota Prius.

It holds anti patented bike anti-sway blocks, appears pre-assembled and folds flat to store easily. Both 2 and three bike version is available.


Features of Hollywood Racks F6 Expedition 3-Bike Trunk Rack

  • Simple to add hubs with the quick release lever
  • Adjustable with most vehicles
  • Bike cradles with added anti-sway
  • Appear with pre-assembled, hold three bikes
  • Six straps keep rack tension free with vehicle
  • anti-sway bike cradles aids to prevent the bike movement


  • Simple to set up
  • The straps are the thickest part of the rack
  • It folds on the trunk just after taking the bike off as you can back up in a parking place and would like to leave the car
  • The hooks on the straps are very thick and added with the car


  • Fail to accommodate my women’s frame or teen size bikes

4. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The Allen MT-2 Ultra-compact 2-bike gives the benefits of full faced bicycle carrier. Simple to use and folding design of Allen’s patented design.

The frame is made of steel, and the MT-s gives no hassle to transport or storage if not used. Dual compound ties-down saves and secures the bicycle. You will get exceptional customer service of Allen and lifetime warranty.

The design of MT and AL are fit for all sedans, hatchbacks and SUV’sm minivans. It will give you fold your rack down just smaller than a shoe box. This is an extra benefit to preserve your bike or store your bike if you do not use it.

Features of Allen Sports Ultra Folding 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

  • Ultra-compact 2-bike carrier for commuting and traveling
  • Three adjustable security straps; 3 padded legs rest against vehicle;
  • Folds up small and fits inside carrying bag or backpack
  • Fits sedans, minivans, hatchbacks, and SUVs
  • Tie-downs and padding hold bike secure and separate from the vehicle


  • Double compound cradle secures and protects bicycle
  • Totally assembled and easy to set up
  • Patented size fits a great range of vehicles
  • Padded spine pad saves your vehicles and bicycle


  • If you like to hang the bike, the mounts spin round makes it astonishing

5. Prius bike roof rack

The Rhino 2500 Multi Fit roof rack gives a great chance for fitment for having Euro bar. Though there are many simple and easy steps for you to do your work on the road to having a new roof rack.

The Rhino 2500 Multi Fit roof rack is made to fit gutter fewer vehicles. It applies molded pads are made specially to fit the contour of your vehicle roof. Its clamps are custom fit and every clamp is well made to fit the curves of your vehicles door jam.

Features of Prius bike roof rack

  • The roof rack system is not fit as you use the existing tracks or factory rails. It is not compatible as you get a solar roof panel.
  • If you have remaining factory rails or tracks, the roof system is not compatible. Moreover, it is not compatible since you have a solar roof panel.
  • Gutterless mounting
  • Fashionable European crossbar
  • Quick and unproblematic to install
  • Friendly with European bar accessories
  • Simple and attempt less installation
  • Stylish European crossbar
  • Companionable with European bar accessories
  • Gutterless swelling


  • Simple installation
  • Made of top quality
  • Lightweight but very strong


  • No con

Types of Racks

Bike racks normally fall into three different categories: Strap-on backpacks, hitch-mount racks, and roof racks. All three forms have good and bad things, but not all are offered for each and every automobile.

The strap-on is the cheapest but the least protected; the roof rack is easily the most flexible, but the toughest to use, and also the hitch-mount has become easily the costliest, but the simplest to operate.

Additionally, there are specialty racks that were designed particularly for use with pickup trucks, SUVs, or trucks. Some truck racks may be used over the bed, allowing for storage beneath. Others have specialization mounts which could be attached into rear-mounted spare tires and the back ladders occasionally located on conversion trucks.

Strap-on trunk-mounted carrier

Strap-on trunk mounts would be the cheapest bike-carrier alternative. The bicycle’s framework rests on plastic-coated support arms; greater carriers have cushioned or indented cradles to maintain the frame.

These carriers have to be tightly strapped into the automobile, with the framework carrier and supports arms correctly oriented before mounting bicycles. Trunk-mounted carriers typically take two or one and in some instances three.

Even though trunk-mounted carriers are cheap and may match many vehicles, they have a larger prospect of damaging the car and the bicycles compared to other carrier layouts.

Roof-mounted carrier

The entire price is reduced if your car or truck is currently equipped with a roof rack or crossbars which will support the bicycle mount. Fundamental carriers start at under $50 each bicycle, however the more versions start around $100.

Should you have to purchase the simple roof rack and crossbars, add about $125 to $200 into the entire price. If you pick a roof rack, then you need to choose the way of mounting the bicycles. Some racks utilize a fork-mount carrier that moves on the bicycle’s front-wheel fork.

The drawback is that the front wheel has to be removed and stored elsewhere, however, the upsides are that the bicycle is a lot easier to manage on the roof and one of a kind frame shapes could be accommodated.

Upright mounts hold the bicycle by the framework or bicycle crank. You do not have to remove the front wheel, but you want to reach up higher to set the bike, and a few unusual frame contours will not match.

Hitch-mounted carrier

Hitch-mount racks come in various sizes to match the type of hitch on the car or truck. Class I hitches using 1.25-inch openings are developed for many cars and little car-based SUVs. Class III hitches using 2-inch openings are often found on pickups and truck-based SUVs.

Your selection will be dependent on the number of bicycles to be hauled (stands for Class I hitches seldom carry over three bicycles) and your automobile (Class III hitches cannot be adapted to most automobiles).

Generic brand single-bike price mounts are available for under $100, but popular brands start at $125 and swing-away versions can go for up to $400. Some hitch-mount stands secure the bicycles in mounting “trays,” like those used with roof-mounted versions. Others ask that you strap the bicycles firmly to the store; as using a trunk-mounted rack, you want to be careful to maintain the cycles from scratching each other.

Resources about Racks

Prius bike rack hitch

Hitch Bike Racks are a very easiest way to use multiple bicycles for your vehicle. Before deciding to buy a rack, be more careful.

Select the proper size of hitch receiver then be sure it may support the weight of all the bikes you like to carry. Since you have a hitch, bringing a rack behind your car may be simple.

Trunk Racks

If you drive a sports utility car or a car or two- three bikes for transporting, you may choose trunk racks, as they are lightweight.

They may fasten to rear deck through a system of straps as well as paint friendly hooks. The simple effort is needed to install it or remove with the minimal fuss.

Bikes remain on support arms and are saved by straps.

Hitch Racks

Most vehicles have a hitch receiver to accept a hitch mount. The hitch receiver needs to install not equipped with the vehicle.

The part of hitch which expands away from the vehicle is known as the tongue. Hitch’s tongues hold maximum weight, less than ten percent of towing capacity.

A class one grade hitch may tow up 2000 pounds. The maximum weight is 200 pounds. So the collective weight can cause the bend of class I hitch or may snap off.

What is the way to know the classification of the hitch of your vehicle? You can identify by the owner’s manual if it has factory installed hitch.

For aftermarket hitches, scrutinize the hitch. If you get the notation of the way of identification, a stamp or sticker. If the classification is not possible to find, make contact with the maker directly or ask for aid.

Be conscious hitch maker insert stop in any hitch from class one to class five, which resists full insertion of recreational racks. Such kind of stop is found in class I or class II hitches. What is the deed of stop?

It works as an extra stop or brace at the time of vehicle stops suddenly or gets rear ended. It saves the items in two from ramming into the vehicle.

If you face the problem to install, see the hitch’s interior to look if a stop is a factor. You require 2.5 between the hatch opening and the bolt to fit the recreational rack correctly. Most of the hitches size 1-1/4″ and 2″.

Class five hitch got measure 2-1/2″. Mounts for the hitch racks may slide to these receivers. Little hitch racks may carry two or three bikes. A Large one can carry up to four, sometimes even five bikes.

Hitch mounts offer sophisticated materials and features. To put SUV rear door open, some hitch `mounts swing away, fold or tilt up to keep out of the way. Straps help to hold the bike in place on a vertical staff or in trays.

Platform style hitch racks keep the bike in place. The resist bike sways or minimizes the risk of the bike to bike at the time of transport.

Normal platform racks transport two bikes; the extension can carry up to four bikes. The racks offer high weight limit that the standard hitch racks.

Spare-tire Racks

A few racks are fitted on vehicles equipped with rear exterior spare tires, normally off-road vehicle or sports utility.

This type of rack is compact and light, if bikes are removed, they may not inhibit rear door access, main negatives: they may carry only two bikes, and tires cover has to be removed.

Truck Racks

Uncommon product- some are selected for bikes some are for cargo boxes, and some are for boats.

Are made to alter the bed of a truck to a toy tower. These bikes involve internal support that may be installed in the truck bed to keep bikes in place.

Roof Racks

Roofs are made for versatility. With the help of the right tool, a roof rack may be adapted for transport about the outdoor toy, from kayak to the cargo box. People love the stability while driving. It needs to lift gear to secure it.

Vehicles roof are made of some combination of factory-installed side rails, towers, mounting points or crossbars. For the plain roof, you should build your personal rack system. See the manual or contact with the manufacturer to know how much weight can afford the roof of your vehicle.

Final Words

bike transport rack is a must to take a bike from one place to another. This is a motor car, so this type of bike transport we are going to discuss on.

As the transport racks and storage racks have different types, but the most popular options are trunk, hitch, and roof mounted.

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