10 Best Bike Inner Tubes in 2021 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Bike Inner Tubes

Do you like hitting some mountain bike trails on the weekends? Or do you commute to work using a two-wheeler every day? In any case, you don’t think much about your tires until one of them goes flat. It could be very inconvenient, especially if your day is aligned with multiple other bike activities. What’s more? A flat tire could be dangerous as well. These are some reasons why you should choose one of the best bike inner tubes that can keep your rides uninterrupted.

Today, we will discuss some of the high standard bike inner tubes available in the market. In the given reviews, you will find their advantages as well as weaknesses. There is a descriptive buying guide at the end, which will help you find the perfect inner tube for your bike.

1. Continental Bicycle Tubes Race 28 (Pack of 5 Conti tubes).

Today’s first recommendation from Continental is a pack of bicycle tubes measuring 700×20/25 (622). All the tubes have Presta valve worth 42 mm and you will also find a couple of tire levers that assists greatly in the replacement process. Due to such a short valve, the inner tubes are suitable for 700c road wheels and some of the mountain tires.

Made of Butyl rubber, the Race 28 is one of the best inner tubes for 700c wheels. It weighs a mere 105 grams, which means you are not going to feel much heft after the replacement. Moreover, you can use these tubes for all the riding purposes and it co-operates well without looking for repairs.

What do we like?

Race 28 Conti tube is built with high quality and durable materials. The tubes also pass a tough 100% quality control inspection. Its seamless and smooth construction has mold-cured vulcanization, which ensures rounded movement and balanced handling.

What could be better?

Some of the users state that the Race 28 tubes are unable to hold air for long. It might happen if you install the tube with an incompatible tire.

Our Verdict: Race 28 for 700c tires are suitable for riders who need some long-lasting tube replacements for one of the road or mountain bikes. It works well in any of the riding conditions and makes sure you don’t have to deal with flat tires now and then.

2. Schwinn Replacement Bike Inner Tube.

Schwinn bike tube has the seal-sealing ability, which means you don’t have to stop mid-trail for any repair or replacement. So, a small hole might not be a problem but do not not expect it to deal with large ones. As the tube is available in multiple sizes, you choose according to your bike. It is built with a Schrader valve and hence, compatible with all the mountain wheels.

The bike inner tube by Schwinn has a lot of pedigree that keeps it into the competition for a long time. Its high quality built ensures long-lasting services and complete satisfaction. The tube co-operates with all your needs and helps you to accomplish the goals without any interruption.

What do we like?

Constructed using butyl rubber, the Schwinn replacement tube is durable, strong, and easily deal with extra load (if any). Its reinforced valve stems prevent tearing as well as breakage. This product is mold cured that maintains its round shape and smooth movement. Above all, its puncture-resistant and easily deal with small damages.

What could be better?

The only drawback of this tube could be its price, which comparatively higher than other options. Some of the users also report minor air leaks from its stem valve junction.

Our verdict: If you need a high-quality replacement tube that provides good value for money, then try this Schwinn offering. All thanks to the manufacturer’s expertise, it’s incredibly durable and has a robust nature that saves you from repeated flats.

3. Bell 12-1/2-Inch Universal Inner Tube.

The next recommendation is a universal inner tube for all the tires that has a width between 1.75 to 2.25-Inch. So, make sure your bike tire falls within the same range, and then you might try this Bell tube. It’s a reliable bike accessory that’s made of high-quality materials. Hence, the tube is durable and trustworthy to work effectively on all the terrains.

Bell universal inner tube has mold cured rubber construction that maintains proper sidewall pressure and hence avoids any blows. At 110 grams, it’s a lightweight tube that never adds much heft to your bike. The tube uses a Schrader valve with a length of 35mm including its cap.

What do we like?

The universal tube from Bell fits the maximum number of tires. So, you might try the product for any of your bicycles. It’s great for kid’s bikes, but you can also try the inner tube for mountain and cruiser bikes. As it has a sturdy Schrader valve, expect the tube to be effective on all the terrains without losing air. Don’t forget that you are getting all these features without investing a high amount. 

What could be better?

Some of the users are not satisfied with its built quality. Plus, the tube is not puncture-proof. Means, you need to repair or replace it even if there is a small leak.

Our verdict: Riders who need an affordable replacement tube for a kid’s bike can try this model that fits with all the tires between 1.75 to 2.25 inches.

4. Continental 27.5x1.75/2.40 42 mm Presta Inner Tube.

Tires matter the most for all the riders. However, what if you can get a tube that can prove to be more than just a hidden component? What if it can give you the confidence to ride on any trail? Well, it’s the reason why we are presenting you with the Conti Tube that is specially designed for mountain bikes. A mold cured construction and removable valve cores take it above all the other options available at this price range.

The size of the inner tube is 27.5 X 1.75-2.5 inches and it comes with a 42 mm Presta valve. The tube supports your ride in any of the cross trails and brings a unique and stable feel to your trips. It’s the primary reason why experts and racing champions prefer this model over others.

What do we like?

The Continental inner tube is made in Germany and hence you cannot doubt its quality or durability. All the riders are special for the makers of this MTB tube. It’s the primary reason why they crafted this model to perform better in every way.

This tube has mold cured built that creates a consistent round shape and maintains smooth rides. Its valve cores are removable, which is helpful when you need to add extenders or use Revo Sealant.

What could be better?

Continental inner tube is comparatively heavy at 250 grams, which might be difficult when we talk about very demanding situations. Even then it’s expensive than other lightweight options.

Our verdict: Continental inner tube is great for riders who want to be the king of mountains. Its durable remains consistently round and has removable valve cores for your convenience.

5. Mongoose Bike Tube for Fat Tire Bicycles.

Our mission to find some of the best bike inner tubes led us to a model that’s specially made for fat tires. It’s one of our favorites and many users are extremely satisfied with this bike accessory. All thanks to a heavy-duty rubber construction, the bike tube remains durable and co-operates well on all the terrains.

Mongoose bike tube fits all the tires with a diameter of more than 27.5 inches and a width of 2.8 inches. It weighs 272 grams (9.6 ounces), which might seem comparatively high. But, you should consider the fact that it’s for fat tires, so the tube has to be heavy than regular ones.

What do we like?

The fat tube is built with wear-resistant rubber that helps it to withstand all the riding conditions including rain, snow, or daily commutes over city roads. It has a Schrader Valve, so you can use it with any of the mountain or road bikes with compatible tires.

What could be better?

Some of the users state that this inner tube has inferior built quality, but still it’s available at a comparatively high price tag.

Our verdict: If you need a reliable replacement tube that can work effectively for daily commute and weekend sports activities, then Mongoose gives you an incredible option to try.

6. Continental Race 28 700x25-32c Bicycle Inner Tubes.

Continental is one of the leaders when we talk about tires and tubes. The brand has an experienced workforce that has provided us multiple high quality, innovative and modern products since its inception. It’s the primary reason why we have included another recommendation from Continental. We have tested a lot of bike inner tube, but the Race 28 700×25-32c is one of the most durable and sturdiest.

The inner tubes come as a pack of 4, which is great if you want to keep some spares for emergencies. All the tubes are built with long-lasting butyl rubber for enhanced strength as well as co-operation on all the terrains. Thanks to its commercial built, the tube can hold air for longer when compared to other models.

What do we like?

The Race 28 tubes come with the Presta valve, which makes it compatible with various terrains and bikes. The size of the product is 700×25-32c, which means it can easily work with most of the mountain bikes. The tube has a removable valve core, which is very helpful when you need to use the Revo sealant. Moreover, its weight is 134 grams, which is comparatively lighter than many other models.

What could be better?

A handful of users are not very satisfied with the product because of the poor build of its valve.

Our verdict: A handful of users are not very satisfied with the product because of the poor build of its valve.


Continental Race 28 inner tubes offer you the maximum efficiency and hence it great for users looking for great and uninterrupted mountain tours.

7. Slime Super Thick Smart Tubes.

Slime Smart tubes are well known among the mountain riders. Its available in 20 as well as 26 inches of diameter, wherein both of them comes with Schrader valves. Here is the primary reason why this Super Thick tube is rated high by our experts; once a thorn or nail makes a hole in your tire, the air instantly starts to leak. But, it’s not the case with this model because it has a thick liquid that comes out with the air and solidifies to seal the hole without lowering the pressure any further.

What do we like?

Try the Slime Super Thick Smart tube and you will be mesmerized to see its performance. You can use it for all the winter training and the inner might never succumb to harsh situations. The tube allows you to practice harder so that you can perform better in real-time scenarios.

One of the best features of this Thick Smart tube is its puncture-resistant nature. It’s a big problem in the real world when you need to deal with a flat tire, especially when you are riding with a group. If you need to cover struggling terrains regularly, then consider this tube for an uninterrupted experience.

What could be better?

The self-healing is ineffective when your bike is stationary. So, the wheels need to spin if you want the tube to recover from any injury.

Our verdict: Slime Super Thick smart tubes contain a thick liquid that can repair any small punctures. So, this tube works well for users who prefer mountain riding and need to train in upcoming winters. However, you have to be ready to bear the penalty for some extra weight.

8. Goodyear Presta Valve Bicycle Tube.

Can you think of any tire manufacturer that’s more famous than Good Year? Known for its solid expertise in bike tires across the globe, the brand launches all its products after intense research and endless experiments. We are recommending one of the most exciting bike inner tubes by Good Year as today’s 8th contender. This unit using the Presta valve is suitable for your road or mountain bike because it has all the features to give you a long-lasting and uninterrupted experience.

This Good Year bicycle tube works with all the 26-inch wheels with a width between 2.1 to 2.4 inches. Made of non-toxic materials, the tube is suitable for any of the riders. However, with a weight of 408 grams, this tube is comparatively heavier than its counterparts.

What do we like?

Good Year bicycle tube is robust and maintains its round shape in any of the terrains. It provides you with an improved balance and delivers a smooth ride without asking for much pedaling.

What could be better?

You cannot remove the Presta valve in this version of the Good Year tire. So, it could be a problem when you need to get rid of any puncture.

Our verdict: If you need a durable, reliable, and affordable replacement inner tube for your bike, then try the product by Goodyear.

9. Panaracer Bicycle Tube.

Made of 0.9 mm thick butyl rubber, the Panaracer bicycle tube is very flexible and uses the Schrader valve. It improves the overall performance of your bike and sorts any of the balancing problems that are a common concern with low-quality tubes. If you own a road or mountain bike, then this is an ideal replacement.

The bike inner tube is compatible with all the wheel sizes between a diameter of 12 to 29 inches. It’s right because this model of Panaracer tube is available in multiple sizes and packs of one or two tubes. It is available at a very pocket-friendly price, so you will save more even on a single piece order.

What do we like?

Durably built and incredible strength is the primary factor that brings the Panaracer bicycle tube here. The product also comes as a pack of two tubes, which means you will automatically have a spare replacement in case of an emergency. Above all, it’s available at a very cost-effective price tag that’s marginally lower than other variants.

What could be better?

Some of the users are not satisfied with the built quality of Panaracer tube as well as its valve stem. Valve stem tends to break and the tube cannot withstand rough terrains for a long time.

Our verdict: Panaracer bicycle tube deserves a trial if you need an affordable replacement that can assist you for long without losing its shape.

10. SunliteStandad Schrader Valve Tubes.

Sunlite is one of our favorite inner tube manufacturers because its products are affordable, durable, reliable, and are available in multiple sizes. This Standard tube is no different and comes in multiple sizes. What’s more? It also gives you the option to choose the valve length according to the tube’s diameter.

You can try the Sunlite Standard tubes for a wide range of two-wheelers including kid’s bike, a roadster, BMX, and cruiser. It also has a size to fit your wheelchair. The tube has a Schrader valve that makes inflation and deflation very easy and quick.

What do we like?

The Standard tube is a high-quality bike accessory that promises to assist you on long routes without looking for unwanted repairs. It comes either with a 32, 35, 48, or 60 mm Schrader valve. If you disagree with the valve size and need more length, then it can easily accept an extender.

What could be better?

We can see that a handful of users are not happy with the built quality. Looking at the price tag, this tube cannot afford even this much of unsatisfied users.

Our verdict: Sunlite tubes are great for riders who want an easy to install replacement that can accept extenders. It’s available in multiple sizes, so you might not have to look for any other option.

Types of Bike Tube

Bicycle inner tubes are divided according to their valve types and there are three of them available in the market: Schrader, Presta and Dunlop or wood style. The first two models are the most common among bike tubes and they function in the same style. These valves are interchangeable with each other, but not always.

Schrader: All the automobile tires depend upon this valve, wherein its depressible pin line components sit inside. It has a spring-based core that’s removable and stops any air leak when the pin is not lowered. To protect the valve from water and other debris, there is a plastic cap. Such valves are common on mountain, hybrid, and kid’s bike tubes.

Presta: Comparatively longer, lightweight, and slimmer than Schrader valves, the Presta valves are built with a metal cap attached internally with its depressible pin. Such an arrangement prevents any air leakage. There is no spring-based core, so the Presta valve entirely depends upon the air pressure to work. It also has a plastic cap similar to Schrader valves.

Presta valves have a ring-shaped screw that holds it against the rims and makes the inflation process easy. These valves are mostly present on-road bike tubes.

Wood or Dunlop: Rarely seen in the states, but the Dunlop valve is worth mentioning. It’s a cross or a mixed version of Schrader and Presta. Such valves are mostly present on the bike outside of the USA, but you don’t know where will you travel and what will you ride in the coming years.

Size Guide for Inner Tube

After reading the best bike inner tubes reviews, you can easily understand that these products are available in different sizes. You can easily check the appropriate dimensions while replacing an old tube. However, the existing tube should be of the right size. In any case, it’s always good to know how to find the right tube for your bike tire. Choosing the right tube with the correct size is crucial to avoid pinching or overstretching because any of these can lead to a flat tire.

Diameter: In general, the diameter of your bike’s tire and the tube should match. A large tube will make your rides uncomfortable and might damage the tire as well. Similarly, a small tube can be very difficult to replace.

Understanding the diameter might be confusing sometimes because there are other measurements as well. For instance, a 27-inch tube might say 700C (French) or 630mm (ERTO – The European Tire and Rim Technical Organization measurement). So, focus on the measurement of the tube to find a replacement without much hassle.

Width: You will see the width of a tube after its diameter. For instance, a tube with measurements 26 x 1.75 inches has a width of 1.75 inches. Similar to the diameter, you should find an inner tube that matches the width of your bike’s tire.

Wall thickness: Most of the bike inner tubes have a wall thickness of 1 mm. Anything thinner than this is prone to punctures and might need more maintenance. So, try to choose a standard tube with at least a thickness of 1 mm.

Valve: Measurement of a valve varies between 32 to 60 mm. Before you select any of the inner tubes, make sure you can easily access its valve using a bike pump. If the valve is shorter than expected, then you can always use an extended.

Bike Tube Lights Buying Guide

Bike type: All the bikes are not created to be equal. The same statement applies to the bicycle inner tubes. If you own a road bike, then you should choose an inner tube that must be compatible with such bikes. Similarly, if you have a mountain bike, then the inner tube will be different. In other words, purchase an inner tube depending upon the bike you ride.

Built material: Bike tubes are constructed with different materials. Some of them are built of butyl rubber compounds while some other models are made of lightweight and thin rubber. Some of the tubes also use latex as a construction material. Latex tubes are the best but are very thin. Hence, you need to be of utmost careful while their inflation.

Puncture protection: A puncture-proof bike tube avoids flat tires. Hence, you should look for something that’s puncture-proof or has a self-healing feature to deal with small holes.

Size: The next important factor is the size of a tube, which should be the same as the bike tire. Measurements of an inner tube determine its performance. So, check the diameter and width of an inner tube and match it with the tire.

There is a difference between the tube width of a road bike and mountain bikes. You will know width as well as diameter from the old tube, given that the latter is a perfect fit. If you have any doubt, then use a measuring tape to verify the dimensions of an inner tube.

Valve type: After reading the best bike inner tubes reviews, you can understand that there are two primary categories of valves used by bicycles; Schrader and Presta. Choose a valve that’s compatible with your bike. Tires specially made to work with Presta valves will not accept Schrader tubes and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to replace a bicycle’s inner tube?

The first step is to take out the wheel that has a flat tire. Use a wrench to remove the wheel. If your wheel bike’s hub has a quick release level, then you don’t need a wrench.

  • Remove the tire from its rim using a tire lever. Do not use sharp objects like a screwdriver to perform this step otherwise, you might damage the tube. Deflate the tire for easy removal.
  • Take out the inner tube from its tire. Be very careful otherwise, you might cut the tube.
  • Use a bike pump to inflate the tube, but do not overfill it with air. Pump until the tube makes a complete circle and insert it inside the tire. Take the help of a fellow rider, if you are a newcomer.


Continental Race 28 is the best bike inner tube due to its robust built and high-quality performance. You can use this unit under any of the riding conditions including rain and snow. Made of butyl rubber, it co-operates with your bike as well as riding style and keeps you away from flat tires. Another reason why you should choose the Race 28 tubes its affordable price tag.

Other options mentioned above are also great and you can choose any one of them depending upon your bike and other requirements that we were discussing in today’s buying guide. Choose a lightweight tube according to the dimensions of your bike’s tire, so that you don’t have to face unnecessary troubles.

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