10 Best 26 inch Mountain Bike Tires Reviews in 2021 (Top Picks)

best 26 mountain bike tires

You cannot go anywhere without mountain bike tires, especially when you want to ride over rough surfaces. Without the right set of tires, your ride will not as enjoyable as you were expecting. So, try one of the best 26 mountain bike tires that are stable, maneuverable and c-operates well in all the tricky terrains.

None of the riders can enjoy benefits while using a set of racing tires in winters. Similarly, a wide tire might be worthless in any bike race. So, whether you need to ride over snow, rocks, forest trails, or any other road, we got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the best options so that you can choose a suitable variant for your bicycle.

1. BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front

Today’s first recommendation comes from Schwinn and why not? The brand is a reputable manufacturer of mountain bikes and related accessories. This replacement bike tire is a reflection of Schwinn’s experience and hard work. It’s durable due to steel beaded construction and offers high traction for riding on a wide range of terrains, including the tough ones.

Due to a long-lasting construction, the Schwinn bike tire never displays any signs of exhaustion. It measures 26 inches in diameter and is 1.95 wide. If you want to enjoy a comfortable and smooth riding experience, then try this replacement bike tire by Schwinn.

What do we like?

The bike tire performs well even after regular usage. It works on all the conditions and never disappoints you in any of the mountain races or road trips.

What could be better?

The bike tires are supposed to be puncture-resistant, but the protection is not up to the mark.

Our Verdict: If you want to enjoy riding on any of the harsh grounds without any hassles, then try this all-season tires from Schwinn.

2. Continental ShieldWall Mountain Bike Tire – Cross King.

Cross king is one of the most versatile tires, but it’s better for rapid riders instead of the radical ones. The tire has staggered beads at the center to make it fast rolling especially on hard surfaces. Apart from that, you can easily ride over diagonal roots and rocks covered with slippery green algae.

Due to the gap between its knobs, the tire grips whatever grounds you are riding. Hence, it’s a trustworthy investment. Even if you are riding with some aggression, the replacement mountain bike tire co-operates well and provides you with excellent cornering abilities.

What do we like?

Continental ShieldWall mountain bike is strong, durable and you will never notice any wear signs even after months of usage. As it an E-bike grade tire, you can ride it up to 25 km/h. It adapts according to the surface and due to the easy-rolling profile, the bike tire never creates any trouble whatsoever.

The tire is built using Pure Grip Compound, which offers you with excellent grip and superb mileage. Above all, it has three layered tubeless-ready casing that offers unparalleled puncture protection.

What could be better?

Some of the users report that the Continental tire is hard to put on a rim because it’s super tight. However, it happened with only a few buyers.

Our verdict: Continental ShiweldWall bike tire is suitable for all the individuals who want to enjoy the best tubeless experience. It’s blissfully supportive at the roads, so you can try the product for any of your next tours or races.

3. WTB Velociraptor Comp Tire 26 Inches

Do you know when you will need a new tire? Well, no one does, because anything like a sharp nail, staple, or wild thorn can cut its way to the old tubes. Whenever you face such situations, kindly consider the WTB Velociraptor Comp tire because it co-operates with any of the adventures that come to your mind.

Velociraptor is one of the best 26 mountain bike tires because of its wide knobs that assures you smooth braking even on loose surfaces. These extra-large knobs are necessary so that you can get an excellent grip on mud as well as sand. Due to its fast-rolling nature, the WTB tire gives you unique riding experiences all its life.

What do we like?

If you want to enjoy a beach without thinking about unknown obstacles, then the Velociraptor could be your best bet. Not only it can handle roots, gravels, and rocks, but it also easily deals with sand. Built with DNA rubber, the MTB tire weighs mere 829 grams. The given heft might be comparatively higher, but it compensates the same with the ability to handle all the harsh surfaces. This version of Velociraptor is built with 27 TPI (threads per inche), which simply means it needs a lot of effort to flatten this tough guy.

What could be better?

WTB Velociraptor is available only with a diameter of 26 inches and 2.1 inches wide. So, you need to make sure that your bike is compatible with the tire.

Our verdict: Velociraptor is suitable for all the riders who need an easy to fit and robust mountain bike tire that can deal with any of the biking conditions.

4. Kenda Tires K838 Commuter/Cruiser/Hybrid Bicycle Tires

Kenda manufactures some of the best 26-inch mountain bike tires that are versatile and also offer excellent on-road performance. K838 is a long-lasting tire that’s available with a width of 1.95 inchesin multiple colors. It come with unique beads that offer minimal resistance for smooth and fast rides, especially over plane surfaces.

This model has lower resistance, but that does not mean it lacks gripping while you ride. Most of the credit goes to its water dispersal grooves that maintain on-road grips without slowing down the ride. Such features guarantee unparalleled performance, especially from a tire available at such an affordable price tag.

What do we like?

Kenda K838 is something that can handle almost any ground and usage. Whether you need a replacement tire for mountain biking, road tours, or you want to discover some new trails, try this reliable option and it will never disappoint. If you are a fitness freak and need some early morning exercise, then it’s a suitable option to try. No matter you are following a wet terrain or dry roads, the MTB tire gives you complete control and balance.

What could be better?

Some of the users complain that K838 comes in a very small box. Hence, it takes a lot of time to expand. Other than that, there are no troubles while using this model for mountain riding, daily commuting, or road trips.

Our verdict: Daily commuters can try the Kenda K838 because of its durable built and all-season performance. You can also take it to the mountain over the weekends without any complaints.

5. Bell Mountain Bike Tires in Standard or Flat Defense

Reputable for bike accessories, Bell has a wide series of mountain tires to meet all your needs. Our next recommendation from this brand is not only excellent in terms of gripping and complete balance but also comprised advanced treads for high-quality traction. Moreover, its tall knobs offer superb control over smooth surfaces as well as uneven terrains.

What do we like?

Due to carbon steel beads, you can easily fold and store the tires without any damage. This model is available in multiple sizes between 18 to 29 inches, so you can choose one of them according to your bike. No matter what diameter you are choosing, the Bell mountain tire co-operates on all the tracks, even the challenging ones. Moreover, it’s very durable and withstands the test of time without creating any trouble.

What could be better?

The Bell mountain tire is not easy to put on a bike rim. Some of the users also report that this model doesn’t last for long when regularly used on rough surfaces.

Our verdict: Suitable for mountain riders who needs something that can offer complete control and work efficiently on all the surfaces.

6. KENDA Smoke Type K816 Bicycle Tire.

The Smoke Type K816 mountain bike tire is available with a diameter of 26 inches and 2.1-inch width. Its beefy treads grip any of the riding surfaces without any problem. The 26-inch diameter keeps you on top of your performance because it holds the ground without any comprises. So, you get the confidence that you were looking for a long time.

K816 is a durable bike accessory that has a super strong sidewall. So, it can always deal with the harsh corners or heavier trials without any slip-offs, pops, and bulges. Above all, the tire is puncture resistant. So, you can enjoy uninterrupted mountain biking or road trips without any interruption.

What do we like?

Some Type K816 has aggressive teeth that give you unique riding experience. No matter you are gliding, climbing, or bombing, this tire attached with a mountain bike co-operates with all the situations and keeps you comfortable. It works well at high speed and also remains stable at tight turns. As it’s an all-terrain tire, you can try over hard trails, mud, gravels, and other loose surfaces. Made of rubber compound, the tire is long-lasting and never seeks replacement anytime soon.

What could be better?

Kenda K816 has all the qualities to be attached in your bike, but its available in only one size.

Our verdict: Smoke Type is suitable for all the fans of mountain biking because it got the best grip and traction that you can expect from a high-quality tire.

7. SCHWALBE Black Jack Active Line Tire.

Our seventh recommendation from Schwalbe is effective on any of the terrains you choose. The Black Jack Active Line tire comes with very aggressive treads that offer a rare combination of high traction and low resistance rolling. Due to its high-quality cornering, the Black Jack remains stable and maintains an excellent grip on all the surfaces.

Schwalbe Black Jack offers all the features at an affordable price. It’s the primary reason why most of the riders prefer this model. In other words, the product offers exceptional value for money as compared to its expensive counterparts.

What do we like?

We like the fact that Black Jack grips nicely and rolls freely. Its KevlarGuard (KG) works great against punctures and provides you smooth and comfortable rides. Made of Schwalbe Basic Compound (SBC), the tire is suitable for all the roads as well as weather. It sharks tooth inspired U-Blocks offers excellent balance, especially when you are dealing with multiple curves. Above all, the 26-inch tire is lightweight. So, you can enjoy the ride without much heft.

What could be better?

Some of the users complain about its durability after several months of usage. So, it wears out fast.

Our verdict: If you want a replacement 26-inch mountain that checks all the boxes without taking much from your bank account, then try the Black Jack by Schwalbe.

8. Maxxis High Roller II Single Compound EXO Folding Tire.

High Roller II is a great all-rounder tire that stands as today’s 8th contender. All the credit goes to its design that’s based on High Roller I, which has worked with numerous World Cup champions. If we believe Maxxis, this new version has improved braking performance and better cornering traction. Moreover, it rolls faster and boosts your confidence.

If you want to enjoy smoother and predictable rides over the cramped trails, then you can try the Maxxis option here. Once again its extended cornering knobs come into the picture for such a comfortable mountain riding experience.

What do we like?

Maxxis EXO folding tire has aggressive knobs that give you more braking traction and improved cornering bite. At the same time, they also improve the rolling speed. Its chevron inspired lugs are also reversed for better grip. The tire has very wide braking edges and left to right sipe that allows excellent knob flexes.

What could be better?

The folding tire is only available in one width and diameter. You don’t have any choice, but to choose it with 2.4-inch od width and 27.5-inch diameter.

Our verdict: A mountain tire gets its ratings depending upon its cornering abilities, grip, and balance. High Roller II is one of the best mountain tires when it comes to these factors. So, it might be suitable for users who majorly deals with rough surfaces.

9. Panaracer Fire XC Wire MTB Tire 26x2.1

If you are you looking for a responsive, steady, and trustworthy 26-inch mountain tire, then Panaracer gives you a suitable option to consider. Brand’s XC tires have been in the market for many years, but they are still one of the favorites among mountain bikers because of a high-quality grip and attractive color scheme.

The MTB accessory has tall knobs that are smartly placed to dig deep into the grounds disturbed with muck or mud. At the same time, its very lightweight to be more of a contributor instead of a liability.

What do we like?

Fire XC stepped tread design and side lugs provide excellent traction under extreme braking, climbing pressure, and cornering. Even if it does leave the grip in any case, the result is a very predictable slide that you can easily handle. Due to such features, you can try this tire with mud racings as well. Moreover, its width of 2.1 inches maintains complete balance over all the terrains including the loosed ones.

Made of strong rubber compound and wire beads, the tire has excellent flat protection. A puncture-protected tire allows you to complete any of the trips without taking unwanted stops.

What could be better?

The Fire XC tire is a great option for your mountain bike. However, it’s available in only one size. Users looking for any other sizes might not be able to enjoy its features.

Our verdict: Whether you enjoy extreme mountain biking or mud races, the Panaracer Fire WC mountain bike tiger deserves your attention because of its durable built, flat-resistant nature and all-terrain attitude.

10. Continental Ride Tour Replacement Bike Tire.

Primarily made for trekking and mountain rides, but you can also use the Continental Ride replacement bike tire for daily commutes. Although it has a strong design, there is another integrated rubber layer that adds to the puncture protection. The replacement tire is available with multiple diameters, so you can easily choose one of them according to your bike.

Made of high-grade rubber compound, the product is durable and reliable. You can trust its performance when you are riding over some unknown trails. Due to high cornering traction, you don’t have to feel unsafe while extreme braking.

What do we like?

Any of the riders would love some added flat protection. Well, the Continental tire excels in this department because it has a rugged rubber design with reinforced sidewalls. Also, there is a sidewall abrasion prevention that adds to the protection.

Continental mountain bike tire has continuous center treads that provide great traction and excellent rolling. These long-lasting treads make sure you don’t have to look for replacements anytime soon. All the credit goes to its e-bike grade construction that’s never ask for mercy up to 25km/h.

What could be better?

Some of the users report sidewall cracking, but it’s not a common problem with the Continental replacement tire. So, overall it’s a great option if you need a 26-inch mountain bike tire.

recommendations because of its handcrafted build that provides optimum durability. This kitchenware is fired at 1600 degrees Celsius, so there are no chances it can get affected by a hot pan or pot. Apart from a durable construction, the Sutton sink is decent enough to complement any kitchen décor with its apron front design and white finish.

Fine Fixture sink has a classy appearance that not only adds elegance to your kitchen but also gathers appreciation from anyone who lays eyes on it.

Looking at the dimensions, it’s easy to understand that Sutton has a significant amount of space to wash and fill large objects. Its offset drain placement ensures water easily drains out.

Our verdict: If you are a daily commuter or mountain biker, the Continental Ride tire could be your companion because it can easily tackle all the terrains.

Tires Types Based on Riding Style

There are variety of tires available in the market to suit different riding styles. Each category of tires is equipped with different features that suit a specific purpose. So, it’s important to know the types of tires to get the most suitable option according to the existing bike or riding style.

Mountain bike tires: You can use such tires for your mountain bikes because they provide good off-road traction. Whether it’s the rocks, sand, dirt, gravels on any other unexpected and irregular surfaces, MTB tires deal with them easily. All the credit goes to their building that concentrates on solid gripping and improved comfort. One of these tires might not give you expected results while racing on city roads, but when it comes to tough terrains, an MTB will excel.

Commuter Bike Tires: If you are a daily commuter, then choose one of the commuter tires. Such products are durable because they need to deal with daily ridings and long tours that also under all the weather. It’s the primary reason why you will find Kevlar protection on most of the commuter bike tires. To deal with wet surfaces, such bike accessories come with more treads.

Road or racing bike tires: Road tires are suitable for racing bikes because they work very efficiently on smooth surfaces and rolls faster. Keep in mind that such tires are smooth and have almost no tread. Due to such design, such tires spin with less friction or traction. All the racing or road bike tires require high air pressure to produce the desired results.

Balloon tires: If you want to enjoy a beach, boardwalk, or any other area where comfort is more important than pace, then you might try a balloon tire. Such tires need low air pressure so that you can enjoy smooth rides. It’s primarily because these tires absorb all the jerks instead of transferring them to your body.

How to Choose the Best 26-inch Mountain Bike Tires?

Treads: All the 26-inch mountain bike tires come with treads that allow them to make a better connection with the ground so that you can enjoy slip-free rides. Thick and long knobs are suitable for mountain riding while closed ones are best suited for conditions where you are looking for speed.

Rolling resistance: While reading the 26-inch mountain bike tires reviews, you will notice that we were discussing the rolling resistance most of the time. In simple terms, it’s the amount of energy required to roll a tire. You would like a tire that needs little energy to take the bike forward. So, look for something with low rolling resistance.

Cornering: Look for a mountain bike tire that provides high-quality cornering. It’s the department where side knobs come into the picture. Your confidence gets a boost if a mountain bike tire offers great cornering traction. Tires with excellent cornering gets high ratings from all the experts because they co-operate well in rough terrains irrelevant to your riding style.

Braking traction: Another crucial factor that differs depending upon the make and model. The center tread design, shape, and size decides how nicely a tire can stop and halts your momentum. It’s not necessary, but mountain tires with aggressive tread tend to provide better braking.

Durability: Some of the mountain bike tires are expensive while several models are available at affordable price tags. However, it’s not about the price but longevity. All of us want a bike tire to last for long. However, the tread might wear out faster if the tire is not built with high-quality materials. So, look for a durable model that can work with you for long without looking for replacements.

The Benefit of Using 26-inch Mountain Bike Tires

Choosing the wheel size is crucial when you want to enjoy perfect mountain biking. There is an ongoing discussion between the advocates of 26 inch and 29-inch tires. However, each one of them has a different set of benefits and we will discuss some of them that are related to the 26-inch mountain bike tires.

Golden standard: Even after the rise of bigger options, 26-inch tires are the preferred standard for some mountain biking. One of them is downhill bikes that use suspension clearance and bottom brackets to deal with the toughest declines. Such two-wheelers use 26-inch mountain bike tires because of their strength. Better maneuverability also means that you can easily proceed with your ride over technical courses.

Impactful diameter: 26-inch mountain bike tires are comparatively stronger than large wheels and hence are resistive to deformation. So, hard drop-offs and even a head-on crash will not change their true structure. Moreover, a 26-inch tire is more maneuverable than bigger tires. If you are targeting difficult courses or tricky terrains, then it’s the right tire size to choose from.

Top 5 Brands for Tires

Continental: World’s fourth-largest tire manufacturer, the brand is located in Hanover, Germany. Commended in 1871 as a rubber manufacturer, but now Continental offers a wide range of mountain bike tires. They have multiple options depending upon your experience level and required features.

WTB: Wilderness Trail Bikes is based in California, USA. The brand started in 1982 and now after working in the industry for more than 35 years, it has one of the largest collections of mountain bike tires.

Velociraptor, Trail boss, Ranger, and Vigilante are some of the best 26-inch options that you might try.

Kenda: Kenda tires stand for quality, durability, and performance. The brand offers a variety of mountain bike tires according to your requirements. Started in 1962, Kenda is a Taiwanese brand. It also acquired STARCO to gain some distribution units in Europe.

Schwalbe: Another reputable manufacture of mountain bike tires, Schwalbe is a German-based brand. Owned by Ralf Bohle, the brand has multiple offices across the globe and has a wide range of tires for available bikes.

Bell: Established in 1954, Bell operates via Amazon. The brand has one or the other option for your mountain bike because it has a long-range of 26-inch tires that are available in both tube and tubeless versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to replace a mountain bike tire?

On average, you need to replace a mountain bike tire anywhere between 3500 to 8000 miles. We understand that the difference is big, but the life of the tire depends upon the usage and terrains it needs to tackle. If you are riding it repeatedly over sharp mountains, then the lifespan will be low. On the other hand, an MTB tire will last longer if you mostly ride over city roads.

Do mountain bike tires have tubes?

Yes, mountain bike tires are available with tubes and some models are tubeless as well. The choice depends upon your preferences. Choosing a tubeless tire might be expensive, but it cuts any downtime and climbs faster than the tubed models.


Here are we are. Now, you have seen some of the most intriguing 26-inch mountain bike tires that deserves some atention. There are a lot many factors that you need to consider while looking for an MTB tire. Things might get confusing for newcomers because there is plenty of jargon and technical terms. It’s the reason we have also included a buying guide that highlights some of the points to remember.

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