How To Become a Bike Mechanic? – Quickly And Easily

how to become a bike mechanic

Bicycle mechanics set up bicycles, so that they may be ready for selling on the market. They advertise customers to buy purchases, repairing, accessories, and servicing.

They repair service and inspect bicycles. It also requires road test and fabricated components of the bicycles. They involve in stock control and some other retail matters as needed.

What Does it take to be a Bicycle Mechanic?

You should know well what the way to be a successful bike mechanic is. Moreover, you must know what skills are essential to be a good bike mechanic in a bike shop?

You may normally hear two types of skills. The names are hard skills and soft skill. Hard skills are learned in a classroom or through experience.

One has to acquire some experience before being employed in a bike shop. Some job posting demands previous skills or customer service skills.

It’s a very difficult task to train people on soft skills. Most employers who have both hard skill and soft skill are considered an ideal mechanic.

When you have no hard skill, emphasize your soft skills. People can hire you as a bike mechanic without training. You may get a customer service job or sales manager.

Do You Need a Certification?

Taking formal training or an apprenticeship may help you to build up a career as a bicycle mechanic. It isn’t a must for this job.

But if you have this training, you are a better applicant. Some centers give special training for this area to be a certified bike mechanic.

For example, Park Tool has classes held at bike shops throughout the country.

There is another alternative to have real-world experience. There are lots of bike shops in your area. You may connect with shop managers to receive apprentice program or a way to become a bicycle mechanic.

You get some community bike centers in Oregon or Portland. It is a non-profit organization which makes bicycles. These organizations are very frequent there.

They provide services for repairing bikes, selling used bikes and having maintenance classes for the public.

You have to find such similar areas where you can able to volunteer at. While going to school, you have to spend the time to read up on accessories and products on sites such as Bikelockr.

Like a bike mechanic, you may be seen as an industry expert. You should learn everything to know details about bike products, brands, and accessories.

5 Steps On How To Become a Bike Mechanic

Step 1:

Earn a High School Diploma

Most of the employers need bike technicians to get a high diploma or GED. Students may acquaint with introductory mechanics or shop classes in the high school to make the best suited for this field.

Step 2:

Develop a Basic Bike Repair Course

Though it is not a must sometimes completing bicycle repairing course is very helpful for prospective technicians. This type of classes is found in a college’s continuing education department and some common issues like handlebar position and seats, tire replacement and break adjustment.

Step 3:

Work in a Bicycle Shop

You have the best opportunity to know the trade in the job training. This is the view of iSeek that most of the hoping technicians start a career as a helper and know the skill from expert professionals. After gathering primary concept, they tune ups and assemble bicycle according to their ways.

Step 4:

Become Certified

The certificate is not a must for the bicycle users. But it many enhances an opportunity to get a job at the United Bicycle Institute.How To Become a Bike Mechanic

Only a few institutions give a certificate for bicycling like Barnett Bicycle Institute or UBI. They give certificate when you complete the course and attend an examination.

Prior enrolling this program, you need to have one year experience or have to finish UBI’s fundamental repair course.

The Barnett Bicycle Institute demands three months course of experience after finishing written and practical tests.

Step 5:

Continue Your Education

Learning more skill to drive a bike is very essential. Every day you are facing new technologies and gaining new knowledge.

Subscribe to a company to remain always update. Some bicycle organizations offer special seminars or training for experienced technicians. Though some give product specific training also.

Bicycle repair course

  • This is same as the basic bike set up and set up like a saddle, frame sizing and cockpit height and contact point adjustability.
  • Brakes are one of the very important parts of the bike; you have to know the way to diagnose brake pad wear and replace pads correctly. Adjust them, whether it is a caliper or V brake and a disc brake
  • Setting up and indexing a rear derailleur –Many people ask the same question. They do not watch YouTube videos and do not try to set it up in right way. We notice the rear derailleur itself and will show you the way to work. Then break down the set up to clear-cut, and steps are very simple to follow.
  • Replacing brake and gear cables – Assume the bikes cabling since its arteries, as there is damage or blockage thing which may not work well. You know the difference between outer and inner brake as well as gear cables and how to inspect them for wear and the way to replace and lubricate it.
  • You have the option to choose pro tips from our mechanics that are ready to answer any question you have. They are happy to advise you.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

As a new one or trainee, you may contract with the expert one. You have to spend most of your time for practical skill and learning the job.How To Become a Bike Mechanic

Besides you should spend some structured time along with the registered training give of your preference. It will enhance your ability, and gradually you will be an expert. Then finally, you will get the national recognition.

You are spending time in school. Politely ask your VET coordinator to start with VET in schools. You may normally begin school-based apprenticeship by joining three days a week or spending one day in a registered training organization and one day at work.

As you are a full-time apprenticeship, you may ask permission to leave school before reaching the leaving age.

If you are not habituated to school, you can use traineeship and apprenticeship. You need to pay them when you work and learn.

What you’ll do

How To Become a Bike Mechanic

Your everyday duties are:

  • Make a bike from scratch from the specification of the customers
  • Select the problem of the bike and discuss the problem with the clients to solve it
  • Guess the cost of the repairs and give quotes
  • Take the bike to a bike service and check the safety
  • Replace parts and carry out repairs
  • Give suggestion to the customers
  • Degreasing, lubricating and cleaning bike parts
  • Require bike parts and preserve a lot of stock
  • Lansing along with dealers and suppliers
  • Take booking for processing papers or repair paperwork.
  • Attend cycling procedure to give technical and repair support

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