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avigo bike reviews

Most people keep the memory of the first bike in mind. The wheels are your first taste of freedom; Wheels express that naturally; they are responsible for liberating, for the carefree feeling of riding with the wind in the hair and they feel independence with nature.

As the bike will be the first step of their independence so selection of a child’s first bike is very important. The roundup bike is the first choice for the children today as the bike last for the whole childhood. Thus you can create great profound love for the bike, fun sport, exciting and teach them a new way to get about.

1. Avigo One Eight 18 inch Boys BMX Bicycle

Avigo One Eight 18″ Boy’s BMX Bicycle is a great bike for the young riders. It has Hi-Tensile Steel frame along with heavy duty trainers. It also includes clear chain cover and a freestyle frame.

The quickly added seat mast on the Avigo One Eight 18’’ Boy’s BMX Bicycle is adjusted for different riders. It has color coordinate front pegs and a four bolt stem. The bicycle is used for stunts, tricks, and race  on hilly dirt track


  • The bicycle has quickly adjusted seat mast, 
  • A freestyle frame, and clean chain cover
  • Has four belt system, color coordinated front pegs
  •  Heavy duty trainers and hi-tensile steel frame.


  • Removable, heavy duty training wheels for newcomers
  • Beginning peg is color-coordinated
  • Fresh chain cover gives safety
  • Heavy duty tag


  • Somewhat heavy

2. 20″ Boys Avigo Air Flex Dual Suspension

You are waiting to ride an awesome bike name 20″ Boys Avigo Air Flex Dual. Avigo is a great bike for boys and girls today.

The bike has the coolest style and has a traditional design.This is why this the bike is great for the growing children.

It has the latest safety features, money saving value and long lasting quality. The bike is just waiting for you to ride on the road. The bike is not only favorite to the children but also favorite to all the riders.


  • The rider will feel cool experience with this yellow 20 inch Boys Avigo.
  • The bike is great for the boys and girls of the present time. 
  • The bike has a traditional design and the price is also reasonable. 
  • It is beloved  to the growing children.
  • The bike has long-lasting quality; 
  • safety feature article  and above all save money. 
  • 20″ Boys Air Flex Dual Suspension


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to assemble
  • Made with the recent bicycle security features


  • The shifter is very tight

3. Toys R Us – Boys Avigo Fade Bike

No products found.

The Avigo 20 inch Fade Bike has a wonderful steel frame. Rear and front legs and a quick adjust seat clamp.

Toys RU is the home for durable and kid’s bikes and adult bicycles from Avigo. Now Avigo boys and girls models are coolest style  and have a traditional design with the right price for the children.

It has the latest safety features, trademark  and long lasting quality. It also saves money; An Avigo bike is waiting for you to get on and ride.


  • 20″ Boys Avigo Fade
  • Rear and front pegs for cool tricks
  • Seat clamp helps rapid adjustments
  • rear and front pegs help ensure safe stopping
  • Steel frame and four-bolt stem give durability


  • For the first time riding on training wheels to perfecting BMX stunts.
  • Having updated coolest styles with sleek black designs.


  • Not mentionable

4. Boys’ 14-inch Avigo Burner Bike

No products found.

To get a 14-inch quality bike is a difficult task. A few years ago, I bought a 14 inch Go Diego Go bicycle for my oldest son. I have bought it for sixty dollars, but they are no longer made.

My wife and I are separated.So now she  decided to buy two bicycles for two houses. The cause is that I like 14 inch Diego bike as it is a traditional bike and like the Avigo model.

The bike allows you to buy BMX pads and keep them on the bike. The V-frame will give you the chance to stand clearance, but you may not be able to do anything for adding a pad to the frame.


  • Adjustable Training Wheels
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Front Peg Set
  • 4 Bolt Handlebar Stem
  • BMX Tubular Fork


  • The bike is a coaster bike
  • It is very easier for younger kids for pedaling the bike
  • The bars, as well as the seats, are height adjustable


  • No serious issue

Avigo Bikes

Most reviews stated that two bicycles you get have decent quality. The bikes are sturdy and strong with some frequency. One parent claims the stability of the Avigo Waikiki and notes that hand brakes are kept together as it comes home and needs few tweaks.

A dad also says that the bike lasts for a longer time, and find the similar story when assembled right out of the box. We read reviews and found the wheel hubs on the both models are tight which interfere with  smooth rotation.

One review of Avigo Dirt  Waving says that some pull and few elbow lubricating oil  got the bike rolling easily, but Avigo Waikiki things this a deal breaker. The hand pasture break and the coaster brakes are easy, though some say the hand brakes are very remains  for the younger children.

Benefits of Avigo Bike:

  • The weight of the bike is light
  • The seats are comfortable
  • Wheels are stable; I feel safe with my three-year-old son on it
  • The bars and the seats are height adjustable
  • The materials are strong
  • Spinning the pedals backward can apply the brake
  • The tube of BMX are strong and great, gives support if my son falls

Who makes Avigo Bikes?

Dynacraft is the biggest privately acclaimed distributor of scooters, bicycles, and electric battery powered ride one’s in the USA found easily in major regional and subject heap national mass market retailers all through United State, Puerto Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act  and Canada.

The company was established in 1984. Our company based in Ashland, Massachusetts, selling the first bike in 1985, 77 million building block units and over 30-year units later. Dynacraft is the most excellent player in the wheeled goods industry and Compass North American leader for designing and distributing bike and it is battery powered ride on toys and scooters.

For a long time, our brand has challenged its high quality for faster, better and more innovative invention. We inspire people to use our re-energizing the wheeled goods category in their everyday life. The headquarter is in American Canyon, California. Dynacraft employees are making fun of wheels at present every moment.

There is a tradition that we have pushed the creative envelope. Our company likes to create a new collection every session every year. They also use the highest technology and apply their experience. We like to produce best bikes for the satisfaction of the audience having new features and exciting graphic designs.

Buying Guide for Avigo Bikes

The first rule is to buy the best size of  bike for your children that the range is 12 to 24 inches; there are others as well. You do not like to damage the surprise of him Xmas day.

So , better for you is to follow a famous bike dealer’s website. Do not hope to get the bigger size to keep it for a long time. It may be uncomfortable and challenging for riding and your little one may put option off altogether.

Try to get a bike that is very lightweight. You have to buy 16 kg weight for your three years baby and 1.6 kg difference between the heaviest and lightest bike we have tested is ten percent of the body weight.

Also, consider a bike that has handle brake. It must have a lever to pull the bike genuinely. The steering is also a great factor to consider. A headset having ball and bearing will help to turn the handlebar simply and freely, unlike plain bearing.

The saddle must be concave and comfortable, so the youngster does not slip forward, do not forget to adjust accordingly. Tires of the bike is also one important fact which  should keep in mind before buy. Pneumatic tires are the best, for riding on bumps  and also  the wheels should spin freely and easily.

Final Words

Avigo is now selling worldwide by Toys R Us and manufactured by Dynacraft, one of the most famous leads bicycle frame.

Customers are happy to have a good bike with the desired cost  From the review, we get that the Avigo Dirt Wave boys’ BMX bicycle has got the top review on the Toys R Us website.

Besides 16-inch Avigo Waikiki girls’ BMX model fares better comments in the post of the similar site.

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