Best Bicycle Rear View Mirror – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Best Bicycle Rear View Mirror

A couple of readers suggest using bicycle mirrors. I have seen them in the USA on some odd occasions. Therefore I thought it might be a nice time to review few of the best ones.

Bicycle mirror is a must to be aware of your surroundings. A taxi driver is very near to your back wheel, and a cyclist is going to perform dangerous overtaking. All will be clear to you.

I suggest frequently looking over your shoulder to make eye contact with the drivers. So we can say that a bicycle mirror is a very useful and an important additional tool for the bikers.

1. Mirrycle MTB Mountain Bicycle Mirror

This is a wonderful mirror. The price of the mirror is reasonable. I used one for my bike and another one for my son. I have used washers, and screws are fitting tight but not very tighten.

They remain in the position well and make it trouble-free to adjust. Instructions come with the mirror and completely locate all things together. Do not leave washer or other parts.

Take some time to set up the first one. It has 2 different ends to stick with the handlebar. They adjust well with all except solid bars. Look the world in this bar end mounted bicycle mirror.

The convex mirror has a wide field to notice everything from any angle. With the wrench, it will take only minutes to mount. Adjusts handlebars along with 15.8-23.4mm (0.62-0.92″) within diameters.

Features of Mirrycle MTB Mountain Bicycle Mirror

  • 3 inch round and handlebar mounted rearview mirror fit for a bicycle.
  • Setting up wrench added
  • Mounts on bar end of the handlebar
  • Adjust inside handlebars along with 13.75 – 22.5 inside diameter
  • Expand view convex mirror pivots from any viewing angles


  • Simple to set up
  • All are metal. Very well construction. Original glass mirror.
  • Blends well and appear elevated quality with a precious hybrid.
  • Rigid powder coating as well as rust free stainless steel hardware
  • For wiggle free and stable reflection, it has strong housing
  • Rigid powder coating and stainless steel hardware free from rust
  • Strong housing for wiggle free and stable reflection
  • Well, construction. Mostly made from metal. Original glass mirror. High quality and bends easily with an expensive hybrid.
  • Appears with larger and smaller 31.8 mm handlebar ends


  • Packaging is not very fine in the sense, may have broken simply the glass when someone thinks to drop it on the group

2. Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror

The size of the mirror sometimes seems odd to me. In my other upright bike, there is a Mirrycle bar end mirror.

The surface of the mirror seems more convex than the Mirrycle. It has a very good size, and I need just be habituated to it. I love it as it does not stick out to the bar end mirror. The mirror looks sharp and adjusts my black handlebar well.

Features of Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror

  • Fits 22.2 mm Outside Handlebar
  • modifiable viewing angle
  • Manufactured in Taiwan. Fiber + Nylon – eco friendly
  • Perfect for MTB flat bar, application: left
  • Stainless steel mirror lens- completely safe and indestructible.


  • Problem free to adjust along with a full view of oncoming traffic
  • Highly suggested
  • Nice mirror for my commuter hybrid bike


  • Nice option for the road bike

3. Hafny Bar End Bike Safe Rearview Miror

The Hafny Bar End Mirror is a unparallel mirror in the market today. It gives a perfect impression of the road behind, and the image is very vivid. They give the complete impression of things behind.

Some have problems with the vision details though I do not know the reason. If moving objects or a vehicle is behind, you may easily understand their presence.

When they come closer to you, the images develop gradually, and details of the object are distinguished perfectly.

Wrap it with the electrical tape and jam it near the bar end. The end is very skinny, not sure what would fit. Wife likes it very much although she gets it adjusted. It has a long lasting guarantee, but it lasts awhile.

Features of Hafny Bar End Bike Safe Rearview Miror

  • Nylon + Fiber – Eco-friendly, Made in Taiwan.
  • Perfect for mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, E-bikes, your bike and city bikes.
  • Adjusts inside handlebar within 17 mm to 21 mm
  • The length of the stainless steel is 62mm, 100 percent protected and indestructible, more eco-friendly than glass. Stainless steel is recyclable


  • Problem free installation
  • Well constructed helps more with visibility of cars in your blind spot over the shoulder when riding on the road
  • An instant glance downward offers a rapid check of the nearer traffic
  • A fleeting look downward is all it takes


  • The mirrors are close to the road rather than of my helmet- mounted mirror. Therefore it is very easy to choose the vehicles

4. Bike Peddler Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

This uncommon cyclist’s mirror has three pivot points for complete modification. Adjustable lightweight rear view mirror easily fit with helmet visor or eyeglasses.

The mirror fact is adjusted by rotating at a ninety degree angle from the wire. It rotates fore and aft with the fine angle adjustment. The specialty of the mirror is that it has a wide area of vision.

It may be added easily to helmet visor or eyeglasses. Adjust well either right or left side. The frameless acrylic mirror gives wide, uninterrupted area of vision.

3 point attachment system sets for safety fit except vibration. They are made in USA. Characteristics: 3 pivot points have adjustability wide field of vision durable stainless steel.

Features of Bike Peddler Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

  • Manufactured in the USA. Returned by manufacturer’s unconditional warranty
  • Fit for both right including left side use
  • 3 pivot points for absolute adjustability
  • Vibration free, versatile cycling mirror mounts on helmet visors or eyeglasses.
  • The frameless acrylic mirror gives a wide, uninterrupted area of vision


  • Fine fitting for the left-hand road riders
  • Cheap, simple and works well if you use it for once
  • We move head a little to the right to have a clear view of what is behind


  • Readjustment is needed for the left hand road riders
  • Needs a couple of riders to be habituated

5. Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror by EVT

The American-made Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror is normally excellent quality helmet- mounted bicycle mirror in the market. Many customers agree that this mirror has superior durability and functionality than other helmet mirrors.

The dimension of the mirror is 2.25 inch which yields a very wide field of view for the users than other helmet mirrors. It has no weak parts and fragile adhesives. So do not worry about it.

The arm is problem free to adjust and maintains functionality. Moreover, it ensures that over time there is no possibility of loosening. Just add the mirror base with the helmet along with added straps. Snap the mirror directly to the base to set up and straighten the arm of the mirror. When it is installed, peel off the plastic film to save the mirror.

Features of Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror by EVT

  • Made from top quality metal. Hundred percent in the USA.
  • The linked arm is problem free to adjust and keeps the position
  • Five years no fault guarantee from the manufacturers
  • Rigid construction. May not vibrate, remain in fixed position.
  • Big 2 and ¼ inch mirror ensures the safest vision of things behind


  • Rear view mirror is the cat’s meow
  • Immense safety item
  • Safety zone helmet mirror
  • Problem free set up


  • Not possible to keep together one of our two times

6. Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror

The third eye bar end bicycle mirror is the top preference for the uses. The mirror is very nice to look at. It gives a full impression of what is behind you. The mirror is very simple to set with your bike.

You have no intention to leave home without this mirror. The mirror will help you to see what is behind inside the small mirror. The reason is that the third eye gets the accurate angle of view by making the bar end mirror rounded.

These mirrors are very helpful at the time of making left turns or changing lanes on a city street. There are some complaints about the mirror from the users. They said that the installation of the mirror is not very easy.

The bar end plugs are very adjustable. If your handlebar is very large-diameter, you will get an extra rubber shim. There are some instructions on the package to set up the parts of the mirrors.


  • High quality bicycle mirror
  • A wonderful product compare with the price
  • Fantastic item. Simple to set up and give a great safety


  • The given parts are made for using very smaller handlebars also

7. Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror

Like the mirror, Mirrycle mountain bike mirror has a wide field of vision. The cause is that it has convex glass.

They fit with the alloy handlebars that have a thicker wall on my new 69’er bike. The adjustments are more to ensure a clear view past arm. The shoulder even the narrowest 620mm bars.

For swing it or saving it at the time of transporting, move the bike to a doorway. The bolts are very tight which come with it. The suggestion says that they are made to fit tight and do not lube the screws.

Features of Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror

  • Mirrycle Mountain Mirror
  • Left side mirror
  • With the wrench, it is possible to set up within few minutes
  • The Mirrycle mountain bike mirror features with the convex mirror. They have a wide area to view from any angle.
  • Adjusts inside handlebars with 15.2 mm to 23.4 mm inside diameters.


  • Good quality handlebar mirror
  • Solid, simple safety
  • Immense view, very well mirror and nice to look at on the contemporary tech bikes.


Types of Bike Mirror

Handle Bar Mirrors

Handlebar mirrors are made to adjust with the end of the handlebars. They attach out more than the widest component of the rider. You will get lots of attachment methods. Some replace the end plug of the mountain bike bars though others approach with swing away axis.

Handle Bar Mirrors

Pictured was taken by the help of a Rhode gear mirror mounts with Velcro. These are liked by the cyclists who they ride always. These people normally do not use helmets or eyeglasses for another type of mirrors.

You may go to a store without seeming a paranoid dentist. They can ice up as you keep your bike in the cold, but normally you warm them by the hands.

Though most cyclists avoid mirrors, Rhode gear prepares one which is perfect the hood cover of the drop bars. Probably this is the best full tucked points; your sight line may be blocked by your shoulders.

The demerit of the handlebar is that you need to buy one for each bike. It is not easy to transfer one from other.

The specialty of the Rhode gear pictured mentioned that adds with Velcro. They are very easy to set with another bike. Moreover, the bike tips over and affects the ground handlebar mirror normally hits first. Few have swung away mounting, almost other have broken away mounting.

As it is mounted on the handlebars, is subject to vibration. It can make the image useless if the mounting system has not built in damping. You can move your body and head to notice what is behind you. For extreme cases, you need to steer the bike to set up the mirror.

Lastly, they need that you have to move your eyes away from the road to notice backside. It may be done as quickly as possible without turning the head.

Helmet Mirrors

Helmet mirrors approach with 2 basic types that dissimilar predominantly for the mounting structure. One system rises on the hard shell, and the other mounting structure is a glue patch.

The mirror is kept inside a stalk above and to the right and left of your eyes. Here are some pictures of mirrors by Nashbar. The mirrors may position well outside of your balaclava, hood, and helmet. The merely view obstruction may be big hair or your shoulder.

Helmet Mirrors

Normal turn of the head from ten to twenty degree permits you a complete sweep of the things that are behind you.

These mirrors are simple to add and very cheap. They are fit for all types of bikes you ride. When you wear the helmet, you can manage mirror. Since you have 2 helmets, give up the glue mount. Screw clamp of the mounting shell can be reversible. Be sure the order in the country where you like to use it. These mirrors are sold in USA and designed to ride on the right side of the road.

The demerit of the helmet is that you have to be cautious when you set the helmet down. Mirror replacement is somewhat difficult for inconsistent helmet position or as the mirror is very high for the shape and fit of the helmet body.

If the helmet movers little on your head, you mirror may be out of position part sometimes. It creates more vibration in these mirrors instead of them below.

Eyeglass Mirrors

Eyeglass mounted mirrors connect with the bow or temple of your cycling glasses or eyeglasses. They normally apply a 3 point mount the left blow.

Eyeglass Mirrors

These normally keep the mirror to the same position at the eye level and move far enough to the side to vivid your balaclava and helmet. It is a must to adjust the mirror and move the head little to keep the additional bulk.

Once again a normal ten to twenty degree turn of the head permits a complete sweep of what is back of you. 45 degree head will permit you to see what is right for you.

Eyeglass mounted mirror desires to suffer less rather than other models. You may read the license plate of the vehicle that is going to pass you. What you point of the mirror is best than other all models.

On lens mirrors

The last type of cycling mirror is the on-lens mirrors. These mirrors are very small. They have a modifiable swivel foundation. They are a supertype of mirrors and add directly to the inside of your eyeglasses.

These mirrors are used for eyeglass wearers. They will not work if you require. The correction is provided by your prescribed lenses since the image may not come inside your prescription.

Eyeglass Mirrors

They are very useful for those who do not like to wear sunglasses or who have no accuracy for far vision. On the lens, mirrors cannot function along with wrap-around sunglasses.

As they take a position on your glasses, your reward perception is blocked by your head. You need to turn your head further to scan traffic than you are with an eyeglass mirror or a helmet mirror. They are a little bit visible from a pair of sunglasses. This is perfect for the aging roadies who would not like to be noticed wearing a mirror. But they get the head moving little difficult with every passing year.

Other Important Bike Safety Accessories

The simple but very important thing is a helmet. One must use a helmet if he or she likes to ride a bicycle or bike. There is no other important thing to use as a helmet.

You are an experienced biker you like to cover a short distance does not matter. Use helmet; this is the matter. Riding except a helmet is not a wise idea. Be conscious and use a helmet for your safety.

Bike Safety Accessories

Except for helmet, the most important thing is the adequate light for the riders of the bike. After dark, a biker normally falls in an accident or gets injured for improperly illuminated bikes.

Normally it is very hard to see everything in busy city traffic. Sometimes reflectors can help you more. But the most important thing is the bike lights for safe riding at night or in foggy, rain or some other windy conditions.

For the merely, your bike may have a bright red light affixed to its back-really having an alternative to flash rapidly. A white headlight style lamp ahead helps you to see the approaching cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians alike.

A headlamp helps to illuminate the path and makes others more visible to its prominent position. Illuminate more area is a savvy choice for the conscious cyclists.

A bicycle bell or horn is a very important thing for the frequent cyclists. These devices will alert other people to your presence.

Bike Safety Accessories

They are very valuable when you come nearer to a biker or pedestrians from behind. These things enhance both passerby and riders safety in the daytime when the light is not essential for sunshine.

Lastly, you have to give more emphasis to your clothing when you ride a bike. Conscious cyclists do not wear very tight fitting clothes. Some can think it is stylish, but it lessens wind confrontation and ensures your safety riding.

Lastly, it lessens the possibility of garments being caught on pedals, gear and other hardware. Moreover, it saves you from scratches and cuts when you fall in an accident.

How does a bike mirror help you?

You might feel that a bicycle mirror is a very simple accessory, but it could really prevent injuries. Most of us know how significant are mirrors as it has to do with automobiles, so why can they lose importance regarding bicycles? This is the way a back-bike mirror will be able to assist you.

You won’t need to swerve anymore – if you would like to have a left, by way of instance, with no mirror, you need to turn your mind to find out whether there’s something coming from you. Some people have been swerving a bit when they do this. It’s a natural happening motion which may result in serious injuries. But in case you’ve got a back-bike mirror, then you keep your mind somewhat straight, and there’s not any probability of incorrect swerving.

  • You have greater visibility – which really is really a no brainer. After all, the entire purpose of a bicycle mirror is to raise visibility. That way you’re conscious of your environment always.
  • Group biking is secure – if you prefer to go set biking, then you are aware that the distance around you can get crowded sometimes. That’s the point where a bicycle mirror intervenes. As there are many bicycles around you, it’s very important that you understand every one of the positions. This is going to keep you secure, and in precisely the exact same time, it may stop a mass wreck. In a big group, as soon as a biker drops, odds are that a good deal of the cyclists in her or his proximity will fall also.


The same as with any other thing, bicycle mirrors come with a couple of disadvantages too. As for me, I don’t believe they’re severe, but for the interest of full disclosure, I will list them.

  • Blindspots – you’ve got them when you’re in your own vehicle, and you’ve got them when you’re on your own bicycle. A bicycle mirror can’t possibly demonstrate every tiny area behind you. But, it may offer the visibility that you want to be safe should you fix it properly. Some people purchase back bike mirror but in precisely the exact same time they turn their heads on event.
  • Personally, I don’t see different disadvantages. Even if you can find, I consider a bicycle mirror is beneficial.

How to Pick the Best bicycle mirror

If you agree a bicycle mirror is essential, then let us get to the area where you need to settle on a model. If you don’t know which to go for, then allow me to give you a little advice on things you want to think about before purchasing anything.

  • Left or right setup – based on what the principles are in your state, you might need to put in the mirror onto the left side of their horns or the ideal side. But not all versions can be set up on each side, so be certain that you assess that aspect before purchasing a specific item.
  • Size – as it comes to bicycle mirrors, bigger isn’t always better. Opt for a moderate size mirror, and you need to have the ability to deal with all situations quite well.
  • Compatibility – there are an infinite number of bike models, rather than all mirrors could be set up on all them. The setup must be harmonious with all the horns. Additionally, there are brands of bikes that advocating a specific assortment of mirror which go with their versions. You can listen to them and create your project easier.
  • Adjustability – which might be among the most essential facets of the back-bike mirror. You ought to have the ability to fix it in accordance with your bicycle and based on your own size. The objective is to attain ideal visibility. You can’t do that using a static mirror. Additionally, the amount of adjustability is vital. I advise that you consider these.
  • Structure – purchasing a high-quality back bicycle mirror will save you from creating another purchase anytime search for one that seems sturdy and is constructed from high-quality substances. You might be spending a couple of added bucks today, but at the long term, you are going to save yourself money.
  • Stainless Steel lens – instead of glass advise that you opt for stainless steel. It’s unbreakable, and it’s a good deal safer in the event of a crash. Stainless steel won’t crack and stab you in the eye in a crash.
  • Cost – budgeting is quite important. Motorcycle mirrors are not so costly, generally speaking. There may be versions that are out of your budget, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t discover the very best bicycle mirrors at low rates. All you need to do is hunt completely.

Final Words

I enjoy security as anybody else, and that’s why I suggest that you obtain a back-bike mirror. You will never know when you might need it or exactly what issue it might get you from.

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