10 Best Bicycle Covers for Outdoor Reviews in 2021

best bicycle cover outdoor

What is your top priority as a cyclist? To protect your body, especially the head and joints. The next thing you should consider is the safety of your bike. But how? As helmets can be a barrier between you and life-changing incidents, a cover can be ideal to protect your bike from harmful factors. It’s especially useful for individuals who don’t own a garage or any other place to store precious two-wheeler.

Today, we will discuss some of the best bicycle covers that will keep your bike safe from rain, snow, or bad winds. Such protection will simply add some more years to your bike’s life.

1. TeamObsidian bike cover for 1, 2, or 3 bikes.

Built of high-quality waterproof material, the TeamObsidian cover offers complete protection of your bike. You can use it in the open as well as indoors. Its anti UV layer has a PU coating that’s effective in all the 4 seasons. This durable product covers your entire bike including the wheels and keeps it safe from all the external factors including sunrays, dirt, dust, snow, hail, ice, and wind.

TeamObsidian bike cover has a stylish black appearance with silver strips that fits both men’s and women’s bicycles. The cover does not have any excess built materials, so it never flaps due to wind. The bike accessory also includes a carry bag for quick storage and easy transportation.

What do we like?

The bike cover easily accommodates 1, 2, or 3 bikes and keeps them safe from all the harmful elements. This all-weather product has reflective silver lines so that you can easily recognize in poor light conditions, especially in the night. There is a grab handle that allows you to remove this cover of your bike very easily.

Due to the UV layer in a combination of PU coating, the bicycle cover can withstand prolonged exposure to sun rays without asking for mercy. It has lock holes that allow you to secure the bike as well as its cover, especially when you are not around.

What could be better?

Some of the users state that this cover cannot withstand high-speed winds. It’s obvious because manufacturers clearly state that the cover cannot be used over car racks. So, you might not want to use it over the trips.

Our Verdict: If you need all year round protection for your precious two-wheeler, then the TeamObsidian bike cover deserves your attention. Its durable, strong, and is compatible with any of the bikes you own.

2. YardStash Waterproof Bike Cover.

YardStash bike cover offers the ultimate protection for your bikes in all the outdoor conditions. Its extra-large dimensions cover two bikes even if they are bigger than the usual size. The heavy-duty bike accessory covers your bicycle from top to bottom including pedals as well as wheels. So, none of the external elements can discolor or make any harm to your bikes.

Made of UV protected polyester, the bike cover easily accommodates any of the bikes currently available in the US market. Whether you own a mountain cruiser, electric, or a dirt bike, you can try the waterproof bike cover by YardStash.

What do we like?

The bike cover is long-lasting due to high-quality construction. So, you can expect it to last longer as compared to other models made of oxford cloth or 210T polyester. Its elasticized hems on the front and rear with a clasp buckle makes sure that none of the objects takes any damage under high winds. There are vents on its front that stops condensation and stops corrosion. It can accommodate two bikes at once, which is great for users who own multiple bicycles.

What could be better?

We are disappointed because the YardStash bike cover is not suitable for trips, not even the small ones. So, if you need something to use on a car bike rack, try something else.

Our verdict: YardStash bike cover is made of thick polyester, which is waterproof and heat protected. So, it’s a great investment for users who needs a durable cover that can keep the bikes in great shape all year round.

3. PRO Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage.

If you are looking for a strong and long-lasting storage solution for your bicycles, then the Pro Bike Tool cover deserves a close look. Made of high-quality Oxford Fabric with double stitching and heat sealed hem, it offers superior protection from all the adverse factors that can harm your bike. All the credit goes to its anti-UV built with PU coating, which makes sure that your bike is protected from all the factors.

The storage cover has a rip-resistant material that means it will never allow a tear to spread for long. Don’t think that its fabric is indestructible, but the cover can minimize the damage up to a large extent.

What do we like?

We like that you can use this cover in the open as well as indoors. It can accommodate up to 3 bikes in a side-by-side style. You can also use it on a car bike rack while traveling at high speed. We recommend that you should strap the cover properly so that too much air cannot enter its internal space.

The bike cover has elastic and a buckle strap that offers a secure fit, which works even on windy weather. It has a reflective cover strap on the handle that allows you to easily remove the cover from your bike, even in the dark. Talking about the bike, it can accommodate all of them up to 29 inches of wheels.

What could be better?

The bicycle storage cover might work for small trips, but you should look for some other option if you are planning for long road tours.

Our verdict: Pro bike cover provides the best storage solution for any of your bikes with up to 29 inches of wheel size. So, it’s a great investment for users who needs protection for more than one bikes.

4. Ohuhu Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Cover.

Ohuhu bicycle Cover is one of our favorites because of its waterproof built that’s suitable for all the mountain and road bikes. Made of 210T nylon, this cover successfully withstands the test of time and works well in all the weather. It’s waterproof and also keeps the bike safe from sun rays, wind, snow, dirt, and heavy winds.

The cover is equipped with a silver coating that has UV-proof coating. So, it protects your precious cargo from rust, fading, and discoloration. For added safety, there is a buckle at its bottom that’s useful in case the winds are testing your patience.

What do we like?

We like the fact that this one bike cover also accommodates cruiser bikes and mopeds. Once folded, the cover becomes very compact. It includes a carrying bag with a strap for easy storage and transportation. Moreover, it never adds much heft to your luggage because the cover weighs a mere 0.7 pounds once.

 You will find another buckle at the top that’s useful when you want to let it dry. Overall, the cover offers all the features that you can expect from an expensive bike storage accessory but never asks much from your bank account.

What could be better?

Some of the users disagree with its built quality. Moreover, it’s not suitable to be used as a bike cover when you are on road trips.

Our verdict: The bicycle cover is suitable if you are looking for high quality, durable, and affordable protection for your mountain or road bike.

5. Puroma Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle Cover.

Let’s talk about another weatherproof bicycle cover, but this time it comes from Puroma. Whether you want to use the cover indoors or outdoors, it keeps your bike safe. Do not worry about dust, scratches, sun rays, wind, rain or snow, because it has a polyester built with PU and UV coating. Moreover, the cover has an elastic hem and robust buckle that keeps your bike stable during high wind.

Puroma bicycle cover has significant dimensions that easily accepts any of the bikes with up to 29-inch wheels. Whether you own a mountain or road bike, electric road bike or moped, you can try this all-weather bicycle cover.


What do we like?              

We like the fact that you can use this accessory with any of the mountains, roads, electric bikes. The cover has a tear-resistant built that stops any damages up to some extent. A user-friendly lock hole design allows you to keep the bike secure. Its windproof buckle and elastic hems work great under changing weather.

All the features and benefits are available at a very affordable price tag. So, even if you are a beginner you can try the solid cover for your newly purchased mountain bike.

What could be better?

Puroma bike cover is weatherproof, but you should never leave it under continuous exposure to sun or moisture. Try to use indoors or take it indoors including your bike, when the weather is not in favor.

Our verdict: Puroma bicycle cover has a superior built quality that easily withstands all the external factors including water and UV damage. So, it’s a suitable option for users who needs complete protection for an expensive bike.

6. EUGO Cover for 2 or 3 Bikes.

Made of 210D Oxford Fabric material, the Eugo cover is suitable for 2 or 3 bikes. In other words, it’s a cost-effective method of bike storage, especially if you own more than a few of them. The cover is waterproof, dustproof, and protects your bike from snow and sun rays as well.

The cover has a double seam built, which makes it very durable and strong to deal with all the weather or conditions. There is a belt buckle that’s helpful on a windy day. This buckle works in combination with its elastic hem that you can also use to make a tight fit. Another good news about the product is its carrying bag, which is already included. 

What do we like?

We like the cover’s durable built that keeps your bike safe from scratches, discoloration, or anything else that can spoil its appearance. In other words, the cover saves you from extra investment to recover any bike damage, especially due to bad weather. There are security eyelets at the front that you can use to lock the bike securely through its wheels.

The product is compatible with all the mountain or road bikes, beach cruisers, hybrids, BMX, and fixed gear bikes. Its included carry pouch has a drawstring that makes it easy for you to carry the cover.

What could be better?

The Eugo cover is big enough to accommodate two 26 inches’ bikes. However, it can accept only 1 bike with 29 inches of a wheel. We don’t recommend that you store a couple of 29-inch bikes under this cover, because it might not be able to cover them properly. Apart from that, the product is very heavy at 322 grams.

Our verdict: If you own two medium-sized bikes and you want to store them outdoors, then Ego cover is a great option to consider. It’s a well-made cover that’s waterproof and offers the complete worth of your investment.

7. Roctee Waterproof XL Bicycle Cover.

Roctee bicycle cover has a 190T nanometer construction that has a PU coating to make it waterproof and UV resistant. It also protects your bike from dirt, dust, and wind power. Besides, the cover keeps your ride new for long because it’s also scratch proof. The accessory is suitable for all the adult bikes up to 29 inches of wheel size.

Double-stitched hems with heat resistant seal is another protective feature of Roctee cover. Such robust built protects all the components of your bike without any leaks. It also has a front strap that’s useful when you are dealing with a storm.

What do we like?

The XL bicycle cover is weatherproof and remains effective in all the outdoor conditions. It has security eyelets on the front that allows you to lock your bike. The product includes a waterproof storage bag. So, you can easily pack and take it along on any of the trips.

All these features are available at a reasonable price tag. It’s a risk-free purchase anyway because you will get a full refund within 90 days, in case of any dissatisfaction.

What could be better?

You cannot use the Roctee cover for transportation on a bike rack. It might simply lead to tearing and irreparable damage.

Our verdict: Available in multiple colors, Roctee XL bike cover is a solid investment for users who needs all-weather protection for his or her bike without investing much.

8. Favoto Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Cover.

Favoto bicycle cover has a 210D oxford fabric built that’s strong durable. It’s the primary reason why this accessory protects your bike from all the seasonal damages including UV rays, leaves, bird poops, dust, rain, snow, and scratches. Due to significant dimensions, the cover is suitable for two 26 inch bikes or one 29-inch two-wheeler.

The bicycle has an elastic cord and a couple of buckles at its front as well as rear. Due to such components, it’s a windproof cover that keeps your bike safe even when there is a storm. The cover also comprises a lock-hole made of aluminum alloy that never rusts and keeps your bike secure from theft.

What do we like?

Your bike is not safe in any season. Spring brings water and bird droppings that can spoil its appearance. In the summers, the two-wheeler has dangers from dust, high winds, and ultraviolet rays. Snow and scratches are very common in the winters. Favoto covers your bike entirely and keeps it safe from all the above natural as well as man-made factors.

Ice and moisture are some of the common factors that bring rust. Favoto cover protects your bike from such situations and keeps it new for a long time. The bike also cover includes a storage bag. So, you can fold and store the product whenever it not in use.

What could be better?

The bicycle cover has all the features that you can expect from a high-quality bike accessory. Some of the users state that it’s not waterproof. However, most of the buyers are satisfied with the protection level provided by the Favoto cover.

Our verdict: Favoto bike cover is an appropriate purchase for users who don’t want to spend much but need a high-quality cover that can keep a bike safe in all the seasons.

9. Maveek 190T Waterproof Bike Rain Cover.

The 190T Nylon is high quality and durable product, which protects your bike and its seat without any compromise. All thanks to its heat reflective silver layer and PU coating, the cover is resistant to water as well as sunrays. Any of the bikes up to a 29-inch wheel readily accepts the Maveek cover. Hence, it’s compatible with all the mountain, road, and electric versions of two-wheelers.

Apart from rain and UV rays, the bike accessory is also resistive to dust, wind, scratches, and snow. To provide improved protection against wind, it has a stable bottom. Moreover, there is a strap and buckle that adds to its stability.

What do we like?

The rain cover is durable because of its high quality built. This product is available at a reasonable price, but you don’t have to look replacement any time soon. Its double stitched hem also adds to the durability.

The manufacturers are so confident about the product, it’s built quality and features that they are offering a 90 days’ satisfaction guarantee. In other words, you can contact them in case of any dissatisfaction to get the right solution or complete refund.

What could be better?

Some of the users state that this cover was not perfect for their bikes. So, we recommend that you match its dimensions with your bike. The length, width, and height of the bike accessory are 74.8, 25.6, and 38.6 inches.

Our verdict: You can try the Maveek rain cover if you need an affordable, long-lasting, and all-weather product that can keep your bike safe in any weather or parking conditions.

10. MOVTOTOP Bike Cover.

Sunshine and rain are the primary factors that can destroy your bike’s appearance. Try the Movtotop bike cover that can provide complete protection from water, sun rays, and all other factors that can fasten the aging process of your bike. All the credit goes to its 210D Oxford Fabric construction that has double stitching and heat sealed hems. There is also a silver lining that keeps the UV rays away and hence doubles the protection.

The waterproof cover fits most of the bikes up to 29 inches. It can accommodate two 26 inch bikes or one 29-inch bicycle. The cover also accepts all the electric bikes, but you need to make sure they are not more than 29 inches.

What do we like?

The bike cover has an adjustable elastic band and buckles that you can use to fit bikes with different designs. This buckle also holds the cover in place, so none of the high-speed winds can blow it away. The cover has a cloth made lock holes that are better than metal ones. It’s because the latter does not wear off due to rust or corrosion.

Movtotop bike cover includes a portable carry bag for easy storage and travel. It comes with a lifetime after-sales service and a 90-day return or replacement period. If you have any concerns within three months from the date of purchase, you can get a complete refund. In other words, it’s a risk-free investment that you can use for a long time to protect your bikes.

What could be better?

Some of the users state that the bike cover does not fit for their bikes. So, we recommend that you measure the dimensions of this product and match the same with your two-wheeler.

Our verdict: Movtop bike cover is useful if you want to keep your bike safe from all the man-made and natural factors. It gives you a convenient carry bag that’s crucial when you are hiking, mountain riding, or going for any other cycling activities.

The benefits of Using Bike Cover

A high-quality bike cover has multiple advantages:

  • The cover protects your bike from dirt, dust, and rust. So, you will never notice the early discoloration. It will not allow any dirt or moisture to settle on your bike, which will eventually reduce any wear and tear.
  • Apart from dirt and dust protection, a cover also prevents any water or sun rays to damage your bike.
  • Snow and wind are some of the other external factors that can scratch your bike. However, it’s not possible if your bike is safe under a cover.

Bike Cover Buying Guide

Built material: One of the major consideration while purchasing a bike cover is its construction material. The fabric should be thick so that it can last for long. You must have noticed while reading the best bicycle covers reviews that most of them are made of nylon and polyester. Both are lightweight, but nylon is stronger than polyester. However, you should check the deniers. High denier means the fabric is thicker and stronger. For instance, 210D is durable than a 190D fabric.

Dimensions: Check the measurements of a cover and make sure it will fit our bike. Some of the covers are suitable for more than one bikes, but that only depends upon their wheel size. One more thing to remember is the type of bike you have because not all the covers are generic. Some of them can only mountain and road bikes.

Straps for added stability: A strap secures the cover with your bike. In case of high winds, it will make sure that the cover is not flying instead of protecting your bike.

Lock holes:  A security mechanism should be always in place, especially if you are leaving a two-wheeler outdoors for long. So, you should try a cover with lock holes in its front. You can use these holes to lock the bike with a post, railing, or any other nearby stopper.

Reflective material: Not a necessity, but reflective strips on a cover helps you to easily identify the location of your bike. It’s especially helpful in the evening and night when the light conditions are not favorable. These reflective lines also allow you to easily remove the bike cover.

Grab handles: A cover might not be very easy to maneuver without handles. Moreover, you cannot put it on and take off without wasting a lot of time and effort. A set of handles works as a reference point and helps you to position the cover appropriately. They also allow you to hang the cover for drying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store a bike outside?

If you are storing a bike outside, then make sure it locked in the best possible way. Then, use a cover to protect it from external elements. Do not leave your bike standing over a concrete floor for a long time. It’s because concrete tends to absorb all the moisture from the bike tires resulting in dry rot and premature replacement.

Can you wash a bike cover?

You can wash a bike cover if its waterproof or the description says it washable. You can wash the cover using your hands so that you can easily target particular areas with accumulated dirt or stains. You can also use a machine to wash the cover. Make sure you check the washing instructions before going for a machine wash.


All the bicycle covers we discussed today are the best in terms of durability and weatherproof abilities. So, you can choose any of the above-mentioned variants according to the size of a bike, built material, brand preferences, and budget.Always check the dimensions of your bike and match the same with the cover you want to purchase.

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